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December, 2017 - IBM Spectrum Protect Customer Support Technical Information Newsletter



This newsletter is aimed at clients and specialists installing, upgrading or using IBM Spectrum Protect, formerly known as Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM).


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IBM Spectrum Protect

From IBM Systems Storage Support to You: Have a Blessed and Safe Holiday Season!

Welcome to the IBM Spectrum Protect technical support information update. This communication is designed to help you derive maximum value from your software by providing the most up-to-date technical information, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to other key information.

Support Resources

Support Portal for IBM Spectrum Protect™
Find technical content, answers, solutions and much more.
Featured Documents for IBM Spectrum Protect™
Links to key information documents and is divided into linked sections for ease of navigation.
IBM Support Site Assistance
Working with IBM to help support your IBM product(s).
Work with IBM Support using Technical Support Chat
IBM Technical Support Chat is an instant messaging service to connect to IBM representatives available to eligible clients.
Welcome to the IBM Client Success Essentials Community!
This community brings together users of IBM software to share, collaborate and connect with each other virtually. Here, you'll find training videos, upcoming events, blogs, important web links, and more.
IBM Storage Support Enhancements Summary
At IBM, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve client experience with our storage products and storage support - whether this is to help you quickly get the most relevant or latest information on our best-of breed Storage products, or ways that you can reach out to and engage Storage Support.

Most Recent News, Flashes, and Bulletins

  • Top 5 Things To Do To Avoid A System Outage Crisis
    Server and Storage service outages and disruptions can cost companies anywhere from thousands up to millions of dollars per incident. It impacts your company's image and most certainly client satisfaction.

Latest Technotes and FAQs

Latest Downloads and Fixes

Latest IBM Spectrum Protect™ Server and Client Downloads - Fix Packs and Interim Fixes
This page has the server and client download links to the latest fix packs and interim fixes by version.
Recommendations for IBM Spectrum Protect™ Client and Server Fixes
This document answers the frequently asked question, what product version IBM recommends.

Education and Training

IBM Systems Storage - The SOS Files
Collection of educational training videos and blogs
IBM Knowledge Center
The central location for finding and organizing information about IBM products.

Problem Solving Resources

SSIC (IBM System Storage Interoperation Center (SSIC))
A tool to help you all to identify information on product version levels.
IBM Spectrum Protect™ Technical Newsletter Previous Month's Edition
Complete version of the previous month's IBM Spectrum Protect™ newsletter.

Forums and Wikis

IBM Spectrum Protect™ Forum
This forum is focused on protecting & maximizing the availability of your on demand computing data with Storage Management solutions.
IBM DeveloperWorks Storage Blog
Collaborate with other Storage experts.
IBM System Storage Forum
Use this forum to share ideas with knowledgeable experts and discover how IBM's latest storage solutions can address your business challenges.
IBM Spectrum Protect™ Wiki
This Wiki provides you with best practices and scenarios for using the product.

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Storage Management IBM Spectrum Protect
Storage Management IBM Spectrum Protect Extended Edition

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IBM Spectrum Protect
Spectrum Protect
Tivoli Storage Manager
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
Storage Manager

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More support for: Tivoli Storage Manager

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Operating system(s): AIX, Platform Independent

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Modified date: 11 December 2017

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