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Rational Asset Manager REST APIs



Provides information on the new REST APIs


The REST APIs enable you to perform transactional operations on assets and artifacts.

This API specification is subject to change in future versions of Rational Asset Manager.

The zip file includes sample java files and javadoc for the APIs and contains:

- EMX files that show the data structures

- XSD files that are generated from the data models in the EMX files

- /jaxb folder that includes JAXB java classes that are generated from the XSD files

- /doc folder that includes documentation for the model and REST API resources (the URLs that are available for HTTP calls). For an overview of the APIs and how to use them, see /doc/index.html.

You can run the REST APIs from a command line interface or use the code in your development environment. The REST APIs can use any tool or utility that allows them to make HTTP requests, such as a Web browser, a command line tool, or a HTTP request API (such as Apache HTTPClient).

For Rational Asset Manager version and later, see

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Software version: 7.2

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Windows

Software edition: Enterprise, Standard

Reference #: 7016660

Modified date: 24 September 2010

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