Detailed System Requirements for IBM InfoSphere Optim for DB2 for z/OS 7.1

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This document provides information about prerequisites for IBM® InfoSphere® Optim™ for DB2® for z/OS® and its features and components.


Note: End of service for this release is September 30, 2015.


Optim uses DSNREXX from the SDSNLOAD library to obtain information regarding the DB2 release Optim is being installed on. The DSNREXX plan must be bound and accessible by the Optim installer.

The DB2 load library containing the DSNREXX load module must be made available either by the TSO logon procedure (STEPLLIB or ISPLLIB), the system link list or the link pack area.

Database and Platform Considerations

Support Level
DB2 for z/OS 8.1 Supported
DB2 for z/OS 9.1 Supported
DB2 for z/OS 10.1 Toleration
DB2 for z/OS 11.12 Toleration
IMS 10 Supported
IMS 11 Supported
IMS 121 Supported
IMS 13 Supported
z/OS 1.10 Supported
z/OS 1.11 Supported
z/OS 2.1 Supported
1APAR PM43674 is required. This APAR enhancement is shipped in PTF UK70435
2This enhancement is shipped in PTF UK95895

IBM InfoSphere Optim for DB2 for z/OS 7.1 is packaged with IBM Optim which includes these components: IBM Mashup Center, Optim designer, Optim manager, and InfoSphere Data Architect. For Detailed System Requirements for the Optim solutions and components, see:
IBM Mashup Center
IBM® Mashup® Center TM is an end-to-end enterprise mashup platform that enables the rapid creation, sharing, and discovery of reusable application building blocks (widgets, feeds, mashups) that can be easily assembled into new applications or leveraged within existing applications - delivering lower development costs, rapid ROI, quick delivery of applications, and greater productivity.

Optim designer
Optim designer can be used to build and discover models for Optim on distributed and z/OS platforms. You can also use Optim designer to run Optim processes on these platforms and to create interoperability services based on process requests that can be published to the Optim manager environment.

InfoSphere Data Architect is a prerequisite for designer. You can use Installation Manager to install InfoSphere Data Architect before or at the same time as the designer. The shared libraries are also a requirement for the designer.

Optim manager
Optim manager is a web application that you can use to configure, run, monitor, and manage services and to configure components that are used to run these services.

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