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DB2® Content Manager provides periodic fixes for Version 8.4.1. The following is a complete listing of fixes for Version 8.4.1 with the most recent fix at the top.


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Modification 1 Fix Pack 1 (V8.4.1.1)
Fix release date: 31 March 2009
Last modified: 31 March 2009
Status: Available
APAR Description
DB2 Content Manager
IO05396 Query performance is slow when there are many ACLs specifying the same user
IO07894 Cannot set display name of child component type in the item type
IO08606 Importing an LDAP user with a long user description field might cause the DB2 CLI0109E error
IO08637 Race condition occurs when applications try to check out the same item ID
IO08870 Workflow process does not go to a different process after a decision point branch
IO08914 System administration client does not run on any UNIX® operating system when using the bash shell
IO08917 Token validation fails if user name is longer than 20 characters and event logging is turned on
IO08983 Mismatch in date format prevents update of CollectionID iin ICMUT00300001 when an API application moves documents from one collection to another collection
IO08988 User gets a system assigned workpackage out of scope of the worklist
IO09078 Library server generates an incorrect ACL name when multiple languages are used
IO09189 Installation stalls at performance database checks stage
IO09330 INSO return run-time error for some Excel files
IO09362 Unable to modify search template from a federated system administration client
IO09367 After enabling ACL user exit, Library server store procedure ICMGETWORKLIST returns SQL0433N when viewing worklist
IO09371 Error missing during an ACL update where user and domain are incompatible
IO09413 Slow query performance when trying to retrieve the item type
IO09495 Need to request INSTHOME for the cmcfgls -t task in interactive mode
IO09588 An old VSLWP7.dll file is causing problems with formating Lotus Word Pro documents in the eClient
IO09629 LDAP login fails when the security principal ID is not default value "cn=root"
IO09656 Library server monitor incorrectly marks an RM heartbeat as not available
IO09715 Single byte retrieval fails for a PDF using fast Web view
IO09918 DGL7161A API error and "This item has not been replicated yet" in debug version of dklog.log
IO09921 File not found error when retrieving Tivoli Storage Manager content
IO09950 Replication performance problem during fix pack install
IO09655 Installer can't change into "install mode" automatically for terminal service at remote desktop
IO09966 jdbcURL value is not getting propagated into the IDR correctly
IO09813 Error DGL3941A occurs when importing an item type with a reference attribute
IO10188 Update_date not honored on retrieve
IO10251 Remove support of foreign key with the cascade delete/set null option
PK60927 Asynchronous delete job not using the external object name
PK71363 -300 error in the icmmosdi job when database location name exceeds 8 characters
PK76374 Resource manager retrieval failure due to change in OAM name
DB2 Information Integrator for Content
IO08450 Duplicated adminDomain settings when copying a privilege set
IO09106 SSO code will not call WebSphere if already authenticated using a FLAG
IO09137 If many ACLs are defined in the system, retrieving all the ACL names is very slow
IO09174 Performance degradation during a getCommonItemPrivilege call on the datastore extension
IO09187 Security actions fail when using display name
IO09247 Java DKACLMgmtFed.isAuthorized method receives a class cast exception
IO09353 API support of indirect JNDI lookup has a problem when more than one library server database is configured
IO09395 ClassCastException error when importing XML to an item type that is a view
IO09422 Improve Javadoc information for CMBConnectionPool
IO09457 Encode invalid XML characters to hexadecimal values during export
IO09459 Display name change to federated search template criterion in Oracle does not persist
IO09477 Oracle and WebSphere® Application Server connection pooling statement handle is prematurely closed
IO09555 Web service response includes nullable fields in the XML file
IO09621 Java™ DKDATASTOREDEFICM.LISTENTITIES() does not list all user-created item types
IO09640 CMBSchemaManagement.getEntities() can return invalid null array values when listing entities
IO09641 Generic "server error" message returned by JavaBeans lacks information about the root cause
IO09730 A Client for Windows™ import fails with the DGL0306A error
IO09945 DKUsageError from VI400 connector when Federated user password exceeds 10 characters
IO09961 DGL0303A: Invalid parameter error for second call to DKSearchTemplateFed.listCriteria()
IO09969 Retrieval of a document from the OnDemand server can cause an array index out of bound exception
IO07860 Focus is lost in side-by-side layout when using keyboard shortcuts to navigate the documents
IO08969 Undisclosed security vulnerability in the eClient
IO08985 Failure to search items with the federated search template in a non-U.S. date format
IO09292 Pages of a TIFF file are blank
IO09306 Opening worklists is slow if there are many items in the worklist
IO09312 When you navigate to the last page of g4 compressed TIFF file with extra blank characters, the viewer is unresponsive
IO09359 The area displayed to edit a text or sticky note annotation is misplaced on the page
IO09360 Exception received in the Rotate Pages dialog box
IO09368 eClient performance issue when searching against a DB2 Content Manager for z/OS server
IO09534 Words overlap when you view MO:DCA documents
IO09535 Viewer displays text-areas horizontally despite vertical print-direction
IO09541 Out of memory message received after opening and closing MO:DCA documents in the viewer
IO09579 The Suspend for a period of time check box has no effect
IO09587 Checkout status is lost if user logs out and logs in again
IO09624 Pen annotation is lost when not committed before closing applet javaviewer
IO09628 First work package does not automatically open when user selects worklist
IO09632 eClient configuration fails when $jvmArgs is not null and does not have '-Djava.awt.headless=true'
IO09837 MO:DCA characters are not using proper encoding
IO09896 Distortion and incorrect scale for JPEG pages in a TIF document in the eClient applet viewer
IO09901 Wrong context menu for thumbnail when using keyboard and jre 1.5
IO09912 eClient Fix Pack installation fails for a managed node
IO10005 Stamp annotation tool may create multiple stamps instead of just one
IO10192 Page of TIFF document is rendered black
IO10196 Misplaced highlight and sticky note for TIF document with undefined resolution unit
Client for Windows
IO08562 Incorrect versions of relnotes.pdf and readme.txt are installed with client
IO08991 Spooling errors when printing
IO09114 Item import fails for item type with the SaveRecord user exit
IO09146 Multiple versions of a folder results in Client for Windows failure
IO09294 The DisableEditIndexSaveOption function disables the save button for "NOINDEX" only
IO09399 Client for Windows stops unexpectedly when searching
IO09576 The GetFastTOCCount function is supported by the V7.1 client but is not in the V8.3 client
IO09605 The default item type feature does not work for non-English clients
IO09848 Printing portrait/landscape truncates the right margin
IO09852 Client for Windows issues privilege errors when a user exit returns non-zero value
IO09930 Opening several multipart documents at once causes error or freeze
IO10012 Item object's method: GetPartMIMEType() doesn't work for BaseText part type
IO10151 OLE API GetParentFolders gets an unknown error 12999

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Last modified: 31 March 2009
  • 31 March 2009: Created fix list page.

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