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Webcast replay: WebSphere MQ: Getting started with Statistics and Accounting



This WebSphere Support Technical Exchange is designed to provide an introduction to Statistics and Accounting features in WebSphere MQ v6.0 on distributed platforms only. It will discuss parameters for enabling and disabling statistics / accounting, utilities for reviewing the data and examples of this data. We will not discuss other monitoring packages.

Level of Difficulty: Beginner

Presenter(s): Greg Bowman and Jack White

DATE: 19 June 2008


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Presentation (in PDF format):WSTE_06-19-08_Bowman-White.pdf

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1. Although this presentation was developed on WebSphere MQ V6.0, the information is still relevant to newer versions of WMQ. Please reference the online documentation for any updated information: Statistics information collection

2. There is also a newer WebSphere Support Technical Exchange on this same topic. Webcast replay: Gathering and Displaying Statistics in WebSphere MQ V7

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