Limitations and Known Problems for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Advanced Copy Services v6.1

Release notes


Limitations and known problems for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Advanced Copy Services v6.1


  • During installation, the optional parameters "OPTIONS" and "COPYSERVICES_SECONDARY_SERVERNAME" are incorrectly flagged as mandatory.
    They are not mandatory and therefore, do not need to be specified.
  • If a snapshot of nested mount points is performed, the profile parameter "LVM_FREEZE_THAW" must be set to NO. Details are documented in (defect 50490).
  • Nested mount points are not supported in combination with N Series in NAS environments.
    Details are documented in (defect 47519).
  • Attempting an off-loaded backup with Oracle RMAN for a database on N Series in a NAS environment might produce the following error:
      ORA-27054: NFS file system where the file is created or resides is not mounted with correct options
    This problem is documented in Oracle Bug 5146667. For details on the problem and work around, please refer to the following metalink article: Note : 387700.1.
  • For snapshot backups with IBM XIV Nextra, the default timeout specified with parameter "LVM_FREEZE_THAW" of 12 seconds might not be sufficient. As a result, this message might be logged:
      EEO0328E: " Error thawing the file system file_system_path: A socket operation is already in progress."
    To resolve this situation, increase the value of the profile parameter "LVM_FREEZE_THAW".
  • Due to current limitations of IBM XIV Nextra, IBM Tivoli Storage Manger for Advanced Copy Services only supports the [a-z][A-Z][0-9] characters in host or volume names when using IBM XIV Nextra.
    Errors might occur if the default value for the hostname of the backup system is used in the profile and for the IBM XIV Nextra because the default is the full qualified hostname containing dots. When using IBM XIV Nextra explicitly specify simple hostnames only.
  • The "Tivoli Storage Manager for Advanced Copy Services Version 6.1 Data Protection for Snapshot Devices Installation and User's Guide" (SC33-8331-00) contains information on "Configuring the Common Interface Module Agent for SAN Volume Controller" in "Chapter 3. Installing Data Protection fro Snapshot Devices". This information must be corrected to read:

    By default, the CIM Agent for SAN Volume Controller runs in secure mode using the HTTPS protocol. To generate an SSL certificate, refer to "Generating a new CIM certificate".

    However, the SVC CIM agent is able to accept SSL connections without a certificate. In order to use SSL connections without a certificate, do the following, depending on your level of SAN Volume Controller:

    For SVC 4.3 and later environments:
    Set the Data Protection for Snapshot Devices parameter COPYSERVICES_CERTIFCATEFILE to NO_CERTIFICATE.

    For environments using an SVC level less than 4.3:
    Set the Data Protection for Snapshot Devices parameter COPYSERVICES_CERTIFCATEFILE to NO_CERTIFICATE and set the parameter DigestAuthentication in the file to false.

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