IMS Enterprise Suite Version 1.1 Release Notes

Release notes


This document provides up-to-date information on the latest updates to assist you with the installation and maintenance of the IMS™ Enterprise Suite.


Important: IMS Enterprise Suite Version 1.1 will be withdrawn from service on November 1, 2013. Customers using IMS Enterprise Suite Version 1.1 should upgrade to the latest version in service as soon as possible to continue to receive support and to take advantage of enhancements and new features. See the IBM United States Withdrawal Announcement 912-144.

For all versions of the IMS Enterprise Suite in service and their release notes, see

Before you install the components in the IMS Enterprise Suite the first time, ensure that you review the following installation information in the IBM® Information Management Software for z/OS® Solutions Information Center:

Known issues, their workarounds, and bug fixes are documented in the readme file for each component.

For the latest fixes or enhancements:

  • For the z/OS platform, use the standard service process to obtain the service. Use the SMP/E process to apply the fixes.
  • For distributed platforms, all code updates are available as fix packs or complete replacement service levels, depending on the component. One fix pack or service level might be equivalent to multiple APARs The fix packs can be downloaded from the IMS Enterprise Suite download website.

The following table details the latest fix pack or service level, with links to the readme file. The readme file contains information about how to install the fix pack or service level.

Latest update
Equivalent APARs README file
(containing a cumulative list of updates and known issues)
DLIModel utility plug-in Fix Pack 2 APAR PM11121

Fix Pack 2 also includes fixes in Fix Pack 1 (APAR PM05637)
Readme file for DLIModel utility plug-in
Connect API for Java™ Service Level 1
APAR PM05893 (labeled as SPE Update 1) Readme file for Connect API for Java
Connect API for C Service Level 3 APAR PM37750 Readme file for Connect API for C
SOAP Gateway Fix Pack 6 APARs PM86784, PM86785, PM88381, and PM88773.

Fix Pack 6 also includes fixes in:
  • Fix Pack 5 (APARs PM82028 and PM83081)
  • Fix Pack 4 (APARs PM42566 and PM42568)
  • Fix Pack 3 (APARs PM38023 and PM38024)
  • Fix Pack 2 (APARs PM17547 and PM22798)
  • Fix Pack 1 (APARs PM07229 and PM09532)
Readme file for SOAP Gateway
JMS API No update to install. No update to install.

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