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Failover Scenarios in a Highly Available WebSphere Business Process Management V7 Production Environment

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This document discusses failover scenario aspects in a highly available Business Process Management production environment.


Based on a highly available Business Process Management production environment consisting of WebSphere Process Server V7.0.0.2, WebSphere Business Monitor V7.0.0.2, WebSphere MQ V7.0.1.0 and Oracle Real Application Cluster V11.1.0.7 this document discusses three common disaster failover scenarios. Each scenario exemplifies the impact an unexpected shutdown of a specific part of the overall environment might have on the components being executed at the time of the failure. Based on the case studies and the related implications outlined, this document shows concrete configuration settings in order to recover a consistent application state.

In the first part of the document the architecture of the Business Process Management production system that is the basis for the failover observations will be introduced. In this context the two common approaches “Queue based” and “Queue bypass” used to integrate WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Business Monitor will be explained. In addition you will learn about the benefits of utilizing WebSphere MQ in order to establish a scalable and robust messaging layer between WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Business Monitor.

The second part shows how Oracle RAC is adopted to facilitate a highly available event flow. In this context you will learn about several Oracle RAC concepts, like defining Oracle services, Oracle load balancing and failover and Oracle distributed transaction processing.

The third part illustrates three typical failover scenarios based on the described architecture and a simple business application monitoring application. For each case study several questions will be answered. What are the implications of the break down? Are the system and the application in an inconsistent state after the failover? If yes, what has caused the inconsistencies? What needs to be done in order to recover a consistent system and application state?

The fourth part presents a list of recommended configurations settings that are required to ensure that a Process Management production environment is properly configured regarding high availability and recovery. In addition some general hints and tips are given in order to narrow down, understand and solve issues similar to those outlined in this document.

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