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Cognos products will integrate with 3rd party 32-bit libraries only. All references to Windows refer to Windows on x86 Architecture.

All versions stated of an environment presume the initial release of a 3rd party product without any need for patches/service packs or equivalent terms unless stated. Equally, unless stated, we presume that patches/service packs are upward compatible for our products.

Unless stated, Cognos considers all packaged versions of databases released by our supported database vendors to be indistinguishable to Cognos products.


Cognos Unsupported Environments Policy
Unsupported Environments Policy

Cognos Products and 64-bit Architecture
Please note, this statement does not apply to Cognos Application Development Tools products. For information on ADT products and 64-bit architectures, see the Release & Install Notes in the product documentation.
Cognos Products and 64-bit Architecture (Updated January 30, 2009)
Cognos 8.4 Products and 64-bit Architecture (Updated January 30, 2009)

Cognos and Virtualization
Virtualization Policy for IBM Software

To view supported software environments, click the product version below.

Cognos 8 Go! Dashboard 8.4.1

Cognos 8 Go! Mobile 8.4.1

Cognos 8 Go! Office 8.4.1

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