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This list features the most requested documents as well as those identified as valuable in helping answer your questions related to IBM CICS Transaction Gateway (CICS TG) and CICS Universal Client (CICS UC). The list will be updated periodically to reflect new trends and issues.


The content below was sent in the Support Newsletter for CICS Transaction Gateway & CICS Transaction Gateway Desktop Edition on 10 Jun, 2014.
This document contains links to CICS Transaction Gateway & CICS Transaction Gateway Desktop Edition technical support documents and information. It is intended to help you to be proactive in the support and administration of your software. This document includes:

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  1. IBM Knowledge Center is now Generally Available!
    IBM Knowledge Center at www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/ brings together over 800 individual Information Centers into a single application. Through July 2014, IBM will be redirecting Information Center pages that you might have bookmarked directly to the corresponding pages in Knowledge Center.
  2. IBM SupportTV offers bite-sized videos for your IBM WebSphere & CICS software products!
    Have a few minutes? Check out and subscribe to the IBM SupportTV channel on YouTube, where you can find short, bite-sized videos that are focused on teaching you a specific task for a bunch of your favorite IBM WebSphere & CICS software products!
  3. CICS Transaction Gateway is not affected by the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160)
    CICS Transaction Gateway is not vulnerable to the CVE-2014-0160 OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability.
  4. Customer requirements answered in CICS Transaction Gateway V9.0
    This document lists the customer requirements or requests for enhancements (RFEs) that have been delivered in version 9.0 of IBM CICS Transaction Gateway.
  5. CICS Transaction Gateway V9.1 open beta
    Welcome to the CICS Transaction Gateway V9.1 open beta Program.Are you interested in taking part?
  6. Connecting to CICS Transaction Gateway from WebSphere Liberty Profile
    The April betas of the WebSphere Liberty Profile provide an optional feature which enables support for the Java Connector Architecture (JCA) part of the Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) specification. As this has been one of the primary methods for connecting to CICS with the CICS Transaction Gateway, it made sense for me to check not only that it works in Liberty, but also how to make use of the CICS Transaction Gateway resource adapters from applications in a remote mode topology.
  7. Restricting CICS Transaction Gateway client applications
    In CICS Transaction Gateway V9 we fulfilled 17 customer requirements which had been raised in RFE. The full list can be seen in the document entitled "Customer requirements answered in CICS Transaction Gateway V9.0" but in this article we will look at 22036 CICS Request Exit to provide client IP address and how it can be used to control who is able to call CICS Programs.
  8. Mobile on CICS just got easier with CICS Transaction Gateway
    The latest features from CICS Tranasaction Gateway make mobile on CICS faster, simpler and lower risk - at any version of CICS TS.


  1. Fix Central Download Site
    Beginning with CICS Transaction Gateway V6.0.2.1 you can download fixes and APARs directly. Browse for all fixes for your specific software version or search for fixes by fix ID or Authorized Program Analysis Report (APAR) or Software Problem Report (SPR) number. You can also search for fixes by entering text information, such as an error code or exception or you can display a set of recommended fixes for your specific version. Use the following information for CICS Transaction Gateway on Fix Central: Select Product Group : All Software Product : CICS Transaction Gateway for Multiplatforms Installed Version : ALL (or desired version) Platform : ALL (or desired platform) Select <Continue>
  2. APAR/PTF table for CICS Transaction Gateway V9.0, V8.1, V8.0, V7.2, V7.1, V7.0, V6.1 and V6.0 for z/OS
    This document provides tables of APARs which have resulted in PTFs for IBM CICS Transaction Gateway V9.0, V8.1, V8.0, V7.2, V7.1 which are not included in the base level of the products.
  3. Supported Software for CICS Transaction Gateway products
    This document provides the supported releases of CICS Transaction Gateway from which you can select specific detailed system requirements.
  4. Choosing the correct CICS Resource Adapter to deploy in WebSphere Application Server (Revised)
    Which CICS Resource Adapter should be used with the my version of WebSphere Application Server (WAS) and CICS Transaction Gateway?
  5. CICS Transaction Gateway Family Support Pages
  6. CICS Transaction Gateway Support Page
    Primary support resources for CICS Transaction Gateway
    CICS Universal Client Support Page
    Primary support resources for CICS UC
  7. Wondering how to get started with IBM Support?
    Find basic support information on the main tab of the updated Electronic Support page. It provides the information you need to successfully use IBM support.
  8. IBM Software Support Lifecycle
    Find detailed information about the available IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policies to help you realize the full value of your IBM software products.


  1. Rational Integration Tester - Continuous Integration Testing for your applications
    Rational Integration Tester (RIT) can help you move to a model of Continuous Integration Testing for your applications. Continuous Integration Testing is introduced in this video.
  2. IBM CICS Performance Series: A CPU Study of Ways into CICS
    The CICS Performance Series is a collection of IBM Redpaper publications focused on the performance of customer information control systems (CICS) and written by members of the IBM Hursley CICS development community. The topics are chosen based on feedback from CICS customers, with the goal of expanding readers’ understanding of the rich features offered by the CICS Transaction Server (CICS TS) product portfolio. This latest publication focuses on CPU costs and documents the results of tests performed to assess some widely used methods of getting data in and out of CICS.
  3. RFE has replaced the existing FITS process
    Welcome Request For Enhancement (RFE) Community users! Here you have an opportunity to collaborate directly with the IBM product development teams and other product users. You can now raise and track requirements using the IBM RFE system for CICS Transaction Gateway. This has replaced the older FITS process.
  4. IBM Software Redbooks
    Hundreds of IBM Redbooks publications are available for downloading.
  5. Technical Exchange webcasts
    Join us as technical experts share their knowledge and then answer your questions. Visit this site often to see upcoming topics.
  6. developerWorks
    An IBM resource for developers and IT professionals.

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