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APAR/PTF table for WebSphere Business Monitor V7.0 for z/OS

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This table includes APAR/PTF information for IBM WebSphere Business Monitor V7.0 for z/OS.


This table includes committed APAR/PTF information for WebSphere Business Monitor V7.0 for z/OS.


  • This table is for reference only. (Last updated: 5 August 2011)

  • APARs flagged as Security/Integrity APARs do not have links to the associated APAR text provided.

  • WebSphere Business Monitor for z/OS Fix Pack PTFs are not cumulative service deliveries based on the GA of the product. Fix Pack PTF deliveries will either PREREQ or SUPERCEDE a previous Fix Pack PTF delivery.

Availability Date APAR PTF Service Level Build Level Prerequisite WebSphere Application Server Level
08/05/2011 PM43328 UK70325 oap1128.05
08/05/2011 PM43329 UK70326 oap1128.05
08/05/2011 PM43972 UK70327 oap1128.05
08/05/2011 PM43979 UK70328 oap1128.05
08/05/2011 PM43981 UK70332 oap1128.05
08/05/2011 PM43990 UK70333 oap1128.05
08/05/2011 PM43998 UK70336 oap1128.05
08/05/2011 PM44015 UK70338 oap1128.05
08/05/2011 PM44016 UK70339 oap1128.05
08/05/2011 PM44017 UK70340 oap1128.05
08/05/2011 PM44018 UK70341 oap1128.05
08/05/2011 PM44019 UK70342 oap1128.05
08/05/2011 PM44020 UK70343 oap1128.05
08/05/2011 PM44021 UK70344 oap1128.05
08/05/2011 PM44022 UK70345 oap1128.05
08/05/2011 PM44023 UK70346 oap1128.05
10/07/2010 PM23427 UK61054 oap1039.03
09/30/2010 PM22507 UK60829 oap1039.02
09/30/2010 PM22511 UK60830 oap1039.02
09/30/2010 PM22528 UK60833 oap1039.02
09/30/2010 PM22547 UK60835 oap1039.02
09/30/2010 PM22551 UK60837 oap1039.02
09/30/2010 PM22553 UK60793 oap1039.02
09/30/2010 PM22558 UK60794 oap1039.02
09/30/2010 PM22570 UK60795 oap1039.02
09/30/2010 PM22571 UK60796 oap1039.02
09/30/2010 PM22572 UK60797 oap1039.02
09/30/2010 PM22573 UK60798 oap1039.02

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