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This document contains links to publications, including online documentation, PDF files, release notes, CDs, and more, for IBM® Informix® 4GL.


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IBM Knowledge Center
The Informix 4GL 7.50 online documentation is available in IBM Knowledge Center. A few publications were not updated for 4GL 7.50; earlier editions of those publications can be downloaded in PDF from the links in the table below.

Release notes, documentation notes, and machine notes
You can view or print the Informix 4GL 7.50 notes from IBM Knowledge Center. Starting with Informix 4GL 7.51, the notes are provided only in the product media.

To view PDF files, get Adobe Reader.

Individual publications, by product and version
The following table links to Techdocs that contain notes or PDF publications that you can access from the Web.
Product and version Release notes, documentation notes, and machine notes PDF publications, English PDF publications, all languages
Informix 4GL v7.51 and later see the release notes included with the product n/a n/a
Informix 4GL v7.50.xC6 see above n/a n/a
Informix 4GL v7.50.xC5 see above 7020648 n/a
Informix 4GL v7.50.xC4 see above 7018472 7020579
Informix 4GL v7.50.xC3 7015389 7015416 7017917
Informix 4GL v7.50.xC2 7013651 n/a 7013652

Documentation CDs
The following table links to the IBM Publications Center, from which you can order documentation CDs containing documentation sets in PDF.
Product and version Documentation CD
Informix 4GL v7.51 and later n/a
Informix 4GL v7.50.xC6 n/a
Informix 4GL v7.50.xC5 SCD7-1549-04
Informix 4GL v7.50.xC4 SCD7-1549-03
Informix 4GL v7.50.xC3 SCD7-1549-02
Informix 4GL v7.50.xC2 SCD7-1549-01
Informix 4GL v7.50.xC1 SCD7-1549-00

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