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IBM Packaging Utility Overview



This overview of the IBM Packaging Utility provides a high level discussion of features and functions through links to online information.


Packaging Utility allows you to manage repositories and packages.

You can use the Packaging Utility to perform the following tasks:

  • Generate a new repository for packages.
  • Copy multiple packages to one repository.
  • Copy multiple versions of a product to one repository. Users point to the same repository to update installed products.
  • Save disk space when multiple packages that share components are added to one repository. Only one copy of the shared components is kept in the repository.
  • Delete packages that are not needed.
  • Create a repository to install packages over HTTP.
  • Copy packages from CD installation images or IBM repositories to a repository that resides on an internal server or a local machine.

Packaging Utility information is included in the IBM Installation Manager Information Center. Refer to the IBM Installation Manager Information Centers link to review feature details for all versions.

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