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APAR/PTF table for WebSphere Extended Deployment Version 6.1 for z/OS

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This table includes information about APAR and PTF downloads for IBM WebSphere Extended Deployment Version 6.1 for z/OS that are available for download from the WebSphere Extended Deployment support site.


Note: A Version PTF was not shipped for WebSphere Extended Deployment for z/OS. Fix Pack PTFs are not cumulative service deliveries based on the general availability (GA) of the product. Fix Pack PTF deliveries either require a previous Fix Pack PTF delivery as a prerequisite or supersede a previous Fix Pack PTF delivery.

To locate WebSphere Network Deployment PTF numbers, see:
APAR/PTF Table for WebSphere Application Server for z/OS V6.1
APAR/PTF Table for WebSphere Application Server for z/OS V7.0

Ship Date
Fix Pack
Function Modification ID
WebSphere Extended Deployment PTF
WebSphere Application Server V6.1 PREREQ/APAR
WebSphere Application Server V7.0
06/01/2007 HEEX610 UK25154
06/01/2007 JEJC610 UK25165
06/01/2007 JEJO610 UK25168
06/01/2007 JEJD610 UK25170
04/01/2008 HEEX610 UK33567, PK59662
04/01/2008 JEJC610 UK33558, PK59662
04/01/2008 JEJO610 UK33573, PK59662
04/01/2008 JEJO610 UK33644, PK59662
06/02/2008 HEEX610 UK36161, PK59662, PK59389, PK62789
06/02/2008 JEJO610 UK36165, PK59662, PK59389, PK62789
06/02/2008 JEJC610 UK36164, PK59662, PK59389, PK62789
06/02/2008 JEJD610 UK36157, PK59662, PK59389, PK62789
10/02/2008 HEEX610 UK39308, PK69608
10/02/2008 JEJO610 UK39336, PK69608
10/02/2008 JEJC610 UK39366, PK69608
10/02/2008 JEJD610 UK39315, PK69608
10/02/2008 **JEJE028 UK39316, PK69608
10/02/2008 **JEJE033 UK39321, PK69608
01/29/2009 HEEX610 UK43336,PK78240
01/29/2009 HEEX610 UK43357, PK78240
01/29/2009 JEJO610 UK43359, PK78240
01/29/2009 JEJO610 UK43551, PK78240
01/29/2009 JEJC610 UK43315, PK78240
01/29/2009 JEJD610 UK43335, PK78240
10/09/2009 HEEX611 UK50404, PK95241, PK96279
10/09/2009 JEJO611 UK50410, PK95241, PK96279
10/09/2009 JEJC611 UK50406, PK95241, PK96279
06/30/2010 HEEX611 UK58181
06/30/2010 JEJO611 UK58163
06/30/2010 JEJC611 UK58161
12/07/2010 HEEX611 UK62450
12/07/2010 JEJO611 UK62451
12/07/2012 JEJC611 UK62449
08/10/2011 HEEX611 UK70687
08/10/2011 JEJO611 UK70688
08/10/2011 JEJC611 UK70740
06/19/2012 HEEX611 UK79214
06/19/2012 JEJO611 UK79224
06/19/2012 JEJC611 UK79223
09/19/2013 HEEX611 UK97548
09/19/2013 JEJO611 UK97551
09/19/2013 JEJO611 UK97552
09/19/2013 JEJC611 UK97550

**Only one FMID needed

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Operating system(s): z/OS

Reference #: 7014015

Modified date: 07 December 2010

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