What is new in MQ V7: Publish/Subscribe added to the MQ API



Simplify your applications using the new Publish/Subscribe verbs.


WebSphere MQ V7 extends the MQ Application Programming Interface (API) to allow application programmers to use the publish/subscribe application model with ease. New verbs and changes to existing verbs make this possible. There are a number of sample programs provided for your reference.

For additional details see: Publish⁄Subscribe User's Guide

This new feature replaces the queue-based interface available in WebSphere MQ V6, and previously as the MA0C SupportPac. The implementation is substantially improved with V7, and is available for the first time on z/OS.

The WebSphere MQ Explorer GUI on Windows and Linux now features two new dialogs, Test Publication... and Test Subscription. These can be invoked from the main Topic folder context menu, or from the context menu on a specific topic object.

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