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Using the Lotus Domino Attachment and Object Service Estimator tool

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The DAOS Estimator (daosest) is a tool for planning the roll-out of the Domino Attachment and Object Service (DAOS) on the Domino 8.5 server. The DAOS Estimator can be used to both collect and analyze attachment data for a specified set of databases. The analysis is essential in determining the minimum participation size for attachments into the DAOS repository (aka "Minimum size of object before Domino will store in DAOS:" in the server document) to achieve the best benefit from implementing the feature. Daosest iterates through all the requested databases, scanning for documents with attachments. It keeps a list of all the attachments so it can estimate savings based on duplicate attachments found both within a database and across all databases.

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Download the documentation file below for more information on the following:

  • Install steps
  • Running DAOS Estimator
  • Output
  • Histogram
  • DAOS Estimator Options
  • How to select the "Minimum size of object before Domino will store in DAOS" using the DAOS Estimator output

When analyzing the DAOS Estimator output, a balance between yield, which is the disk space savings, and the number of NLOs must be made. Setting the minimum participation size too low can cause a significant increase in the number of NLO files created. The cost of managing the NLO files created needs to be balanced against the space savings. Considerations should be made with regard to backup utilities, specifically the potential performance degradation when the number of files is very large, particularly when managing incremental backups. Typically a relatively small sacrifice in actual yield (disk savings) can reduce the number of NLO files by an order of magnitude or two. When in doubt, pick the larger participation size. It is far simpler to tune the value lower to get acceptable yields than it is to tune the value higher to recover from too many NLO files having been created.

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