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Fix/Update list for Business Space powered by WebSphere: Version 7.0

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IBM Business Space powered by WebSphere provides periodic fixes and updates for Version 7.0. The following is a complete listing of fixes for V7.0 with the most recent fix at the top.


Version Interim Fix 3
Version Interim Fix 2
Version 7.0 Fix Pack 5
Version Interim Fix 4
Version Interim Fix 3
Version Interim Fix 2
Version Interim Fix 1
Version 7.0 Fix Pack 4
Version Interim Fix 3
Version 7.0 Fix Pack 3
Version 7.0 Fix Pack 2
Version 7.0 Interim Fix JR36142
Version 7.0 Interim Fix 1

Version Interim Fix 3

Fix release date: 27 January 2014
Last modified: 27 January 2014
Status: Available (Recommended)

(Note: This includes all fixes in Version Interim Fix 2 in addition to those listed below.)
After clicking on the Edit Page button, the button continues to be displayed ("hovering over" subsequent pages where it should no longer be displayed).

Version Interim Fix 2

Fix release date: 10 September 2013
Last modified: 10 September 2013
Status: Available (Recommended)

When upgrading Business Space to V7.0.0.5, for any of the following products, profile upgrade fails:

Enterprise Content Management Widgets
WebSphere Business Events
WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
When using the "Display as a web page" option to display a Business Space page, maximizing a widget on that page will result in a blank page or a widget hang.
In login.jsp, there is an incorrect URL path to custom.jsp, resulting in a "page not found" error during login.

Version 7.0 Fix Pack 5
Fix release date: 26 June 2012

Last modified: 26 June 2012
Status: Available (Recommended)

(Note: This includes all fixes in Version Interim Fixes 1, 2, 3, and 4 in addition to those listed below.)
A memory leak occurs when widgets on a page are refreshed.
A NullPointerException occurs during Business Space data migration (from a version prior to V7.0).
Business Space database scripts generated during profile creation have the following issues:
1) The createDatabase.sql script does not call createGrant.sql.
2) The createGrant.sql script does not substitute the @DB_USER@ variable from the script template with the database user name.

Version Interim Fix 4
Fix release date: 10 December 2012

Last modified: 10 December 2012
Status: Available (Recommended)

(Note: This includes all fixes in Version Interim Fixes 1 and 2 in addition to those listed below.)
The help system for Business Space in Version needs to be updated to the latest version, particularly for users of WebSphere Business Compass (for which Version does not exist).

Version Interim Fix 3
Fix release date: 26 October 2012

Last modified: 26 October 2012
Status: Available (Recommended)

(Note: This includes all fixes in Version Interim Fixes 1 and 2 in addition to those listed below.)
When closing or exiting a Business Space page, a Java™Script error may occur.
Resizing of a widget may result in a blank page.
The Business Space banner displays the value of the LDAP attribute specified as the value of the Mashups configuration
property, instead of the value of the LDAP attribute specified as the value of the
property, as the name of the user who is logged in.

Version Interim Fix 2
Fix release date: 20 April 2012

Last modified: 20 April 2012
Status: Available (Recommended)

(Note: This includes all fixes in Version Interim Fix 1 in addition to those listed below.)
When a large XFDL form is retrieved by a widget in Business Space, Internet Explorer 7 cannot handle the size of the form as an HTTP GET request parameter, causing the form retrieval to fail.
If the owner of a page is not actually an existing user in the LDAP, the migration will fail to find the user and break the migration.

Version Interim Fix 1
Fix release date: 05 August 2011

Last modified: 05 August 2011
Status: Available (Recommended)

In the Work Basket Information widget, with Microsoft Active Directory as the LDAP server, with automatic wildcarding enabled in Business Space, if user search (to add a user to a Work Basket) returns more than 10 users, the user that exactly matches the specified name may not be listed at all and cannot be added.
With Internet Explorer 6 or 7 as the web browser, after a login failure, the login screen is not centered.
During login, if the list of groups the user is associated with in the LDAP entry contains a group that does not exist, an EntryNotFoundException stops login processing and login fails.
After importing or creating a space and changing the owner and removing the edit rights, the normal user that created or imported the space is still able to edit the "page" in that space.
When you resize a widget that contains Flex based content, the cursor may get "stuck" in the resize mode and also not allow the widget to be resized smaller.

Version 7.0.Fix Pack 4
Fix release date: 3 June 2011

Last modified: 3 June 2011
Status: Available (Recommended)

On zLinux, Business Space tables are not created for a new profile.
The following additional internally identified issues have been resolved:

Issues within the Lotus Mashups embedded component:
  • A NullPointerException may occur when there are many concurrent users, after which Business Space is no longer accessible.
  • The Go to Spaces and Manage Spaces dialogs do not grey out the background when they are displayed.
  • The first time you use the "Display on a web page" function during a session, the URL value in the returned markup is null, resulting in the function not correctly displaying the web page. (This problem does not occur for subsequent uses of the function in the same session.)

Other operational issues:
  • In the user chooser, text labels cannot be "spoken" (by accessibility tools).

Version Interim Fix 3
Fix release date: 28 March 2011

Last modified: 28 March 2011
Status: Available (Recommended)

The Business Space common user interface returns a DocumentFragment which does not include a method expected by WebSphere Service Registry and Repository widgets in V7.0.0.3. As a result, if you are trying to create or edit objects with a boolean property in these widgets, you will receive a TypeError.
The following error message is displayed when clicking on the "Go to Spaces" link from the Business Design home space:

'' is null or not an object
If a space other than the Business Space welcome space (default home space) is defined as the home space, users will still be directed to the Business Space welcome space upon logging in to Business Space.
State restore stops working for the WebSphere Business Events Design widget when Business Space is upgraded from V7.0.0.2 to V7.0.0.3. (This can happen when upgrading WebSphere Business Events from V7.0 to V7.01.)
Reordering of pages does not work correctly; changes to the order of pages in a space (in the Reorder dialog) do not take effect after the Space Manager is closed.
After you duplicate a page (the duplicate page initially inherits the permissions of the original page), changing the permissions for either the original page or the duplicate page causes permissions to change for both pages.
In the Space Manager, nothing happens when the Reorder Page action is selected (on an individual page).
When the Business Space database is installed on DB2, reordering of pages in an imported space containing more than 15 pages may fail, due to an issue with how the pages are initialized in the database when the space is imported.
When a server is promoted to a cluster member in the WebSphere administrative console, if the cluster contains Business Space but the server does not, the promotion fails and the following exception appears in the console:

Errors occurred during creation of the cluster: Parameter propertyDirectoryName must be a directory
When two widgets are wired together on a page, if the “event source” widget (widget that sends an event on the wire) is loaded before the “event target” widget (widget that receives the event on the wire) is loaded, then events sent by the event source widget will not be processed by the event target widget.
Clicking the Save button on a widget does not correctly save widget preferences.
It is not possible to disable wildcard LDAP searching in Business Space workbaskets which is resulting in searches sent to LDAP of the form (|(uid=*name*)(cn=*name*)).
On Oracle, an SQL exception may occur during creation of a space.
In a clustered environment, a process thread may hang during the invocation of
For widgets for which a default height is specified (via a "hidden" property), vertical resizing of the widgets inside a space template (by an administrator) is overriden by the default height setting, resulting in these widgets not being rendered correctly when the template is selected by a user (in creating a new space).

Version 7.0.Fix Pack 3

Fix release date: 3 September 2010
Last modified: 3 September 2010
Status: Available (Recommended)

Security exposures need to be addressed.
When using VMM and LDAP, if 'uid' is not part of the distinguished name, users will see errors when trying to validate a workbasket owner or users in the workbasket information widget.
If a webserver target is defined in a profile, and a Fix Pack that updates Business Space is installed, profile upgrade will fail.
With IBM Enterprise Content Management Widgets V4.5.2.1, changing the page layout of a WEBi widget does not work.
Special characters are removed when rendering a form to Lotus Forms Webform Server.
Some templates are not coded as UTF-8, causing special characters in different languages to be displayed incorrectly.
The script fails on Solaris systems after applying V7 Fix Packs.
After installing Business Space V7.0 Fix Pack 2, a NullPointerException occurs when Business Space data is migrated.
When installing Business Space on a Portal V6.1.5 cluster, if the server is not named "WebSphere_Portal", the installation fails.

Version 7.0 Fix Pack 2
Fix release date: 30 April 2010

Last modified: 30 April 2010
Status: Available

With Internet Explorer Version 6 as the browser, the Dimensions and Reports widgets do not always correctly resize when the browser window is resized.
During the creation of a Deployment Environment (using the Deployment Environment creation wizard in the administrative console), if you specify Oracle9i as the database, then the Deployment environment creation fails with the following error:

00000036 WBI_BSpace_Cm E      
configure CWLDB9014E: The configuration of component WBI_BSPACE failed.    
Reason BCSB1103I:  
The selected database is not supported by Business Space.....
See Version 7.0 Interim Fix 1 for the list of internally identified issues resolved.
Business Space does not display the owner name after the creation of a space in some scenarios.
The following additional internally identified issues have been resolved:

Issues within the Lotus Mashups embedded component:
  • When you attempt to leave a unsaved page and go to another page, a dialog box displays that prompts you to either save or undo your changes. If you click Undo several times, and then click Save, the page you are trying to access is unexpectedly replaced by the page you just saved.
  • Users with view permission incorrectly have certain edit rights for spaces. When using the tabbed theme, sometimes users who have only view permission for a space can reorder the pages in that space, but only users with edit permission should be able to reorder pages in spaces. (In V7.0.0.2, only users with edit permission can reorder pages in spaces.)
  • When you attempt to create a new space with an unsaved page open, the dialog box that prompts you to save the page displays twice.

Migration issues:
  • The batch files for updating the Business Space database schema cannot be invoked on non-Windows platforms after profile migration. The files that are generated by Business Space do not have execution privilege.

Configuration issues:
  • Database related exceptions occur if Business Space and DB2 are configured on the same z/OS image.
  • The Team List widget service endpoints must always end with a '/', for example, http://myserver:9080/UserImageWeb/UserImageServlet/images/.
  • The currentSQLID custom property always has to be assigned additional privileges for the Business Space data source. (In V7.0.0.2, this property has been removed.)
  • If you run the administrative task "configureBusinessSpace" with the "-replaceDatasource" parameter, an error message saying that the JNDI value "jdbc/mashupDS" (data source) exists is displayed.
  • When profiles are upgraded after maintenance is applied (Interim Fix or Fix Pack), existing endpoints will default to the original Business Space endpoint locations, possibly overwriting custom endpoints.
  • Additional command line help text is needed for Business Space administrative tasks.

Navigation/display issues:
  • With Internet Explorer 7 as the browser, in the Team List widget, when the hierarchy of a team is three or more levels deep, the tree does not show the third level correctly.
  • With Internet Explorer as the browser, in the Palette, if Hebrew or Arabic is the browser language, the order of the parentheses for the number of viewers is incorrect.
  • With Internet Explorer as the browser, if option 'script debugging(Internet Explorer)' is turned on, login with a non-secure profile fails, and no script error is displayed.
  • With Internet Explorer 6 as the browser, the height of a widget after maximize and restore fills the entire height of the column.
  • Maximizing any widget causes it to be sized larger than the current browser window instead of filling the window.
  • When a widget is configured with a default height, the default height is not applied.
  • The positioning of fly-out menus in the wiring diagram causes the menu to cover the wrong portion of the diagram.
  • After login to Business Space, a Log in button might be shown in the top right of the main page instead of a Log out button. (When this occurs, no spaces or pages are available to display, but selecting Log in allows login to proceed without prompting for user name and password, after which the appropriate space and page is displayed.)
  • With Internet Explorer 6 as the browser, changes to widget size are not persisted when changing pages or logging out.
  • When loading a page containing wires, some wires may not be active.
  • Some widget styles may be applied incorrectly depending on the order of items on the page.
  • If you create a new page while editing the current page, the current page is not saved correctly when you start the new page creation.
  • If you change pages while editing the current page, the current page is not saved correctly before the page change occurs, and the modified content replaces the content of the page you are switching to.
  • You might be prompted to save or undo changes when navigating away from a space with no change to it.
  • JavaScript exceptions occur when using bi-directional locales.
  • Timing related issues might occur when loading a page with multiple widgets, where the iWidgets have the same resource file dependencies.
  • When the edit settings of the ScriptAdapter widget is selected for a second time during the same Business Space session, the dialog for the Script Adapter widgets settings does not display.

Other operational issues:
  • Accessibility support in the Business Space framework and Business Space common widgets is incomplete.
  • Business Space enforces HTTPS during logon. (In V7.0.0.2, this restriction has been removed.)
  • A benign exception message about Trust Association is written to SystemOut.log.

Version 7.0 Interim Fix JR36142
Fix release date: 30 April 2010

Last modified: 30 April 2010
Status: Available

Required to be installed prior to installing any Business Space V7.0 Fix Pack if Version 7.0 Interim Fix 1 is currently installed.

Version 7.0.Interim Fix 1
Fix release date: 26 February 2010

Last modified: 30 April 2010 (withdrawn)
Status: Unavailable

The following internally identified issues have been resolved:

Issues within the Lotus Mashups embedded component:
  • After creating a space that is not designated as a favorite, the space shows up in the Favorites view (although refreshing the page removes the space from the Favorites view).
  • After exporting a page, and then re-importing the page back into Business Space, the language used in the page may suddenly change.
  • If the owner of a space changes a page in the space (for example, dragging a widget onto the page), but the space owner is changed before the page is saved, when the new owner accesses the page, the changes made by the original space owner are lost.
  • After hiding spaces in the space manager, sometimes the visual indicator that tells you that the space is hidden does not display.
  • After changing a page owner to a different user, when you attempt to change the page owner a second time, the first owner remains the page owner.
  • When you search for users using a partial name, the results do not display the users that meet that search criteria. For example, if you type "a" in the search field and start the search, no users are found, even those users who have names that start with that character.
  • When using Internet Explorer, when you open and close various dialog boxes, you may notice a memory leak in your browser, sometimes as high as 5MB for each open-and-close action. This occurs in the following scenarios:.
  • Drag a widget onto a page, click the configuration icon at the top of the widget, and select Edit Settings. After you close the configuration dialog box, you may experience close to 1MB of memory leak.
  • You may also notice memory leaks when working with pages continuously for long periods of time.
  • When working in a clustered server environment, you may notice that pages do not load properly because they fail to retrieve the default page theme.
  • Events do not get sent multiple times across pages.
  • Dependency/catalog federation issues exist involving URLs without ports and case-insensitive hostname comparisons.

Issues in Portal migration:
  • An exception may occur during layout migration, causing some pages to fail to migrate.
  • Configuration information for some widgets is lost during migration, causing those widgets to not work properly after migration.
  • After migration, some widgets may hang while loading.
  • Private pages cannot be migrated.
  • Migration of WebSphere Process Server/WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Version 6.2 Feature Pack widgets is not supported.
  • The Draft Projects widget (in Business Compass) and ProcessDefinitionList widget (in Human Task Management) do not load on Portal after migration.
  • Changes to page layout prior to migration are not preserved; the resulting layout is always the three columns layout.

Other migration issues:
  • Changes to widget size prior to data migration are not preserved; the widget size after migration is always the default size.
  • Wiring information for widgets does not correctly migrate from previous releases.
  • Access control lists relating to user distinguished names are not migrated correctly.

Configuration issues:
  • Business Space configuration fails to augment a profile to use an existing local SQL Server database.
  • Manual configuration of Business Space with WebForm Server fails.
  • Augmentation of a profile for Business Space to use an existing local SQL Server reports that the database operation failed.
  • With DB2 z/OS as the database, the data source used by Business Space is created incorrectly during profile configuration, storing a database name instead of a connection/database location name.

Navigation/display issues:
  • If you click "Home" inside a page with unsaved changes, you are not prompted to save your changes and so the changes are lost.
  • When you navigate away from a page with a hidden widget, a NullPointerException occurs.
  • If a page is hidden from the view list, the page edit setting dialog does not close when you click the Save button.
  • When using Internet Explorer 7, in drop down menus, if the text is wider than the field, excess white space is displayed on the left and right side of the drop down button. (The text will now occupy the entire width of the field without the excess white space.)
  • When using Internet Explorer 7, a security warning dialog appears after a widget's menu item is selected and then a page tab is clicked.
  • When using Internet Explorer, the edit panel of the Script Adapter widget is stretched to take the entire width of the browser window.
  • When using Internet Explorer, the edit panel of the Script Adapter and Website widgets are not the correct size.
  • When using Internet Explorer in a right-to-left environment (Arabic or Hebrew), moving the mouse over a widget results in the widget being drawn in an incorrect position.
  • When using Firefox, the Web Feed widget is not visible when it is displayed on a page outside of Business Space.
  • The content of a widget in the top row of a multi-row layout (T, I or inverted T) changes size based on content and overlaps the widgets in the row below it.
  • When using the Task Information widget to display a completed task form, the read-only fields of the form are not greyed out when displaying the form using Webform Server.
  • The sample URLs for the following widgets: Spreadsheet, Document and Presentation require a leading slash in URL location to load.
  • When displaying event information in the Script Adapter widget, an error value is shown when the event payload type is numeric or is empty.
  • Using a direct URL to open a space without providing a page ID causes an error.
  • When you view a global page within a space and then log out, the next time you log in the global page is still visible, but appears within a different space.
  • The wiring dialog displays the event code name instead of the event title (as defined in the widget XML).
  • Some translation issues exist for the Portuguese-Brazilian language.

Other operational issues:
  • When using SQLServer with the Data Direct JDBC driver to retrieve Blob data type personalization data, an exception is encountered.
  • When using Internet Explorer 7, there is a memory leak.
  • The GZIPOutputStream has a memory leak.

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Business Integration WebSphere Business Compass Business Space Linux, Linux zSeries, Windows,,, 7.0
Business Integration WebSphere Business Events AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, 7.0.1, 7.0
Business Integration WebSphere Process Server Business Space AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Linux zSeries, Solaris, Windows,,,, 7.0
Business Integration WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus Business Space AIX, HP-UX, Linux zSeries, Solaris, Windows, z/OS,,,, 7.0
Business Integration WebSphere Service Registry and Repository Business Space AIX, HP-UX, HP Itanium, Linux, Linux pSeries, Linux zSeries, Linux/x86, Solaris, Windows,,,, 7.0
Enterprise Content Management Case Foundation ECM Widgets AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows, Linux, 4.5.2

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