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The IBM Softcopy Librarian provides you with the ability to manage PDFs, BookManager® softcopy books, and shelves you receive from IBM and from other companies.


The Softcopy Librarian lets you set up and maintain PDF and BookManager book repositories using a variety of sources. You can obtain and transfer shelves of books and shelves of PDFs from:
DVD collections, the IBM Publib web site, or from a local hard disk.

Note: The z/OS and Software products DVD Collection is entitled with a z/OS license. The preferred method of delivery, however, is the internet which also enables updating your repositories with documentation updates that are made available on the internet between DVD collection releases. The main page for the z/OS Internet Library is available by clicking the appropriate entry appearing in Related Information below.

The Softcopy Librarian keeps a catalog of all the book, PDF, and shelf files that you send to your repository from any level of a DVD collection, from your local hard drive, or from the IBM Publib web site. When a new level of a bookshelf arrives, on a new DVD collection or at the Publib web site, the SoftCopy Librarian compares it and its contents with the catalog and shows you whether it's brand new or whether it's changed since the last level you received. You now have a way to see at a glance which shelves on a DVD collection or at the Publib web site are currently in your repository.

Support for IBM Softcopy Librarian is via e-mail at

IBM Softcopy Reader is required to read BookManager books. You can download Softcopy Reader, as well as Softcopy Librarian, by clicking the appropriate entries appearing in Related Information below.

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