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Tutorial - Building a Web service from an RPG program using iSeries Web services tools



The attached tutorial shows you how to create a simple Web service from an RPG batch program, and then test it locally. The Web service will communicate with the business logic written in ILE RPG residing on an iSeries® server. While creating a Web service, you will learn how to use the Web Services wizard to create an iSeries Program Web Service, generate a proxy, and test the Web service in a local test client.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to wrap a customer inquiry application written in RPG as a Web service using the iSeries Web service tools.

You will use the Web Service wizard to build the Web service. You set all the properties and the wizard automatically generates the code. You will see the Web Service Description Language (WSDL) definition that the wizard creates for the deployment phase. You will also learn about the proxy that helps client applications invoke the service. Finally, you will learn how to package your application and Web service in an enterprise archive (EAR) file so you can deploy it on a machine that is running IBM® WebSphere® Application Server for iSeries.

Next you will deploy the EAR file on the WebSphere Application Server for iSeries. You will then find the Web service and learn how to invoke that service.

After you learn how to invoke an RPG program or service program as a Web service, you will learn how to call a Web service from RPG. You will use the AXIS client on i5/OS® to invoke the Web service by calling AXIS C functions from RPG.

Learning objectives

  • Create an iSeries Web service using the Web Service wizard.
  • Test an iSeries Web service on a local test client.
  • Deploy the iSeries Web service to WebSphere Application Server for iSeries.
  • Test the deployed iSeries Web service.
  • Call a Web service from an RPG program.

Time required
  • This tutorial should take approximately 60 minutes to complete. If you explore other concepts related to this tutorial; however, it could take longer to complete.

File attachments provided
  • Tutorial - webservicesrpg.pdf (2,422 KB)
  • Supporting work files - (743 KB)

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