Fix list for Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software 7.5

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This document contains a complete list of fixed APARs for IBM Rational Software Architect for WebSphere Software Version 7.5 with the most recent release at the top.


Version Interim Fix 001
Version 7.5.5
Version 7.5.4
Version 7.5.3
Version 7.5.2
Version 7.5.1
Version 7.5

Version Interim Fix 001
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Component APAR number Description
Compare and merge PM61273 Fuse dialog box does not display delta tree and gives the "Combine Models session not open" error message
Eclipse SDK PM60387 The JVM might crash in org.eclipse.swt.internal.win32.OS.ScriptStringOut
UML modeler PM61266 Diagram displaying URL pointing to htm/html can take more than a minute to open
UML-to-XSD transformation PM57990 After UML-to-XSD transformation, rich text formatting code appears in the XSD file

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Component APAR number Description
Data Tools PM42199 Alias table columns are all incorrectly marked as isSqlNullable=yes with the Retrieve SQL function
Data Tools PM45585 The data model for an EJB v2.1 CMP mapping may contain double synonyms when it is migrated to version
Documentation PM45883 The documentation incorrectly states that only a Web Project can be a web service project
Eclipse SDK PM39542 Inspecting 'this' may result in the following error message: Unable to evaluate the selected expression: ...
Eclipse SDK PM39812 Deleting a physically nested project causes an error stating the resource does not exist
Eclipse SDK PM42980 Code not refreshed in EAR library in Java EE Perspective
Eclipse SDK PM44815 Translated variable names will cause the CVS tooling to fail
EJB Deployment Tools PM41907 Adding option for EJBDEPLOY_JVM_HEAP
EJB Deployment Tools PM43711 EJBDeploy fails Caused by: org.apache.commons.logging.LogConfigurationException
Installation PM45530 Problem during session finalization - warning message after updating the product with language pack installed
Installation PM48485/PM48514 Installation of the product might fail due to the file security.update.bat
J2C Tools PM42347 A FileNotFoundException occurs when accessing RAR files via folder redirection on the Windows 7 platform
J2C Tools PM44697 Allow customization of the hyphen character in the plug-in
Java EE Tools PM41469 Selecting 'In Lib Dir' on the EAR 5.0 Java EE Module Dependencies page deletes imported utility JARs from the workspace
Java EE Tools PM41472 Utility Jar files in the EAR project are not listed in the EAR Java EE Module Dependencies page
JWL Runtime PM49325 hx:datatable does not render the scope attribute correctly
Portal Tools PM43205 A method annotated with @ProcessEvent in a class extending FacesPortlet isn't called if the event is published
Server Tools PM43439 Deleting a WebSphere Application Server profile does remove it from the profileRegistry.xml file
Server Tools PM44459 "JVM debug port -1 is in use." when launching WebSphere Application Server 7 in debug mode
Source Editor PM43207 The JSP Validator will not allow the use of the default namespace
UML domain modeling PM46804 Different class is visualized when generating a static method sequence diagram
UML modeler PM45064 Garbled character appears around stereo types in Japanese mode on v7.5.5.3/
Web Development Tools PM47985 Dragging and dropping a property that utilizes Java 5 generics to a Faces JSP fails due to an IllegalArgumentException
Web Services PM44619 NullPointerException in Prepare For Deployment caused by a missing JAX-RPC service reference mapping file

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Component APAR number Description
Annotations Framework
An Out of memory error occurs when building a project containing annotated Java classes
Annotations Framework
Annotated EJB 3.0 project validation error: An EJB module must contain one or more enterprise beans
Annotations Framework
The EJB 3.0 validator produces an error when not using fully qualified class names
Ant Tasks
Verbose background task messages may appear when a headless build completes
Ant Tasks
The auto-build preference value may not be saved if it is modified via an imported preference file
Ant Tasks
The projectSetImport task may leave the workspace in an inconsistent state causing compilation errors
Application Build
IBM Rational Build Utility does not provide EJB annotation support
Compare and merge
Custom stereotype properties are lost for fragments during a compare and merge session
Compare and merge
Compare and merge can lose attribute properties for elements
Compare and merge
Attributes lost when merging models
Data Tools
After import of preferences the JDBC driver list is empty on the new database connection wizard
Data Tools
Incorrect Delta DDL generated when the modification includes a Primary Key
Data Tools
Removing quotes from the .classpath file may fail on a Linux platform
Data Tools
Stored Procedure after drag and drop is missing external name
Data Tools
Wrong dependency defined in MANIFEST.MF of the bundle
Data Tools
XML columns types in DB2 tables cause NullPointerException during entity generation
Deployment planning
Product hangs when progress bar shows "Updating model rendering in view"
Eclipse SDK
The suspended Thread may lose focus when debugging/stepping through code
Eclipse SDK
Exporting a JAR to a project that is outside the workspace fails
Eclipse SDK
Bi-directional text is not displayed properly in console view
Eclipse SDK
An OutOfMemoryError may occur when opening a large text or XML file.
Eclipse SDK
The Java debugger opens Java files instead of class files if target platform is inside the workspace
Eclipse SDK
A high number of background worker threads are blocked
EJB Deployment
Generated Java code compiled via the EJBDeploy does not contain debug symbols
EJB Deployment
Prepare for deployment on EJB using a BLOB RDB mapping fails with RuntimeException: unknown data type
EJB Deployment
Prepare for deployment fails in presence of a Custom Converter
External dependencies
The JFileChooser lacks an icon in top right when running on Windows 7
External dependencies
Java compiler produces the "No unique maximal instance exists" error
J2EE Extensions
The field ""connection-management-policy"" in ibm-web-ext.xml file is incorrect after migration
J2EE Extensions
The default value of enable-directory-browsing in the web extension descriptor has an incorrect default value
J2EE Extensions
The plugin requires org.eclipse.ui while it should be usable headless
J2EE Extensions
javax.resource.cci.ConnectionFactory can't be used as a resource reference for EJB 3 projects
Java domain modeling
Lifelines do not show up for some instances when visualized in a static method sequence diagram
Java domain modeling
Some methods and instance creations are not drawn in visualized static method sequence diagram
Java domain modeling
Some method names do not appear in a visualized static method sequence diagram
Java EE Connector (J2C) tools
NoClassDefFoundError: org.aspectj.lang.Signature when generating J2C MFS bindings
Java EE Connector (J2C) tools
PLI MPO to Java binding wizard produces Java code with string types rather then numeric from PIC variables
Java EE Connector (J2C) tools
ExceptionInInitializerError in J2C Cobol to Java
Java EE Tools
The file .settings/org.eclipse.wst.common.component has missing entries after replacing projects from CVS
Java EE Tools
Incorrect EAR validation error/warning messages in the v7.5.5.2 release
Java EE Tools
Jar as Binary Application in EAR Projects causes publish error.
Java EE Tools
WJBDeploy fails with 'colliding project name error' if the EAR includes EJB JARs with the same name but in different folders
Java EE Tools
EJB interfaces are not moved when creating an EJB client project for an existing EJB 3.0 project
JSF Widget Library (JWL) runtime
RowSelect component unexpectedly submits the form after an AJAX request
JSF Widget Library (JWL) runtime
hx:jspPanel uses stale data between Portlet requests
Jython Tooling
Unable to manage launch configurations in the 'Run/Debug Settings' preference page for a Jython project
Page Designer
The cursor automatically repositions itself when adding a new attribute via code-completion in the CSS Designer
Page Designer
Page designer does not allow jumping to embedded documents when the document is not in the HTML body
CPU consumption is continually over 37% when the Memory Monitor is enabled
Portal Tools
Missing addPropery method in the ActionResponseWrapper class
Portal Tools
A NullPointerException may occur when running a portlet migrated from Portal v6.0 to v6.1
Rational RequisitePro Integration
Rational RequisitePro requirements are truncated during synchronization when using Oracle DB
Server Tools
The WebSphere Portal Server runtime is not available in the Run As > Administrative Script launch configuration dialog
Server Tools
The WebSphere MQ JAR library is not present in WebSphere Application Server runtime classpath container
Server Tools
A running Jython script prints German characters incorrectly in the Console view
Source Editor
The 'Missing end Tag' validation rule is not being respected
Source Editor
Rational Application Developer may hang when opening the web deployment descriptor (web.xml)
Struts Tools
Failure to add new Action Mappings to Struts projects
UML modeler
Lifeline continues after the instance is disappeared in visualized static method sequence diagram
UML-to-SOA transformation
Incorrect Java project output with UML-to-SOA transformation
UML-to-WSDL transformation
UML-to-WSDL transformation processes derived types not referenced by the service
User assistance
The Info Center items for EJB 1.x-2.x Mapping incorrectly document how to invoke the Generate a Map action
User assistance
The documentation for 'Supported Web servers SOAP engines and databases' is incorrect for various runtime environments
User assistance
Incorrect silent install command documented in the v7.5 Help system
User assistance
Document how to use the ANT task workspacePreferenceSet with a preference value in XML format
User assistance
Document the support of migrating EJB1.x/2.x to 3.0 if no CMP or BMP beans are used
User assistance
The help does not document the new JAX-RPC Web Services {Client} Extensions editors for JAX-RPC Java EE 5.0
Web Development Tools
Invalid errors when server side code included in the <script> region
Web Development Tools
RPC Adapter service generating incorrect service URL
Web Services
A WebService cannot be generated from W3C compliant WSDL that defines a JMS transport
Web Services
JAX-WS JAXB web service client generation Custom Binding Declarations wscompile failure on existing classes
XML Tools
XSD:attribute reference in '' is unresolved

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Component APAR number Description
Annotations Framework PM25406 Loading descriptor for an EJB project takes a long time
Ant Tasks PM25181 Product might hang when importing projects by using the projectImport or projectSetImport ANT task
Ant Tasks PM26111 Headless Ant runAnt.bat always returns exit code (== ERRORLEVEL) = 0, even on ant task failure
Data Tools PM21097 Exract Data functionality not working for Sybase Database
Eclipse SDK PM10461 The JVM might crash in org.eclipse.swt.internal.win32.OS.ScriptStringOut
Eclipse SDK PM21664 Problems encountered while deleting files
Eclipse SDK PM23532 Encoding not processed correctly in XML Editor
EJB Deployment PM16408 Project module level must be 1.1 or 2.x error
J2EE Extensions PM23176 Open up the Enhanced Ear editor of WebSphere Application Server doesn't refresh deployment.xml with the refactored information
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime PM24496 TabbedPanel's buttons fail after TypeAhead usage
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime PM24698 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/wsspi/portletcontainer/wrapper/RenderResponseWrapper on WebSphere Process Server or WebSphere Application Server 6.0
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime PM25822 Visible formatting tags shown in Rich Text Editor on Internet Explorer 8
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime PM26763 Multiple simultaneous requests to JSP with multipart/form-data causes java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException
Server Tools PM12639 Product hangs when saving file during server restart in debug mode
Server Tools PM17915 Product hangs when switching workspaces
Server Tools PM20601 Modeling Perspective contains Server View with Start Profiling toolbar icon - and it shouldn't (doesn't work properly)
Server Tools PM22887 Portal Server runtime is not available
Server Tools PM23775 Version 7.5.4 Test Server startup is slow
Server Tools PM24141 The performance of the delta computation algorithm can be improved
Server Tools PM24142 The JMX connection for determining the application location is not efficient when working with a local server
Server Tools PM27373 Search and replace operation cause a freeze
Source Editor PM20913 Defer setting default preferences at first editing of a JSP to expedite loading the file
Source Editor PM26937 Occasional JSP Errors
UML modeler PM25639 Refactor -> rename file of fragments may fail to update references (model/other fragments) with new fragment file name
UML-to-Java transformation PM21906 UML-to-Java transformation generates vararg by default for parameter with multiplicity *
UML-to-WSDL transformation PM17703 After UML-to-WSDL transformation, no output message is generated
UML-to-WSDL transformation PM22451 UML-to-WSDL transformation: missing an output element “<output message="tns:empty"/>”
UML-to-WSDL transformation PM22809 UML-to-WSDL transformation generates same operation twice
UML-to-WSDL transformation PM25249 Missing XSD File for complex type after UML-to-WSDL transformation
User assistance PM12109 Documentation missing: Bottom-up EJBs for NULLABLE primitive types aren't generated as wrapper
Web Development Tools PM22346 References slow to start due to activation of OSGi declarative services
Web Development Tools PM23206 HTML comment marked as error in v7.5.5 by validator
Web Services PM21998 org.eclipse.emf.ecore.change library is not copied into EAR with SDO facade wizard
Web Services PM26630 Web service client generation wizard generates strange characters when using Turkish characters

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Component APAR Description
Annotations Framework PM10219 Out of Memory error with the annotation indexer. JDT holding onto large objects
Annotations Framework PM13212 Null Pointer Exception when Annotations view in focus and editing java file with inner class
Data Tools PK98300 Adding Library "connectivity driver definition", shutting down, and restarting the product, the project is greyed out
Data Tools PM01503 Generate JPA entity beans from a table containing XML columns gets null pointer exception.
Data Tools PM03292 Select statement having table alias getting java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended
Data Tools PM08034 No table end information for relationship after reverse engineering from ddl
Data Tools PM08057 Right clicking on a table sends a excessive number of requests to DB2 causing the Data Source Explorer slow response
Data Tools PM09481 Nullable columns of a .dbm from v7.5.3 of the product or InfoSphere Data Architect v7.5.2 become not-nullable when importing into v7.5.3
Data Tools PM10473 backend folder does not get migrated
Data Tools PM11288 Eclipse error using JPA generation from Oracle xmltype
Data Tools PM11817 When a v6.0 project is imported to v7.5.5.1 with WebSphere Application Server v6.0 runtime environment, tblxmi contents are getting corrupted
Data Tools PM11917 Show related element does not bring tables linked with non-identifying relationship created after reverse engineering of ddl
Data Tools PM12432 ClassCastException when using WSEJBDeploy ANT task
Data Tools PM12978 Double datatype wrongly convert into char datatype in case if iSeries v5r3 database
Data Tools PM12979 generating unique XMI IDs instead of names
Data Tools PM13079 Show Related Elements does not bring the non identifying tables onto the diagram
Data Tools PM14530 Duplicate names given for the relationships on UML to LDM transformation
Data Tools PM14682 ClassCastException when Generating DDL
Data Tools PM15857 Varbinary datatype [in .dbm file] wrongly convert into char datatype[in .tblxmi file] in case if iSeries v5r3 database
Data Tools PM16007 Unable to generate entities using the JPA wizard for XML Datatype
Data Tools PM16017 After UML-to-LDM transformation, the child key attributes for self-referencing association list is incorrect
Data Tools PM19231 NullPointerException while generating JPA entities on Oracle XMLTYPE or CLOB columns
Debugging tools PM08867 Debug documentation needs to explain limitations of hot code method replacement
Debugging tools PM15728 Daemon failed to start error out with debugger perspective
Debugging tools PM17403 Slow performance debugging applications on WebSphere Application Server v6.0
Debugging tools PM17604 Deadlock when debugging on server
Debugging tools PM17779 Hidden threads in debug view are still updated when thread filters are enabled
Eclipse SDK PK90188 Each file within <profile>\p2\org.eclipse.equinox.p2.engine\profileRegistry\bootProfile.profile\ requires 5-30 MB
Eclipse SDK PM03767 NullPointerException: Cannot set a null prefix table when closing runtime instance
Eclipse SDK PM07924 P2 does not pick up higher version of already installed plug-in from dropins
Eclipse SDK PM09718 EUDC which mapped to individual font is not displayed on Java Editor
Eclipse SDK PM11597 DiagramEditingDomainFactory configures editing domains twice
Eclipse SDK PM11794 ComboBox property editor fails when using filters
Eclipse SDK PM12725 Applications with deep stackframes are slow to refresh during debug
Eclipse SDK PM13709 Product hangs due to deadlock caused by JSPModelProcessor
Eclipse SDK PM15348 ANNOTATIONS are saved as ANNOTATION when a model is exported to UML 2.1 format
Eclipse SDK PM16313 Deadlock in UserLibraryManager
Eclipse SDK PM17611 TreeViewers might incorrectly compute information for nodes not in the visible area
Eclipse SDK PM17613 Watch expressions are evaluated even when expressions view is hidden
Eclipse SDK PM18172 JDI thread evaluations (Error: Exception processing async thread queue)
EJB 3.0 transformations PM10351 JPA to UML transformation issues
EJB 3.0 transformations PM17008 JPA transform generates extra getters and setters
EJB 3.0 transformations PM20798 UML to JPA transform code missing NULL check for hashCode and equals operations
EJB Deployment PM09681 DB transaction rollback when EJB CMR was not set and foreign key overlaps with primary key
EJB Deployment PM12532 An error occurred from the EJBDeploy program: Invalid options
EJB Deployment PM12606 Issue with map.mapxmi reverse migrator referencing data model objects name instead of ID
EJB Deployment PM12919 EJB 2.x CMP mapping tools do not support DB2 v9.7 for Linux/Unix/Windows
EJB Deployment PM15017 ejbDeploy Ant Task fails when it encounters a finder and the converter VapNumberToBooleanConverter
External Dependencies PM01898 ClearCase Menu is absent from Web Perspective (SCM Adapter)
External Dependencies PM09541 IBM JDK 1.6 SR6 java.util.Scanner.nextLine() is incorrect and requires two "Enter" keypress initially
External Dependencies PM11183 Update IBM JDK to 1.6 SR8
Installation PM09055 Installation Manager 1.3.3 client shows install successful regardless of errors in logs
Installation PM18225 Installation issue with multi-user shared installation the product and Rational Team Concert
J2EE Extensions PM09399 Installation issue with multi-user shared installation of the product and Rational Team Concert
J2EE Extensions PM18718 Port number is not valid. Set the value to a positive integer.
J2EE Extensions PM21515 initCtxLoader" points at a ompoundClassLoader that keeps it alive prevents the CompoundClassLoader from being unloaded
Java EE Connector (J2C) Tools PM13555 J2C Java data Binding Class leading numbers truncated.
Java EE Tools PM07728 random build/compile error in a Java EE project
Java EE Tools PM11272 NPE when deleting several projects testfix for bugzilla 307512
Java EE Tools PM14875 Jars exported as variable names instead of jar names
Java EE Tools PM15907 v7.5.5.1 of the product with WebSphere Application Server doesn't save correctly in the folder that is specified using the EAR/Web project creation wizard
Java EE Tools PM18319 Unnecessary line breaks are added in web.xml and application.xml files
Java EE Tools PM19189 EAR editor: need to keep ArchiveName attribute in sync with uri
Java EE Tools PM19708 Changes to User Library not reflected in WEB-INF/lib on re-publish of EAR for WebSphere Application Server v6.1 or v7.0
Java EE Tools PM20024 Library Naming:Incorrect path name of jars added to Java EE module dependencies for an EAR or web project Web Libraries
Java EE Tools PM20027 Library Directory: EAR5.0 project Java EE Module dependencies: Change Library Directory, not update EAR deployment Descriptor
Java EE Tools PM20338 <service-interface> element not added to <service-ref> if wsdl is in nested folder
Java transformations PM11148 Java transformation generates duplicate methods if a parameter type of the method is a fully qualified class name
Java transformations PM17884 Java-to-UML transformation generate duplicate interface
JSF Tools PM17926 Tool adds extra data table when dragging a data field from the Page Data view
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime Environment PM13841 Use of TypeAhead component results in lost view state
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime Environment PM14464 JSF view state is lost after Ajax use in potlets causing ViewExpiredException to be thrown in JSF 1.2
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime Environment PM17806 panelActionbar renderer does not validate value of an internal hidden field thus allowing for XSS attack
Modeling platform - asset management PM18504 Publish Asset list displays all Rational Asset Manager communities
Modeling platform - asset management PM18506 Update In Place not possible when using Publish Asset
Modeling platform - asset management PM18509 Clearing checkbox for assets is not possible
Portal Tools PM10490 Runtime classpath list for WebSphere Application Server v7 not included in WebSphere Process Server 6.1 for WebSphere Application Server v7 server runtime library
Portal Tools PM10502 Cannot import Portal into German-localized version of the product from Portal 6.1
Portal Tools PM10801 Portal 6.0 stub include the getParameters() method?
Rational RequisitePro integration PM21122 Rational RequisitePro-links get broken after doing a refactor->Create Fragment
Rational Rose model import PM06268 Vertical alignment is not honored in sequence diagrams
Rational Rose model import PM11258 Stereotyped properties for association classes imported incorrectly from Rational Rose models
Rational Rose model import PM21402 Activity diagram transitions are referencing same activity source and target after importing a Rational Rose model
Server Tools PM07965 Unable to evaluate the selected expression
Server Tools PM13125 After changing .jspx file, publish of an EAR is slower than after changing of .jspf file
Server Tools PM14827 New Server wizard - Finish button disabled
Server Tools PM15231 Too many WebSphere Application Server communication threads causing OOME crash
Server Tools PM16659 The server tooling may not use the right server when querying for the server status
Server Tools PM17094 Improve the error handling of server publishing failures
Server Tools PM17621 Connection objects are not cleaned up when switching connection types
Server Tools PM19010 WebSphere Application Server publication mechanism taking up to 35 minutes to complete
Server Tools PM19419 getting "NameNotFoundException" while deploying commerce application
Server Tools PM19755 Ant / Build-Utility will automatically create Websphere Application Server runtimes and attempt to detect the servers status
Server Tools PM19982 All published applications are restarted when restarting one of the published applications.
Server Tools PM20554 Modifications done to user libraries are not published
Service Component Architecture (SCA) Tools PM11982 Creating SCA component using wsdl generates code with errors
Service Component Architecture (SCA) Tools PM18616 SCA Component Reference intent list does not include transactedOneWay
Service Modeling PM12102 Classes with certain SoaML profile stereotypes cause StackOverflowError when dragged onto diagram
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Tools PM20370 Cannot create SIP Servlet based on existing servlet
Source Editor PM14702 HTML validator recognizes "less than" and "greater than" in the value of attributes as start/close tag
Source Editor PM15902 Error annotations not removed from the JSP structured text editor upon resolution
Source Editor PM15905 Errors flagged by error annotations not reflected in the Problems, Explorer, and/or Navigator views.
Source Editor PM17950 Image handles leaked while editing XSL files
Test and Profiling Tools PM21796 Deferring Agent Controller's scan of installed plug-ins
UML modeler PM10198 Layout of provided/required interfaces on components is incorrect
UML modeling PM18140 Opening a diagram in a model causes Rational Software Architect to enter an infinite loop
User assistance PM10818 InfoCenter refers to IBM Home Page Reader which is no longer available
User assistance PM11291 Product doesn't add all the JARs for JPA facet enablement
User assistance PM12925 Help does not list IBM DB2 Database for Linux, UNIX and Windows v9.7 as a supported Database
User assistance PM16188 Rational Agent Controller 8.x/7.x Installation Guide defect for silently installing IBM Installation Manager and Rational Agent Controller
User assistance PM19327 v7.5.5.1 Information Center defect on Portal iWidget project creation
User assistance PM20881 Documentation for IMS transaction via EJB wrapper
Validation Framework PM09724 EAR validation takes more than 20 minutes
Web Development Tools PK80622 JavaScript shows errors with JSTL tags in JS source in a web page
Web Development Tools PM01839 JavaScript content assist times out after adding Internet Explorer libraries
Web Development Tools PM13856 JSP validator reports unnecessary errors with string values
Web Development Tools PM16940 Cannot make a static reference to the non-static function onPageLoad()from the type HxG_4
Web Diagram Editor PM17599 STRUTS web diagram connection throws exception
Web publishing tools PM13561 Embedded carriage return/line feeds can cause publishing of models to fail.
Web Services PM10825 Manage Policy Set Attachments wizard is not generating the unique IDs in policy file
Web Services PM10965 JAX-RPC Proxy class not generated
Web Services PM12830 Token generator : Formatfields not visible on Linux operating system
Web Services PM12865 Proxy class is not generated from wsdl
Web Services PM13003 JAX-WS Client generation sets overriddenEndpointURI in ibm-webservicesclient-bnd.xmi : Managed changes ignored
Web Services PM20577 SDOGenerator class should look at entire path to determine whether to uniquify
WSDL transformations PM13177 UML-to-WSDL transformation generates empty annotations
WSDL transformations PM15710 UML to WSDL transform creates WSDL with wsdl:part element name attribute in Japanese.
WSDL transformations PM15712 UML to WSDL Transformation does not generate complex type for the "wrapped document literal" binding
XML Tools PM08795 Generating XML causes an Out of Memory error.
XML Tools PM11932 XSL Validator throws invalid error message: cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element '...'
XSD transformations PM12824 NullPointerException when transforming UML to XSD

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Component APAR Description
Annotations Framework PK99320 <injection-target> value should be filled in by the annotations model cause EJB Validation display errors which are not valid
Ant Tasks PM07843 NullPointerExceptions because validators do not run until completion in headless mode
BIRT tools PM09980 BIRT report is generated with errors
Compare and merge PM10282 Stereotype loss during silent merge
Data Tools PM01932 Getting NullPointerException when creating JPA entity beans in v7.5 for the Serial DataType in Informix v11.5
Data Tools PM08773 Some missing files from migration after CVS commit "ex: *.tblxmi, *.schxmi, *.dbxmi, *.v6mapxmi"
Data Tools PM09972 EJB 2.1 bottom up generation from DB2 for z/OS V8 tables is missing columns and primary keys
Debugging tools PM07241 Stacktrace is not unfolded in debug view during debug
Debugging tools PM13308 Debugger steps functions get lost when debugging
Eclipse SDK PK97873 validateEdit not called for launch configuration stored locally
Eclipse SDK PK80696 Cannot copy class diagrams with shadowRectangle shapes to MS Word
Eclipse SDK PK99777 AbortCompilation when invoking content assist
Eclipse SDK PM00220 Links in dropins directory are never rescanned
Eclipse SDK PM02242 Plug-in does not get loaded from dropins when line-encoding within MANIFEST.MF is just CR
Eclipse SDK PM02705 pluginCustomization argument should be removed from nonFrameworkArgs after being processed
Eclipse SDK PM08542 Team/"Share Project" with an existing one does not support CVS-branches anymore
Eclipse SDK PM08712 GMF deadlock: RuntimeException in resourceSetChanged leaves transaction forever open
EJB Deployment Tools PK98205 EJB finder returns no results due to primary key not set in IndexedRecord within BeanInjectorImpl
EJB Deployment Tools PM01051 Incremental Prepare for Deployment does not detect change of supplier of ejb-ref in other EAR
EJB Deployment Tools PM05066 Prepare for deployment option fails when EJB project targeted to WebSphere Portal Server v6.1 on WebSphere Application Server v7.0
EJB Deployment Tools PM06009 Infinite publishing loop after installing TestFix for APAR PM01051
EJB Deployment Tools PM06206 EJBDeploy throws error while loading database vendor definition document
EJB Deployment Tools PM06472 Improve coverage for the fix of APAR PM01051
External Dependencies PK76615 PK93643: If servlet-mapping node before servlet node in deployment descriptor then cannot run Servlet
External Dependencies PM01898 ClearCase menu is absent from Web Perspective (SCM Adapter)
External Dependencies PM04594 Sub-class of vector overriding clone() cannot be serialized
Installation PM01623 Configuration properties not evaluated correctly if @user.home is used and the user ID contains a "#"
J2EE Extensions PM10066 Documentation Error with Mediation Handler tab issue in V7.5.5
Java EE Tools PK98294 Publishing to Portal server does not force build
Java EE Tools PM00646 Deleting Jar from the EAR J2EE Module Dependency triggers checkouts of web project but does not update it
Java EE Tools PM03025 Project without source folder is not single-root
Java EE Tools PM03718 Shared EAR is not removed from WebSphere Application Server
Java EE Tools PM03827 EAR versions prior to Java EE 5 should not apply the Java EE 5 assembly rules stated here (application.xml should be the only source)
Java EE Tools PM05565 Adding a new (source) module to a Shared EAR removes metadata
Java EE Tools PM06817 Protect against mutithreaded access to adapters during notify
Java EE Tools PM07672 .classpath in error after starting the v7.5.3, 7.5.4 or 7.5.5 of the product - EAR Libraries not computed correctly
Java EE Tools PM07949 ClassCastException:j2ee.application.internal.impl.ApplicationImpl incompatible with javaee.application.Application
Java transformations PM02887 Java-to-UML transformation is processing the annotation types in the Java source into the model as interfaces
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime Environment PM02449 JavaScript errors in hxclient_S_v3_1_2_iw.js when using JSF date picker button in Hebrew
Jython Tooling PM02922 When running the jacl2jython.bat getting error- JAVA_HOME must point to Java installation containing jre\bin
Page Designer PK97829 Refactoring project name changes source code import statements to absolute path
Page Designer PM03037 Null Pointer Exception when editing JSP files with tiles templates and context-root starting with '/'
Page Designer PM06101 The German characters like ß are not getting properly visualized in preview tab in the page designer
Page Designer PM10217 Page template builder holds onto references causing out of memory error
Portal Tools PK99532 Cannot publish portal projects after switching workspace.
Portal Tools PM03851 JSP component graphicImageEx's path is broken on Portal V6.1 which runs on WebSphere Application Server V7.0.0.5
Portal Tools PM07026 IWAL0010E Incorrect portlet reference for the concrete Portlet in headless mode
Rational RequisitePro integration PM02451 Error: IRJQ0059E while trying to open a RequisitePro project in the requirements perspective
Rational RequisitePro integration PM03230 Invalid Java references after project rename
Rational Rose model import PM02186 IRJF0154W warnings logged but enums are imported correctly
Rational Rose model import PM02681 Profile enum literals don't have the enumeration added to their classifier list
Rational Rose model import PM03216 Text box placement in diagrams is not honored after import
Rational Rose model import PM03218 Notes after migration are attached to lifeline instead of focus of control
Rational Rose model import PM03315 The z-order not honored after importing a Rose model
Rational Rose model import PM03845 Escaped characters missing after import
Rational Rose model import PM04295 Note attachments to text boxes are lost during import
Rational Rose model import PM04296 Shared transitions lost after import
Rational Rose model import PM04375 Interface with nested interface in a Rose model are imported as class stereotyped interface
Rational System Architect integration PM03865 Multiplicities incorrect on the association ends
Rich text format support PM02538 "Convert documentation to Plain Text" function converts "&nbsp;" character into "\u00a0" character
Rich text format support PM03648 java.lang.IllegalStateException: we already started a non user change)
Rich text format support PM05269 HTMLToPlaintextConverter ignores \r\n contents in the documentation instead of converting to white space character
RUP integration PM03020 Out of memery error when indexing links for Process Advisor with custom processes
Source Editor PM02243 XML files don't get formatted properly when with XSD
Test and Profiling Tools PM04455 Filters in z/OS not used when using standalone profiling
UML modeler PK99767 Broken handling of page anchor in URI link
UML modeler PM01233 Regression: JavaClass is not present in the constraint languages list
UML modeler PM01353 Incorrect checks on AssociationInstance creation leading to invalid object diagrams
UML modeler PM01626 Layout of behavior execution specifications in nested fragments is not persistent
UML modeler PM02135 Cannot edit Operation Properties when fragment is shared in ClearCase (SCM Adapter)
UML modeler PM02777 Notes cannot be placed at the beginning of a fragment
UML modeler PM02791 Copying/pasting model elements with non-Latin characters in name results in "?"
UML modeler PM03761 The product fails to update when inspecting UML model elements
UML modeler PM03934 Cannot create dependency to self for properties
UML modeler PM04014 Connector name gets extra _1 for the first interface connected
UML modeler PM04715 Annotations not cleared from memory during export
UML modeler PM05441 When property is modeled as an association, the "Select type..." does not function
UML modeler PM05475 Restricted models still show the "Add UML" pop-up menu option on operations
UML modeler PM05802 Copying of statemachines fails
UML modeler PM06631 Broken links in Web published model
UML modeler PM06704 Support of non-UMLPrimitiveType slotvalues
UML modeler PM07139 Attributes' Documentation does not refresh correctly
UML modeling PM02776 Interaction use fragment shows wrong lifeline coverage
UML modeling PM03932 Profile tooling: Can't create Dependency to a Property
User assistance PK99804 SocketTimeoutException when displaying the Welcome page
User assistance PM04155 The EJBDeploy command -cp classpath should show forward slash "/" for Unix
User assistance PM04966 Testing Java thin client against a Websphere Application Server v7.0 incomplete
User assistance PM06233 Typo in tutorial named Creating Web services and an EJB skeleton from a WSDL file
User assistance PM06238 Creating Web services and EJB skeleton tutorial uses server 7 and in lesson 1.3 talks about 6.1
User assistance PM06253 Creating Web services and an EJB Skeleton tutorial missing "http"
User assistance PM06261 An extra step in tutorial Creating Web services and an EJB skeleton
User assistance PM06294 Documentation needed for Preferences > Java EE: Loose classpath module dependencies
User assistance PM07875 Project Interchange is not documented in v7.5.5 Information Center (IC) as in v7.0 IC
Web Development Tools PM05159 A hang in Link Indexer is encountered when refactoring Java and JSP files
Web Development Tools PM07286 Valid in-line JavaScript statements in JSP files are being flagged as errors
Web Development Tools PM09715 Out of memory error when renaming a file in workspace
Web Development Tools PM10216 Out of memory error due to Link Indexer holding onto references
Web Services PK96879 Error message "Tools for WebSphere v6.1 must be installed in order to generate WebSphere v6.1 compliant code" is incorrect
Web Services PM03690 Manage policyset attachment panels for v7.5
Web Services PM06196 The WSDL for Top down SOAP over JMS JAX-WS Web service cannot use JMS as the binding protocol
Web Services PM06642 WAS_V6_WEBSERVICE_THINCLIENT classpath variable not resolved in headless mode
Web Services PM07834 ClassCastException when generating Web service (and client) from selected WSDL service
Web Services PM09030 WebService client creation wizard overwrites existing Axis JAR files
WSDL transformations PM02172 Some elements don't show up in output option of UML-to-WSDL transformation configuration
WSDL transformations PM02173 UML-to-WSDL transformation generates unnecessary element in an XSD element
WSDL transformations PM07185 UML-to-WSDL transformation returns unexpected results, return type void instead of type
XSD modeling PK97963 Disabled capabilities appear on connectors drop-down list
XSD transformation PM07330 Misspelled word in a dialog box: "exist" is spelled as "exit"

Version 7.5.5
Download Version 7.5.5

Component APAR Description
Annotations Framework PK98223 Annotation scanning operations take a very long time to complete
Compare and merge PK96742 Merging two models breaks external model references
Compare and merge PK97755 EMF exception during merge, OpaqueExpressionImpl incompatible with org.eclipse.uml2.uml.Class
Compare and merge PK99199 EMF error during compare/merge in IDA
Compare and merge PM01347 An EMF error occurred while merging resources: Invalid index -1
Data Tools PK96442 display Timestamp format for an Oracle datasource as value of applicable field
Data Tools PM02268 Run SQL in Data Project Explorer does not use requested password from the password dialog box.
Eclipse SDK PK64607 NPE when changing the attribute type of a class when a modeler browse diagram is opened
Eclipse SDK PK77898 The application hangs when running sample enumeration
Eclipse SDK PK85298 Non-Latin strings get garbled in Web published diagrams for PNG and JPEG due to GMF image generation
Eclipse SDK PK87410 Cannot set the XML editor as the default editor for .xml files
Eclipse SDK PK91528 Connectors on diagrams do not join custom shapes
Eclipse SDK PK92389 Web publish: there are no hotspots on messages in communication diagrams
Eclipse SDK PK95380 JET deletes content within dptk:roundtrip section after regenerating
Eclipse SDK PK98138 Pickup Eclipse Platform UI Bug 283283: [WorkingSets] WorkingSetManager hides exception message
Eclipse SDK PK98432 Package Explorer hides JAR file's non-Java resources when working set is selected
Eclipse SDK PK99380 Error in the class code FeatureEditorDialog
Eclipse SDK PM00234 Need ability to disable status handlers of debug core during headless build
Eclipse SDK PM00792 Ant target is not called when using -pluginCustomization
EJB 3.0 domain modeling PK95373 Section ejb3Viz.section.class declares non-existing tab appears on error log when open element
EJB Deployment Tools PK98539 If you accidently delete or, EJBDeploy doe not work properly
EJB Deployment Tools PK99305 osgi.sharedConfiguration.area.readOnly should be set
External Dependencies PK83744 Unclear wsgen error message in v7.5.1: compilation failed, errors should have been reported
External Dependencies PM03404 Workbench is unresponsive under certain conditions
Installation PK99785 Installation Manager creates new server profiles when updating
J2EE Extensions PK95856 generated incorrectly for session bean facade
Java EE Connector (J2C) Tools PM01812 COBOL platform settings in wizard not applied to XSD
Java EE Tools PK96112 Error "Unable to store working set state" NullPointerException from ibm .JEEWorkingSetUpdater
Java EE Tools PK97151 WTP Defect 241466: Dependent JAR file not included when publishing
Java EE Tools PK98874 Changes to Java build path:Source Tab not reflected to JEE deploy-path in .settings/org.eclipse.wst.common.component
Java EE Tools PK99508 Utility JAR files are removed from the properties
Java EE Tools PM01450 Source attachment with Unicode path name causes exception in the log file
Java EE Tools PM01594 User Library should appear under J2EE module dependency or Web Library tab by default
Java EE Tools PM02550 Enterprise Application 5.0 deployment descriptors do not have IDs set for modules
Java EE Tools PM02587 An error occurs when changing the server target version from V6 to V7
Java transformation PM00193 Stray "@uml.annotations" cause transformation exception java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
JSF Tools PM00110 JSF Application Configuration Validation takes a long time
JSF Tools PM02137 WebSphere Application Server v7.0 JSF application with client side state saving mode not working correctly
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime Environment PK99411 Runtime Error: Invalid Argument while using JSF 3_1_2
Page Designer PM00439 Unable to apply or change design template
Portal Tools PK84954 Broken Link warnings for portlet project after moving from v7.0.0.8 to v7.5.2
Portal Tools PK94136 Class EngineURL is defined twice differently from "WebSphere Portal V6.1 on WAS7 stub" runtime library
Portal Tools PK96179 Error occurs when duplicate portlets with the same ID arepublished to WebSphere Portal Server v6101
Portal Tools PK99558 Libraries tab for WebSphere Portal v6.1 missing wp.model.api.jar
Portal Tools PM00105 Add/Remove projects to Websphere Portal Server does not display any projects
Portal Tools PM00921 Portal server fails to start if the runtime type details are entered during creation
Rational Rose model import PK92505 Rational Rose import fails with nested pathmaps: ResourceException
Rational Rose model import PK96244 IRJF0090E Error completing object if Operation has same name as Transition Event Trigger
Rational Rose model import PK96606 Multiline property set values have an extra '|' character on each line after Rose import
RealTime modeling PK98276 Clicking on functions opens wrong code in the code view
RealTime modeling PM01221 Unable to get operation name from search result
Rich text format support PK98173 Too restrictive HTML detector causes rich text documentation to be displayed in plain text
Server Tools PK83537 Getting java.lang.NullPointerException while changing the server name and republising a SCA application
Server Tools PK87172 Running the Server Tools "Clean" function with WebSphere Application Server V6.x or V7.x does not remove or add all EAR files
Server Tools PK95392 Product does not detect correct ports for Portal server
Server Tools PK96325 TCP/IP Monitor not displaying <soap:Envelope> tag in XML view
Server Tools PK96971 Server status shows stopped when WebSphere Application Server variable LOG_ROOT is changed
Server Tools PK97512 Server library classpath container misses wsatlib.jar
Source Editor PK92069 Version 7.5 causes an invalid error on HTML or JSP file
Source Editor PK97202 Null pointer error occurs in Source editor when selecting text
Source Editor PK97637 Incorrect JSP compilation errors reported when using JSP include for the .inc file
Struts Tools PK98493 Version 7.5.4 broken link warning on stylesheet.css
Test and Profiling Tools PM09150 Profiling in "memory loss" mode with RAC on AIX53 WAS6.1.0.29+JDK1.5SR5 fails to connect/start
UML modeler PK92840 Element (class name, attribute, or operation) rename is lost when the model is closed
UML modeler PK93368 Dependency view gets broken after moving one end over an attribute
UML modeler PK94311 Copying an operation does not copy the code (opaque behavior)
UML modeler PK94711 Names of operations are not changed by using the Rename pop-up menu in the Project Explorer view
UML modeler PK95975 Problem with properties dialog when working with enumerations
UML modeler PK96577 Memory leak on model reload, UML Modeler specific
UML modeler PK98290 Exception when moving component to package
UML modeler PK98945 Unable to resolve unresolved proxies on clientDependency from the UI
UML modeler PK98984 French translation issues for UML texts
UML modeler PK99659 Documentation states it is possible to replace the default properties sheet, but this is not the case
UML modeling PK92874 The result of the search Type dialog lists too many types
UML modeling PK96099 INFO Validation constraints failures are not incremented in the summary output to the Console view
UML modeling PK97969 When copying/pasting the nodes in GMF diagram editors, the newly created elements' positions are messy
UML Profile tooling PK95839 Profile tooling doesn't generate images for property tabs
UML Profile tooling PM00326 Inconsistent EOL characters generated by Profile tooling
UML-to-WSDL transformations PK99360 Missing Namespace URL after UML-to-WSDL transformation
User assistance PK82567 You cannot view the contents of DB2 SYS* tables in V7.5 if your are using a non-administrator ID
User assistance PK90518 Help Information for WebSphere Portal Server should be clarified
User assistance PK91969 Documentation should explain the steps needed to update/refactor the context root for a Web module
User assistance PK96979 How to change backend DB2 versions for EJB 2x CMP
User assistance PK98190 The application doesn't load BIRT report as plug-in
User assistance PK99129 Programming Reference Guide documentation is incomplete
User assistance PK99804 SocketTimeoutException when displaying the Welcome page
User assistance PM00810 Not clear that excluding files from annotation scanning only applies to Java EE 5.0 in WebSphere Server v7.0.0.5 and later
User assistance PM01657 WSDL generated JSP's do not support arrays or collections as input parameters
Web Development Tools PK93146 Cannot compile a JSP that contains client side scripting
Web Development Tools PK96578 Errors when using JSP Expressions inside JavaScript code
Web Development Tools PK98291 Web References attempts to allocate an object greater than 1GB
Web Development Tools PK99417 Problem with static Seb project with context root " / "
Web Diagram Editor PK97779 Icons do not appear in the palette of ecore diagrams in V7.5
Web publishing PM01058 Broken HTML links for sequence diagrams event messages after model publish
Web Services PK91791 SoapElement returning incorrect result for a single character input in v7.5.3
Web Services PK93787 Service-qname to is not added web.xml file
Web Services PK97141 Web service *impl class is always generated as UTF-8 file encoding
Web Services PK98194 Eclipse bug 250984 for wsgen ANT task
Web Services PM01231 Incorrect WSDL warning message in v7.5.3
Web Services PM01801 When creating a portable Web service client (jax-ws) and absolute path is generated for WSDL location instead of relative path
Web Services PM02184 An internal error occurred during Services indexing
XML Tools PK94690 web.xml Editor "Add" function is disabled after 246 security roles are added
XML Tools PK95139 WSDL EMF model is not loading WSDL imports from WSDL documents with extension other than .wsdl

Version 7.5.4
Download Version 7.5.4

Component APAR Description
Data Tools PK80172 Informix datasource created from existing connection is inconsistent with WebSphere Application Server conventions
Data Tools PK86516 When using Run SQL to run script that has not been saved, data might be lost
Data Tools PK90410 Data tables containing Numeric or timestamp fields are not displaying correctly
Data Tools PK91897 An error message occurs when creating a database connection: This driver is locked for use with embedded applications
Deployment planning and automation PK91675 Handler conflict for org.eclipse.ui.edit.paste with
Eclipse platform PK79563 Truncated names are shown on diagram views when some fonts are used
Eclipse platform PK79916 CVS synchronization fails when directory names contain invalid Java identifiers
Eclipse platform PK80828 Enterprise Explorer does not always show CVS labels
Eclipse platform PK84023 Cannot recreate deleted connector label on a composite structure diagram
Eclipse platform PK86116 When magnify diagram ROM 100% to 200%, the association line goes through the actor and use case
Eclipse platform PK86810 Activity diagram shown in disorder
Eclipse platform PK87011 Project explorer does not show elements when linked to the editor
Eclipse platform PK87754 CVS Synchronization misses changes in packages excluded from build path
Eclipse platform PK88424 XPath expressions against elements whose complex type is subclassed do not match instances of these subclasses
Eclipse platform PK92864 Using file_prompt for Ant script produces confusing results
EJB 3.0 transformations PK88993 Transformation of UML to EJB throws a null pointer exception
EJB Deployment Tools PK92107 Access intent wspessimistic update behaviour does not request update lock
External Dependencies PK87393 Garbled output while reading DBCS character
External Dependencies PK89794 BigDecimal constructor initializes an object incorrectly if the String argument contains DBCS digits or Unicode code points
Installation PK92750 Mcafee VirusScan reports that 7.5.3 update contains 2 viruses
J2EE Extensions PK91229 Validation is not started automatically after adding an EAR file
Java domain modeling PK94838 Feature ID of does not increase from v7.5.2 to newer versions
Java EE Connector (J2C) Tools PK91612 J2C Generated Code always passes on the max buffer size for CICS Transactions
Java EE Tools PK82599 Enterprise Bean is not located in the workspace
Java EE Tools PK95374 Collision on EAR import when EJBs share a client
Java transformations PK90523 NPE thrown when transforming Java to UML on createGenericType
Java transformations PK91633 Unexpected method generated for UML-to-JPA transformation for Entity implement and inherite same method
Java transformations PK91841 keyType property of the JavaCollection stereotype cannot be set to null
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime Environment PK90105 hx:datePicker is shown with wrong offset to inputText inside an odc:tabbedPanel
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime Environment PK94504 View state is not being properly detected by the JavaScript handling the return markup of an Ajax request
Page Designer PK88195 Error in log file after starting the workbench
Portal Tools PK85789 J2EE Utility Module is not found when running on Portal Project on Server
Portal Tools PK86892 After JSF action and then portal-navigation, url ChangeLanguage and locale information are not updated
Portal Tools PK87512 Can not see tables in the Derby database when creating a content resource
Portal Tools PK89183 After creating a Portal 6.1 project using the default settings, errors occur in the theme
Portal Tools PK90553 For a Java project, the Portal v6.1 runtime library is not recognized or not resolved during compilation
Portal Tools PK90926 After triggering an AJAX request, a portlet render request causes hX_5 libraries not to be loaded
Portal Tools PK90979 NullPointerException error occurs when publishing a portlet EAR with no target runtime
Portal Tools PK92962 A second server instance might not be created successfully if a server instance already exists
Portal Tools PK93469 Page Designer in Portlet project does not show files included with a relative path
Rational RequisitePro integration PK88471 Performance issue when opening a project
Rational Rose model import PK85612 Rose model import does not give names to property for lifelines of classes with outgoing messages
Rational Rose model import PK86821 Rose model import gives TransitionKind of local, causing validataion errors
Rational Rose model import PK92509 Rose model import fails when subunits have same name
Rational System Architect integration PK93615 Rational System Architect import/export ignores some AssociationEnd multiplicities
Server Tools PK95472 Unable delete a module using the delete button in the Servers view
Source Editor PK89491 100% CPU usage during annotation indexing
Source Editor PK93816 Validation errors are reported because the &quote; is not escaped
Struts Tools PK94286 The struts migrator continually runs on a project that has the struts nature, but is not a struts project.
Test and Profiling Tools PK81771 JVMTI Call Graph analysis does not report empty methods
Test and Profiling Tools PK88662 Memory Analysis does not collect data for reflection classes
Test and Profiling Tools PK90908 The workbench freezes when profiling WebSphere Application Server V7
Transformation authoring PK91112 Edit/Delete in JET Editor jumps to a new line
Transformation authoring PK92974 M2M framework needs write access to source model files during ResourceContentExtractor when having two levels of fragmentation
UML compare and merge PK86420 Comparing dependencies does not reveal the target class
UML compare and merge PK89448 Type .java files do not open in ClearCase diff/merge editor when the option is selected
UML modeler PK86890 Link between capsule part and its documentation disappears
UML modeler PK87982 Copying and pasting Interface Realization corrupts references
UML modeler PK88379 Enumeration literal missing classifier attribute when migrating from v7.0.0.x to v7.5.x, causing issues in UML objects
UML modeler PK90312 Memory leak occurs when using the function Export to UML 2.1
UML modeler PK91765 Missing UML2 fragments after UML2 export depending on what fragments are loaded in memory
UML modeler PK91981 UML type completion is very slow
UML modeler PK92336 Stereotype responsibility can not be shown in a visualized browse diagram
UML modeler PK92367 Refactor > Fragment all sub-packages causes model corruption on French locale
UML modeler PK93641 The default button in the Model Changed dialog box should not be "Reload"
UML modeling PK86193 Transformation fails to parse far keyword used in a Rose RealTime model
UML modeling PK88210 Type loss on import from Rose RealTime models
UML modeling PK89071 Second display breaks a new message added in a sequence diagram
UML modeling PK91516 Behavior Execution Specification resized after Option Combined Fragment created
UML modeling PK91654 Edition misbehaviors when the "Show Execution Specifications on Sequence Diagrams" option is not selected
UML modeling PK92337 Combined fragment vertical size too large with multiple operands and cannot resize
UML modeling PK92716 Memory leak on model reload
User assistance PK87589 Document the need to use User Libraries or Java EE Module Dependencies when generating JAX-WS Web Services
User assistance PK89481 Help content about workspacePreferenceExport has typographical errors and needs better explanation
User assistance PK89495 The product help should state that Deploy Portal/Portlet should not be mixed with Run On Server for the Portal/Portlet
User assistance PK89496 The online help should state that Deploy Portlet should not be mixed with Run On Server for the Portlet Project
User assistance PK90181 When trying to profile a J2EE Application client for WebSphere Application Server V6.1, errors appear on the console
User assistance PK90208 Regression: Javadoc comments are not kept when reapplying the UML-to-Java transformation
User assistance PK90518 Help content for WebSphere Portal Server should be clarified
User assistance PK91995 Local help content for V7.5.3 incorrectly shows version V7.6
User assistance PK92293 Cannot access EJB Web service after creating POJO Web service
User assistance PK92541 Help content about exporting EAR and WAR files does not explain new option "Optimize for a specific server runtime"
User assistance PK94632 Document how <hx:panelRowCategory> columns line up with scrollSize attribute
Validation Framework PK87471 A validation framework error occurs after starting the workbench
Web Development Tools PK80870 Error in Problems view: Broken Link: j_security_check/ibm_security_logout
Web Development Tools PK91777 Broken CSS links after applying Design Time Template
Web Development Tools PK94280 Migration of builder silently fails if .project file is inaccessible
Web Development Tools PK94703 Invalid CSS link warnings appears in the JSP editor
Web Development Tools PK96976 When editing files, the javaw.exe process uses 70 to 100% of the CPU resources
Web publishing PK86599 Stereotype information is not Web published when the attribute is a Class type
Web publishing PK87382 File Not Found when navigating a "Web" published model created with a package type "Package"
Web publishing PK89002 File not found in Web publishing of attribute qualifier
Web publishing PK89547 Web publishing generates a link to non-existing page
Web Services PK79088 ANT console output incorrectly implies that a parameter can be set
Web Services PK92882 JAX-WS Client created targetting WebSphere Application Server 6.1 fails to publish to server
Web Services PK93444 ejbModule folder is not added to source folders when creating a EJB Web Service, causing problems when generating JPA entities
Web Services PK94242 Manage Policy Set Attachment option is not available for WebSphere Application Server V6.1 EJB JAX-WS client
Web Services PK94563 Incorrect WSDL URL in the WebSphere Application Server 6.1 EJB JAX-WS client proxy file
WSDL transformations PK89247 UML-to-WSDL transformation: "WSDL: The X element referenced by the Y part cannot be resolved" error when using "TargetNamespacePrefix" global types
WSDL transformations PK89279 Using TargetNamespace in an XSD package schema proprerty "TargetNamespacePrefix" causes UML-to-WSDL transformation to fail and a NPE thrown

Version 7.5.3
Download Version 7.5.3

Component APAR Description
Ant Tasks PK82014 ImportingWorkingset without a user and password on the XML file throws NullPointerException
Compare and merge PK85050 Trivial Merge Results in NullPointerException in UCM
Data Tools JR30557 Problems reverse engineering a DDL file
Data Tools PK76669 Closing workbench launched from Eclipse throws null pointer exception
Data Tools PK77392 Table column heading are displayed as labels when using SQL Scrapbook
Data Tools PK80163 Error when you select the filter for Oracle stored procedure under packages
Data Tools PK83310 Migration of EJB Projects to V7.5 .1 fails
Data Tools PK83951 Special characters imported incorrectly to table from data file
Data Tools PK84588 NullPointerException error occurs when generating a JPA entity on Oracle 8i and 10g table with PUBLIC SYNONYM
Data Tools PK84883 Clearing the "Replace existing data" check box still overwrites existing data
Data Tools PK85378 Full Names check box option ignored for LABEL ON INDEX during DDL generation
Data Tools PK86558 NullPointerException occurs when using getResultSetmetaData() function from the dbbeans.jar file
Deployment modeling and reporting JR32962 Binding conflict for ALT+CTRL+W
Deployment modeling and reporting PK82866 Topology model nonstop background validation and duplicate objects
EJB Deployment Tools PK74838 Application performance affected by EJBDeploy issues in redundant queries
Extensible reporting framework PK81902 Incorrect pagination in all BIRT reports exported as PDF from the modeling Run > Report > Report configurations
Extensible reporting framework PK85063 Enumeration Literals' values are not dispalyed in BIRT reports
Extensible reporting framework PK85290 NPE in BIRT Preview
External Dependencies PK82159 Problems with refine_classes using JVMTI agent
Installation PK79373 Userinst.exe corrupts the shared resource folder
Installation PK82974 No Java Virtual Machine was found error when running Installation Manager
Installation PK84626 BIRT source packages are not available in the offerings
Installation PK85164 displays outputs to command console
Installation PK87145 Installation Manager should not prompt for original installation location > 200 times during roll-back from a DVD installation
Java EE Connector (J2C) tools PK84838 Data binding error occurs when compiling Java code imported from COBOL source
J2EE Extensions PK83162 Tables and schema displayed in the EJB bottom-up mapping wizard are not aways sorted
J2EE Extensions PK83202 JAX-WS annotations processor reports incorrect errror "action must be a valid URI"
J2EE Extensions PK83786 Multiple entries for <Container Transaction> tag in the deployment descriptor
J2EE Extensions PK84738 Cannot generate DDL for a JPA project when the project is not in the workspace directory
Java EE Tools PK59619 Unnecessary line breaks are added in web.xml and application.xml files
Java EE Tools PK75464 EJB CMP key attributes not recognized after utility jar is added to the EAR
Java EE Tools PK83046 ClearCase integration: EJB Client Project cannot be removed from the deployment descriptor
Java EE Tools PK84357 Core Exception thrown from EJB 3 New Session Bean wizard
Java EE Tools PK84375 NullPointerException when selecting classpath entry in module dependencies page
Java EE Tools PK84885 Validation Error CHKJ2470E: This method must return Type (EJB 2.0: 7.10.5)
Java EE Tools PK84972 EARLibraries classpath container is loaded incorrectly on workbench startup
Java EE Tools PK85033 Class files located at the root of a WAR file are not restored accordingly when imported.
Java EE Tools PK86939 Problems View displays an invalid error message stating that a Java utility is missing in the J2EE deployment descriptor
Java EE Tools PK87711 Validation of binary modules should not happen
Java EE Tools PK88856 CHKJ2800E: <local> interface ejbs.BeanNameLocal, or one of its supertypes, cannot be reflected. Check the classpath.
Java modeling PK84100 Chosen operation is not enabled error generate javadoc with diagrams
Java transformations PK82589 Incorrect reference resolution
Java transformations PK82726 Wrong type is generated by Java transformation if a parameter's type is an inner class
Java transformations PK82843 Java-To-UML transformation results in NullPointerException when code contains generic Java classes
Java transformations PK84913 Setter method for Boolean is missing Is
Java transformations PK85635 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when running reverse tranformation from Java to UML
Java transformations PK86501 Import statement generated for an inner class is incorrect
Java transformations PK87671 UML-to-Java Transformation of small model experiences performance problem if large model is open
Java Visual Editor PK85515 After clicking Cancel in the SCM adapter's checkout dialog box, the Visual Editor prompts you to checkout again
Java Visual Editor PK85590 Cannot set layout property of component in Properties view of the Visual Editor with IBM JDK 1.6.0
JSF Tools PK84425 NullPointerExcpetion when switching to Properties View
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime Environment PK83548 Spelling mistake in the and of jsf-ibm.jar file
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime Environment PK85060 Locale is updated whenever the view is restored
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime Environment PK85345 Workaround for type-ahead to handle Internet Explorer 6 bug which does not respect no-cache header
Modeling framework PK82300 Silent save of an empty file when having null characters
Portal Tools PK83026 PortletBridge: PortletFacesContextWrapper is held by ValueBinding after the request finishes
Portal Tools PK85335 Custom Theme is missing after republishing a Portal project
Rational Rose model import PK77258 Decision nodes views created outside the partition compartment when importing Rational Rose model resulting to unreadable diagrams
Server Tools PK84269 Server times out if the LOG_ROOT value is changed to another location
Server Tools PK84377 RMIC command failed with a NOClassDefFoundError for
Server Tools PK87144 Setting reloadInterval="5" reloadEnabled="true" in the deployment.xml overrides the values that are set in enhanced ear
Source Editor PK79257 Validation error occurs for abbreviated version of valid HTML 4.01 optional attributes
Source Editor PK82265 Workbench becomes unresponsive when removing beginning tag in JSP editor
Source Editor PK82266 Workbench is unresponsive when adding attribute to JSP
Source Editor PK83175 Misspelling 'charset' causes infinite loop and CPU to remain at 100%
Struts Tools PK75045 An error message might occur when you add Struts 1.0.2 or 1.1 support to a project does not provide sufficient information
Test and Profiling Tools PK80983 Renaming a folder within the Test-Navigator does not update the script path within the schedule.
Test and Profiling Tools PK81396 Profiling filtering sets are not reserved in Japanese environment.
Transformation authoring PK83458 Shellshare XSLT map cannot be opened
UML modeler PK81644 Modeling Search does not use the filter criteria (custom stereotype element)
UML modeler PK81826 French localization problem : "Enumération littérale"
UML modeler PK82097 JavaWildcard stereotype does not appear in the Project Explorer view
UML modeler PK82743 The connection handles does not work to create relationships between elements inside class diagrams in profiles
UML modeler PK83040 AssociationInstance arrow direction is wrong if the creation order differs from the association
UML modeler PK83045 Deployment dependency arrow directions are inverted when using Filters > Show related elements
UML modeler PK83244 A join node should be able to accept an object flow and a control flow incoming at the same time
UML modeler PK84215 in an object diagram, when having a class instance with 2 attributes, it is ordered with respect of the values filled
UML modeler PK85507 Internal transition compartment affects code drawing flaw
UML modeler PK85629 Use case compartment in subsystem issue with ownedUseCase
UML modeler PK85709 Visualizing association constraints on diagram
UML modeler PK86550 Performance: Takes 30 minutes to add an attribute and operation the first time
UML modeling PK81397 Message signature will be lost after refactoring the sequence into [Interaction Use]
UML modeling PK82383 Can't get Notes and Comments into edit mode using mouse
UML modeling PK82584 The edges coming into and out of a control node must be either all object flows or all control flows not in UML
UML modeling PK83013 Not possible to paste text into note attachment directly on a diagram
UML modeling PK83109 Duplicating AssociationInstance duplicates the Association
UML modeling PK83833 Using area select tool does not select the first element is a sequence diagram
UML modeling PK83848 Search for type dialog box shows irrelevant results
UML modeling PK84027 Freeform diagram line cannot be changed to dotted lines and arrows
UML modeling PK84354 Exception in Sequence Diagram Editor when reordering Behavior Execution Specification
UML modeling PK85233 Moving a behavior execution specification on a sequence diagram causes it to be deleted and recreated
UML modeling PK85409 Unnecessary secondary edit when editing inherited state machine
UML modeling PK85508 Duplicate of sequence diagram fragment labels
UML modeling and visualization PK85587 Compartment attribute visibility check box doesn't do anything
User assistance PK82278 Workbench becomes unresponsive when starting a new workspace
User Assistance PK82278 Workbench becomes unresponsive when starting a new workspace
User assistance PK84320 Sequence diagram not supported by the profile tooling
User assistance PK84451 The XSD restriction stereotype is not documented in the online help
User assistance PK84452 Clarification of the usage of the ServiceChannel stereotype during the UML-to-WSDL transformation
User assistance PK85542 Documentation needs to be improved for the preference setting "Do not overwrite loadable Java classes"
User assistance PK86303 Unable to register xslt report created in v6.0 in v7.5.2
User assistance PK87572 Missing item in the Help section: Registering XSLT report templates in the custom plug-in
Validation Framework PK86140 During validation, multiple errors of the form "ResourceException: Resource does not exist" are written to the log
Validation Framework PK86141 During validation, multiple errors of the form "ResourceException:Marker id not found" are written to the log
Validation Framework PK87469 Error: IWAE0027E Could not retrieve the validation configuration for resource {some resource}
Web Development Tools PK76847 Remove Obsolete Metadata functionality does not remove
Web Development Tools PK80870 Broken Link: j_security_check/"ibm_security_logout" in Problems view
Web Development Tools PK81339 Unable to rename .js file in Web project in the Enterprise and Project Explorer views
Web Development Tools PK83089 When using an unsupported database the edit button on JDBC connection page should be disabled
Web Development Tools PK85247 Getting invalid "Broken Link" warnings
Web Development Tools PK88565 OutOfMemoryError after closing and reopening all projects
Web publishing PK84030 Web publish URLs do not navigate on Internet Explorer due to HTML encoding in XSL
Web publishing PK87236 Selecting a nested node on deployment diagram in Web publishing output gives page cannot be displayed message
Web Services PK84108 Web service client policy set wizard does not detect the digital signature policy in the custom policy set
Web Services PK87033 Unable to configure binding information for a custom policy set
WSDL transformations PK85075 UML-to-WSDL transformation uses wsdl:import to import a schema when using gobal elements
XML Tools PK82678 NullPointerException during JPA entity generation
XSD transformations PK85028 XSDDataTypes Library accesses XMI 2.1 XML Schema on the

Version 7.5.2
Download Version 7.5.2

Component APAR Description
Annotations Framework PK76959 Annotation EMF model is missing support for "Resources" and "EJBs"
Ant Tasks PK81099 CoreException: Marker ID not found when performing headless build
Code Coverage PK76803 When you create a launch configuration with a shared file, an "array index out of bounds" error occurs
Compare and merge PK72706 Memory doesn't seems to be released after merge
Compare and merge PK77667 EMF error occurred while merging resources
Compare and merge PK80984 EObject are of incompatible type error when merging models
Data Tools PK77163 After clicking Data>edit, only 50 rows are returned
Data Tools PK77232 Data perspective Table columns heading are displayed as labels not the names of the headings.
Data Tools PK80384 DDL generated does not have LABEL ON INDEX
Data Tools PK80396 Generated DDL has incorrect "CREATE VIEW"
Data Tools PK80859 Received error creating JPA entity beans from Oracle 8i table with synonyms
Data Tools PK80902 DB2SQLJCustomize always returns BUILD SUCCESSFUL
Eclipse OCL PK78129 OCL InstanceSpecification of association not handled correctly
Eclipse platform PK38075 Clicking Help > Software Updates > Find Install takes a longer time than expected if you are not connected to the Internet
Eclipse platform PK55484 Right-hand side of the file compare dialog ignores the text encoding
Eclipse platform PK70504 If you click "Restore Defaults", the workbench compiler compliance level setting is not returned to the default level
Eclipse platform PK72564 Delegation connector '<Connector> Connector1' must only be defined between used interfaces or ports of the same kind.
Eclipse platform PK74009 Diagram Layout Constraint cannot be edited
Eclipse platform PK77399 Feature is not copied when installing using the Eclipse software updater
Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) PK72291 WAR and JAR files removed from EAR exported to server
EJB 3.0 transformation PK81605 UML-to-JPA transformation creates named queries based on SQL names rather than Java names
EJB Deploy PK79197 EJBDeploy does not run after updating Websphere Commerce to on WebSphere Application Server
EJB Deploy PK80449 When you generate deployment code for EJB's, errors occur
J2EE Extensions PK77254 ClassCastException error occurs when swiching tabs in an Application Deployment descriptor
J2EE Extensions PK78262 After migrating to V7.5, error "CHKJ3013E: Duplicate Resource-ref element" occurs
J2EE Extensions PK82796 Remove attribute autoLoadFilters configuration from extension deployment descriptor as it is not used by WebSphere
Java EE Tools PK77371 The Migration Validation view dislays errors for v6 binary projects
Java EE Tools PK77394 Mandatory check for error page section in Web Deployment Descriptor editor doesn't match XML Schema
Java EE Tools PK78425 EJB deployment fails to import EAR, error "ADMA0158I: [EJBDeploy] Error importing: Colliding project name" occurs
Java EE Tools PK78485 Project refactoring does not change the deploy-name in file org.eclipse.wst.common.component
Java EE Tools PK78805 Getting error on migrating to V7.5 "CHKJ2802E:<ejb-class> class className, or one of its supertypes, cannot be reflected."
Java EE Tools PK80145 If a JSP file was open when you closed the workbench, then when you start the workbench the EAR Library classpath container i
Java EE Tools PK80465 Web.xml editor incorrectly reports a problem with the Error Page definition
Java EE Tools PK81836 Error occurs when you create Enterprise Bean for EJB Project 2.1 if selected the option "Generate an annotated bean class"
Java EE Tools PK82437 On closing and opening an Enterprise Project the Enterprise Explorer no longer shows the logical structure
Java modeling PK75004 Visualized static method sequence diagram shows incorrect class for generics
Java modeling PK77696 StackOverFlowError on static method visualization
Java transformation PK76515 Java-to-UML transformation not generating method
Java transformation PK77934 Duplicate attributes are generated when running UML-to-Java transformation and then reverse
Java transformation PK78141 Import not generated after UML-to-Java transformation for the types defined in a package beginning by the class' name
Java transformation PK79816 UML-to-Java transformation results in incorrect code for templates
Java transformation PK81255 Type does not get generated by Java-to-UML transformation
Java transformation PK81257 Java Type does not get reverse transformed
Java transformation PK81593 Java public class transformation contains properties, methods of other non-public classes
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime Environment PK77280 <odc:tabbedPanel> references a WebSphere Portal class and cannot run on WebSphere Server
JSF Widget Library (JWL) Runtime Environment PK81265 Type-ahead does not remove current list of suggestions when an empty list is returned
Licensing PK78056 License not released when TIMEOUT period setting in options file has passed
Modeling framework PK78178 Error when running Traceability query from palette explore
Modeling framework PK79504 The character sequence "]]>" incorrectly serialized from the plaintext documentation field.
Modeling framework PK80057 Performance issues when using the Search tab of Search Element for Type dialog box
Page Designer PK75184 An error occurs when you change tags in a JSF page
Page Designer PK79257 Validation shows error for abbreviated version of valid HTML 4.01 optional attributes
Page Designer PK82140 Error in page designer when using tag <base>
Patterns PK65449 java transformation error when transforming ConcreteState pattern
Portal Tools PK48507 Finish button is disabled in Portlet Project Creation
Portal Tools PK53442 Republish state is always displayed for WebSphere Portal server v6
Portal Tools PK55621 During a Run On Server operation for a portal project, servlet exceptions are displayed in the console view
Portal Tools PK62522 An XMLAccess error occurs when you publish a portlet that is not well-defined
Portal Tools PK76425 Exception while starting a Portal Server V6.1
Portal Tools PK82940 NullPointerException when creating portlet with input type from complex types in wsdl
Rational Rose model import PK74942 Unable to create model and use existing one for 2 different subunits when importing Rose model
Rational Rose model import PK77258 Decision nodes views created outside the partition compartment when importing Rose model resulting to unreadable diagrams
Rational Rose model import PK80436 IRJF0055E, IRJF0090E and diagram loss when having a typed Object in an activity
Rational Unified Process (RUP) integration PK77485 Cannot view process browser in languages other than English
Server Tools PK75161 Incorrect tabulation in WebSphere authentication dialog
Server Tools PK76203 NullPointerException in BundleLoader when Application Client launches a multithreaded application
Server Tools PK76649 After migrating a project to v7.5, an IllegalArgumentException error occurs when publishing to WebSphere Application Server v
Server Tools PK77387 Program arguments ignore $file_prompt variable in WebSphere administrative script
Source Editor PK54921 JSP Validator: Syntax error on token "Invalid Character", when there should be no error
Struts Tools PK75045 An error message might occur when you add Struts 1.0.2 or 1.1 support to a project does not provide sufficient information
Struts Tools PK75936 Struts project with portlet like qualities prevents the Struts migration from running in V7.5
Test and Profiling Tools PK81393 Java profiling data is not collected if the workbench is running in Japanese
Transformation authoring PK75508 Null pointer exception is thrown when nested by-reference feature is null
Transformation authoring PK76498 Compilation errors cause transformation source code generation to fail but locations of errors in code is not pinpointed
Transformation authoring PK77422 M2M validator thinks submaps using mapping declarations with stereotyped elements are invalid
Transformation authoring PK78127 Error in generated code when having both a "Submap" and external "Custom" on the same attribute
Transformation authoring PK80054 Incorrect transform.tma leading to incorrect main.jet file when creating JET Project from Ecore file
UML model reporting PK76609 Wrong pagination leading to unreadable PDF files when running built-in reports
UML model reporting PK77649 Invalid query message when having a query with semicolon
UML model reporting PK79484 Not possible to generate XSLT report from second level fragmenting
UML model reporting PK80686 No scroll bar in Report Configuration dialog box main tab
UML model reporting PK81463 BiRT report will not display notes on closed diagrams
UML model reporting PK81796 BIRT report generation fail when reporting to Microsoft Word
UML modeler PK75783 XMI export should fail and warn the user if cannot find applied profile
UML modeler PK76887 Unresolved proxy errors after doing a Refactor > Move file...
UML modeler PK78249 Operations on a UML model do not result in proper icons
UML modeler PK79350 UMLModeler.createFragmentSilently gives unexpected results when the target fragment already exists
UML modeler PK79505 Cannot modify port labels on component diagrams
UML modeler PK79553 Select Element Dialog for stereotype properties of metaclass type ignores subclasses when the property is a collection
UML modeler PK79675 Direct edit of a transition label causes destructive change in the effect's body
UML modeler PK79988 Abstract property should not be localized as resume
UML modeler PK80043 Change of AssociationInstance in diagram is not updated in model
UML modeler PK80095 Migrate profile dialog appears when available version of the profile is inferior than the version of the applied profile
UML modeler PK80979 Up to 30s freeze when creating an element
UML modeler PK80981 Up to 45s freeze when navigating to a problem
UML modeler PK82072 Create Model Project does not allow creation of new models from existing ones when under ClearCase source control
UML modeling PK75849 Can't extend a Opt in an Opt to cover more lifelines
UML modeling PK77049 Documents not converting into HTML format
UML modeling PK79913 UML note and comment are not applying RTF
UML modeling PK79987 Multiline comments are displayed as single line
UML modeling PK81326 properties view for message set type works incorrectly
UML modeling PK81416 Save class diagram as a PNG image fails
UML modeling PK81805 Unable to copy diagram content after import when having directed associations
UML modeling PK81823 French localization problem: "Créer le message"
UML modeling PK81825 French localization problem : "Détruire le message"
UML profile tools PK82316 Profile Tooling: Generating tooling code results in several compile errors (AssociationTestingElementTypes missing, etc.)
User assistance PK76211 Sample Diagrams not arranged, connectors crossing/overlapping
User assistance PK77535 Help information on setting access intents in the EJB deployemnt descriptor's WebSphere extensions lacks detailed information
User assistance PK78431 Help regarding UML-To-Java Associations is not consistent
User assistance PK79307 Struts formbean wizard help references functionality removed in V7.5
User assistance PK81702 The documentation should indicate that <<Entity>> properties generate properties of @Table
User assistance PK81703 Missing documentation on how to deploy a BIRT report as a plugin
User assistance PK82546 Help content for migration from V6 is missing in V7.5.1 but there in V7
User assistance PK82677 Product Help does not clearly document that Web Services Explorer is not supported with JMS Transport
Validation Framework PK80134 Preferences cannot be opened after adding a new validation rule
Web Development Tools PK82384 Renaming a java classes using the refactoring with "update references" cause an exception
Web publishing PK74254 Web-published receptions are not localized properly
Web publishing PK75219 Documentation in the web published model contains redundant line breaks
Web publishing PK75295 Some information missing on web published html on DBCS env
Web publishing PK78420 In generated Web report Notes on the diagram are empty
Web publishing PK79561 URL hyperlink get lost when publishing models to another drive
Web publishing PK81064 Freeze and high memory consumption when web publishing large models with Ant
Web publishing PK81935 Web publishing French localization problem: #nommer la documentation UML
Web Services PK75192 Web Services explorer does not work with URL containing NLS characters
Web Services PK76437 The WSDL2java leaks native memory, causing OutOfMemoryException error
Web Services PK82261 Generate JAX-WS ejb from soap/jms WSDL: IWAB0014E Unexpected exception occured - NullPointerException
Web Services PK83246 Problem in Web Services Explorer when launching a private UDDI registry on Derby
Web tools PK75840 Links created via the Web template as invalid after upgrade 
XSD transformation PK81429 XSD Profile simple type validation rule is incorrect

Version 7.5.1
Download Version 7.5.1

Component APAR Description
Compare and merge PK74436 NullPointerException in ModelerMergeManager.updateProxyHint() when merging resources
Data tools PK43566 Formatting error encounter when sql command contains a # character
Data tools PK50695 Primary key checkbox should not be disabled for database view
Data tools PK32083 The product doesn't print diagrams with the proper format and filter option
Eclipse OCL PK73685 The product freezes when using allInstances with nested packages
Eclipse Platform PK66643 Dialog turns transparent on Vista classic desktop after high CPU load
Eclipse UML2 support PK69443 UML2 constraint  fails unexpectedly
Eclipse UML2 support PK67063 Problem with association between stereotypes and model import
Eclipse UML2 support PK69907 NPE when having a UnlimitedNatural Stereotype attribute with default value of *
Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) PK68110 Java Model Listener slow to resolve classpath
EJB tools PK62688 Generated SDO code in session fassade results at runtime in QueryException WQRY0083E
Installation PK74761 The product is not blocked from extending Eclipse if they have not installed a P2 reconciler patch
Java EE Connector (J2C) tools PK75010 The source for a Command Bean generated for a J2C Java bean is deleted and recreated automatically by clean build
Java EE tools PK74086 warnings using Rational Application Developer
Java EE tools PK72471 Alternate descriptor is disabled in the EAR Deployment Descriptor
Java graphical editing PK75005 Incorrect sequence is generated for the switch statement without break
Portal tools PK74862 Portlet Bridge: Fixes needed to support new JSR286 functionality
Rational Rose model import PK73818 Notes get cut off on Rational Rose model import on activity diagrams
Server Tools PK74720 Duplication of path in server.xml when starting server in profile mode
Server Tools PK74131 Getting error when try to export server profile
Source Editors PK73781 Disabling of JSPF validation does not work
Source Editors PK61979 Validation error JSPG0069E: Unmatched end tag found while parsing
Source Editors PK73766 Expression Language Syntax error on string literal as second operand of conditional operator
Struts tools PK73764 Missing TilesServlet in Struts 1.2 causes Web page not render properly in the Design view
Transformation authoring PK74515 Incorrect transformation source code generated for nested features of stereotype properties
UML modeler PK71040 Text in Documentation tab of note gets lost after link to a diagram
UML modeler PK71741 Unable to reset stereotype property of multiplicity 0..1 back to null once set
UML modeler PK74062 Show Related Elements doesn't work for links
UML modeler PK73932 Show/Hide Relationships doesn't work with links and inheritance
UML modeler PK74060 Visualize in Topic Diagram doesn't work for links
UML modeler PK74082 Content Filters are missing some sequence elements
UML modeler PK75055 Communication paths are removed from deployment diagrams after closing and reopening
UML modeler PK70486 Stereotype property value not saved after changing focus to a diagram
UML modeling PK73228 OCL profile constraints fail when multiple stereotypes are applied
UML modeling PK68311 Deleted messages on a sequence diagram leave behind the send and receive events causing validation errors
UML modeling PK73688 Convert documentation to rich text is not working
UML modeling PK67529 Zoom-level on sequence diagram messes up the diagram print size
UML modeling PK72595 Incorrect validation rule Components::delegationPortUnionComplete
UML modeling PK71947 Cannot create an operation in a superclass from a sequence diagram
UML modeling PK73911 Validation doesn't always take recent changes into account
UML modeling PK74772 Clicking Navigate > Show in Project Explorer selects parent element
UML-to-Java transformation PK75405 UML-to-Java transformation: Inherited abstract operation with array parameters get duplicated
UML-to-Java transformation PK74081 Wrong Java package is used after UML-to-Java transformation if mutiple classes have the same name
User assistence PK67020 This special case of smart publishing not working when linked resources are used is not discussed in the documentation
User assistence PK71818 Product help should document Secure File Transfer Enable requirements for publishing to a secure server
User assistence PK35679 Documentation should detail limitation relating to SDO Generator
Web services tools PK69774 Provide better interpretation for SOAP encoded String type in Web services explorer
Web services tools PK74509 Creating webservices client getting "IWAB0014E Unexpected" exception
Web tools PK74964 NullPointerException when trying to do a CVS comapre for JavaScript file
Web tools PK74406 JavaScript Editor does not accept "Enter" key between curly brackets {}

Version 7.5
Download Version 7.5

Component APAR Description
Data graphical editing PK65533 Duplication validation markers created when *.dbm files are present in the workspace
Data tools PK27525 New Database connection wizard: Browse doesn't remember last directory visited
Data tools PK49328 Database connection with slash in name is not found after restart
Data tools PK54001 Select an Existing SQL Statement option explained in SQLJ wizard Help but functionality does not exist
Data tools PK60074 SQL editor shows errors for SET OPTION code
Data tools PK63546 Server connection editor problem
Data tools PK66238 Pop-up dialog when package variations exist and CURRENT PACKAGESET is not set
Debugging tools PK51643 Debugger – holding F6 or step over quickly can cause the suspended threads collapsed
Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework PK30669 Activity diagram partition scroll bars cause diagrams to print incomplete
Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework PK46713 Object flows snap to grid when snap to grid preference is disabled
Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework PK47566 Duplicating a structured activity changes the layout of the diagram in the duplicate activity node
Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework PK53790 Property to turn off auto layout of linked generalizations
Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework PK55454 Text does not center after word wrapping
Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework PK56986 Rectilinear lines on activity diagrams appear diagonal
Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework PK58982 Pathmap preference dialog error
Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework PK60554 A model element cannot be copied if an & is included in Model file name, Project Name, or Folder name that contains a model
Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework PK66640 Copy-Paste General Error when save C++ browse diagram
Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework PK66798 Unable to navigate through all the operations after applying stereotypes
Eclipse Java Development Tools PK41132 Error on export as jar of a java project with "gen/src" folder structure
Eclipse Java Development Tools PK41229 Problem adding linked resources with spaces in path
Eclipse Java Development Tools PK53586 Workbench cannot Run Launch Debug if the java project specified Installed JRE is .../SDP70/jdk
Eclipse Java Development Tools PK56684 After defining separate source and output folders the bin folder is always created
Eclipse Java Development Tools PK57212 validateEdit is not called when overriding files with copy
Eclipse Java Development Tools PK60489 SyncView shows non-java file twice
Eclipse Java Development Tools PK64927 JDT compiler does not perform adequate type checking
Eclipse Platform PK03468 Priniting does not work when workbench running on Linux GTK
Eclipse Platform PK29058 When importing text file containing EUDC (Gaiji) to the workbench EUDC character is not displayed properly
Eclipse Platform PK39364 Linked folder containing Deployment Descriptor is coverted to a physical folder when importing EJB project
Eclipse Platform PK41041 Workbench has problems re-loading Workspace path with commas in it
Eclipse Platform PK44305 Nesting linked folders cannot be imported due to linked resources order is not preserved in .project file
Eclipse Platform PK46867 Copying package element keywords activates package movement
Eclipse Platform PK53160 OLE Error when using in place editor to open .xsd files
Eclipse Platform PK59324 Ant "- projecthelp" produces mixed up results
Eclipse Platform PK60246 .project saved unnecessarily during import with multiple links
Eclipse Platform PK61011 Error "org.eclipse.jdt.launching" has been removed when importing preferences with Ant
Eclipse Platform PK63106 restoreFocus method fails and property view jumps from class property page to diagram property page
Eclipse Platform PK63550 Internal browser new window should be resizeable
Eclipse Platform PK69627 projectSetImport error with CVS when using connection type extssh
Eclipse Platform PQ99428 Ant script cannot include a XML file using a relative path.
Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) PK42463 Incorrect documentation in InfoCenter on profiling Java applications
Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) PK45200 The definition for the Column heading "Calls" in the Execution Statistics view is incorrect
Eclipse testing and profiling tools PK28844 Profiled java.exe under the component test crashes with heap allocation failure
Eclipse testing and profiling tools PK39717 Unable to see profile menu after starting server in profiling mode
Eclipse UML2 PK57387 Package merge causes the application to hang due to infinite loop
Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) PK55605 Deadlock caused by Server.getDelegate and Server.getBehaviourDelegate
Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) PK56309 Server Automatic Publishing interval set to 0 gives error
Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) PK56611 JSP Debugger Can't Find Source Path on Generic WebLogic Server 9.1
Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) PK57565 Closing the Servers project should refresh the Servers view
Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) PK57738 Inconsistencies with servers created in the workspace by default
Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) PK62538 org.eclipse.ui.PartInitException when opening faces-config.xml from 2 jar files
Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) PK64692 Web application initializing twice when published to Tomcat 5.5
Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) PK64843 TCP/IP monitor unable to capture SOAP responses if the turnaround time is too long
Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) PK64847 org.eclipse.jdt.core: Path '/src/bin' must denote location inside project utility
Java EE Connector (J2C) tools PK70049 J2C annotation processor chokes on multi-line annotation values in V7
Java EE tools PK19579 References: L10N: Adding EJB Reference wizard does not work properly
Java EE tools PK59552 NoModuleFileException when importing Web project in headless mode
Java EE tools PK60922 Facets: New project overlaps the location of another project
Java EE tools PK69121 Path discrepancy in deployment descriptor wizard for adding a service reference
Java EE tools PK69691 Performance issue when Loading, Storing or Closing any files within the workbench editor (5-7 seconds)
Java graphical editing PK58654 Navigate Show in Project Explorer no available for Java classes
Java-to-UML transformation PK61715 OutOfMemoryError running Java 2 UML on few large java files
Java-to-UML transformation PK66340 Java to UML transformation to an existing target model takes long time
Java-to-UML transformation PK67594 PatternSyntaxException when running Java to UML with specific code
Patterns PK63498 Pattern Authoring Pattern Reference Model Ambiguities
Patterns PK66287 Pattern unusable when the project contains special characters
Performance PK40992 compare to each other capability with two large COBOL programs causes wokbench to hang
Portal tools PK50670 Problem invoking a button through a cooperative portlet
Portal tools PK56702 PZN wizard of V7 should generate HRF file like V6
Portal tools PK57228 Portal Deployment Descriptor node not showing up after Importing the WAR file if the project already exists
Rational Data Architect integration PK37076 Installing Rational Data Architecton top of an existing v7.0 product will not enable UML-to-LDM transform in Transform Configuration Wizard
Server Tools PK49180 Using alias for localhost ends up treating the host as being remote and not local
Source Editors PK46038 HTML validator gives confusing validation  error message "No start tag (<TBODY>)."
Source Editors PK46685 Local variable is never read warning even if used by EL
Source Editors PK47890 Invalid jsp syntax error with nested logic:iterate tag
Source Editors PK51185 Mismatched parenthesis or brace in scriplet breaks JSP syntax validation
Source Editors PK54406 XML file is checked in, previous changes are not reflected in the update.
Source Editors PK54829 jsp 2.0 syntax warning - jsp:attribute in a simple jsp page
Source Editors PK57590 Validation error with tags spanning content sections of page template.
Source Editors PK60866 JSP validation highlights the wrong line: <%@ include ... >,  if "<% ...%>" used instead of "<%=  ... %> error
Transformation authoring PK65261 M2M Transformation Framework should improve detection and reporting of duplicate resources and prevent when possible
Transformation authoring PK69061 M2M Transformation authoring does not support creating transformation mappings with metamodels that contain nesteded packages
Transformation authoring PK71106 JETRule should use RecordedOperation or M2M should not place target model in an editing domain
UML model reporting PK61085 OutOfMemoryError and degraded performance when generating, creating and testing BIRT reports
UML model reporting PK71600 Characters appear as "#" in PDF when generating report for models with non-Latin characters
UML modeler PK24742 Activity diagrams can be illegible and not automatically repairable
UML modeler PK41023 Arrange All  doesn't make a nice result in an activity diagram
UML modeler PK65995 Default preference for the stereotype display style not honored for object nodes in activity diagrams
UML modeler PK66449 Model validation results not refreshed in Project Explorer unless the model is reopened
UML modeler PK67646 It is not possible to add an entry point pseudostate to a composite state
UML modeler PK67721 Incorrect display of control flows within loop nodes
UML modeler PK67758 Multiple control flows drawn between Activity diagram elements in a LoopNode
UML modeler PK69745 Association roles are inverted in object diagrams
UML modeler PK69746 Empty value in the object slots and values property
UML modeler PK69751 Can not find correct value in the insert existing instances browse button
UML modeler PK69755 Wrong value in the slots and values of a subclass2inst
UML modeler PK69757 Validation issues when having two subclasses in the object diagram
UML modeler PK70682 java.lang.NullPointerException using search/find option with unloaded fragments
UML modeler PK70758 Hang when resizing large activity diagrams several times
UML modeling PK44773 Generating an image file of a diagram produces a red cross if RSM runs out of memory
UML modeling PK68104 StackOverflowError when trying to search for an attribute's type.
UML modeling PK69273 Stereotype application instances not found by OCL allInstances()
UML-to-WSDL transformation PK69877 UML-To-WSDL output is incorrect for classes with multiple null parameter operations
User assistance PK45402 Documentation for behaviorKeyPress incorrect
User assistance PK47765 UML-to-WSDL generating inconsistent WSDL content
User assistance PK49770 No ducumentation on how to use VariableActions
User assistance PK49891 Batch importer documentation for style component lists 0,1,2, but the message string must be used
User assistance PK51605 Request for JWL javadoc be made available
User assistance PK52565 Documentation Defect in InfoCenter: JSF Relational List
User assistance PK54665 The activation of the Validate JSP Fragments preference is not documented or intuitive.
User assistance PK54715 SWTError: No more handles (UnsatisfiedLinkError: in PageDesigner preview tab
User assistance PK58512 Documentation lacks limitation info about JSF panel menu
User assistance PK58665 Broken links in information center tutorial gallery and native tutorial gallery
User assistance PK59684 IBM JSF Date/Time Conveter format limitation when calendar is Japanese is not stated in the Help documennts
User assistance PK62354 Incomplete V7.0.0.5 documentation - How to "Add a row edit to a data table"
User assistance PK62399 Missing explanation for "default" option for service deploy scope
User assistance PK63303 Wrong instructions in online help of Generate XML Schema of V7
User assistance PK65968 Help does not explain that a NULLID schema should be used in an ejb1.x/2.x cmp mapping
User assistance PK67270 Web navigation template errors after migrated from V512 to V7
User assistance PK67531 Managing page breaks in UML diagrams
User assistance PK71353 V7 Help -  Required format and syntax of a JAX-RPC Web Services Namespace mapping properties file
Web publishing PK43651 Diagrams not properly rendered when a Model is Web Published
Web publishing PK58247 TableHeading.InheritedAttributes/TableHeading.InheritedOperations not translated
Web publishing PK59566 Interactive tree widget slow to display in web publish output
Web publishing PK69120 Enumeration Literal, Slots and Values are not published
Web publishing PK69200 Reception links in the interactive tree are brokenand not web-published
Web services tools PK50273 Warning message about overwriting *mapping.xmi file's button option needs to be corrected.
Web services tools PK51174 Null pointer exception during invoke in WSE when soapAction is not filled in on the wsdl
Web services tools PK56886 Web service wizard UI : Service Deployment config server not automatically selected
Web services tools PK64760 uppercase .WSDL extension cannot be found by the Web Service Client wizard
Web tools PK68913 Message in .log file after migration:
XML tools PK47427 XSL validation errors
XML tools PK52561 XSLT validator not detecting an error in a specification non-conformance
XML tools PK61543 Workbench consumes 100% CPU when having schema with maxOccurs set to a very high value

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