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July 07, 2017 | Issue #19

Welcome to the Workload Scheduler Technical Support Information newsletter. This communication is designed to help you derive maximum value from your software by providing the most up-to-date technical information, answers to frequently asked questions, and links to other key information.

Support Resources

  1. The Support Portal for Workload Scheduler
    Allows you to find technical content, answers, solutions and much more.
  2. Workload Scheduler Support Landing Page
    This page is dedicated to IBM Workload Scheduler support where you can find more information related to IBM Workload Scheduler and quickly perform searches on subjects that are commonly asked about by our clients.
  3. IBM Assist On-site
    Live remote assistance tool to securely view and share control of your desktop to help speed up the problem determination, collection of data, and ultimately help resolve complex issues.

Developer's Corner

IBM Workload Scheduler Version 9.4 Fix Pack 1 was released on June 30, 2017 and can be downloaded from IBM Fix Central.
This fix pack delivers important enhancements to further the transformation for Cloud, Docker, and DevOps. It also addresses a significant amount of important customer enhancement requests. For a complete list of enhancements, see the Summary of Enhancements in IBM Knowledge Center.
New features are also showcased in the dedicated playlist for V9.4 Fix Pack 1 on the Workload Automation YouTube channel.
For information about enhancements and fixes included in this fix pack, see the readme files.

IBM Workload Scheduler Version 9.3 Fix Pack 3 was released on June 9, 2017 and can be downloaded from IBM Fix Central.
This fix pack delivers significant quality improvements and important customer enhancement requests. For information about enhancements and fixes included in this fix pack, see the readme files: IBM Workload Scheduler Readme File for V9.3 Fix Pack 3 and Dynamic Workload Console Readme File for V9.3 Fix Pack 3.

Workload Automation Tips

  1. Top six reasons to adopt new Workload Scheduler V9.4 Fix Pack 1
    Read this blog to find the top six enhancements provided with Workload Scheduler V9.4 Fix Pack 1 that you can easily adopt for your business purposes.

  2. Workload Scheduler: continued sustenance of key performance indicator
    With the introduction of new functional capabilities, sustaining performance levels is a constant challenge. That’s why the Workload Scheduler team focused their attention on performance, scalability, and reliability of some of the new features delivered in Workload Scheduler V9.4.0.0, in addition to consolidating the previous performance improvements observed with the previous release. Find out more in this blog!

Most recent APARs

Latest Downloads and Fixes

  1. Fix Central for Workload Scheduler
    Fix Central provides fixes and updates for your system's software, hardware, and operating system.

Education and training

  1. Workload Automation (YouTube) training modules
    Check out the available training videos for your Workload Scheduler software.
  2. IBM Automation Academy
    A channel all about time saving, educational videos that come straight from the IBM automation experts who work with these products daily.

Problem Solving Resources

  1. Featured Documents for Workload Scheduler
    This list features the documents most frequently requested by our customers.
  2. Workload Scheduler Knowledge Center
    Links to product documentation for all versions.
  3. Troubleshooting Guides for Workload Scheduler
    This document contains links to the Troubleshooting guides for IBM Workload Scheduler versions 8.4 through 9.3

Forums and Wikis
  1. Stack Overflow Community
    Post your question! Use the tag workload-scheduler to join the Stack Overflow community.

  2. IBM Process Automation Community
    Connect, learn, and share with the Process Automation experts.
  3. IBM Workload Automation Forum
    This forum is for technical discussion focused on IBM Workload Automation products to share product knowledge and experience.
  4. Workload Automation Transparent Development
    A social platform to discuss on existing solutions and implementations, as well as to learn and influence the next release developments.

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