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This document contains late-breaking information that became available after product documentation was finalized. Please read this document to learn about the most current updates, limitations and known problems.


Fixes included in v4.1.1.00

The following defects have been addressed in this fix pack:

  • Two error message windows are displayed when Workbench user tries to perform some function without appropriate authority

  • Media viewer content is still displayed after removing all items from the list

  • Product add-ons are not accessible after uninstalling then re-installing IBM Support Assistant

  • Access to links on the Service Request pages requires login

  • Data collection dialog window has default size issues

  • IBM Support Assistant label to start data collection is not intuitive

  • Ellipsis is missing from the label for the Browse button for IBM Support Assistant Lite GUI

  • The default user data directory is incorrect when migrating add-ons from 3.x and 4.0 to 4.1 on Linux

  • Option to skip the tool input dialog and go straight to the tool's "Open file" function

  • IBM Support Assistant Lite console mode adds ':' to user prompt

  • Correct IBM Support Assistant Lite Export Error message

  • Remove unused NLS message warnings from Updater

  • Current Status always shows {3%} done for FTP file transfer for local collection

  • Duplicate jar files are added to IBM Support Assistant Lite classpath

  • Duplicate collection output filename is accepted without warning when exporting IBM Support Assistant Lite Collector

  • Update fails to find latest Workbench features and add-ons at the update site

  • The revertini.cmd install handler fails to work correctly when IBM Support Assistant is installed in a directory containing spaces

  • IBM Support Assistant input parameter dialog box does not pass file path to the tool if the file name was pasted into input box

  • Linux versioning files need to be collected by Workbench and Agent collectors

  • IBM Support Assistant tool launching is not launching integrated tools when users provide none of the optional parameters upon startup

  • IBM Support Assistant Lite GUI does not scroll or resize dialogs properly

  • Workbench preference for Max search result is not used

  • IBM Support Assistant Lite clips input dialog message and does not display drop down box

  • NullPointerException when installing tool with included feature

  • IBM Support Assistant Lite console mode does not append default .ZIP extension

  • IBM Support Assistant Lite needs title for message window

  • IBM Support Assistant Lite progress area does not enlarge when window is enlarged

  • A generated IBM Support Assistant Lite collector fails with "The input line is too long" error when attempting to start on Windows 2000

  • Same tool add-on shows up as both new and update

  • Scroll bar does not work in IBM Support Assistant Lite GUI on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.2 (Tikanga)

  • File transfer option to FTP the logs to a Different Location (unencrypted) does not resolve correctly filename to reflect PMR number and does not add .zip extension

  • defaultValue does not work properly for drop down lists in data collection

  • Workbench registration fails with NullPointerException

  • Incorrect wording/grammar for usage data upload

  • Memory leak in IBM Support Assistant Lite

  • IBM Support Assistant Lite GUI does not report result collection output file location correctly when relative path is specified

  • IBM Support Assistant needs to provide an appropriate max heap vm setting for tools

  • Workbench registration shows error message but registration is successful

  • IBM Support Assistant Lite GUI does not reset the percentage progress after a run is completed

  • OK and Cancel buttons for data collection input dialog are displayed in English when running in a different language

  • Improve usability of tool launcher view

  • Workbench collector for IBM Support Assistant issues takes a long time and gathers too much data

  • Add-ons that require other Add-on can now be installed and upgraded from the update site to the local repository, then to the remote Agents.

  • Resolved intermittent IllegalArgumentException when opening Collect and Send Data.

Known issues for Workbench v4.1.1.00 release

After Upgrading to v4.1.1 the IBM Support Assistant Workbench does not restart
In rare cases the IBM Support Assistant Workbench does not restart after updating to V4.1.1, if you experience this problem modify the file located in the C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\IBM\ISAv41\.config directory or wherever you selected to install your User Data. Lower the vmarg.Xmx=-Xmx1280m property by 100 increments until you resolve the issue, for example to vmarg.Xmx=-Xmx1180m or lower.

Installing and uninstalling on Linux
When using the graphical RPM installer during upgrade or uninstall, the graphical installer may report a success even if the underlying RPM installation has failed. You may need to verify that an upgrade or uninstall has completed successfully by checking the rcp_install.log and/or rcp_uninstall.log in the product <install dir>.

When uninstalling via the command line, you may see an error "msg:script failed. Exit status 70". This most likely is the result of trying to uninstall while one or more users are running the workbench. Check the rcp_uninstall.log in the product <install dir> for more information on this error.

Installing and uninstalling IBM Support Assistant without removing the user data location

When IBM Support Assistant is uninstalled, the default behavior is to not remove the user data location. If the user had downloaded add-ons, these add-ons will be located in the user data location. If IBM Support Assistant is later re-installed, these add-ons will be displayed in the 'Manage Installed add-ons' on the Help Menu. However, these add-ons will not be enabled. Because of an existing limitation, the user must uninstall, then re-install these add-ons for them to be enabled.

Uninstalling IBM Support Assistant
Prior to uninstalling IBM Support Assistant, it is important to make sure the application has been shut down and is no longer running.

Installing IBM Support Assistant in a directory that contains non-ASCII characters
There is a known issue when installing IBM Support Assistant in a directory that contains non-ASCII characters. It is therefore recommended to make sure that neither the install location nor the data directory is located in a path that contains non-ASCII characters.

Running IBM Support Assistant in a BIDI Local
When running IBM Support Assistant in a BIDI local, it is possible that some of the panels that contain English text are not right justified. In order to change the alignment, one can proceed as follow: Place the cursor on the text in the panel and press the Control+SHIFT keys simultaneously. This will align the text properly.

A link providing access to the IBMLink/ServiceLink web site was added to the Service Request view after translating the application. This is not expected to cause any adverse effects to the interface.

HTTPS transfer for large files
The option to transfer data collection files larger than 20 MB to IBM using secure transfer (HTTPS) is not available for the IBM Support Assistant Workbench and IBM Support Assistant Lite with JRE 1.4.2.

Migration Wizard
When using the IBM Support Assistant Migration Wizard on Linux platforms the default installation directory is incorrect for v3.x and the user data directory is incorrect for v4.0. When migrating from IBM Support Assistant v3.x the installation directory is typically /opt/IBM/ISAandESA/IBMSupportAssistant. When migrating from IBM Support Assistant v4.0 the user data is typically ‹user_home›/IBM/isav4. These corrections can be made by typing the correct paths or using the Browse button provided on the Migration Wizard.

Upgrading the Workbench and the Agent(s)
After upgrading your Workbench to 4.1.1, you must also upgrade your Agent to version 4.1.1.

Installing Add-ons to Remote Agents (if using the optional IBM Support Assistant Agents)
Add-ons that require other add-ons can now be installed and upgraded into the local repository, then to the remote Agents. Prior to downloading add-ons to the local repository, ensure that the following options have been set properly on the Remote Install preference page:
  • the "Purge local repository add-ons on update' option should remain unchecked.
  • the "Always download dependent add-ons" option should be checked.
  • the "Use remote agent file transfer service" option should remain unchecked.
After installing into the local repository, restart the Workbench for the changes to take effect. Please ensure that the Workbench is at version 4.1.1 before upgrading the Agent to 4.1.1.

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