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This list features the most requested documents as well as those identified as valuable in helping answer your questions related to IBM TXSeries. The list will be updated periodically to reflect new trends and issues.


The content below was sent in the Support Newsletter for TXSeries for Multiplatforms on 10 Jun, 2014.

This document contains links to TXSeries for Multiplatforms technical support documents and information. It is intended to help you to be proactive in the support and administration of your software. This document includes:

In the Spotlight

  1. TXSeries 8.1 Flashes
    New information available about TXSeries 8.1.
  2. A Free Trial of TXSeries 8.1 is available for the Cloud and other selected platforms
    For clients wanting to try TXSeries a free trial is available on a sandbox within the Softlayer for Cloud computing or on AIX and Linux x86 systems.
    TXSeries for Multiplatforms version 8.1.0 is available
    IBM is pleased to announce that TXSeries for Multiplatforms V8.1.0 is available. TXSeries for Multiplatforms is a distributed CICS Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) environment for business-critical mixed language applications. TXSeries for Multiplatforms V8.1.0 provides significant enhancements to the product.
    Migrating to TXSeries 8.1 on Linux
    If you are planning to move your TXSeries regions to the new Linux environment available with TXSeries 8.1 valuable information is available.
  3. TXSeries can be Accessed from Mobile Devices
    For clients running cobol applications on TXSeries this short video shows how TXSeries can be accessed from mobile devices by intergrating IBM Worklight.
  4. TXSeries Support Policy statement
    The TXSeries Support policy statement provides information on fix packs, interim fixes, test fixes, IBM Total Content Ownership agreements, and the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program.
  5. IBM Mixed Language Modernization Pattern V1.0
    IBM is pleased to announce the release of the Mixed Language Modernization Pattern V1.0. IBM Mixed Language Application Modernization Pattern V1.0 helps extend and reuse time-tested, COBOL and C application assets within a modern, cloud-ready Java™ Enterprise Edition framework.
  6. Security vulnerability in IBM TXSeries for Multiplatforms
    An unspecified vulnerability in IBM TXSeries for Multiplatforms could allow local attackers to run arbitrary commands through unknown vectors. Fixes are available.
  7. TXSeries has joined the social networking world
    TXSeries now has a number of networking sites that can be followed for news concerning the product. Please check out these following sites:
  8. Facebook
    TXSeries now has a Facebook page for followers that will provide information on new releases, articles, tips and suggestions.
    140 character updates on what is happening with TXSeries such as new releases, developerWorks article links and also tips and suggestions on using TXSeries better.
    Do More with TXSeries
    TXSeries has a blog available for discussing current use and features of the product.
    developerWorks Forum
    TXSeries maintains a troubleshooting forum on developerWorks where queries can be posted. Team members will provide expeditious responses to these queries posted on the forum.
  9. TXSeries support for IPIC Protocol connections on release 7.1
    TXSeries has extended notes on using IPIC connections with the product. Please review the following for this new information:
  10. New transaction CACQ available for TXSeries IPIC connection processing
    TXSeries has developed a new transaction to simplify the acquiring of a connection between a remote TXSeries or CICS TS for IPIC processing.
    Configuring TXSeries IPIC connections on release
    This WebSphere Support Technical Exchange is designed to discuss how to configure and test the new IPIC connection between two TXSeries CICS regions, as well as between the CICS Transaction Gateway and a TXSeries region. It also discusses the protocol and how to generate connections, the status of connections and the limitations.
    Using the CICS_IPIC_Timeout and TD Timeout in IPIC processing
    Under IPIC protocol processing the timeout functions are different than other protocols.
    Forcepurge behavior with IPIC protocol on TXSeries 7.1 Fixpack 2
    Forcepurge processing has changed when using IPIC protocol.
    TXSeries IPIC connection timeout due to firewall settings
    To use IPIC connections with TXSeries you need to use two ports. This can lead to timeout problems if your firewall is not set up properly.
  11. TXSeries requires use of unique Application ID for CICS Transaction Gateway clients
    CICS Transaction Gateway clients that connect to TXSeries regions must be uniquely identified.


  1. TXSeries Product Information
    Current TXSeries product information.
  2. Current levels of software and hardware requirements for running TXSeries
    TXSeries for Multiplatforms Specified Operating Environment supported hardware and software products.
  3. TXSeries latest PTFs
    The current PTF levels available for supported releases of TXSeries are:
  4. TXSeries 6.1
    The end of life PTF 5 is available for TXSeries 6.1. You can download PTF 5 here.
    TXSeries 6.2
    The end of life PTF 4 is available for TXSeries 6.2. You can download PTF 4 here.
    TXSeries 7.1
    The current Fix Pack available for TXSeries 7.1 is Fix Pack 4. You can download Fix Pack 4 here.
  5. TXSeries now using Fix Central
    We are pleased to announce that we have made TXSeries Fix Packs (PTF) and Interim Fixes available through Fix Central for all supported versions of TXSeries for Multiplatforms. End of life Fix packs for TXSeries Encina 5.1 and CICS 5.1 are also included. This is a significant milestone for TXSeries for Multiplatforms product in embracing IBM eSupport channels to help customers better. Customers can download Fix packs or Interim fixes by visiting the Fix Central website and choose the relevant fixes based on the release and platform and base version of the already installed product. When on the FixCentral website: Select Product Group : WebSphere Product : TXSeries for Multiplatforms Installed Version : ALL (or desired version) Platform : ALL (or desired platform), Select Continue.
  6. Requesting an Enhancement to TXSeries
    A new procedure is available to request an enhancement to TXSeries. If you want to request an enhancement to TXSeries go to the link and select WebSphere as the Brand and TXSeries as the Product.
  7. TXSeries does not support IPV6 net addresses
    If you are running in an IPV6 environment you will need to restrict the net addresses from the SARPC bindings.
  8. Preparing the systems running TXSeries
    TXSeries provides recommendations on preparing systems running TXSeries. In addition to installing TXSeries, there is additional software that is suggested to be present in the machine such as dbx, to collect documents for investigating issues.
  9. TXSeries Best Practices
    TXSeries has defined some best practices for use within the product.
  10. Best practices suggestions when using TXSeries for Multiplatforms
    This document lists some best practices on using the TXSeries product. The scope of the document is limited to general suggestions and recommendations, and does not cover details on specific tuning within TXSeries.
    Best practices in using DB2 pureScale with TXSeries
    If you want to use DB2 pureScale with TXSeries you need to follow the steps outlined in this document.
  11. IBM Migration Assistant for Oracle Tuxedo version 2.0
    The IBM Migration Assistant for Oracle Tuxedo SupportPac is for clients currently running applications on Oracle Tuxedo to help them migrate to IBM TXSeries for Multiplatforms with minimal changes to the application's build process.
  12. Post-installation steps in TXSeries after applying a PTF or a Fixpack
    TXSeries is trying to make the installation of a PTF or a Fixpack easier for you. We have documented procedures that should be followed after the installation.
  13. IBM Software Support Lifecycle
    Find detailed information about the available IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policies to help you realize the full value of your IBM software products.


  1. TXSeries Support Page
    Primary support resources for TXSeries.
  2. Understanding logs created in a TXSeries region
    We have created a document for you to better understand all of the log files created during TXSeries processing.
  3. Debugging TXSeries CICS applications on AIX.
    To use the IBM Debugger on AIX operating systems with TXSeries refer to the document for information.
  4. Best Practices for using Micro Focus COBOL on the Windows platform.
    TXSeries has notes on using Micro Focus COBOL in a Windows environment. Please review the following for this information:
  5. Procedure to compile a Micro Focus COBOL TXSeries program on Windows Platforms
    TXSeries is now able to generate native Micro Focus COBOL code on the Windows platform.
    Debugging Micro Focus COBOL applications with TXSeries on Windows
    There are limitations in debugging Micro Focus COBOL applications with TXSeries on Windows and Micro Focus Animator.
  6. How to use CICS_SPI_ON_EXIT=1 to run showProcInfo when a cicsas terminates
    TXSeries has a new process to help generate debugging information for problems when a CICS application server terminates.
  7. TXSeries Upgrade Procedures
    Use these procedures to help your upgrades of the TXSeries product.
  8. TXSeries Upgrade procedures for TXSeries 6.1 and above
    Use these procedures when upgrading from the more current levels of TXSeries.
    TXSeries Upgrade process for TXSeries 5.0 or 5.1
    TXSeries provides a easy path for upgrading from previous levels but the move from TXSeries 5.0 or 5.1 requires specific processing.
  9. IBM Support Assistant (ISA) Version 4.1 now available
    Download the newest version of IBM Support Assistant V4.1! This complimentary workbench helps you simplify software problem analysis and accelerate the time to resolution. Enhancements include increased usability and improved automated collector tools to help save time collecting troubleshooting files. Some of the available tools include: Log Analyzer, IBM Dump analyzer for Java™ and Visual Configuration Explorer.
  10. IBM Support Assistant Lite available for TXSeries
    The IBM Support Assistant Lite for TXSeries for Multiplatforms is provided as a tool for troubleshooting problems in IBM TXSeries for Multiplatforms. This tool focuses on automatic collection of the TXSeries must-gather documents and files.
  11. Resolving APCT abends in TXSeries
    In TXSeries when a program can not be loaded in order to run the transaction will fail with an APCT abend.
  12. TXSeries message catalog problem ERZ057001E
    If you are getting an error ERZ057001E in TXSeries stating that the message catalog can not be accessed there is a solution.
  13. IBM Electronic Support is available
    IBM Electronic Support offers on-line support tools and resources to help you diagnose and resolve problems, and maintain your IBM products.
  14. IBM Software Redbooks
    Hundreds of IBM Redbooks publications are available for downloading.
  15. developerWorks
    An IBM resource for developers and IT professionals.

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