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Hot Topics

Installing Webtop Fix Pack 7 and above on Windows machines, with TBSM 4.1.1 pre-installed, may prevent TBSM from starting.

Software version: 4.1.1
Operating system(s): All

This link provides spreadsheets outlining TBSM compatabilities, products and platforms.

Software version: All
Operating system(s): All

Downloads and Updates

Using TBSM

Primary Documentation source for TBSM .
In this course you will learn how to: develop service models, build service models, configure service views, work with the Tivoli Integrated Portal, integrate with Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager/Change and Configuration Management Database (TADDM/CCMDB), detail migration steps, examine the split-server architecture, and use Tivoli Common Reporting.

Through hands-on exercises, you will use, configure, and administer TBSM 6.1

An IBM Certified Deployment Professional - Tivoli Business Service Manager V6.1 is a technical professional responsible for the planning, installing, configuring, administering, performance tuning, problem determination and documenting of solutions for IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager V6.1. This individual will be expected to perform these tasks with limited assistance from peers, product documentation, and support resources.

IBM Software Support Resources
The IBM Software Support Lifecycle policy specifies the length of time support will be available for IBM software.
This is a stand-alone application that allows you to easily search IBM.com for all types of software
support content plus organizes the major areas of not only Software support, but the individual brand
support sites into a concise application.

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