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How to write a Rational Synergy Plugin

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IBM Rational Synergy provides functionality to allow you to invoke scripts, applications or other utilities associated with Software Configuration Management directly from menu items (menu options) added into the menu structures provided in the tool. These additional menu options are provided as “plugins” to the menu systems.


This Guide provides an overview of the IBM Rational Synergy Release plugin functionality and shows you how to prepare a plug for use with IBM Rational Synergy.

These plugins allow you to

  • Create capabilities to extend the default functionality of the tool
  • Support specific actions for your deployment
  • Provide supplementary information on selected objects
  • Run supporting scripts and applications asynchronously

This Guide has been designed to help you set up, configure and use IBM Rational Synergy’s plugin feature so that you can extend the set of features and functions offered from the Synergy GUI interface: this allows you to further support software configuration management for your development and post-development teams within the software delivery chain.

To help you quickly get started with the IBM Rational Synergy plugin feature, we provide a simple example of each appropriate file in the text (following a full description of the options). These examples work with a Java application (supplied as part of a zip file) to return the Synergy type definition associated with a specific Windows file extension. The example plugin file and the application itself allow you to add a plugin to your Synergy GUI to see for yourself how it all works.

How to write a plugin for Synergy to write a plugin for Synergy


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