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This list features the most requested documents as well as those identified as valuable in helping answer your questions related to IBM CICS Transaction Gateway (CICS TG). This list will be updated periodically to reflect the latest tends and issues.


The content below contains links to CICS Transaction Gateway & CICS Transaction Gateway Desktop Edition technical support documentation and information. It is intended to help you to be proactive in the support and administration of your software. This document includes:

In the Spotlight

  1. End of support notification: CICS Transaction Gateway for Multiplatforms 8.1.x
    CICS Transaction Gateway for Multiplatforms 8.1.x will reach End of Support on 2017-09-30. For more information about this product, please visit the IBM software support lifecycle site .
  2. CICS Transaction Gateway: Security bulletin
    Multiple security vulnerabilities exist in the JREs shipped with CICS TG for client applications. CICS TG itself is not vulnerable to all these risks but client side applications using the CICS TG supplied JREs might be.
  3. Security Bulletin: Vulnerabilities in IBM Java Runtime affects CICS Transaction Gateway (CVE-2016-0363 and CVE-2016-0636)
    There are vulnerabilities in IBM® SDK Java™ Runtime Environments (JREs), Versions 6, 7, 7R1 & 8 shipped with CICS Transaction Gateway to enable customers to run CICS TG Java client applications. These issues were disclosed as part of the IBM Java SDK updates in April 2016.
  4. IBM CICS Transaction Gateway V9.2 Announcement
    Announcing IBM CICS Transaction Gateway V9.2 enables continuous integration testing for JSON web services and all remote CICS Transaction Gateway applications. In addition to SuSE and Red Hat distributions, CICS Transaction Gateway is now supported on the Ubuntu distribution for supported Intel hardware and Microsoft Windows 10. See the What's new in CICS Transaction Gateway V9.2 section of the Knowledge Center for further details.
  5. The CICS Transaction Gateway family
    IBM CICS Transaction Gateway is a market-leading connector for enterprise modernization of CICS assets. Numerous application platforms are able to integrate with CICS, including Java™ servlets, applets, Microsoft .NET Framework-based applications, C and COBOL applications. Using standard network transports in a range of configurations, CICS Transaction Gateway provides application programmers with proven APIs and leverages the best qualities of service with JEE application servers.
  6. CICS Transaction Gateway (CICS TG) SDK Downloads
    The CICS Transaction Gateway (CICS TG) Software Development Kit (SDK) is now available for V9.1 and V9.2 releases.

Planning and maintenance

  1. CC03: CICS JCA resource adapters for use with JEE application servers
    The latest service levels of the CICS TG Java Enterprise Edition Connector Architecture (JCA) resource adapters for CICS TG versions 7.2, 8.0, 8.1, and 9.0* are available for download for deployment into supported Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) application servers. These resource adapters can be used to provide JCA connectivity into CICS using the facilities of a licensed CICS TG installation, and are designed around the JCA specification as supported by JEE application servers such as WebSphere Application Server and Oracle Weblogic Server. For compatibility reasons, connectivity from the CICS JCA resource adapters to a remote CICS TG is only supported, if the remote CICS TG is at the same or higher release level than the version of the JCA resource adapter. The version of the resource adapters is listed in the element in the ra.xml file, supplied with the resource adapter package.
  2. CH0A: IBM CICS Transaction Gateway Extended Request Monitor
    SupportPac CH0A provides, for CICS TG, the capability to log a single line message for any request that exceeds a specified response time, or fails to complete with an ECI_NO_ERROR . It also provides a regular statistics summary and can be requested to log any request currently in flight that has exceeded the specified response time.The output of the exit is configurable and kept to a minimum so that the performance impact is as low as possible. In addition, logging can be dynamically enabled and disabled though CICS TG request monitoring exit control.
  3. CH51: CICS Transaction Gateway - Simple Request Monitor Utility
    The utility generates a simple one-line message for each External Call Interface (ECI) request that flows through the Gateway. This message lists the total response time for Gateway processing along with the response time of the CICS call and individual details about each request. The output of the exit is kept to a minimum so that the performance impact is as low as possible. If a low latency logging destination is used (such as JES) then it should have negligible impact on throughput or response time. In addition, logging can be dynamically enabled and disabled though the control of Gateway exception trace events.
  4. CA1T: High availability exits for use with CICS TG
    SupportPac CA1T provides sample exits to enable a high availability infrastructure to be created quickly, using rules defined in a simple text based configuration file. On z/OS, a highly available Gateway group can be sysplex-wide, presenting a single entry point to external applications, backed by multiple Gateway daemons and CICS regions acting as together. These rules define a set of policies to validate and workload balance External Call Interface (ECI) requests across defined CICS servers, providing increased availability to CICS applications accessed from remote clients using the facilities of the CICS TG.
  5. Fix Central Download Site
    Fix Central provides fixes and updates for your system's software, hardware, and operating system. Not looking for fixes or updates? Please visit Passport Advantage to download most purchased software products, or My Entitled Systems Support to download system software. Browse for all fixes for your specific software version or search for fixes by fix ID or Authorized Program Analysis Report (APAR) or Software Problem Report (SPR) number. You can also search for fixes by entering text information, such as an error code or exception or you can display a set of recommended fixes for your specific version. Use the following information for CICS Transaction Gateway on Fix Central: Select Product Group : All Software Product : CICS Transaction Gateway for Multiplatforms Installed Version : ALL (or desired version) Platform : ALL (or desired platform) Select <Continue>
  6. APAR/PTF table for CICS Transaction Gateway V9.1, V9.0, V8.1, V8.0 and V7.2 for z/OS®
    This document provides tables of APARs which have resulted in PTFs for IBM® CICS Transaction Gateway V9.1, V9.0, V8.1, V8.0 and V7.2 for z/OS, which are not included in the base level of the products.
  7. Supported Software for CICS Transaction Gateway products
    This document provides the supported releases of CICS Transaction Gateway from which you can select specific detailed system requirements.
  8. Choosing the correct CICS Resource Adapter to deploy in WebSphere Application server (Revised)
    Which CICS Resource Adapter should be used with the my version of WebSphere Application Server (WAS) and CICS Transaction Gateway?
  9. CICS Transaction Gateway Family Support Pages
  10. CICS Transaction Gateway for IBM z/OS Support Page
    Primary support resources for CICS Transaction Gateway for z/OS.
    CICS Transaction Gateway for Multiplatforms Support Page
    Primary support resources for CICS Transaction Gateway for Multiplatforms.
    CICS Universal Client Support Page
    This product is no longer supported. Link is for reference to the CICS UC support resources only.
  11. Wondering how to get started with IBM Support?
    Find basic support information on the main tab of the updated Electronic Support page. It provides the information you need to successfully use IBM support.
  12. IBM Software Support Lifecycle
    Find detailed information about the available IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policies to help you realize the full value of your IBM software products.

Education and collaboration

  1. The Complete Guide to CICS Transaction Gateway Volume 1 Configuration and Administration
    In this IBM Redbooks publication, you will gain an appreciation of the IBM CICS® Transaction Gateway (CICS TG) product suite, based on key criteria, such as capabilities, scalability, platform, CICS server support, application language support, and licensing model. You will learn how to implement CICS TG solutions, taking advantage of the latest capabilities, such as IPIC connectivity, high availability, and Dynamic Server Selection.Specific scenarios illustrate the usage of CICS TG for IBM z/OS, and CICS TG for Multiplatforms, with CICS Transaction Server for z/OS and IBM WebSphere Application Server, including connections in CICS, configuring end-to-end connectivity with verification for remote and local mode applications, adding security, XA support, and high availability.
  2. IBM CICS Performance Series: A Processor Usage Study of Ways into CICS
    The IBM® CICS Performance Series is a collection of IBM Redpaper publications that are focused on the performance of CICS and written by members of the IBM Hursley CICS development community. The topics are chosen based on feedback from CICS customers, with the goal of expanding your understanding of the rich features that are offered by the CICS Transaction Server (CICS TS) product portfolio. This latest publication, A Processor Usage Study of Ways into CICS, focuses on processor usage costs and documents the results of tests that are performed to assess some widely used methods of getting data in and out of CICS.
  3. Have an idea on how to improve CICS Transaction Gateway?
    Welcome Request for Enhancement (RFE) Community users! Here you have an opportunity to collaborate directly with the IBM product development teams and other product users.
  4. IBM Software Redbooks
    Hundreds of IBM Redbooks publications are available for downloading.
  5. CICS Transaction Gateway on twitter
    Follow CICS Transaction Gateway on twitter via @IBM_CICS.
  6. CICS Transaction Gateway on Facebook
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