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List of APARs (IBM Internal Defects) for the Lotus Mobile Connect product. This list is presently only for the 6.1.4 current release. This list shows the APARs released AFTER the base 6.1.4 version of the software was made Generally Available (GA).



Note - APAR fixes are built into all Connection Managers for all supported Operating Systems
Note 2 - To determine the build level of the Connection Manager either use the Gatekeeper to view the Connection Manager properties in the About Tab or use the lswg -V |more command.
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Fix list for WebSphere Portal Version 6.1

Connection Manager APARs
Build Date
IZ73025 Change default arguments for wg_acct to be SESSION based 20100520
IZ74393 User may not be prompted for credentials after logging out from iNotes over HTTP-AS. If there is a missmatch in the SSO domain setting between Domino and LMC, LtpaToken may not get cleared from the browser until exit. 20100420
IZ74588 Cleanup processing of error prone HTTP MNC connections may lead to a core dump on busy systems. 20100519
IZ74746 Enable feature for restricting access to HTTP-AS based on user-agent strings using the http-device.stanza file. 20100420
IZ74761 HTTP-AS race condition may lead to crash and restart of Connection Manager. 20100420
IZ75012 Reference counter mismatch may lead to IP resource exhaustion. This can occur when one user is trying to login from multiple devices while configure for only a single login 20100512
IZ75163 HTTP-AS, DOS attacks may lead to LMC hang. 20100428
IZ76047 Gatekeeper fails to modify accounts when userid contains a backslash character. GK reports directory server as readonly. 20100516
IZ76765 HTTP-AS, Traveler client unable to send emails with attachments or emails larger than 4k when the underlying transport has high latency (3G,EDGE,GPRS). Windows platforms only. 20100604
IZ76792 Restart of http access service fails to reinitialize idle connection counters. This can lead to the service becoming unresponsive after a 5 minute idle period. 20100604
IZ77536 Security risk in HTTP-AS, cross-site scripting vulnerability. 20100617
IZ77977 HTTP-AS PortManager reports exception ENODEV leading to failure to release a readlock and no more sessions can be added. 20100624
IZ78332 Add kernel / ipstack monitoring code to AIX to recover from possible queue hangs and issue warning messages. 20100702
IZ78393 HTTP-as plus iNotes and Sametime awareness. The Sametime groups may not show anyone within the group. 20100702
IZ80137 LDAP bind authentication method fails to switch to backup definition when failure occurs on group membership validation 20100716
IZ81327 Core dump on LMC CM configured in cluster mode. Core processing error paths hit during connection timeouts and failurs in the HTTP-AS definitions. 20100814
IZ81447 HTTP-AS + or % in password causes problems with 401 challenge parsing. 20100814
IZ82712 RADIUS accounting incorrectly issues a STOP on roam events 20100814
IZ83461 Add a configuration option to disable LMC caching function for distinguished names in ldap bind authentication. 20100916
IZ83501 Make the Server http token configuration. Add an option to enable the HttpOnly flag on the LMC session cookie. 20100916
IZ84663 Idle timeout in HTTP-AS does not clear the LtpaToken. 20100916
IZ85107 HTTP-AS restricts URI lengths to 1024 busting some Traveler functions for Android devices. 20100916
IZ85291 Bad log message, error path handler for MNCs. Effects all VPN traffic. 20100922
IZ83467 Add configuration option for wg.log file permissions. 20100922
IZ85411 Add configuration options for the black list function and DOS detection code in http-as services. Apple devices have a problem with look ahead addressing that trips this code. 20100922
IZ86203 Add option to disable SSL handshake on HTTP-AS services. 20101006
IZ86207 Device black list function via http-device.stanza file was inadvertantly disabled. 20101006
IZ86619 HTTP-AS. Android 2.2 devices may have trouble sending or replying to email using iNotes ultra-light. LMC log shows resetting buffer error messages on POST operations. 20101020
IZ89756 Domino f_SessionInfo request returns response larger than what LMC is exepecting. HTTP-AS with iNotes support 20101207
IZ90678 Clustering. Active session database may get out of sync on HA takeovers of cluster principal nodes. 20101216
IZ91283 PPG messaging gateway. ServiceType field in SMPP packets may not be set correctly. 20101224
IZ90589 Windows upgrade overwriting existing key database files, HTTP HTML files, and Gatekeeper password file. 20110418
IZ91943 Configuration store inactivity timer for ODBC based stores fails to set the proper state causing reconnect operation to fail with return code -1 20110109
IZ92232 Recover from invalid lastgateway setting when roaming in a cluster 20110116
IZ92780 DB2E and Gatekeeper occasionaly have contention problems. GK displays an unable to connect to datastore error message. 20110128
IZ93236 WG_ACCT format errors when using start / stop times where the hhmmss is less than 100. 20110225
IZ93254 Update the Verisign signer certificate in the default kdb files. 20110225
IZ94352 Authentication method hang after multiple connection errors indicated in wg.log by successive messages: no idle datastore connections and limit has been reached. 20110207
IZ95220 HTTP-AS fragementation parsing error on boundaries near the http header length. Leads to PortFQ: invalid packet errors in the wg.log. 20110217
IZ93236 WG_ACCT format errors when using start / stop times where the hhmmss is less than 100 20110225
IZ93254 Udpate the verisign signer certificate in the default kdb files 20110225
IZ96040 Windows Connection Manager and HTTP-AS may have added SSL read overhead if the SSL client fragments GET requests. This occurs when there is a proxy in front of LMC 20110306
IZ97040 Duplicate entries in the active session database when multiple logins per userid is disabled 20110329
Add root Path setting to session cookie for HTTP access services. Some iOS devices set the default incorrectly causing the session cookie to be left out.
HTTP-AS configured for iNotes application. Add /iNotes/ and
/domjs/ to home mail server mappings. Otherwise, the requests will passed to the iNotes redirector server, if configured
IZ98321 HTTP-AS. Race condition inserting and modifying the active
session database entry. Can lead to SQL insert errors in the
wg.log file
IZ97976 Connection Manager not processing logins due to SQL ERROR in setting up the SELECT WHERE clause. 20110410
IZ97981 Abnormal termination, (Core dump) LMC configured for VPN usage, IPStack::receive() tight loop 20110415
IZ99134 HTTP-TCP MNC does not properly handle packets larger than 64k. The Mobility client will never send packets that big but a scanner or malicious probe might. 20110421
IZ99234 Add a configuration option for the http-device.stanza file in
http access service definitions. Allow specific HTTP Access Services to allow/deny devices
IZ99239 Gatekeeper to Access Manager via SSL fails to establish a
IV00313 TCP-Lite. Stability and flow control enhancements to TCP-Lite engine designed to improve stability in network outages. 20110511
IV00468 TCP-Lite, Add similar flow control to mobile originated
traffic. This function will discard WLP-SYN requests when
resources are tight.
IV00652 LMC does not support more than one bi-directional filter applied to a session. 20110519
IV00716 Timing hole in TCP-Lite engine may lead to hang in main processing thread. LMC will abnormally terminate and restart 20110523
IV00088 AIX - lswg command may core dump when reading larger number of resources. 20110525
IV01553 CM fails to decrement reference counter after failure to decrypt EAP packets. Leads to a reference counter mismatch error in the log. 20110613
IV01601 New function to allow configuration option to control whether or not LDAP-BIND authentication will chase referrals. 20110613
IV01701 TCP-Lite/HTTP-CODEC and HTTP-AS may have packet parsing errors when HTTP servers chunk the content. PortFQ: invalid packet messages in the wg.log file. 20110614
IV01800 EAP Decryption errors in LMC wg.log. Packet loss during LMC WLP session negotiation may lead crypto key sync problems and crypto errors. 20110621
IV02062 TCP-Lite: Race condition in connect function to back end
application server. May lead to core dump.
IV02211 HTTP Access Services: LMC Allows in users from a previous browser session without being challenged when browser was closed. 20110622
IV02755 HTTP-AS: fragmentation error when receiving large HTTP headers from mobile browsers may lead to 404 responses from application server 20110630
IV03885 Updating a connection profile may lead to corruption of non
IP profiles active in a system during a dynamic update.
IV03625 HTTP-AS / iNotes: Persist information about users home mail
server when redirector is in the architecture. This change allows for better recovery when LMC session is idled out.
IV03885 Updating a connection profile may lead to corruption of non
IP profiles active in a system during a dynamic update.
IV04680 Roaming is broken when target node is put into MAINTENANCE mode 20110902
IV05138 FATAL ERROR occurs for SQL Connect. SQL STATE 08001 20120815
IV07148 Cross-site scripting vulnerability in how LMC hides the redirect URL for HTTP access services. Trips certain scanners. 20110909
IZ99370 Add operating system information to lswg -V ouput and to
About properties of the connection manager resource.
IV08530 HTTP-AS: LMC fails to process iNotes f_SessionInfo files that are larger than 100K. This is common if users have several hundred folders defined. 20111003
IV08716 Disable UTF-8 encoding for LtpaToken username when the username has been pulled from an LDAP database. Otherwise, LMC may UTF-8 encode characters that have already been encoded. 20111025
IV09892 HTTP-AS: iNotes usage may lead to segmentation fault if
bookmarking long URLs to access to the mail database.
IV10202 HTTP-AS: iNotes, Other Users mail function, may fail to load with a 503 response when using https to connect mail servers. 20111117
IV10215 HTTP-AS: Windows only. May hang processing client requests eventually leading to deadlock scenario. 20111110
IV10456 PPG: push proxy gateway fails to deliver messages. There is a timing of hole for target devices that have been idled out but not removed from the system. 20111110
IV11057 HTTP-AS: iNotes mobile users may get full version of iNotes
instead of iNotes Lite version.
IV11162 Cluster initialization functions missing some string values. May lead to a core dump. 20111122
IV12222 HTTP-AS: Login form may display incorrectly on Internet Explorer after LMC has issued an idle timeout. 20111214
IV14552 HTTP-AS: Forms based login fails to properly decode partially escaped URLs. 20120201
IV15092 HTTP-AS: Add function to be able to clear the bad password
cache of an http-service via Gatekeeper. This function is
being added to the Reset failed login count function of users.
IV15295 Add thread pool for mobile originated traffic to TCP based mncs. 20120210
IV15544 ODBC Shim management. May get in a state where DBManager code generates errors about failing to load the ODBC Shim. 20120221
IV18022 Add function to force userid from forms challenge to match
information contained in the subject of the client certificate.
IV18899 MSSQL connections left in a TIME_WAIT state 20120410
IV19078 HTTP-AS: fails to update route table for fuzzy match URLs on
http 301, 302 redirect responses.
IV20534 TCP Port does not handle errno=72, ECONNABORTED correctly. Its a fatal error, socket needs to be cleaned up. 20120502
IV21702 Fails to store userids containing an apostrophe in the active
session database.
IV22024 iNotes via HTTP-AS. Other Users Mail function may fail if the
mail servers are using a port other than 80 or 443
IV22235 Disabling SSL in http-service may disable for LDAP bind
authentication, windows platforms only.
IV23518 Modify the bad password repeat detector to treat the userid as case insensitive. 20120628
IV24138 HTTP-AS: Active Directory expired password should be treated as a bad password. 20120702
IV24629 Disable the override for DOMAIN setting in http services. If the external URL is different from the service URL, LMC is overriding SSO Domain setting. 20120806
IV25303 LMC Connection Manager may crash if the backend server URL is misconfigured for HTTP Access Services. 20120728
IV26373 Invalid characters in the userid may lead to creation of unknown or bad users in the LMC configuration store. This may cause GateKeeper to abort when processing and lead to a possible DOS attack. 20120816
IV27047 LMC fails to update all references to active key after an LTPA token expiration and roam to a different LMC node. 20120829
IV27879 LMC, Mobile Access Servers (VPN), may abnormally terminate (CORE), when working with a NAT/PAT, where all of the client devices have the same source address and the NAT re-uses ports frequently. 20120912
IV29559 HTTPAS and Sametime Mobile login errors. New function to parse the document body of a login request for credentials. 20121004
IV30604 HTTP Access throws infinite loops ERECONNECT error messages processing a read event. 20121019
IV30795 Detect Sametime Mobile Logout sequence and teardown LMC session on response from Sametime proxy. 20121029
IV31024 Authentication failure when DN of back end user has been changed and no longer matches what is cached by Mobile Connect. 20121029
IV32014 Traveler Companion may fail to load due to sequencing and fragmentation of the companion POST transaction. 20121127
IV32737 Authentication may fail if userid contains an apostrophe. 20121130
IV34192 OLL() on SLES 10.x returns EINVAL in an infinite loop. 20130108
IV33111 Add DENY keyword to application server URL list of supported prefixes. This allows entering a rule to block specific traffic. Eventually, this function will move to a rules file. 20130212
IV35841 HTTP-AS. Add function to allow requests for a root, / , URL to be mapped to a specific path defined by the application server URL setting. 20130212
IV35871 HTTP-AS. Multiple http services should create separate sessions when accessing via different hostnames. 20130212
IV36681 HTTP-AS. Sending Traveler mail with large attachments may fail or hang with incomplete data. 20130215
IV36805 HTTP-AS and iNotes CIS issue with redirector path comparisons when path contains uppercase such as /MAIL/... 20130215
IV36874 HTTP-AS add support for sametime meetings client including the MEETINGS tag. This allows IMC to identify meetings client traffic and challenge with appropriate method. 20130223
IV37042 HTTP-AS Routing to incorrect server when Round Robin is set and more than one type of application server is set. 20130223
IV33111f_1 HTTP-AS IMC may lose track of which application server is being referenced after a 302 redirect takes the user to an undefined application server URL. 20130223
IV37810 HTTP-AS Using multiple applications on the same service may cause problems connecting to the wrong application server. 20130311
IV38597 Make iNotes the default when configured for multiple applications on the same http-service definition. If IMC can not identify the traffic, and iNotes is configured, return the inotes server as the default. 20130325
IV38609 Connection Manager restarts after a deadlock when client uploads large email messages via Traveler and the backend network slows us down. 20130329
IV39545 HTTP-AS Backoff/Retry queue allowing more than one packet per connection causing unnecessary work and possible memory exhaustion. 20130411
IV39782 HTTP-AS: Make maximum size of requested URLs configurable. Currently limit is hardcoded at 2k. 20130417
IV43019 Add feature to allow HTTP-AS to enforce specific subject keys when challenging client for device level certificates. 20130524
IV43480 SMPP MNC fails to match sequence IDs past 65535. This causes enquire_link messages to fail and connection resets to occur. 20130602


Mobility Client APARs
Build Date
IZ74751 RAS interface fails to initialize after waking the computer from standby. 20100517
IZ74623 Windows 7 Professional not reported correctly to Connection Manager 20100426
IZ74895 Virtual interface does not initialize if last octect of client address is 254. 20100426
IZ75867 Client may fail to activate proper network when an advanced connection has 4 or more networks. 20100517
IZ76692 Connection is incorrectly terminated when started as a "restricted" connection due to Windows password expiration. Occurs when connection is started via the Connections GUI. 20100610
IZ77253 Silent install fails on Windows 2000. 20100610
IZ77859 Enhance Alternate Gateway to support names in addition to IP addresses. 20100731
IZ83159 Terminate connection if IP interface fails to initialize. By default if the IP interface fails to initialize by the time specified in the IPUpTimeout artour.ini setting the connection will be terminated. To set the behavior so the connection is not terminated set IPUpTermOnTimeout=0 in the connection section of artour.ini. 20100909
IZ83246 Backup connection called when authentication fails on first connection. 20100909
IZ83237 InitResponseRequired INI parameter for Mobitex not working properly. 20100915
IZ84934 Client crashes on Windows 7 Professional 20100915
IZ85226 artdial /u: /p: does not re-prompt after authentication fails due to incorrect user id or password. 20100920
IZ85773 Client may crash when laptop resumes from standby. 20101201
IZ86444 Toolbar doesn't run on Windows 7 when connection running as service. 20101103_1046
IZ86194 Option to display authentication failure reasons not working. 20101103_1647
IZ86260 On XP prompt user for password if service fails to login due to bad password. 20101104
IZ88268 Fail to resolve Connection Manager address at roam time. 20101115
IZ96649 Fail to migrate from 20110322
IV01718 Migration from 6.1.3 doesn't completely clean up 613. 20110614
IV02213 User not afforded chance to correct secondary password when incorrect & when using GINA and suppressing password prompt. 20110621
IV02344 Improve GINA recovery when connection fails. 20110628
IV02458 Logon hangs if EAP authentication response packet from client lost or if EAP Success or Failure packet from server is lost. 20110628
IV04064 NDIS driver fails to load for non-admin user on Vista and Windows 7 20110801
IV05820 Fail to recover session after temporary loss of connection 20110811
IV06236 Fail to reconnect after laptop exits from Sleep (Default Local IP connections only) 20110816
IV14895 Service fails to configure correctly and failure to autostart toolbar. 20120229
IV15745 Unable to drive up GPRS modem on Motorola MC959B 20120507


Mobility Client APARS
Build Date
(New field in table
on 12/13/2010)

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