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A part of the BookManager family of products, the IBM Softcopy Reader is a Java-based on-line documentation reader and organizer that consists of two components: Book Reader and Shelf Organizer. It is shipped free of charge on the IBM Collection Kits, and can be freely downloaded from this site.


Book Reader

Book Reader allows you to open softcopy books created with one of the IBM BookManager Build programs. You can:

  • View and navigate through the softcopy books on-line
  • Do searches within the book
  • Create notes
  • Copy text
  • Print text selections, a section, or the entire book

Shelf Organizer

Shelf Organizer allows you to specify the location (paths) of all of the documents, shelves and shelf indexes you want to use. You can specify the paths of these objects on:

  • Internal hard drives (C:, D:, E; etc.)
  • CD-ROM drives on your workstation or on a network
  • External hard drives on a network
  • Other storage devices that can be attached to your system

With the Shelf Organizer, you can manage your softcopy libraries in the following ways:

  • Specify the location (paths) of all the documents, shelves and shelf indexes located on your workstation, on a network, or an external storage device
  • Organize your shelves by name, date, or description
  • Organize your documents by name, date, description, or document number
  • Create your own shelves
  • List and view shelves
  • Delete shelves
  • Import BookManager Books or Adobe PDFs into a shelf
  • Move BookManager Books or Adobe PDFs between shelves
  • Search shelves or selected documents on a shelf (starting with Softcopy Reader V3.6, Shelf Organizer supports Quick Searching indexed extended shelves of PDFs, and the Windows version interracts with V1.3 (or higher) of the IBM Advanced Linguistic Search Plug-in for Adobe to automatically apply the search criteria to any PDFs selected from the hitlist, displaying a ranked list of topic hits and highlighted results within that PDF, for any topics selected from the topic hitlist)

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