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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM Rational Asset Analyzer for System z.


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Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 7 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR ID Description
PI07126 Program lines, metrics info, and BRM info missing for some COBOL programs.
PI09882 Line number in error message doesn't match line number in source module indicated.
PI21395 DMH3801E saying unsupported syntax related to left outer join XMLTABLE.
PI22220 Insufficient "Processing Type CD" description.
PI24753 AES1004E: Found unsupported syntax 'CIRC_ORDER2'.
PI24911 AES1004E: Found unsupported syntax '(' in MOVE TIME-OF-DAY (1:6).
PI25008 AES1004E: Found unsupported syntax '', 'END-EXEC', 'HOLD' and 'WITH'.
PI25115 AES1004E: Found unsupported syntax XMLELEMENT, GET DIAGNOSTICS and FETCH FIRST.
PI25825 DMH2207I: Unable to load data into database: RC = 8.
PI26221 DMH3801E unsupported syntax - affects MERGE and ROWSET - CBS scanner.
PI26851 Data Element search times out, uses up all available DB2 work space.
PI26883 Analyzer scan stops prematurely on some PL/I source.
PI26956 EXEC SQL TRUNCATE TABLE might be causing dmhsscan.exe to generate stopped working message.
PI27076 "Export to csv" on Program Details fails.
PI27363 Missing Tables on Program Details DB2 Tab.
PI29181 COBOL V5 as CBS scanner on RAAz.
PI29617 Program stays in incomplete state after analysis.
PI30425 Errorcode -4472 when running program DMH6000.
PI31801 Update RAAz Installation Guide to account for additional access needed due to password encryption.
PI32162 AES1004E: Found unsupported syntax 'INITIALIZE'.
PI33416 RAAz goes into loop during COBOL scan.
PI34412 AES1004E: Found unsupported syntax 'MASTER-INDEX'.
PI34720 Calling programs are not displayed under Controlled Displays tab.
PI35110 All files not listed under DD tab when DD concatenations exceed 99.
PI35143 Load of CICS Region scan data throws exception and SQLCODE=-803.
PI35403 RAAz problems scanning BMS mapsets stay Incomplete.
PM65179 Missing PL1 program name in the Program Details screen.
PM90795 Apparent memory leak.

Fix Pack 6 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR / Internal ID Description
PI15263 Unsupported syntax 'DB2TAB', FROM in DELETE should be optional
PI15399 COBOL with ++INCLUDE that has some DIVISIONs hangs or goes to incomplete
PI17415 Exception when trying to inventory CICS region
PI19858 Second ++INCLUDE file causing AES1004E unsupported syntax message
PI21339 AES1004E: Found unsupported syntax ':'
PI21468 DMH0700 fails with sql -407
PI21816 Error java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in queue type 2 processing
PI22516 Member Filter "*.*" should find files with no extension
PI22826 C source file is classified as incorrect type
PI23076 Collating sequence of numeric literals is incorrect using Windows CBS scanning
PI23220 Module aespanel.exe process hangs When running scan
PI23938 RAAi plugin Nullpointer Exception upon Right click in RDz
PI24382 Source files are being miss classified
PI24383 C include files are classified as UNKN
PI24390 AES1004E: Found unsupported syntax 'NATIONAL'
PI24485 Cobol source file is classified as PLI; dependencies not mined
PI24798 More source files are being miss classified
PI24871 AES1004E: Found unsupported syntax 'MASTER-INDEX', 'INITIALIZE'
PI25081 AES1005E: Found unsupported syntax 'COBOL'
PI25363 Line mapping wrong on IPO file, request to disable BRM
PI25374 AES1004E: Found unsupported syntax 'DATA'
PI25754 DMH3801E: Found an unsupported syntax at 'ROWSET'.
PI26315 Missing dependency in PLI source file
PI26319 RAAi message; Connected, but cannot access web UI: Unexpected end of file from server
PM76848 Unable to Sort the Activity Log Summary page by Asset
PM93563 Java not listed as prereq for installing RAAz 6.0 in SPCR
39437 Document hierarchy, process, and limitations of concatenation set searches
40812 LITERAL search result highlight incorrect line
42689 Error uploading Metadata to the Database
42747 PLI Compiler parameter parsing
42748 Syntax 'UNION ALL' seems to be evaluated
42810 Line number in error message doesn't match line number in source module indicated.
43310 During control flow analysis program requires 3727697 iterations to finish control flow walk
43384 DMH3801E: unsupported syntax related to left outer join XMLTABLE
43393 UCASE SQL syntax causing performance issue. How to optimize besides defining index?
43420 Bind error -805, COBOL source with COPY stmt results in incomplete
43443 What can be expected from RAA regarding dynamic calls in COBOL code?
43565 How to create RAA Database using IDENTITY collating sequence instead of UNIQUE?
43656 Error on line 3 at column 9: internal error message displayed running dmhremotefunctions.rexx?action=getSettings
43921 RAAz hangs when scanning some COBOL code
43973 DMH3181E Error on COBOL Scan
44029 RAA Batch Scans Performance
44042 Many "AES1004E on different files.
44076 NPE running dbutil -getInfo
44084 Escape syntax error during migration
44107 Null userid is not supported. ERRORCODE=-4461, SQLSTATE=42815 DSRA0010E: SQL
44144 License disabled after rebooting server
44164 SYSTSIN not being processed correctly.
44246 Unable to login to RAAz after install
44250 Bad control diagram analyzing program
44270 CRIMA1077E about Common_update.cfg not found, and CRIMA1076E SetupDB.bat command status=4
44273 The dbutil.bat is failing on step 6105.4 with -727 and -551 that points to different user
44306 Enterprise Compiler Errors inconsistent between versions
44307 There is a Common_update.cfg file on a new RAA installation
44309 Using a single AU license for 2 instances of RAA product?
44310 Support for running RAA on DB2 V11 on z/OS
44339 ABENDS0C4
44375 Inability to import the CICS Metadata means that lots of useful information (e.g., Transaction diagram) is MISSING)
44380 The classificationScan, dependencies after a long line are ignored.
44386 Null userid is not supported
44387 Error java.lang.NullPointerException in RAAi on RDz 9.1 (and 9.0) after right-click in JCL (or other) editor
44399 RAA Windows CICS loader dmh0731Run documentation error
44418 IGYPA2074 message using CBS, but code scans OK using WPS
44439 Exception and SQLCODE=-803 logged when CQ creation fails
44453 AES1005E: Found unsupported syntax 'WORKING-STORAGE'
44470 Analysis failure return code 255
44477 Many errors ASMA057E: Undefined operation code - REGEQU
44478 IMS CRUD Matrix Report Accuracy Issues
44493 DMH2207I Unable to load data into database: RC = 12
44511 Fatal DB2 error: -551 in DMH6000.log after installing 20140805 Candidate driver
44565 DMH1812E No source code found from the site for transfer target
44566 Cleanup of dmh.dmh_mapset table
44606 Common_install.cfg exits. It cannot be created.
44620 DMH6000 program fails with -811 on Resolve Dynamic References list
44658 Change RAA pubs to indicate source line number limitations when using CBS Enhanced scanning with COBOL
44664 Scanner fails to pick cpybks frm COPY stmt
44665 How to upgrade RAAz on AIX from to
44672 Binds during post-migration steps after RAAz migrated to v6105 fail with SQLCODE = -407

Fix Pack 5 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR / Internal ID Description
PI12100 While parsing CICS program with SQL statements, getting AES1004E error.
PI16645 IMS AERTDLI interface not supported in RAA level.
PI16763 Passwords with special characters not accepted by RAA
PI18141 RAAz scanning IMS V13 ACBLIB with LIU 2.2 causes files to be mishandled.
PI18941 Updating RAA 6.0 to throws java.lang.exception unable to update Common.cfg.
PI19031 Literal summary page breadcrumb trail shows parent as MVS assets, which is no longer the case.
03776 Modify model to define USER_ID as SMALLINT rather than CHAR(8).
18432 Add uppercase name columns to be used for case-insensitive searches.
30726 Remove "Auto login for single user" support.
41092 ICN 1263 - Support additional special characters in passwords.
42525 RAAz wild card * doesn't work in inventory scope.
42939 Annotation text needs to be bigger.
43108 Error loading files.
43383 PSB Scan leaves PSB in incomplete state.
43438 DB2 Stored Procedure Summary lists fewer items than count indicates.
43461 COBOL scanner ignores comment designator when text in columns 1..6.
43474 BATCH job details page - add links to DB2 and IMS subsystems.
43531 Receiving AES1032E message with blank parameter from WPS.
43566 Detect mismatching formal and actual parameters.
43604 Incorrect characters after building business rules.
43666 Change what non-administrator see in database.
43679 Program Control Flow does not look correct for the attached program with RDz.
43704 Function codes assigned unconditionally before CBLTDLI call should not use all static references.
43721 OMVS EX CC=1 returned in INSERTS step of database creation in RAAz.
43739 Update user interface to use _UC columns for case-insensitive queries when available.
43786 DMH5105E message in gui and in log.
43796 java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: DB2Driver
43799 STEPLIB export shows WAS 6.1 SBBOLOAD, but it's not in WAS V7.
43800 In raadbutil_ zos.tar and raadbutil_aix.tar, User.cfg incorrectly defaults to os=WINDOWS.
43831 Contents of DMH_MEM_REFERENCE table cleared after analysis scan.
43867 Symbol summary page doesn't sort by symbol name when filtered by *.
43916 Scanning options wizard no longer shows correct pages.
43959 Cyclomatic Complexity metrics missing in

Fix Pack 4 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR / Internal ID Description
PI06644 Utility program run unit diagrams take inordinately long to render.
PI07344 DBD scanning of IBM index is erroneous.
PI09201 RAA documentation does not describe what parts of CICS system definition (CSD) are imported directly.
PI09412 DMH3801E: (PGMABC, Line:6525) found an unsupported syntax at 'Fetch'.
PI10341 Selecting control transfers tab in program details does not show data, and throws exception if DB2 8.1 for z/OS.
PI10950 JCL scan does not delete old activity log entries during rescan. DMH_ACTIVITY_LOG entries from the first scan are not removed.
PI11109 Time stamps on some log files on Database > Logs page are incorrect, showing dates in the future.
PI11117 Message DMH1310E: INCLUDE file was not found: SQLCA generated in RAA for System z
PI11212 Results for DB2 table/columns seed show all impacts as direct.
PI12589 Permission for some RAA for System z directories may not be set correctly when running RECEIVE JCL during installation.
PI12921 When scanning JCL using RAA for System z, a IEC141I 013-18 message appears in the JES message log.
PI15325 Value map in custom query is not respected in RAA
PI15399 COBOL with ++INCLUDE that has some divisions hangs or goes to incomplete..
PM82862 DMH5219E message returned when using RAA if directives are placed incorrectly in the httpd.conf file.
PM91402 RC=12 TYPE=COBOL IGYDS0210: (PROGRAM1, line:0) SQL1060N User "SYSTEM" does note have CONNECT privilege. SQLSTATE=08004
PM93465 CRIMA1071E message presented when installing RAA Eclipse plug-in for RDz into RDz with 64-bit architecture.
PM93563 Java not listed as a prerequisite for installing RAA for System z V6.0.
25172 JCL analyzer reports incorrect message when encountering two in-stream PROCs with the same name.
26338 Installation Guide: A validation fail for WebSphere Application Server configuration when using Windows account different from the one who installed WebSphere Application Server.
29811 JCL scanner to support multiple in-stream procs with same name.
32396 Cannot handle ! in password (closed as duplicate).
33370 JCL - Two in-line procs have the same name.
33414 Information Center: Topic not found -- Compiler-based scanner and COBOL proprietary scanner options.
38049 IMS - A data store is erroneously associated with structures for the entire family tree under the target segment.
38204 PMR47047 - Should a zip file be considered a container? DMH5107E: Container(s) not found: E:/Java/
39327 PMR92995 - Performance issues and DMH1752W Cannot access database through Datasource. Performance may be impacted.
39606 Install - Remove entire wlp subdirectory during uninstall.
40081 PMR14829 - NPE pointing to and copybook flagged as not found in RDz.
40415 PMR68050 - SQL -4470 and -4499 messages 'randomly' when using RAA.
40686 Help contents incorrectly ordered on z/OS.
40694 Support for IBM HTTP Server with Apache.
40878 RAAz Install Guide says Scanning Framework is required, but it is and should be, optional.
41060 RATLC02739442 - Re-build run-unit - exception list.
41238 PMR82926 - JCL DMH1778E scanning some JCL, might be related to continuation character in EXEC statement?
41399 Add Java home directory to DMHINSTL fields.
41583 Add new help page for the IMS CRUD Matrix summary page.
41585 Describe new DMH_DATA_STORE_CRUD view in the Infocenter.
41590 RAAi install fails on RDz with CRIMA1071E.
41632 Update docs to include details of run unit resolution.
41690 For a new RAA database, the database username is granted DBADM if different from current username.
41693 IMS - handle uninitialized SSA segment names.
41694 IMS - handle 'GNP' call without SSA segment.
41811 PMR05965 - Explicit HLQ specification to support multiple LPARs.
41875 PMR40562 - Can REXX members of zosscan code in SDMHCNTL be moved around without consequence? Changeman is involved...
41876 PMR40645 - DMHPCSD output missing some names.
41892 PMR40575 - RAAi search fails with " Connection refused: connect " message but server appears to have gotten search args.
41926 PMR38930 - PL/I include scans to complete but Program source scans to Incomplete.
41950 PMR43095 - COBOL fails in proprietary scanner with condition name of CHANGED assigned to value 'Y'. Same code fails differently in compiler-based scanner.
42014 PMR06689 - Questions about RAAz Administrator privileges and RACF group possibility.
42043 PMR25350 - DMH2121E SITE record is missing message logged after installing test fix for APAR PM86391
42109 PMR56364 - Linger for RAAi floating licenses configurable?
42116 Document that WebSphere Libery Profile doesn't stay running by default if user logs off RAA server.
42146 PMR44188 - NPE points to RAAi when right-clicking on program source in LPEX/ISPF editor in RDz.
42158 PMR77641 - UCASE causing performance problems. How to bypass?
42205 PMR06850 - DOCS - Enhance DMHTEP2 to indicate failure without having to manually check every job step completion code.
42234 PMR77633 - DMH5364E and DMH5463E messages after clicking Outstanding requests link in Analysis queue.
42273 PMR70630 - What is the list of modules, etc. that are involved with analysis queue postprocessing, and what are dangers of cloning DB to another RAA server?
42435 PMR68559 - IBM 1623I message scanning PL/I with regular compiler-based scanning, and AES1004E: Found unsupported syntax 'DCL' using proprietary scanning.
42456 PMR73812 - Batch scan Assembler code with RAA Windows.
42523 PMR59566 - RAAi Source Viewing.
42524 PMR03334 - RAAz V6.0.0.11 DMH2121E error.
42540 PMR21720 - Problem detecting "Called Programs" and "DB2".
42546 PMR21774 - Structure Diagram yields inconsistent diagrams.
42547 PMR03395 - RAAz source scan compile error RC=8.
42556 PMR77946 - RAA problems with WBDWSANA analyzer job.
42558 Update include types.
42560 Change Scanning JCL on Windows section to point to data\xlatlibs.txt.
42567 PMR22520 - Failure to detect a Performed Procedure.
42586 ControlFlow - Unexpected internal error #16.
42587 Update the Infocenter to indicate the run unit diagram isn't available for non-utility run units.
42589 For RAAz Install Guide, don't indicate that the IVP job should have RC=0.
42603 Structure diagram documentation mentions batch jobs, but shouldn't.
42619 IMS - Program's data flow diagram from IMS CRUD fields are blank from Impact Analysis project.
42622 IMS - there are a number of programs that do not scan cleanly through WPS.
42681 PMR23896 - How should RAA handle CA7 and CFI "code" in the JCL?
42682 PMR35807 - DMH1680E Cannot open file: DD:FILELIST.
42688 PMR23122 - Null userid is not supported. ERRORCODE=-4461, SQLSTATE=42815 when running dmh6000 manually.
42708 PMR20736 - RAAz inventory missing TDQ objects - do we support them?
42710 Update Infocenter to document "DB2 Cursors" choice on the Program details DB2 tab.
42714 SCANNING: Do not require scan_timestamp on APP import record.
42717 Add new message for JCl analyzer reporting duplicate instream PROCs.
42749 PMR35450 - Report error in JCL, but the JCL can run.
42777 Update documentation for batch loader dmh0700 input on Windows.
42801 PMR35730 - RC=8 TYPE=COBOL IGYGR1233 saying "The first literal was greater than or equal to the second literal in the 'THRU' phrase of the 'VALUE'."
42805 classificationScan - PLI files incorrectly classified as PLX.
42807 PMR37500 - Source code highlighting overlays wrong text, but only using compiler-based scanning enhanced, not compiler-based scanning regular.
42811 PMR37503 - Value for number of Literals is listed as "n/a" on "MVS assets" tabs, but not on "Explore MVS assets" page.
42814 PMR06119 - How to clone aka transfer aka move a RAA server from one Windows machine to another.
42819 PMR23893 - DOCS - FORCE_RESCAN documentation for non-GUI.
42827 PMR18058 - DMH1956E when scanning using web GUI or RDz client.
42866 PMR83400 - DMH5199E: Unknown action.
42905 PMR35450 - RAA report error for JCL has in-stream procedures with duplicated names.
42915 PMR50066 - Exception on prepared statement when trying to initiate Control Flow diagram.
42917 SRVE0190E: File not found.
42919 classCastException during impact analysis.
42920 Scoping by application, with DB2 table seed, does not produce any results.
42925 PMR82555 - RAAz with Apache IBM HTTP server (not Domino-based).
42933 Program diagram from Impact Analysis project does not show DB2 table or column nodes.
42934 PMR71906 - Should JCL scanner heed multiple PROCLIB DD PDS's?
42937 GDG tracing challenging in RAA, radio button on GDG data set details set to wrong value.
42938 RATLC02830118 - Automatic batch refresh of User Defined Relationships.
42948 PMR90768 - RAA license key is not recognized by RAA.
42954 UI diagram adds qualification to nodes when NAME is ambiguous.
42981 PMR08566 - Failure in loading native library db2jcct2 when running dbutil.bat.
42983 In an IA diagram, only show the program or batch job file if it's not a seed.
43001 PMR06853 - Intermittently, nightly runs freeze, dumps are generated, not necessarily when lots of files to process.
43007 The I/O record description summary page needs a PROGRAM filter.
43034 Diagram relationship has arrow in the wrong direction.
43048 IMS CRUD matrix 'row' column link causes WsaaException.
43051 SCAN: Run Unit remains in Incomplete state.
43052 SCANNING - the FUNCTION token is not properly handled in WPS.
43054 PMR60034 - DMHSSCAN.exe hangs after DMH6000Run.bat invoked on 1384 queued entries
43055 PMR01543 - Formatting when copy and paste from RAA to Microsoft Word doc.
43056 PMR94633 - Question about multiple RAA instance.
43057 PMR91914 - Japanese garbled when using a bookmark feature.
43058 Move Literal count from MVS assets to Common assets.
43059 FORCE_RESCAN=N not honored when -FORCE_RESCAN option is passed to DMH0700.
43070 PMR93148 - Inquiry about analyze function ASM CALL vs LINK.
43071 PMR54871 - Failure to correctly process "FUNCTION" as part of MOVE in COBOL.
43081 Document AES1002I message from COBOL scanner.
43082 Document DMH1012W message from Run Unit build.
43111 Replace WebSphere Application Server Liberty with
43138 PMR78338 - DMH1820E and java.lang.nullPointerException thrown during Control Flow Diagram rendering.
43152 dmhremotefunctions.rexx needs to handle language-specific settings for Simplified Chinese.
43165 SCANNING - fail to find run unit in JCL with PROCPARM calling a program.
43175 PMR01912 - RAA exported CSV garbled in Excel.
43176 Exception in C details page.
43189 Viewing any file with highlighting (for example C/CPP) files causes java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
43209 BRM - unexpected exception with RULE details.
43211 PMR78338 - Firefox non-ESR browser support.
43229 The REST API needs to support searching by dataStoreType for DATA STORE assets.
43246 Remote z/OS scanning - trailing blanks in the HLQ cause problems.
43428 UI displays the number of key assets in the database.
43249 RATLC02928738 - RAA Migration utility SMP installation changes.
43303 Incorrect Common.cfg values written during CommonCfgUpdateAction "update" action.
43304 "CALL CBLTDLI" attribute missing after scanning DMHSRC04 for PARTINV sample program.
43310 PMR57099 - customer program requires 3727697 iterations to finish control flow walk.
43312 Postprocessor fails because of blank in userid.
43314 PMR48090 - classificationScan - Commented lines "++INCLUDE ..." not ignored in COBOL.
43353 Message support for dmhprex (preprocessor).
43372 Update Installation Guides with Apache HTTP server configuration.
43377 PMR04528 - Should RAA support ++INCLUDE containing COBOL divisions?
43420 PMR07043 - Bind error -805 - COBOL source with COPY statement results in incomplete.
43436 Update Program directory - fix copyright and sev 4 validation error.
43444 JCL - Messages 1443 and 1444 not logged when SYSTSIN cannot be opened.
43445 PMR78248 - Batched scan incorrectly reports scanning of members that weren't requested.
43461 classificationScan - scanner ignores comment text in columns 1..6.
43476 RATLC02650663 - add comment in GUI.
43479 Delete, dmhincl.txt, and dmhUtil.nt.
43480 Remove text about 40 analyzers for the RAA distributed environment.
43484 PMR24878 - How to copy DB2 z/OS inventory data for raadbutil testing.

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR / Internal ID Description
PI05054 SRVE0278E: Error while adding servlet mapping message is logged when trying to access RAAz help.
PI07139 Scanning some PL/I code, RAAz appears to loop and never finish.
PI09284 Impact analysis of a data element in a program takes 10 minutes to complete, which seems long.
PM93563 Java not listed as prereq for installing RAAz 6.0 in Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR).
22956 JCL analyzer shows batch name as UNK? when missing PROC.
25171 JCL analyzer does not handle two in-stream PROCs with the same name.
41265 Possible loop in DMHSSCAN during CBS COBOL stored procedure.
41492 SQL INCLUDE code not found if concatenation set is assigned to COBOL language but not SQL language.
41588 Unexpected exception occurs even if the annotation text does not exceed 235 characters.
42139 Inventorying SAMPLE code in RAAz 6.1 produces rc=8, but documentation says rc=0 is correct.
42383 DMHMINI cannot write config file.
42396 Possible loop in WBDWSANA when scanning certain PL/I source.
42514 SI/SO SQL0191N message.
42663 Site concatenation set copy of include file is scanned instead of copy of include file residing in scanned container.
42680 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown while processing a file.
42683 Batch jobs with errors do not show their Job names.
42679 How does the user specify Force rescan when not using the GUI?
42688 Null userid is not supported. ERRORCODE=-4461, SQLSTATE=42815 when running DMH6000 manually.
42691 HashId permanently set to zero when language/type set manually.
42692 Missing/inconsistent data on IMS CRUD matrix from sample program.
42707 Add DB2 cursor info to the DB2 tab of the Program details page.
42715 Javascript ignored in broadcast.html.
42722 Line too long to create JOB from DMHLDCSD ISPF skeleton.
42739 Undefined data element in CALL...USING not reported by WPS.
42821 DMH2030E Allocate failed for data set DMHSQL!!I(DMH.V6R1M0.SYS2.SDMHSSRC).

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR / Internal ID Description
PI05072 Installation if LOG_FILE environment variable is set in Windows.
PI05529 RAAi plugin for RDz does not return search results for containers with scans requested.
PI06804 2-pass macros in PL/I cause scan errors and program status goes to incomplete.
PM35287 Keyboard navigation on report viewer, Cognos administration pages when using Firefox.
PM67012 Incomplete message on statement scope impact analysis.
PM81948 Misaligned highlighting and sometimes extra text viewing source code in RAA with Japanese characters.
PM96390 RAA gives AES1005E message unsupported syntax 'To', when scanning certain COBOL code.
PM96661 PL/I scanners generate AES1004E (proprietary) or DMH3181E and DMH1929W with RC=12 (compiler-based) and scan aborts.
PM96847 Optional levels of impact analysis were disabled.
PM98045 After installing RAAz, RAAz does not finish starting in some environments.
PM99687 Blank program diagram from "Impact analysis program details".
10912 Capture C and C++ #include references.
32619 Support for includes in C.
32682 Level of Impact Analysis Setting.
39288 Include ... not found message, related to Concatentation Sets and EXEC SQL statements using CBS enhanced.
40059 How to remove items from Run Unit rebuild queue.
40287 Not all of the values in the NAME column of the DMH_DB2_SUBSYSTEM_TABLE are well-formed.
40820 Reference counts for Literals don't match.
40934 Had 29% error rate on Run Units is affecting performance, which prevents additional scanning.
40964 Configured and Actual compiler scanning options on a File are deleted during a scan/load, and not being properly defaulted if not present.
41011 RAAz Install should set JAVA_HOME on non-Windows platforms.
41433 javax.servlet.ServletException: Unknown host.
41465 Upgrade RAA embedded COBOL and & PL/I compiler front ends to latest versions.
41508 DMHWDDEF Job Fails DEFPATH Step Syntax Error.
41579 Two C files not properly classified.
41609 Update C/C++ include types in DMH_ATTR_NAME table.
41649 Scan meta data not stored in DB2 repository when scan terminated with RC=12.
41658 HTTP 404 error and JSPG0036E using WLP with RAA
41688 Batch job incorrectly classified as JCL included source.
41704 DMH5011E on startup points to wsaa-ui-config.xml with code and candidate WLP code (and wsaa.ear)
41718 PLI scanner should support %XINCLUDE stmt.
41779 Error installing RAAz Windows package.
41866 After clicking the Error status link, user must click Back twice to get back to the summary page.
41872 Add a file type summary table to the Container details page.
41901 Broadcast message on RAA home screen?
41934 Null pointer exception DmhStatementPerform.getEndOfRangeIndex
41958 COBOL files classified as unknown.
41971 Cursor Name: NEXT fails.
41972 Slow startup related to Prop validation.
41985 Source analyzer failed, no data collected from file.
41988 Run Unit diagram fails with TARGET_CU_ID==1.
41990 Very slow performance on DB2 column reference queries.
42016 Site details doesn't show scanner daemon URL.
42018 Increase text limit on Add new rule dialog.
42019 IMS CRUD matrix query performance is impacted by having many DMH_SYMBOL rows.
42020 Not all WDOM jars are shipped with RAA.
42022 Line numbers missing when viewing certain data set contents.
42034 Application server responds with 404 before application is available.
42038 Business rule documentation gets mangled to a single line when using Firefox.
42073 Program details Rule mining tab not displayed on z/OS.
42081 Add delete check-box on Run Unit Summary page.
42082 Require links to queue run unit build requests.
42102 No transient message indicating a file was queued to be imported.
42110 CategoryList hangs on Chinese system with Liberty profile.
42114 36 IEFC618I operand field does not terminate in comma or blank.
42145 Performance problem relating rules to statements.
42206 Some IF scopes may be marked incorrectly as unresolved.
42220 Data Set vs. Data Store questions regarding COBOL code with EXEC CICS READ DATASET statements.
42222 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on lines that end with "call".
42249 ERRORCODE=-4461 SQLSTATE=42815 DMH6000Run.bat in RAA (worked ok in
42291 Search in IMS CRUD Matrix page not working as expected.
42377 COBOL source with text in columns [1..6] not classified as COBOL.
42378 Text in quotation block scanned as a dependency.
42396 Possible loop in WBDWSANA when scanning certain PL/I source.
42415 Liberty profile server won't start.
42417 Add CRUD matrix links to the DBD and IMS segment data store pages.
42470 Assembler import file not properly accepted on work station.
42511 Query performance against DMH_ONLINE_DSTORE table is poor.
42514 SI/SO SQL0191N message.
42521 Scan of logical DBD gives SQL -302.
42522 Concatentation set names wrap on Japanese system despite nowrap.
42541 SQL Cursor not properly "picked up" when scanning a COBOL program.
42542 IKJEFT01 processing in RAA using XLATLIBS.
42543 Impact analysis gives inconsistent results.
42544 Re-scanned programs take much too long -- dmhsscan.exe appears to loop.
42548 Nodes and links are visible when collapsing and expanding nodes.
42555 Multiple rows unexpectedly returned for IMS program attribute query.
42570 Exception thrown when data store name is unresolved.
42591 Common.cfg incorrectly references unrefDb2TableChkbxEnabled and unrefDb2ColumnChkbxEnabled
42593 Assembler ADATA file allocation too small.

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR / Internal ID Description
Eclipse plugin for Rational Developer for System z:
PM80545 Show Program Tree view missing "Run in background" button.
PM93104 DMH5364E message in RAAz after clicking on step count link of the Analyze container step.
Impact analysis:
PM84231 Batch jobs (JCL) not shown in application-scoped impact analysis results in RAA
PM89759 RAAz install on AIX does not set WSAA_HOME variable, causing DMHUTILS.JAR file to not be found.
Inventory collection, analysis, and postprocessing:
PM64930 SQL Select reference is not registered in database.
PM75708 New queue request type (07) taking a long time postprocessing relational data base load assets.
PM90504 AES1005E message returned when scanning COBOL copybooks with proprietary scanner in RAA 6.0.
PM92697 DMHSCAN loops when default-clause and PATH literal are both present in XMLTABLE syntax.
PM93107 Copybooks aesccicc.cpy and aesccice.cpy are not included when scanning COBOL code.
PM93111 Include files in CBS-scanned container are not found if they are inside an EXEC SQL INCLUDE statement.
39905 Invalid DSN= causes JCL scanner to terminate.
40142 JCL - //SYSIN DD DDNAME=ddname
40432 Proprietary COBOL scanner abends with popup message on Windows.
40433 IMS: It is not possible to create CRUD report for data store because DLET instruction is not captured.
40454 Unsupported COBOL syntax USAGE SQL TYPE IS
40492 classificationScan - StringOutOfBoundsException thrown while processing PLI include file.
40908 classificationScan - execption thrown processing PLI file.
40992 Scanning: Handling CICS MAP and MAPSET phrases fail when parameter is a dataElement.
41085 SQL103N error message and Version 6.1.0 IM install fails not finding DMHDB database directory on Windows Mac,
41239 Version 6.1.0 IM new install fails during SetupDB.bat if DB2 User name specified is different than logged.
41212 License error, the FEATURE name ibmraa with version 6.0 cannot be found,
User interface:
PM93115 SQL -973 errors related to AGENT_STACK_SZ when rendering diagrams in RAA.
37991 Literal summary page counts do not include rows from the DMH_FILE_LITERAL table.
41044 Text field not editable when toggling between CICS group and list names in Collect inventory wizard.
41086 Column not found using Group By on the Work queue summary page.
41095 Inline edit box styling corrupted on Save or Cancel.
41240 Unicode characters are not supported for Search name.

Initial Release (6.1)
Link Date Released Status
APAR / Internal ID Description
Business rule mining:
36926 Add Help icon to rule mining tab column heading.
39151 Enable copy to clipboard in Related Source Windows.
39153 Add BRM gutter to Related Source View.
39157 Create user-defined relationship to relate BRM Rule -> File (and optionally to a range of lines in the file).
39158 Create 'Rule mining' tab in the File details page(s).
39159 Add 'Files' tab to BRM Rule details page.
39161 Create wizard for associating BRM Rule with file/line range.
39480 Show the Rule->Statement relationship in the gutter of the Related Source Window.
39534 Add 'Relate to file' action on the 'Rule details' page.
39536 Add 'Related activities' section to 'Rule details' page.
39537 Allow delete of Rule -> File or Rule -> Statement relationships.
40011 Change delete icon to disconnect icon for removing BRM relationship.
40018 Change remove from project to disconnect BRM project details page.
Code Review for COBOL:
37050 Invoke control flow analysis as part of type 2 queue processing.
37242 Two statements on a line causes following line to not get highlighted correctly.
37244 Control flow analysis on a program appears to be in an infinite loop.
37616 Technique for identifying optional scope terminator needs improvement.
37714 PRV and SRV should be reported all the way up the activeRange stack.
37879 Error on SECTION when determining expand/collapse in related source view.
38117 Null pointer exception on ACCEPT statement handling.
38123 Unreachable code after conditional GO TO (DEPENDING ON).
Custom query:
24006 Advanced search attributes not available for Custom query.
27048 Custom Query with default search does not drop removed attribute.
33878 Documentation for Improving the performance of Windows database topic.
35311 Updates for DMH_INVOKE_RU Table Help.
36901 Document correct database connection prerequisites for RAAz distributed-WAS configuration.
37860 Misc. typos and updates.
38203 Updates and corrections for online Help topics for Diagrams.
38418 Update System Requirements to show support for WAS 8.5 on z/OS.
38462 Remove documentation for REXX prerequisite on Windows.
38873 Documentation for embedded WAS Liberty Profile.
38936 Remove parameters from various batch file invocations.
39111 Document JDBC Type 4 configuration requirements for RAA for System z.
39309 Add a Security Considerations section to the Infocenter.
39498 Document RAA integration with Rational Team Concert.
40255 Help still references the Start->Program->IBM->Rational Asset Analyzer->Distributed Scanner .
Eclipse plugin for Rational Developer for System z:
PM74624 DB2 tables not shown in RDz plug-in, but appear in web GUI.
PM78947 RAAi install is incompatible with RDz 8.5.1.
37212 Performance issue: Show data element table, Show program tree view.
39660 Search remote search for programs from a remote z/OS project shows incorrect file name.
Impact analysis:
28847 Project row does not seem to be updated on reanalyze request.
39429 PROJECT_STATUS Column for IA Projects.
39439 Cannot perform statement range impact analysis - ClassCastException.
PM81578 Exception during RAAz install, when trying to write to brand new database.
37945 SQL0101N (statement too complex) errors using default RAA setup with new database on DB2 v9.7.
38883 dmhReportDBRows.rexx fails to create ..\log\dmhReportAllDBRows.log.
38984 Clean up DMHI206 ISPF skeleton to help with debugging.
Inventory collection, analysis, and postprocessing:
PM70527 COBOL CICS programs analysis problem with redefines for DFHCOMMAREA.
PM71280 Java Exception Collecting Inventory.
PM77506 Bogus single character entry point listed in run unit details.
PM78559 COBOL file categorized as Assembler included source using WPS scan.
PM78759 SPECIAL-NAMES clause still causes scanners to fail with AES1004E message about unsupported syntax '.' .
PM83569 DMH3801E: Unsupported syntax at HANDLER.
PM83656 DMH3801E: Unsupported syntax at CASE.
PM83659 DMH3801E: Unsupported syntax at SYSIBM.
PM85001 DMH1310E: COBOL program with missing include file goes to Completed, not Error status.
PM85039 AES1004E: COBOL 01-level defined in source, and 05-level defined in ++INCLUDE copybook.
PM85047 AES1005E: Unsupported syntax at XML in include file.
PM86371 DMH3801E: Unsupported syntax at FOR in a EXEC SQL.
PM86391 DMH2131W: DMH_CU_DATA_USE insert failed messages.
PM87555 DB2 Error: -501 and DMH1400E: Fatal Error: line 159 in DMHD237 running DMH0731 when rescanning COBOL programs.
33224 Compiler-based scanner: RC=4 fails with DMH3024E.
36928 COBOL program with DMH1310E missing include file goes to Completed, not Error status.
37974 java.lang.RuntimeException after RDB Load Process.
38043 PL/I program missing ASMTDLI calls.
38045 COBOL and PL/I Programs Issuing AIBTDLI Calls appear to be unsupported.
38047 SSA in Call specified as a character string instead of as a variable.
38216 Scanner does not understand COBOL file when it starts with a blank line.
38292 Compiler-based scanner: Temporary files not cleaned on scan failure.
38338 Proprietary scanner: Give an ERROR message for PERFORM reference to undefined label.
38345 Queue processing failed - duplicate key on DMH_ACTIVITY_LOG.
38429 Add DB2 V9 CBS new statement types.
38734 JCL scanner: Overriding DD statement missing keyword/value.
39110 Compiler-based scanner: DB2 v9 parser fails with a syntax error if SKIP keyword is a table name.
39598 Proprietary scanner: COBOL program with AES1005E Found unsupported syntax ':' .
40373 Compiler-based scanner: COBOL program with DMH3801E Found unsupported syntax at DISTINCT.
Symbol scanning:
31580 Add file symbols for literals from Java bytecode analyzer.
39468 Do not exclude any words from the symbol scanner.
User interface:
PM77179 Export to Excel not working as well after Fix pack upgrade.
PM84057 Dead Code highlighting not correct.
27050 Program summary advanced search language drop-down should only show languages for existing programs.
27814 Control transfer tab content should be paginated.
31633 Diagrams: Provide support for Chrome.
33743 Need to expand diagram to available vertical space.
38258 PLI options not accepted via user interface.
38313 Display issues when viewing COBOL Source with Japanese characters.
38315 Source code view of COBOL is truncated and therefore incomplete - related to Japanese characters in source.
38337 Source view of COBOL file truncates last (many) lines of file.
38343 Source in source view is incomplete, possibly due to half-width Katakana characters.
38372 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when viewing source.
38391 DB2 SQL version selection for compiler-based scanner.
38900 Diagrams: Printing diagram with IE10 results in blank page.
39115 Message DMH5472W ignoring one container asset showing up on inventory wizard.
39794 Invalid message when Common.cfg credentials invalid.

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 11 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR / Defect ID Description
RATLC02590130 "Open in New Tab" not available for RAA menus (RAA
RATLC02593127 RAA and RDz diagram navigation.
RATLC02594648 Printing options for RAA graphs.
RATLC02601188 RAA and RDz structure diagram for PL/I programs.
Business rule mining:
26515 View related source from Program detail page's Rule Mining tab.
36920 Expand related source lines in View related source window.
36921 Incorrect results from alternative rules link on Program summary page Rule mining tab.
Custom queries:
37073 Query fails with decimal returned from SQL - java.lang.ClassCastException.
31671 Eliminate unnecessary screen captures.
32173 RAA 6.0 Detailed System Requirements page on web has wrong information.
32517 RAA 6.0 Information Center, pubs, and Installation GUI to indicate credentials needed to successfully install/update RAA.
32681 Documentation for the plus-sign record type in utility file for filtering Run units.
32698 Fix Information Center page: Loading the sample project into local RDz workspace.
33165 RAA Installation Guide IVP steps need to be updated.
33414 Information Center: Topic not found - Compiler-based scanner and COBOL proprietary scanner options.
33645 RAA Installation Guide
34294 Help Tutorials not relevant to RAA.
34355 Update RAA Information Center with links for fix packs.
34785 Broken link to up-to-date Detailed System Requirements in RAA Information Center.
35182 Remove unnecessary Actions from "Work queue" page.
36022 Installation Guide: Add instructions to "Upgrade information" Help page.
36076 Documentation for Automate FULL mode SQL Reference Resolution.
36156 Remove action "Reload work rules" from "Work queue" page.
36190 Documentation for DB2 catalog - Eliminate dmh0570.
36763 Updates for scanning XML statement support.
36868 Update online help to reference REST instead of UrlApi when verifying an attribute exists.
37052 uerruns.dita has incorrect navtitle and searchtitle.
37208 Update pubs to reflect run unit resolution changes.
37334 Information Center: What's new in RAA.
37359 Help collateral for Code Review for COBOL feature.
37415 Update "Home page" topic.
37416 Update Application information topic.
37428 Information Center: Increase print limit to more than 5 topics.
37483 Updates for "Scanning without the web browser".
37518 Update Metrics information topic.
37519 Update "Choose an inventory activity" topic.
37561 RAA Installation Guide - Rename the "Planning to install z/OS scanning" section.
37623 Update text for setting the language or type of a file.
Eclipse plugin for Rational Developer for System z:
PM75017 Cancel button does not cancel search request.
36863 Program search results should list the Program name in addition to the File name.
37212 Performance issue on interface.
37719 Remove administrator access rights requirement from plugin installation.
Impact analysis:
24863 Impact analysis on multiple data stores shows no directly impacted batch jobs.
34405 Some unrelated data elements show up in results.
36742 Missing DB2 System for View and DB2 Column from View impact project types.
Inventory collection and analysis:
PM72745 DMH1817E message about multiple Entry points and Run units are not resolved.
PM74109 DB2 table in WSAA place holder system being created, apparently from ORDER BY syntax.
PM75708 DMHQUEUE runs for a very long time in Fix Pack - Queue Type 7: Postprocess RDB Load.
15231 dmh6006.c goes into a loop if ANALYSIS_PARMS format is bad for an import file load.
34394 Proprietary scanner - PL/I with ++INCLUDE not supported.
36681 Unsupported syntax FILLER error.
36744 DMH2030E error creating INLC2 data set.
36890 COBOL scans to Complete, but VALUES syntax is unsupported with RC=8 analysis messages at GM level.
36927 Proprietary scanner - found unsupported syntax '¬=' in EXEC SQL.
36939 Scanning distributed file with member filter wsaa.ear throws exception.
37351 Assets scanned in using RAASYNC have Application name "UTSCAN=Y" .
37353 Loading any import file for an Assembler program results in LANGUAGE_CD='GONE'.
37517 Calculate Essential Complexity for COBOL Programs only.
36990 dmhLoad.bat fails to load Assembler import file.
37006 Wrong table name used in DmhMetaComponentBatchJob.
User interface:
33718 Application diagram - show distributed assets and user-defined relationships.
36558 Native SVG on IE9 64bit z/OS overview not working.
36871 Add 'View related source' action to Program asset's Details page.
36985 Opening Data Element Details Page from expanded view spawns 10 tabs in browser.
37057 Change the message about Unsupported browser detected.
37103 CQ needs Delete icon in Action column.
37209 Make information about hidden empty directories more pronounced on the page.
37121 java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid asset ID, or contents of database are incomplete. trying to display class a a file.
37122 Do not allow to Queue for analysis inner containers but allow to submit scan root.
37455 Impact summary needs Delete icon in Action column.
37493 Control Flow & View source performance.
37589 Setting the language and type for Assembler files.

Fix Pack 10 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR / Defect ID Description
RATLC01346802 In the 'Batch job diagram' you can open 'details' in a new tab or window by holding the Shift key when clicking on the node.
Business rule mining:
31926 Select BRM project message has two tags in its text.
36439 BRM sample source BNCHMRK.jcl contains erroneous end-of-job line.
Custom queries:
36185 Three predefined custom queries fail with Severe message - DMH5364E: Unexpected exception occurred.
Eclipse plugin for Rational Developer for System z:
PM65129 Subsequent search shows wrong number of matches.
36217 Impact Analysis results in DMH7901E: Work rules not found for work name [ImpactAnalysis].
36272 Impact Analysis has incomplete results because the request doesn't block.
Impact analysis:
PM69649 NullPointerException when running Impact analysis, and status becomes Aborted in Work queue.
PM71498 Impact analysis returns zero results - Finish button enabled before Impact analysis has completed.
36364 NullPointerException in - processDeaAsAnEntryPoint.
Inventory collection and analysis:
PM66955 Control Flow maxIterations limit reached but no DMH5412W message displayed.
PM67764 The aespanal.exe process takes most of the CPU during scan of certain COBOL files using proprietary scanner.
PM69674 Proprietary scanner - AES1004E Found unsupported syntax '.' .
PM70028 Compiler-based scanners failing on nested copy books within REDEFINES.
PM70527 COBOL CICS program analysis problem with redefines for DFHCOMMAREA.
PM71388 Proprietary scanner - COBOL code with XML not scanning successfully.
34981 DB2 Catalog - Automate SQL Resolution - Eliminate standalone dmh0570.
35917 JCL scanner - Quoted &variable not replaced with value.
36104 Proprietary scanner - Data Elements not shown in GUI after inventorying COBOL code.
36214 Proprietary scanner - inserts FILLER immediately after LINKAGE SECTION.
36216 Proprietary scanner - reports unsupported ORDER BY.
36615 Compiler-based scanner - PLI abends following long sequence of comment records.
PM70952 ISPF help panels for DMHINSTL and DMHMINI need to refer to /etc/dmh and /var/dmh.
35756 ISPF help for DMHMINI command indicates the temporary directory only needs to be readable.
36073 REXX/DMHICFGU still sets the Database.url to jdbc:db2os390:.
36181 Work directory not being created by DMHINSTL Option 0.
36388 ZOSSCAN: Provide an easy way to identify installed level.
36408 ZOSSCAN: Missing newline causes Japanese file to not be uploaded.
36568 Start-up failing to operate in DB2 for z/OS Version 10 under CM and ENF Modes.
User interface:
PM71347 Delete action silently fails on Work queue page.
34812 Attempt to delete multiple containers fails.
34964 Display an error message telling the user that Cookies are required.
36074 Hide only empty directories -- not all container types.
36090 Run unit diagram with Transactions and Batch jobs related to Run unit not all connected.
36155 Remove action 'Reload work rules' from Work queue page.
36192 HTML tag displays when field is hidden.
36220 Allow wrapping for long source locations, container names, and paths.
36559 Impact analysis overview diagram does not appear in Internet Explorer 9.

Fix Pack 9 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
RATLC02568370 Application column has been added to all Distributed asset summary pages
RATLC02584286 Allow non-administrator users the ability to view User-defined relationship assets
Analysis queue:
PM63649 DMH3002E: Parameter /CR invalid when processing queue
PM66007 Abend 878-10: DMHQUEUE - DMH1823E List creation failed
34411 dupAction = REJECT in WorkRules.cfg prevents submitting multiple jobs
35569 Deleting a Container fails intermittently and causes the queue to run 24 hours
Custom queries:
34951 No edit privileges on copy of Custom query
Eclipse plugin for Rational Developer for System z:
32691 Not properly detecting migrated data set
34160 Unable to rescan assets
Impact analysis:
33887 Activate traceImpliedSeeds parameter to enable forward and backward tracing for non-seed Data element and DB2 column assets
34924 Scoping by Application returns no results when distributed Container-like assets are involved
34963 Erroneous data element impacts flagged from COMPUTE statement
Inventory collection and analysis:
PM63614 Automate Full Mode SQL Resolution
PM63752 DMH2131W: DMH_CU_DATA_USE insert failed
PM64586 Error on referential MOVE after ACCEPT
PM64624 Word after 'COPY' in SECURITY paragraph flagged as include file
PM66269 Missing components for Windows compiler front-ends - can not compile source with DBCS
PM68143 Code incorrectly marked as dead even with maxIterations=999999
9569 Dead code detection when dual exception phrases are present
32669 Commented out copy books (++INCLUDE) are not ignored
32909 Section label flagged as dead code when it really terminates prior section
33877 Cannot use database password with % on Windows
33936 NULL characters in DD DATA cause truncation of data
34338 Control flow analysis for the XML PARSE statement and its optional ON EXCEPTION phrases
34510 Scanning and control flow analysis for INVOKE and END-INVOKE statements
34716 Auto-concatenation set build not working with unique COPY member
34901 Section marked as unreachable when needed
34945 java.lang.runtimeException: Unexpected exception occurred when Assembler import file is processed
35140 Remote z/OS scanning missing the SDMHSLIB.BIN file
35911 Excessive dead code reported in in 50k line program
35951 SetupDB.bat fails because binSetupEnv is not recognized as an internal or external command
36056 RAA install fails with DB2 V10.1 on Windows - Access to database using method DATASOURCE and JDBC fails
32687 All work queue processes moved to REST server
34987 GET request for a new Impact analysis should return the current state
35458 Support renaming a Site
User interface:
PM63720 User logon locked after one failed attempt
PM61860 Autocomplete of Windows Directory field in Collect Inventory wizard missing
PM63085 Unexpected message "Rational License disabled"
PM63610 In IE8, Cannot change "Show groups of" value
PM64984 User ID and password credentials pop up occurs when trying to view source code on System z
PM65840 Broken arrows and links in the control flow diagram for a PL/I program
PM65848 Getting a single box when displaying program control flow diagram
29143 Provide support for collapsing portions of diagrams
32861 Online data sets do not show on Data set tab of IMS DBD details page
34794 In IE9, control flow diagram links to source don't work
34813 Summary pages for Site should open in Advanced search mode
35045 Source window changes the ® JCL substitution parameter into the copyright symbol
35059 Under WAS 8, Explore -> Symbols results in ClassCastException
35061 Symbol details page has incorrect information for procedure labels
35122 Very slow performance finding data sets for programs, online data stores, DBDs, etc.
35162 Incorrect text for the heading of the Data sets tab of the IMS DBD details page
35365 View dead code throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when highlighting empty line
35379 View dead code throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when highlighting empty line
Work processor:
32687 File WpPersist.dat moved from the RAA temp directory to the RAA work directory
35181 Remove unnecessary Actions from Work queue page -- Concurrent test and Serial test

Fix Pack 8 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
Analysis queue:
32694 Container for included file discovered during analysis not stored in nodes
34176 Unable to acquire lock on file - AnalysisQueueProcessor.lck file left after process stops running
Batch update:
PM58326 DMH1680E - Cannot open file &USRHLQ.Thhmmss
Custom queries:
PM61305 Specifying only spaces for the value of ListView advanced search field causes DMH5297E exception - Invalid value specified for GET parameter
33750 Custom query page assignment "explore" category does not contain explore rule mining assets
33964 Improper page assignment in Custom query import
34112 Support rendering hyperlinks as static text the URL is null or an empty string
34552 Validation status incorrect when the query fails
Eclipse plugin for Rational Developer for System z:
PM56098 Not properly detecting migrated data set for View Source action
PM58963 Impact analysis on DB2 Column or DB2 Table causes HTTP 404 error
PM60311 Search results of remote (non-RSE) RAA system are not as complete as results from local RAA instance
PM61362 NullPointerException at while searching a remote RAA for programs
33735 Use RAA Preferences username/password when accessing the local database
33748 Unexpected exception occurred during impact analysis (404, Not Found) - Data element impact analysis for remote system
33749 Intermittent NullPointerException - Data element impact analysis for local system
33424 Program Tree View not displaying anything below top-level program name
33920 Case-sensitive v6 plugin is not compatible with case-insensitive servers
33927 Slow control flow diagrams are unusable
34155 Remote search dialog does not remember selected remote system
34160 Unable to rescan assets
34560 Program tree view has bullets instead of asset icons
34562 Expanding Program tree view -> DB2 table item times out because of unnecessary fileSourceLines
34583 Data element table shows "DataElement" rather than the data element's data type
Impact analysis:
33618 Impact Analysis results do not contain assets from related user-defined relationship(s)
33719 Impact Analysis results not the same as previous version of RAA - missing data stores and related elements for statement range impact
34034 Program diagram from Impact Analysis project does not render edges, just nodes
34266 "Project results are stale..." message remains after re-analysis
Inventory collection and analysis:
PM58717 Compiler-based scanner for COBOL appears to hang during inventory collection - IGYCCOB2.exe using excessive CPU
PM59764 Compiler-based scanner for PL/I not capturing procedure names
PM60404 MAPSET before MAP in EXEC CICS does not register BMS assets or usage references
33615 Java and EGL should have corresponding language codes, not TEXT
34662 Missing DBRMs for remote scanning
JCL scanning:
25273 Scanner not handling PROC files with extensions
30230 Distinguish between duplicate DD and concatenated DD
32734 Problems with scanning OPC statements in JCL
32873 JCL continuation not recognized
33388 Proc parameter contains 'NULLFILE', command and blank is used in DSN= in a DD statement
33903 DD PARM card missing from ATTRBOUT
PM61301 Scanner not handling PROC files with extensions
34033 Following AES1032W, NullPointerException during resolution of dynamic references
User interface:
PM51520 DMH5412W - Program too complex to compute control flow
PM59105 No results for "Control transfer targets" tab on the Literal details page
PM59430 Explore DB2 table returns a blank screen - SQL RuntimeException
PM59913 Unreferenced assets page displays referenced assets too
32788 Unexpected exception occurred, Statement is closed when using "View my profile' link
33293 Added the ability for users with Administrative authority to start the postprocessor from the Database menu, and automatically via the Queue for analysis wizard
33592 Display a clear message when the trial license expires
33598 Disallow ampersand (&) in Site name
33675 Control flow and dead code detection have been updated for performance and scalability improvements
33684 Correct copyright date for About dialog box
34257 Allow the user to assert that a file is DMH_LANGUAGE='TEXT' and FILE_TYPE_CD = ''
34271 Tags are displayed as text rather than HTML for dialog box when no BRM projects for a user's profile page
34558 REST interface Program attribute deadCodeLines should be a relationship

Fix Pack 7 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
RATCL02577482 Serialized postprocessing restriction has been lifted for batch update
RATLC02577486 High severity return code from individual file scan should not terminate the entire analysis Job
Batch update:
PM55727 Erroneous SITE_ID on all Containers when running in batch mode
33411 SQLCODE=-911: Deadlock with Plans for DMH0731/DMH6000
33479 GRANT statement needed for new DMH_ANALYSIS_PARMS table
32601 Remove SVG references
32854, 32912 MVS asset diagrams failing when under WAS V8
33207 DMH1820E - NullPointerException for Control flow diagram
33292 Problem with Dojo Diagrammer optimal leveling strategy causes Control flow diagram to hang
Eclipse plug-in for Rational Developer for System z:
33187 Error occurred during: "Show data element table" - BusinessRuleMining (initialization failure)
33188 Synchronization between Control Flow Diagram and source
33576 NullPointerException -
33577 Duplicate programs scanned for remote project
Impact analysis:
33196 DMH5273E - NullPointerException for Impact analysis during statement range analysis - FileIA
JCL scanner:
32502 DMH1778E Invalid input during JCL procedure symbolic replacement
32954 Poor performance while scanning large number of JCL files
33313, 33317 DMH1778E - JCL procedure parameter has invalid default value
33316 DMH1317E - Continuation of PARM= requires a blank in column 16
33319 DMH1316E - PARM= contains quoted string followed by non-quoted string
33369 Error when delimiter parameter (DLM=) is followed by a comma and more JCL
33487 DMH1680E Cannot open file: DD:ATTRBOUT when extra long symbolic used in IF statement
32643 SQLCODE=-805: SQLRuntimeException during insert into $(SCHEMA).DMH_SYSTEM_ATTR
User interface:
PM55731 DB2 table details not showing selected line
PM56257 Time to render RAA Home page with large volume of data
PM56645 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when executing in DB2 for z/OS V10
30772 Single GROUP LIST name restriction has been lifted for CICS CSD scanning
32829 DMH1818W: Unsupported browser detected
32908 Source view for dead code shows incorrect line numbers
33221 Introduce a configurable setting for optionally displaying the dashboard widgets on RAA's Home page - Common assets tab

Fix Pack 6 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
RATLC02574170 Add ability to symbol search .js, .css and .xhtml files
RATLC02564739 Display graph for HTML not in the context of a WAR file
RATLC02568370 Add Application as part of default display on bytecode class, java src class, and XML file summary screens
RATLC02571587 Add ability to symbol search for numeric and dictionary words
Business rule mining:
21766 Support renaming a business term
21767 Support renaming a business term property
21838 Extend synonym discovery across CALL boundaries
21840 Extend synonym discovery to include DB2 columns
27918 Support renaming a business rule
28827 Improve initial load time of Related Source Window (28827)
29653 Support renaming a business process model
29654 Support renaming a business activity)
29928 Create Business rule mining Project asset type and add 'count' to 'Explore rule mining assets' page
30214 Support renaming of rule mining project name
30228 Support deleting of rule mining project
30388 Allow user to select Business rule mining Project as context for Business rule mining
31404 Show business rules on Business rule mining project details page
Custom queries:
31501 Queries complain about commented out symbol references
31996 NullPointerException on Custom query import when old asset type name is used
PM50244 Clarify information for scanning J2EE assets
PM51557 Improvements for the recommended COBOL scanning strategy topic
26515 Improve documentation for Custom Query $ Variables
26517 Renovate Migration Utility documentation
26196 Enhance information on how Symbols are populated
26696, 32266 Updates for the Message and Codes Guide
27122 Uninstall instructions for RDz plugin are incorrect
28363 Redesign Rational Asset Analyzer user assistance to standard Rational tools and guidelines
28422 Clean up distributed scanning information - Delete obsolete distributed scanning topics
28678 Improvements for the RAA public Information Center
29523 Remove documentation for Web Services interface
29534 Add information for new Business rule mining project asset
31056 Updates for online Help data model diagrams
31424 Add import information for e2e.xml files
31485 Add help keys for new business rule mining pages
31648 Clarify "Defining alias names for programs" description
Eclipse plug-in for Rational Developer for System z:
PM52616 Disallow editing source when viewing a source file
22825 Support for REST interface
25744 Right-click, scan now on a file, scans the full container
28109 Show unreachable code option should not be enabled for multiple file selection
Impact analysis:
25599 Refactor impact analysis to address OutOfMemoryError exception
29113, 29121 Eliminate wsaa-impact-analysis.xml and move general confirmation settings to Common.cfg
PM35761 Failure during installation -- required authorization or privilege to perform operation "DELETE" on object "DMH.DMH_SYSTEM_ATTR
25477 License problems on Windows 64-bit with WAS 32-bit
32149 Stop using nodelocked licensing
32149 Warning: Wasn't able to check out license for user
31888 'v601' does not match detected database "v410" - message misleading
32280 Unable to unselect installation of scanning framework on z/OS install package
32281 Installation does not fail when wsadmin error occurs
26698 Implement command-line interface for REST
32170 Add scoping support for custom queries through REST interface
User interface:
PM47909 Count number different that number of listed results for Run units with missing source
PM49985 Home Page File Count Discrepancies
32324 Rename the "Queue import files for loading" option to "Queue z/OS import files for loading"
PM51746 Files in RAA samples are assigned language of Unknown and type of UNKN
PM54135 DuplicateKeyException on INSERT INTO DMH.DMH_RUN_UNIT
29515 JCL Analyzer - Modify Handling of DSN=NULLFILE
29884 PL/I Essential Complexity must be at least one is 0 for sample file DMHSRC28, program QAD03
30611 NTFS container scan should not allow relative paths
31304 Run unit resolution by UNK?
31731 Classes with invalid package names should be ignored
31743 Eliminate config/UniversalTokenizerExcludeWords.txt and remove the containerScanREs setting in Common.cfg
31885 Does SystemErr instead of INFO state indicate a problem with Attempting to authenticate a user?
31962 Symbol scanner not running against *.sas files
32184, 32559 DMH9992E message and analysis queue processor fails

Fix Pack 5 (
Link Status

Fix Pack 4 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
User Interface:
30693 User-related assets tab not displaying in Application details page
30939 JavaScript error in Inventory wizard
PM46883 RAA UI keeps hanging
PM49744 Improve source viewer load time for large files
Business rule mining:
30035 BOM file generated in ILOG from XSD will not load into RAA via Import vocabulary action
30011 Unable to open an exported rule artifact in ILOG Guided editor
27311 When exporting to Rules for COBOL, categories do not appear in BOM
30097 Work queue deadlock problem with Create Business Term
31260 Compiler option in the source can't be recognized by CBS scanner
30243 Queue processor couldn't start, because AnalysisQueueProcessor.lck was locked
31034 Inventory wizard hangs on containers with lots of files
30633 NullPointerException when invalid Site name specified in analysis parms
30567 Scanner rejects container scan requests once 1000 requests have been queued
30110 Scan root ID not set on container
PM46318 Enhanced CBS scan gives error, but Prop and Regular CBS scans OK
PM50958 Getting file read error on .java files
PM50952 Files with Analysis Status of Incomplete
PM44081 IMS scanner abends unexpectedly when running
PM50960 Recognize function calls that have a return value for PLI
PM43374 Some scans taking long time to complete
PM49429 Problem in DMHSVPPM module analyzing PL1 program
31380 Unterminated string constant' error in Related source view
29474 Clicking on link to GIF file on file summary page causes exception in log file
PM48690 OOM and exception in HandleDmh6000
PM45047 Submodel diagram of some database tables are incorrect in Help
PM50104 Resolve a SQL -803 error
PM44099 Exception: Authenticating to DB
PM50847 Assembler source browsing tries to use the Windows credentials and gives exception before prompting for Z/OS credentials
PM49244 Deadlock -913 in trigger
PM51131 Deadlock during RAAz initialization sqlcode=-913

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
User Interface:
29630 Unexpected unsupported browser message in some IE configs
PM39241 Problems with hyphens in NAME field in Bytecode class summary
PM40344 link on Application details leading to non application-restricted results
PM41784 Improve Viewing and Printing Source in RAA 6.0
PM41819 Graph could not be displayed
PM42806 java.lang.ClassCastException trying to display Control Flow diagram
PM41115 Help for Actions on Analysis queue summary page does not match the actions themselves
PM41270 DMH_EAR Help page missing DMH_EAR* explanations
28946 Update the wizard and bath job to prompt for the transaction, PSB, and optional AGN information when scanning a live IMS system
29984 Symbol scanning on z/OS not working
PM40588 Multiple scan roots appearing on some distributed assets
PM41282 Unable to collect inventory of MVS assets (RaaSyncD)
PM41814 DMH1921E source analyzer failed - loop
29042 Passwords not preserved in Update
29559 Error uninstalling Rational Asset Analyzer
PM42309 Problems installing Rational Asset Analyzer z/OS canning components
12126 Files in error are assumed to be PLI
28386 Problem with deleting generated application for distributed post-processing
28708 Cannot use Configure scanning options for a PDS Container on z/OS
29114 Support IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ v4
29128 Declared line values in Data element summary are incorrect in some cases
29392 Analysis queue processor fails scanning sample source in a long directory path
29434 Some references to JAX-RPC and web service XML files not showing up in distributed SVG diagrams
29513 JCL Parsing Error when a symbolic is at the end of the statement
29804 Fix annotation text on distributed assets
PM34607 Data elements with 0 symbol id - failure population symbol table due to duplicate keys
PM37927 HandleDistPP running out of memory
PM39758 Backslash in domain credentials handling
PM40312 DB2 stops on stored procedure load
PM41225 Table and Column Annotations not showing up in Test
PM41291 ear folder within source .jar showing up on EAR summary
PM41460 JSP tag information missing

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
User Interface:
27667 DMH9992E and HTTP 401 error during inventory wizard - SSL related
Persist user choices on Inventory Wizard check boxes
Show license information
27546 DMH9992E, DMH9991W, and DMH9990I messages not published
26433 Descriptions for queue types introduced in V6 documented
Updates to repair broken hyper links in online help and Information Center
Multiple scanning scalability fixes for very large and vary large number of artifacts
Distributed postprocessor toleration of problematic artifacts or content (e.g. corrupted zip files)
Unexpected scanner restart should leave import files and file allocation sizing problems
CICS scanner
PM30802 DMH1717E - Cannot generate unique identifier for CICS URI map
COBOL and PL/I scanners
PM30417 Incorrect column name added to table in WSAA system when using Proprietary scanner
27864 Proprietary scanner RC=8 but no messages displayed
Latest COBOL and PL/I compiler support in Rational Asset Analyzer - formal fix for out-of-memory in the Compiler included
DB2 Catalog scanner
PM25415 DB2 Native Stored Procedure has incorrect External Name
JCL scanner
25485 JCL scanner: overrides to the PROC DD does not work properly
25486 JCL scanner: Null (//) statement not recognized
26764 IKJEFT1B causes JCL scan to stop
27298 JCL handling of INCLUDEs with continued DD concatenation
27616 Message number 1778 could not be found
Rational Asset Analyzer Eclipse plugin for Rational Developer for System z:
AIX Installation and scanning issues resolved
Include \zosscan directory
Create backup copy of existing \config and \data directory
PM34607 Impact analysis problem with 0 symbol id
PM30806 NumberFormatException on I/O record description summary
27857 DMHD235 - DB2 error -811 in DMH0731.log

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status

Initial Release (6.0)
Link Date Released Status

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