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Would you like a tool that automates the collection of troubleshooting data for TSAAM, instead of manually trying to find, group, and collect what IBM Support needs to remotely diagnose your problem ?


This is NOT the data collector for "Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms".

Use the following URL if you need the data collector for TSAMP:

This is the MustGather document for the IBM Tivoli System Automation Application Manager (TSAAM) product, including the Base Operations Console. The attached "getamdata" utility knows how to find and collect the data files that IBM Support need in order to diagnose problems with the TSAAM product and related middleware.

Table of contents:

General information about the Data Gathering Tool
How-to instructions for using getamdata
Sending getamdata output/data to IBM Support
Downloading the getamdata package

General introduction to getamdata

The "getamdata" utility will gather detailed information about your TSAAM environment, including middleware (WAS and DB2).

It can collect a variety of useful logs and FFDC data related to the TSAAM automation engine, the WebSphere Application Server, and the DB2 server. Configuration data for all three products can also be collected. Installation logs and properties can be collected for TSAAM.

The utility will tar & compress all output into a single tarball and provide final filename details after it has completed executing.

It is important to run the utility before any manual (user) recovery efforts are attempted. This will ensure an accurate snapshot of the current states which can then be correlated with the logs and traces collected.

Electronically opening a PMR (SR) eliminates waiting on the phone to provide general information to the HelpDesk center. Providing the output data from the getamdata utility at the time you electronically open a PMR will ensure the data is immediately available to a Support engineer, thus allowing quicker initial diagnoses.

Instructions for using the Data Gathering Tool (getamdata)

Ensure you always FTP the tar package using binary mode. Un-tar on the system where it is to be used, preferably in its own sub-directory.

Usage :

Please Note: This utility must be run as "root", Running as any other user will likely result in data that Support cannot use to help you.

For maximum data collection, run the utility using the following syntax :
./getamdata -all

If you want to see more detailed information about the commands being run, then add the –verbose flag, for example :
./getamdata -all -verbose

If you want to use a different output directory instead of /tmp (default), add the –outdir <dir> flag, for example :
./getamdata -all –outdir /var/log

To collect just the eez logs/FFDC and eez configuration, then run the utility as follows :
./getamdata -eez

To exclude a particular item from the collection, there are -skip* options available. For example, to collect all data "except" for install data, run the utility using the following syntax :
./getamdata -all -skipinstall

For more usage help, run the utility with the -h or -? flag, for example :
./getamdata -h

Results :

After running the utility, the result will be a single tar ball located and named as follows :
/tmp/<MMDDYY_HHMMSS>-<node_name>-tsaam_data.tar.gz (Linux)
/tmp/<MMDDYY_HHMMSS>-<node_name>-tsaam_data.tar.Z (AIX, Solaris)

Either prefix the tar file with the PMR number, or tar the compressed file into a parent tarball named using the PMR number so that it gets routed correctly when you FTP it to IBM, for example:
cd /tmp
tar cvf ppppp.bbb.ccc .tar *-tsaam_data.tar.Z

Sending getamdata output/data to IBM Support

After a PMR is open, you can submit diagnostic MustGather data to IBM.

At any time, you can re-run the getamdata utility with just the –ftphelp flag and it will only display instructions on how to name the file and how to FTP to IBM :
./getamdata -ftphelp

If an individual tar file (resulting from the execution of getamdata) is larger than 10MB, then the utility will prompt you to FTP the data to IBM instead of attaching the output to an email.

Using Binary Transfer Mode, anonymously FTP the final tar file ( ppppp.bbb.ccc .tar) to IBM:
Server: ""
Within directory: " /toibm/tivoli/"
An automatic update will be added to the PMR once the data arrives.

Alternate upload method through your browser:

Please include some details about the data where appropriate, for example a timeline of events (when the problem occurred and when actions were performed, both before and after the observed problem).

If using SR, please update the PMR to indicate that data has been sent and include some details about the data where appropriate, in particular timeline.

Downloading the getamdata tarball package

IBM's recommended browser is Firefox. It is therefore recommended that you use Firefox to download the attached tar file. Chrome has also been tested with success.

Experience has shown that Internet Explorer (IE) can corrupt the tar file during its download process, though this may depend on the version of IE being used ... sorry, no IE version details available.

Ensure you always FTP the tar package using binary mode. Un-tar on the system where it is to be used, preferably in its own sub-directory.

Click on the following icon link to download the latest version (v1.5) of the "getamdata" utility :

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