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Configuring DB2 for z/OS Subsystems for Tuning Queries with IBM Data Studio (stand-alone package)

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Configuring DB2 for z/OS subsystems for tuning queries with IBM Data Studio (stand-alone package)


Before you use IBM Data Studio (stand-alone package) to tune single queries that run on a DB2 for z/OS subsystem, you must perform these steps on that subsystem:

  1. Install PTF PK58941(DSN5OFM). You can download the PTF from here:
  2. Upload the DBRMs that are included in the file to the z/OS subsystem. The file is available on the download site for IBM Data Studio (stand-alone package):
  3. Modify DSNTESC and DSNTIJOS for your DB2 for z/OS system and run them. Ensure that the JCL files are edited to include the path to where the DBRMs were uploaded to. These JCL files are in the DB2 sample library.

    In addition to the tables and packages that are required for tuning single queries that run on DB2 for z/OS, these JCL files create similar objects for tuning query workloads. Tuning workloads is not supported in Data Studio (stand-alone package). Therefore, you do not have to grant privileges on any of the objects for tuning workloads.

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