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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for Cognos 8 Controller 8.5.1 and associated fix packs and generally available interim fixes. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.

Note: A particular list may contain a combination of APAR references and internal defect numbers. This was necessitated to provide a complete list of corrected defects as we continue to transition our internal defects to APARs. Items with a PK or PM reference are APARs and are searchable on IBM.COM. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


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Issues corrected since IBM Cognos 8 Controller 8.5.
Number Description
PK88852 IC Reconciliation report sort option 3, sort by difference, does not work
PK94094 Unable to reverse a journal entry
PK99030 When opening the menu Mtn/Sub/Def an error message appears
PK99250 Standard Error when running a change table for accounts
PK99628 Journal type in column in form deletes REPO values
PM00205 Unable to modify, save forms and to run DB Optimize
PM00623 Double authentication required when run Controller standard report where Controller is set to use Cognos 8 authentication.
PM10653 Zero suppression does not work correctly in Run Reports
PM02018 Dimension against account Linked Structures not applied in form
PM02558 Error when publishing Datamart for first Nykomo period
PM04033 Intercompany data entry is possible without counter dimension
PM04240 Layout of forms needs to be processed after optimizing database
PM04712 Error when trying to run several rows of Account Change Table
PM05108 User-defined automatic journal not working
PM05134 Disable dimension has no effect in data entry or import of data
PM05808 Standard Error when using a text form
PM05844 Standard Error 5 on saving period change to group structure
PM07043 Wrong value copied from CB to OB
PM08204 Journal 10000 creates duplicates if both parent and subsidiary are indirect cross-owned, method P and at same company structure level
PM09725 Error when opening Control Tables Allocations
PM10147 Issue with user-defined automatic journal, proportional elimination of IC not working as expected
PM10254 Values not visible in form links
PM10934 Cannot export period data earlier than year 2000
PM11832 IEEXEC.exe not releasing/shutting down when Controller is closed
PM12011 Report in TM1 is missing accounts
PM12438 IC elimination journal books an opening balance to retained profit/loss carried forward
PM13904 Performance issue opening data entry menu and after that a form, due to many actualities/periods/companies
COGCQ00182971 Wrong automatic journal E900 created for cross-owned group
COGCQ00186304 Report shows values from another report run before, if company code has been entered manually
COGCQ00224743 Cannot change Currency Type in Data Entry, when opened via icon ControllerDeLayout in Excel 2007
COGCQ00226432 System does not generate correct direct ownership percentage in a flat structure
COGCQ00238430 Unexpected results from user-defined automatic journal
COGCQ00238437 Eliminations handle Reconciliation between Accounts fields differently
COGCQ00244243 Unlocked company in period locking still locked in data entry
COGCQ00245534 IC accounts are not eliminated to zero
COGCQ00245545 Data Entry not possible if form uses comments and Expanded Company functionality
COGCQ00245832 Issues when changing consolidation model from Olkomo to Nykomo
COGCQ00250764 Message 'No company is available in the popup list' when directly typing in choices in Reconcile IC report
COGCQ00254587 ClearforNCM clears a consolidation type's Group Totals even if that consolidation type was not selected
COGCQ00257054 Standard Error 5 SoapException when running Acquisiton Calculations and using D code
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos 8 Controller 8.5.1.
Number Description
PM00206 Import spec deletes data even if submission is locked for certain accounts
PM16438 Published values get booked to @NONE (TM1)
PM16729 Form with $$$ in rows cannot be saved in upgraded 8.5.RP1 Error Message "An Unhandled Server Error Occured"
PM17601 Publish to Datamart fails with error: Could not execute TI process:Currency_Process
PM18003 Problems with E300 and internal selling/buying, sometimes only one action is taken, not both.
PM20053 Triple investment elimination with consolidation method Z in some cases, complex ownership
PM21178 TB with drill wrong results with Clos ver/Contrib ver in columns
PM22271 Standard error 5 when generating movement accounts in new Oracle environment
PM22377 Wrong calculation of historical rates (complex ownership)
PM22506 Slow cursor scrolling up/down/across inside Excel-link spreadsheet when Excel 'VBA Events' is enabled
PM23891 Shareholdings & Investments / company PCW - 'Depr according to plan this year' not correct after change of depreciation percentage
PM23893 Shareholdings & Investments / NBUA - depreciation details/amounts deleted
PM24176 Initial Publish Takes Long Time and Receives Trickling Error
PM24949 Incorrect figures in forms - Oracle DB Specific
PM25242 Error for FAP
PM25908 TB w Drilldown- wrong result with Company and Clos ver/Contrib ver in columns
PM29071 Full 'Long Name' & 'Short Name' Alias not appearing for certain accounts
PM30660 True reconciliation at the group level
PM31057 IC/ Intercompany journals not in balance - cross owned companies/groups
PM32976 Consolidating in batch, multi periods, Force not selected
PM32978 Non-Forced Consolidation in NYKOMO does not take account of deleting journals
PM33724 Error messages when trickling data in FAP
PM35060 E760 values doubled in new year following removal of group cross-ownership in prior year
PM35128 Initial publish FAP: Performance very slow
PM35270 Differing values between consolidations run by individual period compared to multiple period range
PM35828 Update Structure in FAP Gives Error
PM37255 FAP error when publishing in IF7, does work in IF6
PM38633 Number(s) ignored / rounded down after decimal point when saving changes inside "Data Entry - Historical Rates" using Oracle
PM39266 FAP error after changing 'To Period' for a group in the company structure
PM42194 OB problem in IC of year +1 with Nykomo
PM42885 Copy-Reported values btw companies /'Change signs for all Copied Values'
PM43693 Etyp 18 is Not Updating XDB Correctly
PM44797 IC difference problem in Nykomo. 8.5.1 IF11 fixed some but not all.
PM45340 User Rights Under CC.Comp in Group/Data Entry/IC Profit Margin
PM45975 AFC calculation errors
PM46138 Security Groups do not work with DB2
PM48495 Cross ownership/ minorities data in FAP
PM48803 Six extra zeroes and incorrect decimal formatting and "No Company Available in the Pop- Up Window"
PM49092 A company that is set to ready for one submission should not be reset to processing when specific journals are entered.
PM50746 System.OutOfMemoryException error when editing accounts in Define Account Structure
PM51174 User Rights in Group/Data Entry/IC Profit Margin
PM51841 Does Controller FAP support multiple FAP data Mart?
PM52736 CAM-AAA-0071 After attempting to Login to Cognos Connection
PM54646 Import GL journals allows Dim code in wrong case, Corp not CORP and journal type i3 should be I3
PM54913 Feed Missing Data From Controller to TM1 When Booked On Dimension Level
PM55189 Company Changed Parent Manual Depreciation Details Are Then Not Included in Etyp 8 IB Rollover
PM57465 Using filter option in Depreciation details window and deleting one row, all rows not in the filter are deleted
PM58646 FSR no able to login to Controller Excel add-in
PM63451 DB2\Wrong sort order in Currency Conversion report
PM65322 System audit log is disabled even though it seems to be enabled- DB2.
PM66330 FAP java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
PM66443 Reports - Currency Conversion on Journals - 0x40000015 or 0x800A0CB3 errors
PM68152 Problem with TB with drill report
PM69750 No figures showing in the reconcile report.
Issues corrected in Cognos Controller 8.5.1 FP1 IF1.
Number Description
PI09871 Error when click Save for Generate Movement Accounts
PI14506 Double E770 values
PI15001 Wrong year's data (e.g. 2014) residing in table (e.g. xdb13)
PI20198 Double E770 values
PM40896 Delete Period values\Selecting All, All deletes values for all companies not only companies in the user's security group. (Cy)
PM57584 Should valid rows in a GL journal be imported if some active/passive a/cs are outside the formset attached to the per/actuality?
PM73785 DB2 - Not able to retrieve company data using fgetval function when company security is applied
PM82969 DB2 "No data was found for the current selections" for Ledger Report
PM83780 DB2 not able to export investment registry
PM88160 Standard error Number 5 when copying OB reported values with linked actualities

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