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Tivoli Field Guide - Tivoli Storage Manager Design Abstraction for Service Management

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In this brief we answer the question of how to manage the Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) client
environment based on several backup and recovery service requirement s. The method first
identifies and classifies the client host type. Each host classification has a backup and recovery
technology selection criteria matrix. The client host backup and recovery requirement and the
host capacity are used to select the appropriate technology. This method significantly reduces the
need for design discussions and effort each time a client is added to the TSM environment.
We can extend this concept of abstracting the design process to the TSM server environment.
We have included a brief discussion of this process and a guideline used at other customers.
We return to the example clients and demonstrate how the TSM server resources are consumed
by the addition of a host. The process of determining the resource demand is discussed for the
client previously introduced. The process also highlights the underlying design abstraction
principles used in the TSM server design section. Finally, we discuss the resource planning that is needed during a full business recovery situation.


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Modified date: 15 March 2012

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