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The Information Management Software for z/OS® Solutions Information Center is available as an installable information center for Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows XP systems.


Important: The product information that was previously available in the Information Management Software for z/OS® Solutions Information Center on the web (including multiple versions of DB2® for z/OS®, DB2 Tools, DB2 QMF™, and more) is now available in IBM Knowledge Center ( IBM Knowledge Center is where the most current information is delivered. Therefore, IBM encourages you to rely on that information.

To enable users of these software products to continue, if they wish, to access product information locally, IBM currently intends to continue to support, for a limited time, the installable information center that is described in this topic.

The installable information center includes content similar to the content that is available in IBM Knowledge Center, and it can run without access to the Internet. The installable information center provides the flexibility for you to install information collections for only those products that you are interested in, including multiple versions of DB2® for z/OS®, DB2 Tools, DB2 QMF™, and more. An update mechanism helps you keep the information current.

With the installable information center, you can run a local information center or an information center server. If you run the local information center, the documentation can be viewed only on the machine that it is installed on. Running the information center as a server enables others on your local network to view the documentation in a web browser without installing the information center on their local machines.

The installable information center requires the following components:

  • Information center framework
  • Information collections for individual products

To obtain the installable information center framework, download it from this IBM website: (You must have an ID to access this site.) Then follow the installation instructions that are provided with the downloaded framework.
The information center framework initially contains no product documentation. After you install the information center framework, you can choose the information collections that you want to install.

To obtain information collections, use the Update wizard of the installable information center. For details, see the "Adding and updating information collections" topic in the installable information center.

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