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WebSphere Application Server 6.1 Fix Pack 9 (

WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment version 6.1 Fix Pack 9 (

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Compilation date: 2007/06/15

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What is new with Fix Pack 9
One installation of Version 6.1 Update Installer can be used to update all WebSphere Version 6.1 products installed on the entire machine. There is no longer a need to install one copy for each product install location.

However, Fix pack must be installed by Update Installer version or later. If earlier versions of Update Installer (i.e, version or are used, prerequisite checking will fail with the following message:

"Prerequisite checking has failed. Failure messages follow:
A general exception has occurred during prerequisite checking. Check the log files for more information."

Users will see the following in the log file: ClassNotFoundException for StackDependencyPrereqChecking.

The Update Installer is no longer bundled with version 6.1 fix packs. It is available on the Version 6.1 product compact disc or as a download from IBM support site. See section on Prerequisites for installing Fix Pack 9 for more details.

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About Fix Pack 9
Several cumulative fixes are bundled into a single maintenance package for a specific combination of product and platform. Each maintenance package is referred to as version

Installing Fix Pack 9 with version 6.1 Update Installer raises the fix level of your product to version

See the installation instructions in the Steps for installing Fix Pack 9 section for more information.

Fix packs can be downloaded from the version download page.

Note: If a remote Web server plug-in or IBM HTTP Server is installed alongside WebSphere Application Server, you will need to download a separate fix pack in order to update the plug-in or HTTP Server to the most current level (if an update is available). All fix packs can be found on the version download page.

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  1. Install the version 6.1 product from the appropriate compact disc or distribution media.

  2. Install the version Update Installer (or later) from the Update Installer version 6.1 download page.

    You very likely already have one installed, but only or later level of Update Installer can be used. You MUST use Update Installer.

    The installation directory will be referred to as updi_install_root in this document.

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Space requirements
Space requirements vary depending on what you are installing. The size of each download is available on the Support site. For a fix pack, you need approximately 600 MB of free space in the system temporary directory (typically /tmp on a Linux® or UNIX® system) and another 600 MB in the file system that hosts the WebSphere Application Server image (typically /usr or /opt on a Linux® or UNIX® platform), or approximately 1.2 GB of free space on the disk drive where you are installing on a Windows® platform.

Verify that the free space is available before beginning the installation.

Space is also required for backup files in the WebSphere Product's install_root /properties/version/update/backup directory. The space required is about the same as the size of the fix pack, somewhere between 25 MB to 750 MB, varying by product and platform.

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Steps for installing Fix Pack 9
  1. Run the backupConfig command to back up configuration files. See Backing up and restoring administrative configurations in the on-line product documentation.

  2. Verify required disk space, as described in the readme file for the maintenance package.

  3. After backing up the configuration and before installing fix pack, stop all Java processes associated with Java™ SDK shipped with WebSphere Application Server to support Java 1.5 SDK.

  4. Stop all application server processes, the nodeagent process, the deployment manager process, and all server processes that belong to serviceable products, such as the IBM HTTP Server. Stop all Java processes, if necessary.

    The product might not continue to operate successfully if attempts to install fix pack while a WebSphere Application Server-related Java processes is still running.

  5. Obtain downloadable maintenance packages from the version download page.

    Download the packages into the update installer maintenance directory:


  6. To install downloaded maintenance packages, refer to instructions found in the Update Installer installation documentation directory:


    Additional instructions can be found in the product documentation, Installing Maintenance Packages.

    Installation instructions are summarized and repeated here for convenience only, refer to the preceding official published sources.

    Open a command shell window and change directories to the updi_install_root install location of the V6.1 Update Installer.

    cd updi_install_root

    Use the update command to install the maintenance package that you downloaded into updi_install_root/maintenance directory:

    The Update Installer wizard can run in silent mode without graphical user interface and responsefile can be configured for automatic installation.
    • For Windows®:

      update –silent –options  responsefile

    • For Linux® or UNIX® platforms:

      ./ –silent –options  responsefile

    And, graphical user interface mode is available by update command without any parameter:
    • For Windows®:


    • For Linux® or UNIX® platforms:


    Refer to the following file for detailed information about using the update command:


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] [ Known issues Fix pack needs to be installed by UPDI version or later. If earlier versions of UPDI (i.e, versions or are used, prerequisite checking will fail with the following message:

"Prerequisite checking has failed. Failure messages follow:
A general exception has occurred during prerequisite checking. Check the log files for more information."

Users will see the following in the log file: ClassNotFoundException for StackDependencyPrereqChecking.

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Change History
15 June 2007 Initial publication

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]Additional information You can find additional information in the WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1 product documentation. For additional information, refer to Recommended fixes for WebSphere Application Server. Back to top [

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