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This document features the most requested documents as well as those identified as valuable in helping answer your questions related to WebSphere Commerce products. The list will be updated periodically to reflect new trends and issues.


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This document contains links (URLs) to WebSphere Commerce technical support documents and information that can help you get more value from your software. It is intended to help you to be proactive in your support and administration of WebSphere Commerce. This document includes:

In the Spotlight

  1. WebSphere Commerce documentation now on IBM Knowledge Center
    IBM Knowledge Center brings IBM's technical publications together in a single location that will replace over 800 individual IBM Information Centers.
  2. WebSphere Commerce Feature Pack 7 Education Recordings
    If you missed the chance to attend the FEP7 education sessions, the recordings are now available
  3. WebSphere Commerce CSE Blog
    The primary external WebSphere Commerce Client Success Essentials blog. Visit here to learn tips and tricks to suit your current implementation, the latest security bulletins and much more.
  4. IBM Client Success Essentials Community
    This community brings together users of IBM Industry Solutions software to share, collaborate and connect with each other virtually. In this community, you'll find training videos, upcoming events, blogs, important web links, and more. Sign in with your IBM ID and register for the site.
  5. Top 3 Tweets during 2Q/2014
    Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/IBM_Commerce to receive timely updates!
  6. Client Success
    View Welcome Video
  7. Wondering where to start with IBM Support?
    This Support Quick Start trifold introduces the benefits of IBM support coverage. It highlights the resources and how to access them.
  8. The New IBM Support Portal is now even better!
    Even though the new IBM Support Portal is less than a month old, IBM's just deployed a series of improvements to make this support site even better!
  9. Stay informed of critical IBM software support updates with My Notifications
    One of the best ways to prevent problems and to stay informed of critical support updates for your IBM software products is to take advantage of My Notifications.


  1. Latest Deliverables
    A list of the latest available Fix Packs and Feature Packs by version for IBM WebSphere Commerce releases.
  2. WebSphere Commerce is not affected by the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160)
    WebSphere Commerce is not vulnerable to the CVE-2014-0160 OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability
  3. RFE Community Announcement
    The developerWorks RFE Community is now the preferred method for submitting Requests for Enhancements (RFEs) for many WebSphere Commerce and WebSphere Transformation Extender products.
  4. MustGather: Read first for WebSphere Commerce V7.0
    Gathering this data will help you save time before calling IBM Support.
  5. Signing up for WebSphere Commerce flashes and downloads notifications
    How can I receive an e-mail either weekly or daily with important technical news about the IBM products I select? Sign up for periodic emails about WebSphere Commerce flashes, downloads and more.
  6. My Notifications
    Sign up for My Notifications to get updates on events. My Notifications provides notifications to subscribers with support information covering a broad range of materials, including troubleshooting and news documentation, download and drivers, product information and documentation, Security advisories, and more.
  7. Getting Electronic Support from IBM - Open PMRs online
    A portfolio of tools and resources to keep your systems, software, and applications running smoothly. IBM Electronic Support offers on-line support tools and resources to help you diagnose and resolve problems, and maintain your IBM products.
  8. IBM Software Support Lifecycle
    Find detailed information about the available IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policies to help you realize the full value of your IBM software products.


  1. Technical Exchange webcasts
    Join us as technical experts share their knowledge and then answer your questions. Visit this site often to see upcoming topics.
  2. Ask The Experts: WebSphere Commerce Performance (Replay)
    Experts from the WebSphere Commerce Development, Services and Support teams will join this Ask the Experts session to answer questions related to tuning, performance, and stability for WebSphere Commerce sites.
  3. Blogs
  4. WebSphere Commerce CSE Blog
    A new external location for the IBM WebSphere Commerce Client Success Essentials blog, exclusive to WebSphere Commerce.
    WebSphere Commerce CSE Blog - Avoid trouble: Set limits
    This week I wanted to post a reminder to set limits to the shopping cart. Uncommonly large carts can create performance problems.
    WebSphere Commerce SEO Cookbook
    A new blog for SEO tips and tricks in WebSphere Commerce v7.0.
  5. Technotes
  6. Education Assistant: WebSphere Commerce
    IBM Education Assistant (IEA) is a collection of multimedia educational modules that help you better understand IBM software products and use them more effectively to meet your business requirements.

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Commerce WebSphere Commerce Business Edition Installation AIX, i5/OS, Linux, Solaris, Windows 5.6, 5.6.1
Commerce WebSphere Commerce - Express Migration i5/OS, Linux, Windows 5.6, 5.6.1, 6.0, 7.0
Commerce WebSphere Commerce Enterprise Installation AIX, i5/OS, Linux, Solaris, Windows 6.0, 7.0
Commerce WebSphere Commerce Developer Business Edition General Windows 5.6, 5.6.1
Commerce WebSphere Commerce Developer Enterprise General Windows 6.0, 7.0
Commerce WebSphere Commerce Developer Express General Windows 5.6, 5.6.1, 6.0, 7.0
Commerce WebSphere Commerce Developer Professional Edition General Windows 5.6, 5.6.1, 6.0

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