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Cognos Express 9.5 Fix List

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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos Express 9.5.

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


Cognos Express 9.5 Fix List

  • 9.5- selected tab,
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Express 9.0.
Number Description
PM13191 CXMD Service stops intermittently
PM26910 XCELERATOR WEB: Incorrect Format on TM1Web when Cognos Express is installed in French
PM26326 REPORTER: Errors in Reporter when changing data format using French settings
PM16683 REPORTER: Report Studio returns empty data when reporting on TM1 data source with name collisions
PM16668 REPORTER: PCA-ERR-0001 There is a PCMDDS internal error at "tm1odpMember.cpp":"1,203".
PM15946 XCELERATOR WORKFLOW: TM1 Workflow crashes if MicrosoftKB 973346 is installed
PM17406 MANAGER: 'CM-SYS-5003 Content Manager is unable to access the content store' error when attempting to add users
PM15461 REPORTER: Adding large nested columns from a TM1 datasource fails with dpr-err-2056 rsv-err-0040 error
PM15481 REPORTER: PCA-ERR-0001 There is a PCMDDS internal error at "tm1odpMember.cpp":"1,203".
PM04614 XCELERATOR: Backload of data does not work for specific user
PM21907 XCELERATOR CLIENT: Unable to add dimension or cube on Windows with Czech OS
PM18223 ADVISOR: When switching dimensions multiple times between inspread and offspread data input is disabled.
PM11259 REPORTER: Attempting to modify a query in Query Studio does not work
PM06728 XCELERATOR CLIENT: Cannot configure an action button to navigate to Excel 2007 (.XLSX) files
PM29794 MANAGER: Comments in cx_backup.bat incorrect
PM04623 XCELERATOR CLIENT: Excel 2007 add-in does not reflect Cognos Express branding

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