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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM Rational Method Composer.


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Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR Description

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR Description
Tooling PM93651 Liveconnect call Applet ID 2 error with JRE 7u21
PM95684 Type Mismatch error running search with java 7 fix
PM97640 Task Version Number not inherited from Plug-In
PI04692 Create and deploy Jazz process template fails due to ampersand(&) in RMC role description
PI04700 Remove "WorkProductDescriptor" from Published Page
PI04709 Unable to perform search when content is available locally
PI04760 Search empty at new tab with Java 7 updates fix
PI04905 Issue with SEND FEEDBACK link in RMC publish
PI04696 Send Feedback causes IE browser to display bad page
PI08665 Text "See detailed Description" not localized on work item generated using template
PI09106 RMC Eclipse client throws error when click RTC workitem
PI09609 Line break before "See detailed Description" does not work in RTC WI template
PM87612 The on-line documentation that describes how to publish a library via the command-line is incorrect
PM82970 Error happens when deploying Jazz Process Template on RMC

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR Description
Tooling PM72405 Selecting a child in a query does not refresh the Properties view tab
PM67596 Configuration pull down is empty on application startup when shell sharing with RTC
PM67365 Searching workproductslot missing Icon in result
Content PM64251 "How to Adopt This Practice" in Roadmaps not good name
PM60605 Brief Description appears 2 times in Domain Governance
PM59091 Prepare for Phase Close-Out is deleted but still it is referenced in a task
PM59073 Actors Template has wrong non-human actor description
PM57489 Activity: Create Project Configuration Management (CM) Environment is missing content
Documentation PM61700 Creating UDT Definition is not defined within the documentation correctly.

Mod Pack 2 (7.5.2)
Link Date Released Status
Download 7.5.2
Component APAR Description
Tooling PM64479 Step description deleted when click outside the RTE description first before saving
PM63951 When new method plug-in via "Create from existing method plug-in or package" command, "the copies of all process of a plug-in" does not show the workflow after closing RMC and reopen it.
PM61772 Clicking "Add or edit Image map" impossible add image and an error is in log file.
PM56090 Published diagrams gaps for misplaced hyperlinks
Content PM57426 Process builder definition files cannot be parsed (Brazilian Portuguese only)

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR Description
Tooling PM45043, PM45669 Unable to use the Assign button in Custom Category.
PM47238 Publishing via the command-line creates XML directory.
PM48037 Changes made to Activity Diagram are not being saved.
PM48388 Web server log shows large number of 404 errors.
PM48497 Opening a step in a task returns IUPA0015E: Cannot edit element.
PM52042 Published library is producing an invalid link when the linked element has a replacer.
PM53025 Additional Work Products displayed in publication.

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR Description
Tooling PM26732 Some configuration settings are not used for published site, if a saved configuration is not reviewed during publishing.
PM28570 Rounded rectangles in activity diagrams are displayed with 2 missing borders.
PM28604 Roles are not auto-synchronized.
PM31201 Update properties and ODA drivers for the attributes that were added for green WBS customization in v7.5.1.
PM32693 Export to MSP fails on delivery processes that contain an extending to a capability pattern.
PM36727 Some files are not checked out when running clean resources.
PM28145 Extends and Replaces: display all "modifies" relationships from all tasks.
PM36958 The dirty flag is not cleared when saving the Process Builder configuration.

Mod Pack 1 (7.5.1)
Link Date Released Status
Download 7.5.1
Component APAR Description
Tooling PM02744 Indented contents in Internet Explorer published workspace.
PM02979 Activity diagram loses shapes.
PM03355 Unable to continue past locked warning on import.
PM03669 Invalid Menu Extension error message when editing or creating a Method Configuration.
PM05196 White paper main description allows only 525px images when printing from Internet Explorer.
PM14952 Spell Checker causes RMC to hang when invalid HTML constructs are in the Main Description.
PM17081 Synchronized with source turned off by default in WBS.
PM17084 Open via variability element does not show parent.
PM20387 Discipline icons are incorrect in the published site and RMC.
PM21612 Tasks with no input or output work products are displayed with the name truncated in the Activity Detail Diagram.
PM22454 HTML IDs are not unique in the published web site.
PM22453 Skin changes for role diagram do not work.
PM21479 Update to a configuration is difficult to complete.
PM21471 White screen with non-responding message when connected to ClearCase dynamic views.
PM21470 javaNullpointerException error is displayed when renaming files in a workspace that is connected to ClearCase.
Documentation PM16149 "Common actions impact on specific files" help page has incorrect information.
PM16370 Rectilinear and Oblique definitions are missing in the documentation.
PM16381 OMG link is broken in the help page.
PM16384, PM16385 Help text is missing for Show all work products.
PM16390 Help missing for Tag-based fulfillment filter.
PM16387 Publish Configurations screen shot out of date.

Interim Fix 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR / ID Description
Tooling PK97942 The Team Allocation tab for an extended Capability Pattern displays suppressed tasks.
PK98909 Process usage links are broken for artifacts that are part of a deliverable.
PM01192 Unable to publish user created Term Definitions.
PK98157 Bad performances in the Add task dialog for a discipline when many plugins are referenced.
PK99545 Using the Expand all button in the published site, generates a wrong ordering of the tasks.
PM03365 Document not found error thrown when publishing practices workspace Method Library to Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.
PM02834 Inconsistent published icons under Roles.
RATLC00417367 Include Chinese practice templates (traditional and simplified).
RATLC00417896 Activity diagram loses shapes.
RATLC01492953 Using tags in BIRT report causes RMC exception.
RATLC00418040 IUPE0208E error thrown when selecting custom Method Library Template.
RATLC00416788 Published practice configurations published with wrong skin.

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Component APAR Description
Tooling PK95081 Opening some sections of the Outline view generates an error.
PK94603 Error is generated when opening a specific task in the editor.
PK93997 Creating new method plug-ins from existing plug-ins generates incorrect names.
PK93960 Unable to publish Work Product Deliverable Parts links, no HTML file is generated.
PK93228 Editing of the checked-in files are permitted without prompting "the file is read only" message.
PK92901 Typo in the reusable asset icon in the published site (Linux).
PK91185 The Team Allocation tab is empty for several Capability Patterns in the published site.
PK89951 Incorrect extra plus and minus signs in the navigation trees.
PK88733 Incorrect message in the Copy Library prompt when first opening Rational Method Composer.
PK88251 Search elements fail with 404 error when the target folder name is present in the parent name for WAR deployment.
PK88090 URL references in the Rich Text Editor lose space separator.
PK87239 The following error is generated during installation: "Failed to locate 'zip 7.5.0.v20080730_1332' No short name found for native".
PK86768 URL characters malformation after save.
PK86435 Activity Partition Fill Color does not do anything.
PK85817 Search capability of a published Web site in port 80 returns no result.
PK85711 Web site search returns no results in JRE 1.6.0_10 or higher.
PK85469 Deliverable parts are broken links after publish.
PK85423 URL encoding is modified when saved in the Rich Text Editor.
PK85136 The order of the steps from a contributing task is not saved.
PK84604 Changing the type of a guidance element that is under source control breaks the links to the embedded attachments in the Rich Text Fields.
PK82978 Eliminating -Xmx value from eclipse.ini solves jvm terminated error at starting Rational Method Composer.
PK82588 Rational Method Composer crashes when an extended predecessor is set in the capability pattern.
PK81776 Last link in the last page of the published Web site should be inactive.
PK76506 When the Activity Diagram for a Capability Pattern is extended twice into a Delivery Process results in a corrupted diagram in the editor.
PK76064 Import from WebSphere Business Modeler drops elements. Add Integration with WebSphere Business Modeler 6.1.2.
PK96028 Wrong API for getPresentationName is used in preview.
Documentation PK93029 Error in the "Common actions impact on specific files" section of the online help.

Interim Fix 2 (7.5_iFix002)
Link Date Released Status
Download 7.5_iFix002
Component APAR Description
Tooling PK76696 Drop down for the publishing directory looses history of directories.
PK69278 The search in the published web site doesn't return results for text which is part of the main description.

Interim Fix 1 (7.5_iFix001)
Link Date Released Status
Download 7.5_iFix001
Component APAR Description
Tooling PK75536 Activity Detail Diagram generates null point exception.
PK76251 RMC joining table isn't working within BIRT.
IC58776 Extending task does not show all attributes of the base task.
PK74308 RMC:  documentation does not include change in configuring locally replaced activities and tasks for processes.
PK59633 Pearl Circle reference in the published site with UXM Plugin.
PK75160 Exporting a task or activity that uses '&' in the presentation name.
Documentation PK74990 Help documentation subject needs update.
PK60436 RMC contained artifact and container artifact need to have product help documentation.

Initial Release (7.5)

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