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Client self assist - Technical Support Information for Provisioning Manager Administrators


Welcome to the IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure's (C&SI) Provisioning Manager (TPM) technical support information update. This communication is designed to help you derive maximum value from your software by providing the most up-to-date technical information, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to other key information. Please take a moment to read through the materials provided below. We are confident that you will find these resources helpful and informative.

Provisioning Manager On-line Self-Help Resources:

Flash and News documents for Provisioning Manager

Technote and FAQ documents for Provisioning Manager

APAR documents for Provisioning Manager
Download and Fixes documents for Provisioning Manager
  • Fix Central for Provisioning Manager - This document points to the fixes by version for the Provisioning Manager product.
  • ISA Lite for Provisioning Manager - IBM Support Assistant Data Collector to quickly collect diagnostic files, such as log files, configuration files or to run traces. This automated data collection is reliable, accurate and saves you time. Just download it for your product, extract the package and go!

Complimentary training
Other Problem Solving Resources

IBM Electronic Support - Has a portfolio of on-line tools and resources to guide you through the process and to provide important diagnostic data so IBM can help you [Find information; Prevent problems; Troubleshoot; Download fixes & updates] to keep your systems, software, and applications running smoothly.

Technical Community Forums and Wikis
    • Service Management Connect - Connect, learn, and share with Integrated Service Management (ISM) professionals in Service Management Connect. Get access to developers and technical experts who provide their perspectives and expertise to help you implement ISM solutions.
    • Provisioning Manager Wiki - This Wiki provides you with best practices and scenarios for using the product.
    • Welcome to the Global C&SI User Community - The Global C&SI User Community is the largest on-line and off-line organization of professionals in the world.
    • C&SI RFE Community - You can collaborate with development teams and other product users regarding product requests for enhancements topics.

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Warmest regards,
The C&SI Provisioning Manager Support Team!

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