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Got COBOL? Bet you didn't know you could do THIS in COBOL

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Presentation material for SHARE session 1541.
We will discuss a number of new features, functions and actions that you can take using Enterprise COBOL and LE that were not possible in earlier environments. Features such as dynamic storage allocation, dynamic file allocation, bit manipulation, new callable services, displaying hex data as printable, etc


The presentation also refers to the following examples:

  • Handlem2 is the General Condition Handler that contains the dynamic allocation, variable length file coding and LE callable services examples
  • SSRANGE is the program that abended with USRHDLR(,HANDLEM2) in effect
  • OPENIT is the program that can open any file with fixed records
  • CALLOPN is the program that called OPENIT for different files
  • System is the program that got Operating System information, including the source for program SHOWHEX
  • Bitcheck is the COBOL program that can look at bits using math

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