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Welcome to the Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure's (C&SI) Workload Scheduler for z/OS (TWSz) technical support information update. This communication is designed to help you derive maximum value from your software by providing the most up-to-date technical information, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to other key information. Please take a moment to read through the material. We are confident that you will find these resources helpful and informative.

Workload Scheduler for z/OS On-line Self-Help Resources:

Workload Scheduler for z/OS Developer's corner

    IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS V9.2 GA on 03/14
    It delivers improved productivity by simplifying the collaboration with other tools and the day-by-day operations. It also enhances operation efficiency through mobile access to monitoring and management capabilities.

    Features that can help improve productivity by simplifying the collaboration with other tools include:

    • Automatic management of trouble tickets for ended-in-error jobs.
    • Dynamic provisioning of distributed resources to manage temporary or intermittent automation requests.
    • Streamlined retrieval of job logs for any historical run of jobs.

    Enhanced features that can help simplify the day-by-day operations include:
    • Implementation of the mandatory dependency capability.
    • Management of IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS message log.
    • Usage of the parallel server parameter. (Parallel server limits the maximum number of jobs that can be in started status at any time.)
    • More efficient reporting system.
    • Monitoring of agent status in a distributed network with z-centric agents.
    • Management of system automation commands.
    • Increased speed in the Tivoli Dynamic Workload Console when searching for jobs, jobstreams, and workstations.

    Mobile features that enhance operations:
    • Self-service monitoring and management dashboard available on mobile

    New z/OS 2.1
    If upgrading your current z/OS version to the new z/OS 2.1 please stay tuned and refer to APAR PM96890 which fixes some TWS for z/OS compatibility problems (in JCC and JES3 interace).

Flash and News documents for Workload Scheduler for z/OS
Technote and FAQ documents for Workload Scheduler for z/OS

APAR documents for Workload Scheduler for z/OS
Download and Fixes documents for Workload Scheduler for z/OS
Complimentary training
Other Problem Solving Resources

IBM Electronic Support - Easy, Fast, Smart. Has a portfolio of tools and resources to keep your systems, software, and applications running smoothly. Your customized support experience when you need to contact IBM Support, use on-line tools to guide you through the process and to provide important diagnostic data so IBM can help you.

Technical Community Forums and Wikis
  • Service Management Connect - Connect, learn, and share with Integrated Service Management (ISM) professionals and get access to developers and technical experts who provide their perspectives and expertise to help you implement ISM solutions.
    • System z community - Connect, learn, and share with the System z Community experts.
    • Workload Automation Forum - This forum is for technical discussion focused on Workload Automation products to share product knowledge and experience.
  • Workload Scheduler for z/OS Wiki - This Wiki provides you with best practices and scenarios for using the product.
  • Welcome to the Global Tivoli User Community - The Global Tivoli User Community is the largest on-line and off-line organization of C&SI professionals in the world.
  • C&SI RFE Community - You can collaborate with development teams and other product users regarding product requests for enhancements topics.

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Warmest regards,
The C&SI Workload Scheduler for z/OS Support Team!

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