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Using Eclipse to develop Java and JMS Programs for WebSphere MQ 7.0.1

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The objective of this techdoc is to provide further details on the information provided in the WebSphere MQ Information Center on how to exploit the Eclipse platform provided with the WebSphere MQ Explorer 7.0.1 in order to develop simple Java™ and JMS programs.


You can download the MQ Explorer 7.0.1 from the SupportPac MS0T:
MS0T: WebSphere MQ Explorer
This SupportPac provides the WebSphere MQ Explorer (and the required level of the WebSphere Eclipse Platform, if necessary).
It provides the files for MQ 7.0.1 and MQ 7.1.

Details in addition to the content in the Information Center at:

WebSphere MQ V7 Information Center

  • Application Programming Guide
    • Sample WebSphere MQ programs
      • The publish/subscribe sample programs
        • Running the MQPubSubApiSample Java sample
          • How to run the MQPubSubApiSample using the Eclipse platform.

The chapters are:

Chapter 1: How to specify to show the Eclipse JDK menu under the Explorer
Chapter 2: How to create a Java project and import the Java sample
Chapter 3: How to run the sample program
Chapter 4: How to change back the MQ Explorer to default perspective (no Eclipse SDK)

See the attached PDF file:

+++ Important note about MQ 7.1

In MQ 7.1 the plug-ins were repackaged and some plugins from the development kit were removed. Thus, it is NOT possible to use the MQ Explorer 7.1 to perform the Java development activities described in this document.

Instead the file is provided which is an archived Eclipse update site and which can be installed on top of a supported Eclipse environment.
For more details see:
WebSphere MQ 7.1 > Migrating and upgrading > List of changes by version, release, and maintenance level > V6.0 to V7.1 changes
WebSphere MQ Explorer packaging
WebSphere MQ Explorer 7.1 >
Installing into Eclipse environments



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