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Performance Tuning Worksheet for Business Process Choreographer

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This whitepaper provides guidance through performance tuning a WebSphere Process Server system.


Performance tuning of an IT integration platform is often a complex task: The system must be analyzed, different parameters must be changed, maybe in dependency to others, data must be collected and monitored, targets and findings must be documented, and of course, planned results must be achieved.

It has been observed that many of these tasks are repeatable. Therefore, it obviously makes sense to use a standardized approach in the following areas:

  • Collecting relevant data
  • Measuring parameters
  • Treating obvious issues
  • Using unified forms and processes to document all insights and system modifications, so that the tasks easily can hand over to a colleague or to a specialist and to ensure continuity, consistence and integration of the work.

This worksheet helps you to measure the performance of a WebSphere Process Server application and, if required, improve it or tune the environment. A sample of how a filled out worksheet should look is attached to this document.

Hint: Use Open Office to work with the .odt version below.

Performance Tuning Worksheet v1.0.pdfPerformance Tuning Worksheet v1.0 - Sample.pdf

Performance Tuning Worksheet v1.0.odt

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More support for: IBM Business Process Manager Advanced

Software version: 7.5, 8.0

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