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IBM WebSphere Application Server provides periodic fixes for the base and Network Deployment editions of release V6.1. The following is a complete listing of fixes for WebSphere Application Server version 6.1 with the most recent fix at the top.


IBM extended the end-of-service date of IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) V6.1 from September 30, 2012 to September 30, 2013. Here is the announcement. This one-year extension of the end-of-service date provides more time to better plan a successful migration. Moving to current versions of WAS provides a much broader set of functions (for both developers and operations) and improves performance and total cost of ownership.

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Fix Pack 47(
Fix release date: 09 Sep 2013
Last modified: 03 Sep 2013
Status: Recommended

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100% CPU Usage PM12067 Corrupt activity context causes problems when distributing workareas
PM50450 Server hang with web container threads waiting on com/ibm/ws/http/HttpTransport.reinitialize
PM66041 BBOO0221W CWSII0205W BBOO0220E SECJ0369E LDAP: Error Code 49 - 80090308: LdapErr: DSID-0C090334 error, data 52E, vece
PM69734 Compensation scope (Cscope) serviceability enhancements
PM70624 WebSphere Application Server acting as transaction manager gets RM_FAIL XA return code (-4) for XA_PREPARE call.
PM71736 CSCP007e: An unexpected error occurred in method completeActivity in class CscopeRootImpl
PM72599 WSWS0046E, WSWS0045E after migrating from V6.0 to V6.1
PM75705 Deadlock encountered during server startup when attempting to process in-commit transactions
PM90493 org.omg.CORBA.INTERNAL error at ActivityServiceServerInterceptor
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PM71139 Cross-site scripting vulnerability in the Administrative Console
PM71919 Extra data in trace.log and wsadmin.traceout
PM72275 Cross-site request forgery in administrative console
PM72536 Link injection in administrative console
PM74589 Status updates flooding deployment manager and affecting ability to stop cluster
PM78614 Administrative console URLs may be vulnerable to XSS attacks against logged-in users
PM78956 Extraneous test.jsp is shipped with the product.
PM79992 Security vulnerability when accessing the administrative console
PM80264 Increase in field selection size in "share library mappings".
PM81846 XSS in console new web server panel
PM82468 Cross-site scripting in application deployment wizard
PM83535 Add filters to Login Conflict panel
PM83937 Change values in JSPs for administration console isclite panels
PM88208 Cross site scripting in the administrative console
PM88746 Link injection in administrative console
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PM80400 Wsadmin may display wrong exception when terminated by an uncaught non-Application Server failure
PM90088 Fix for CVE-2012-2098
Default Messaging Component PM72688 Target properties on the activation spec are not honored if the JVM running the consumer hosts a messaging engine
PM75157 Incorrect output in WebSphere service integration bus (SIB) trace
PM77945 Negative value of active thread count for persistent dispatcher threads lead to hang
Dynamic Cache PM76589 Unnecessary XMLReader objects population, leads to heap and CPU overhead
PM86797 Dynamic cache causes a ConcurentModificationException at JVM start
PM89992 Cannot set header. Response already committed when using Edge Side Include (ESI) caching
EJB Container PM75058 Resource annotation type is lost when a binding is specified
PM76838 FbpkAlwaysReadOnly property does not work in V6.1
EJBDeploy (WSAD) PM91788 Cumulative Fixes for EJBDeploy
Federated Repositories PM71389 Code injection into VMM Panels
PM84881 URBridge fails on RACF BBOO0222I,WTRN0006W transaction timed out
General PM62467 Application deployment can overwrite installed script and executable files
PM66350 WsObjectInputStream uses incorrect class loader
PM69543 Updates needed to trace for*=all
PM72593 WebSphere embedded connect JDBC Driver v4.2 deprecated property DescribeParameters causes issues.
PM72874 M2M replication needs to remove local entries as part of renounce
PM73062 Insufficient information regarding which down stream server is related to a certain condition
PM73445 Cross site scripting vulnerability in ISC
PM75102 Threads unexpectedly exhaust the thread pool leading to permanent hang
PM77512 Out of memory condition occurs when a user attempts to logout from administrative console
PM85977 java.sql.SQLException from embedded driver code
PM90706 Backport of APAR PM36930: Application deployment to allow skipping of zip archives
PM91039 eWAS start fails with java.lang.unsatisfiedlinkerror
PM91892 Cross-site scripting vulnerability in UDDI administrative console
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Install PM64358 CIM failed to update remote node using a domain account with UAC enabled on a Microsoft Windows target machine.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PM59345 Updates to WebSphere Embedded Connect JDBC Driver in V6.1
PM67660 Large number of WorkScheduler threads in Servant
Java Message Service (JMS) PM69423 Host header not set in HTTP request
PM71042 Increase AIX native queue size for better performance
PM72936 MQ RRS ConnectionFactory: support for additional MQ properties, including TQP
PM80318 Message delay when running with multiple MQ listeners.
PM88789 "Commit in subordinate" error when using enableInProcessConnections = true
PM93761 Add the ability to persist the connection on most return codes
JSP PM85512 The JSP compilation is generating a java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Object Request Broker (ORB) PM69213 Stop hangs, no other indications of stop processing
PM83349 NullPointerException in SocketTimerThread due to improper initialization
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) PM81463 WebSphere daemon process hung in dump processing
PM84314 JVM hang at startup with Dynatrace in use
PM86003 ORB related traces can be blocked by logging in Application Server trace
PM86653 After implementing SLF4J logging, general administrative messages in systemOut.log are lost
PM88332 SystemOut.log displays eventtype of Z instead of A
Plug-in PM72899 Plug-in caching does not respond properly when entity headers are used
PM74660 Plugin random generator not checking all available server members when making loadbalance decisions
PM75801 Plug-in deadlock between trying to read/load a new plugin configuration and starting an ESI monitor thread to a server
PM76057 IBM HTTP Server error document should handle "400" error from plug-in
PM76364 Modify webserver plugin logging to show millisecond time
PM77269 Web server plug-in on HP-UX is unable to connect using SSL
PM79346 Ioctl32 errors in Linux system log
PM80348 Plugin's build version information reported in the log has "version 6.0"
PM92055 On IBM i systems, the URI encoding is not correct for some characters
PM93734 MarkBusyDown not initialized in web server plugin
Runtime (zSeries®) PM75780 64bit storage overlay in RRS.crgseif at server startup
Security PM62920 Potential security vulnerability with WASReqURL
PM74909 Potential denial of service attack with federated repository on Microsoft Windows
PM75582 Potential Security Vulnerability with Solaris, HP and Linux local OS registries
PM76425 Custom cipher suite lists for daemon not represented in administrative console QoP panel
PM78603 Heap exhaustion in security code due to NullPointerExceptions
PM83723 Administrative commands that prompt for a userid and password thru a pop-up will hang
PM84158 Console does not remove the SSL config objects of the application server scope in security.xml file
Servlet Engine/Web Container PM71654 The getPathInfo() returns a null value when the request to context root is being handled by the cached wrapper
PM76886 Some HTTP requests are not served correctly.
PM84811 Encoding issues with some characters like n-tilde
System Management/Repository PM72171 WebSphere variables in the -Xdump option are not understood correctly
PM72347 Update SOAP response header to remove version
PM76048 An application is not stopped when uninstalled ADMN0006W
PM81558 Timing issue while disabling autosync during rollout update application deployment operation
PM92206 Configuration transform fails after a JDK update.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PM69495 WSWS0046E error was logged after migrating SOAP/JMS Web Services application from v6.0
PM72514 EJB thread context data (EJSDeployedSupport) memory leak error may occur.
PM73091 Slow memory leak with WLM object when using JAX-RPC Web Services
PM76124 JVM property to set timeout for SOAP apache call during socket creation
PM79959 NullPointerException during JAX-RPC web service invocation
PM80602 IOException thrown during MTOM processing even if the webservices application works fine
PM84431 When an IP is changed for a host, SOAP code does not recognize it due to management of a static host/ip table
Web Services Security PM90949 Potential Vulnerability in WS-SECURITY with XML Digital Signature

Fix Pack 45(
Fix release date: 24 Sep 2012
Last modified: 21 Sep 2012
Status: Recommended

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100% CPU Usage PM60030 NullPointerException occurs when peer recovery fails
PM61079 Excessive threads on sync operation waiting for one blocked thread from active sync with SocketInputStream.socketRead0
PM65484 Incorrect values for the location of the compensation service recovery logs may be displayed in the administrative console
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PM47857 Administrative console should throw a warning or error message during application start, if the application fails to expand.
PM56021 Application deployment does not display continuos messages after clicking on finish .
PM58377 Problems using administrative console 12/03/05 ptf pechange
PM60251 | symbol cannot used for external provider URLl when configuring a 3rd party JMS provider.
PM60546 After setting transaction log directory value for one cluster member, value shows for next member but is not saved.
PM65508 Update data written to command assistance log
PM67949 Performance improvement on the creation of cluster members
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PM62577 PM50941 backported to 6.1 addressing the wsadmin slow initialization.
Data Replication Services PM55377 Hang in during Application Server restart
PM56317 DRS unnecessarily maintains WLM cluster information for the dynamic cache DRS instances.
PM56886 Determining if an object exists in replication can be slow
DB Connections/ Connection Pooling PM59995 Applications using the Oracle11gDatastoreHelper gets ojdbc5.jar must be used when configuring to run with 11g database
Default Messaging Component PM61634 WebSphere Application Server v6.1 service integration bus MBeans do not emit start notifications during server startup
Dynamic Cache PM55534 Class changes for objects stored within a WXS dynacache grid can result in deserialization exceptions.
PM56267 Invalidating a dependency ID does not invalidate associated cache entries.
PM57280 Dynacache does not invoke PreInvalidationListener shouldInvalidate method for LRU invaliations
EJB Container PM63544 Java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Task id not registered when using EJB timer service
PM63801 Transaction timeout occurs in an EJB method, the transaction is rolled back but no EJBTransactionRolledbackException
PM63933 Java.sql.SQLException, cannot disable the default EJB timer database Derby
Federated Repositories PM45354 VMM gives wrong results when search expression ANDs properties from LDAP and LA.
PM47250 LDAP with SDBM does not work in federated repositories
PM48799 VMM not allowing to view configuration settings for monitor
PM50128 VMM does not ignore timestamp attributes while getting group members
PM54864 VMM throws java.text.parseException: Unparseable date: "20080222152928.122-0000z" for dates in custom LDAP
PM55588 Add a custom property to allow DN to be treated as literal
PM55970 Property values from active directory application mode not mapping correctly
PM56642 During authentication not all characters are taken as literals
PM57327 Exception while trying to get entity from virtual member manager using externalid
PM59885 Returning DN with spaces in getMembers for a group call
General PM39070 WebSphere adjunct and servant regions leak memory when any XAResource fails to recover
PM42438 JMS client connected to WebSphere Application Server service integration bus messaging engine hangs
PM50920 InstconfPartialSuccess due to 99SupdateProfileIvtApp
PM51216 SIB JFapChannel code calling getSegmentName is affecting performance.
PM51883 Modifying the JSESSIONID, does not call error page or handling correctly.
PM52043 Out of memory occurred in DRS/session when stress test is run
PM53083 WebSphere Application Server SIBMQLinkSenderChannel and SIBMQLinkReceiverChanne Mbeans do not emit notifications
PM60166 Servant abend0C4 in BBOOSMF+0972
PM60934 Invalid plugin version caused FileNotFoundException
PM60948 Errors when processing module classpath jars cause classpath processing to abort
PM61789 Saving XML config data can create lines over 2048 characters
PM63580 SIBus destinations and links remain in delete_pending state along with CWSIP0065I message in the systemout.log
PM64460 Temporary files created under the wstemp/appdepl* folder were not removed after application deployment
PM65273 Some of URI was missing in plugin-cfg.xml generated during deploying an enterprise application
PM66085 Enable large file support for IBM HTTP Server
PM66425 99SupdateProfileIvtApp.ant fails on invalid profile
PM66603 Improvement to XML hashing algorithms
PM70044 Corrupted file caused a ClassNotFoundException on "LocalMBeanServerFactory" when running with websvc fp.
High Availability (HA) PM56082 Thread race results in out-of-order isAlive callback and JVM stopped with panicJVM in HAManager.
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PM58090 When cancelling a scheduled task which has corrupted/empty taskinfo blob entries, ByteSerializeException may occur
PM58610 WebSphere scheduler poll daemon active in all servants for a server on z/OS
PM66602 Wrong J2E userid sent for CICS transaction
Java Message Service (JMS) PM54812 WebSphere Application Server v6.1.x service integration bus messaging engine throws NullPointerException
PM55400 Unexpected OutOfMemory error using a filestore and nonpersistent messages
PM55680 High number of ExceptionDelivery### threads in WebSphere application server servant region
PM56238 NullPointerException in objectManager Btree can cause different problems
PM59178 After terminate downloading via TCPchannel, IOException occurs after TCP write timeout
PM65308 WebSphere Application Server hosting a messaging engine hangs during shutdown
JNDI/Naming PM56328 Indirect JNDI lookups make redundant attempts to connect to an unavailable endpoint.
JSP PM62534 Dynamic attributes of custom tag do not work properly.
Object Request Broker (ORB) PM56618 Abend C78 caused by cell pool storage allocation
Other PM54356
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) PM53278 Collector did not gather the was, debug and os directories on Microsoft Windows2008 "r2" only
PM63264 Abend233-10 issued due to BBORFRR using a bad parm list for SDUMP
Plug-in PM43770 Plugin does not check backup cloneids when using partition table
PM54584 WebSphere plugin on AIX won't start if armEnabled is true.
PM55375 File.serving.patterns.allow are ignored if disAllowAllFileServing is set
PM56122 Can not open PDF with SBCS plugin
PM56259 Plug-in fails to convert all data to EBCDIC when header size is greater than 8k
PM56331 Plug-in requests a sync node on a managed web server node when file synchronization is disabled
PM56923 Do not route to servers removed from PrimaryServers set but continue to route if server in BackupServers set
PM57804 Requests are retried to server during a rolling restart of the application servers
PM59476 Threads hang in SSL connections
PM63690 Webserver plugin propagation may fail
PM64476 Enhance error message when SSL fails to intialize
PM65026 Multi-line headers are removed from responses by Web Server 7.0 plug-in on HPUX and Solaris
PM67658 Plugin should stop an IBM HTTP Server start if there is a DNS failure and ignoreDNSFailures is set to false.
PMI/Performance Tools PM58584 WorkManager threadpool values incorrect when viewing from administrative console and ITCAM
PM60156 Tivoli Performance Viewer PercentMaxed of HAManager.thread.pool displays incorrect values.
Proxy Server PM52964 PMI counter value for proxy goes negative
PM54872 ODC needs to be hardened to ensure stale membership and ODC data is not incorporated into the live ODC tree
PM62331 The DWLM Client does not select the local cluster hosting the target web service when enableInProcessConnections set to true
Runtime (zSeries®) PM51214 Native memory leak in control region under load
PM54414 OutOfMemory caused by CCL leak in ORB z/OS because of residue references in com/ibm/ejs/container/util/bytearray
Security PM55047 While processing the ORB request securitycontext holder is null in receive_request vmcid:0x49421000minorcode:b4completed:no
PM55131 Add a custom property to provide a way to enable/disable DRS bootstrap function.
PM56485 Management scope of webserver in security.xml is unexpectedly changed by AdminTask.importWasprofile command
PM57696 Increase limitation of handling large number of local OS security user registry groups.
PM64474 Escape character was not handled correctly when using racfid search filter
PM67412 Invalid signature error due to a cached data in LtpaDigSignature class.
Service Data Objects (SDO) PM67711 Code in collapseUpdates() needs to do a check on object type in the map and compare to primary key.
Servlet Engine/Web Container PM54171 HttpServletRequest.getAttribut("javax.servlet.forward.query_string") returns null
PM57418 Translate SRVE0325E and SRVE0326E messages.
PM58495 The server needs to respond faster when unexpected input is sent as form parameters.
System Management/Repository PM42533 AdminApp.isAppRead returns "true" even when the expansion really fails.
PM50949 Updates to administrative console trace logs
PM55810 AdminControl.queryNames command fails when one one of the application servers in the cell is experiencing an OutOfMemory
PM56484 Filter out notification registrations from JSR160 client
PM58599 Deletion of an unmanaged node leaves the web server target mappings in the application deployment.xml file
PM60919 Deployment manager process runs into high CPU intermittently
PM61221 MapModulesToServers should not cause application restart
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PM55634 ClassCastException may occur when starting EJBs
PM60752 JVM properties for JAX-RPC Web Services time-out are not honored.
PM62927 JAX-RPC is not honoring the HTTP connection header
Workload Management (WLM) PM59129 WLM start cluster may be slow when many Application Servers are involved
PM63622 WLM thread deadlock in nodeagent on startup

Fix Pack 43(
Fix release date: 19 Mar 2012
Last modified: 15 Mar 2012
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 43

100% CPU Usage PM40551 BBOT0004E: RRS service atrend failed with return code=931 also, bbo0006e, reason=c9c2120c
PM46173 Setting TX timeout using the UOWManager interface to not working, resulting in unexpected WTRN0006W and TX rollback
PM49427 WS-BA namespace inconsistency between releases
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PM39345 Admin configservice does not give good diagnostic output for an object name creation with a bad formatted input
PM46827 A memory leak is possible when using diagnostic providers due to providers not being de-registered.
PM48719 CSRF warnings in the administrative console when no cross-site request forgery attack has been made.
PM49844 Server_log_root variable in the updated cluster server template not honoring the user defined value.
PM49995 Binaries location field displayed incorrectly in the administrative console in some situations.
PM51270 Unable to import personal certificate via console when alias name contains quotes
PM51658 Memory-to-memory replication without any config changes, console will prompt you for save changes to master repository.
PM51902 Extraneous property written to the security.xml when updating SSL JSSE entry
Classloader PM47528 Incorrect validation of an unset class loader mode
DB Connections/ Connection Pooling PM47486 A suspended global transaction is never resumed after an exception is thrown, thus exhausting the data source pool
Dynamic Cache PM47896 NullPointerException intermittetly occurs when invoking CacheableCommandImpl executeFromCache() command.
EJB Container PM51808 Problem between thread starting app and different thread attempting to route an ORB request to the same app.
PM54417 OutOfMemory caused by EJB container CCL leak
EJBDeploy (WSAD) PM45802 Deploy enterprise beans checkbox is checked when EJB 1.1 project is already deployed
Embedded/Express PM48558 Threadpool waiting thread count not updated on thread death
Federated Repositories PM31737 Calling delete() to an entry by UniqueID and ReposId fails with a NameNotFoundExecption
PM40631 VMM does not log messages while switching LDAP server
PM42365 Manage users and panels getting displayed in Simplified Chinese.
PM42874 When the ObjectClass is not defined the wimconfig file is overwritten
PM43353 Users defined in the BPM custom registry failed to show up in a search using VMM API via VMM UR bridge.
PM43657 VMM ignores default boolean values while making an API call.
PM44124 Problem with cache growing without bounds
PM44359 VMM should provide SAF mapping module with debug capability shipped with VMM classes
PM45289 VMM produces different results for semantically identical search expressions
PM46133 jpegPhoto is not returned while retrieving with * in property list
PM47036 VMM fetching nested groups which are outside the scope of configured LDAP base entry.
PM47637 InvalidPropertyValueException if the million second is 000
PM47666 WIM API isRACFUser() does not handle internal server id
PM47892 VMM ignores ChangeSummary passed to update entries in DB
PM47968 VMM overrides searchbases passed by client with wimconfig searchbase
PM49205 CustomRegistryException is thrown if DisplayName is null
PM50487 VMM is enforcing java 2 security on API calls.
PM50634 In rangeRetrieval VMM only queries for initial set of attribute values.
PM51981 VMM get () api does not return UID property of the user
PM52049 VMM is incorrectly handling password updates
PM52362 Add a custom property to support PrincipalName for LDAP authentication
PM53961 PersonAccount missed it's link with EmployeeType,City property.
PM54080 VMM does not handle overlapping searchbases sent in client for search() api call.
General PM37698 Async bean causes work manager to create an enclave that ends up getting hung
PM39559 Errors CWSIP0003E, CWSIT0029I & CWSIT0028I appear in the systemout.log when the server hosting messaging engine restarts.
PM40926 HFS violations when sync-to-os thread is enabled, and application attempts to load native dll.
PM42239 Holiday.getHolidays is returning an empty set
PM44229 WebSphere Application Server v6.1 hosting the service integration bus messaging engine throws NullPointerException
PM44272 Service integration bus application hangs attempting to connect following a handshake failure
PM44500 Java.version property when running enablejvm command
PM44556 Server startup is slowed by code which redundantly opens an ear file when obtaining module class paths.
PM44700 The command generated from the console command assistance panel contains a value that should be masked.
PM44908 FileNotFoundException when tracing is enabled during EJB 3.0 deployment with Feature Pack for EJB 3.0 installed.
PM45762 PartialSuccess when using non-root to install plugin or IBM HTTP Server V6.1 fix pack on Unix 64-bit operating system
PM46270 When using MVS logstreams for WebSphere App Server error logs servant may connect to logstream multiple times and use high SQA
PM46469 WebSphere Application Server v6.1 service integration bus MQ Link does not honor WebSphere MQ stop channel request
PM49247 does not contain web-app_2.2.DTD
PM49256 enableJVM fails on federated nodes in IBM i 7.1
PM49398 Backup method to determine WebSphere process id may not work if service name contains numeric values
PM49421 Missing message for key "" error while using create publishers utility
PM49712 Native file permissions for WebSphere Application Server are incorrect on IBM i
PM51944 StringIndexOutOfBounds exception from XMLTypeUtil
PM53745 UserRegistry.getGroups(string, int) triggers an IllegalStateException that is logged to FFDC
PM53908 Error 500 when logging in to the console after a server restart
PM54578 Update EJBDeploy
High Availability (HA) PM31740 New core group bridge problem
PM52610 HMGR1019W messages filling up the systemout.log
PM56295 Coregroup bridge service partitioned after OutofMemory condition in application server.
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Install PM57038 PM25896 post install action may fail
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PM40146 Illegal state after reconnect with JMS resource adapter
PM42263 Pretest connection optimization is on all the time for failing connections when FailingConnectionsOnly is set.
PM46393 Corrupted characters in Information Center for WSCallHelper class
JNDI/Naming PM20539 Classloader memory leak.
Object Request Broker (ORB) PM42138 BBOO0325W An IIOP request for Class Name has timed out
Other PM55349 Response filter for CSRF not processing 302 redirect.
Plug-in PM46226 32-bit plugin for Apache 2.2 needs large file support
PM48820 ESI CacheID needs to be configurable to have hostname as part of the key
PM49236 HP-UX does not honor ConnectTimeout setting.
PM49625 IIS plugin causes thread crashes when using ARM
PM49729 Null StashfileLocation for Z/OS displays ":" for the property instead of ""
PM51652 A post is always retried by the WebSphere plug-in if the content-length is 0.
PM52654 Plug-in should return 400 on incomplete requests received.
PM54367 Web server plug-in connection count is decremented twice when a 503 response is received
PMI/Performance Tools PM44138 ServletException when attempting to view TPV logs.
PM44795 Invalid tag name error when running PerfServlet with version=5 parameter
PM46206 SDO repository performance enhancement.
Programming Model Extensions (PME) PM48402 EJBQuery incorrectly allowed CLOB type in predicate
Proxy Server PM50881 Web service request through a proxy server fails due to WSWS4115E error
Runtime (zSeries®) PM46444 Provide facility to enable keepalive for outbound RMI-IIOP connections.
Security PM39363 High cpu due to garbage collection caused by excessive instances of java object
PM43426 LSD related ORB calls fail with CORBA.NO_PERMISSION when CSIv2 inbound authentication is set as required
PM44025 New SSL config created using administrative console has no trust store defined.
PM44303 LTPA cookie not returned on client request that successfully authenticates, but fails authorization to a web request.
PM46332 Incorrect parameter precedence when creating or modifying system SSL configuration.
PM46554 getRemoteUser name truncated when using | (pipe) delimeter
PM53137 Weekday of next start date in key generation is not correct when auto key generation is enabled and repeat interval is > 56 weeks
PM53426 Mitigation of reducing heavy dynacache invocation upon FormLogout.
PM53919 Security authorization failed when user CN has apostrophe in name
Servlet Engine/Web Container PM48454 ServletContext.getRealPath does not work for files in the extended document root
PM50313 response.setContentType(null) failed
System Management/Repository PM41028 In the wsadmin.traceout receiving a java.lang.NullPointerException
PM42234 The parameter "-Xdump:tool:events=user+abort,exec=gcore %pid" works in Microsoft Windows, but fails in Linux.
PM45175 Program statements to get client hostname and port may be slow if the network is not performing entirely normally
PM45256 Cannot install an enhanced ear file.
PM48297 Configuration file not fully loaded during deployment process
PM50486 Receiving java.lang.NullPointerException in wsadmin.traceout while mapping EJB
PM51254 SyncNode command should not run on deployment manager node
PM51744 At node agent startup, the node agent starts the webserver when it should not
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PM34178 Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError occurred after redeploying JAX-RPC applications
PM43596 Excessive trace when enabling trace ""
PM44084 SOAP fault modified by JAX-RPC application handler is not correctly processed.
PM47553 JAX-RPC web service provider might return incorrect XML when return element contains an XML comment.
Web Services Security PM30683 WSEC5007E error when loading classes with JAX-RPC WS-Security
PM45259 NullPointerException when WS-Security attempts to generate an LTPA token from runAs subject
Workload Management (WLM) PM42959 WLM external client data propagation incomplete
PM50225 WLM OutOfMemory or memory leak on proxy server

Fix Pack 41(
Fix release date: 7 Nov 2011
Last modified: 7 Nov 2011
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 41

Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PM36734
PM37589 When configuring generic JMS provider, some authentication properties are not set properly
PM37842 Unable to set multiple -XDump parms using administrative console
PM38627 Starting deployment manager intermittently receives in getAttribute method.
PM41429 Saving passwords in Mozilla Firefox causes console fields to be prefilled
PM45072 WebSphere variables are not created on save after clicking apply if the variables.xml file does not exist for the server
Data Replication Services PM38550 OutOfMemory during failover with memory-to-memory session replication
DB Connections/ Connection Pooling PM27883 rs.getInt(1) throws "java.sql.SQLException: [IBM][SQLServer JDBC Driver]Value can not be converted to requested type" for a decimal datatype.
Default Messaging Component PM36685 Sensitive information logged by SIB exception when dumping SibRaRecoverableSiXaResource object
PM38708 CWSJN5006E: error in NotificationMessageHolderTypeBinder
PM39049 CWSID0029E message when service integration bus messaging engine fails over after a network outage
EJB Container PM37960 Deadlock occurs during deferred EJB initialization under rare circumstances.
EJBDeploy (WSAD) PM45459 Update EJBdeploy level
Enterprise Edition (EE) PM39346 Memory leak in Web Services SAX parser may lead to an OutOfMemoryError
Federated Repositories PM23448 Certificate authentication fails because of space in distinguished name.
PM32466 Search bases are not being honored when searching for group membership.
PM33575 When uniqueUserId is mapped to externalName, VMM calls fail with javax.naming.NamingException.
PM35093 VMM does not handle date/timestamp values reliably.
PM35712 Principal name for the users located in local OS registry were returned in the format machineid\userid
PM36009 NullPointerException is thrown on getting nested group members
PM37404 WIMUserRegistry does not display group when DN of the group is passed as input.
PM37824 VMM throws NoSuchAttributeException
PM37925 Changing userDisplayNameMapping in wimconfig.xml does not work
PM38223 VMM throws a EntityNotFoundException if the Property Extension repository contains obsolete entries
PM38569 Cache distribution policy of VMM cache is not being honored when the cache is initialized.
PM40214 Dynacache & VMM race condition
PM40802 VMM fetching properties from LDAP which were marked as not supported.
PM42368 VMM logging NoSuchAttributeException in the traces even though the exception was ignored.
PM43304 VMM returns a user record while searching for a group in localOS registry
PM43729 VMM not escaping back slash character for all data types
General PM33466 Deadlock in WebSphere Application Server using readahead consumers (including publish subscribe)
PM34003 Messages continue to accumulate for a subscriber that has disconnected
PM34074 Publish/subscribe message buildup occurs when more than one service intergration bus link is defined in a messaging engine.
PM34450 Excess memory utilization on thread local in XMLTypeUtil can cause servant region to abend.
PM35272 Deadlock in classloader and OSGi code.
PM36469 Service integration bus destination in delete_pending state due to NullPointerException
PM36863 Updating WebSphere Application Server was may fail while updating ivtapp.ear in profiles.
PM37452 Significant delays are seen when sending messages over an SIBus link to a bus in a different WebSphere Application Server cell
PM37459 The Current LUWID field on the MQLink receiver channel connections runtime tab is incorrectly displayed as text.
PM37840 Cross-site scripting vulnerability in web messaging
PM40084 WebSphere Application Server version 6.1 allows user to create multiple foreign buses with the same name.
PM40769 Mapping of User in the "User RunAs Roles" affects the mapping of the user in "security role to user/group mapping"
PM42017 Can not find bean groupDetailForm in any scope on administrative console using role name with french accent char
PM42235 A work class failed to be created while installing application with a name ending with ".ear".
PM43897 NullPointerException thrown in FilteredExtensionPointProxy.getExtension() when trace is enabled
PM44240 Application Server crash in wasservice when stopping server
PM45089 Collector output should capture NIFHistory.xml, NIFStack.xml and update.status.xml
High Availability (HA) PM38774 Native OutOfMemory can occur due to inflators and deflators not being closed.
PM39538 Prerequisite HA manager fix for WebSphere Extreme Scale fix PM38880
PM40170 Missing bulletin board updates from high availability manager
PM40749 The heartbeat time out drops a server from the view. HA manager then tries to recover, recovery abnormal
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Install PM40733
PM43663 When performing a runtime refresh the fixes for apars PM04834, PM24372, PM25638 are not enabled.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PM30396 Thread identity not propogated to CICS when user registry is LDAP
PM32552 J2CA0144W and J2CA0114W generated in systemout.log even though MappingConfigAlias and AuthDataAlias are configured
PM35697 The class is not found when the user authentication is tried for the second time.
PM38487 Improve upon the DataSourceCfgHelper.reload() documentation
PM38533 packetSize variations between actual data and IBM's documentaion.
PM40751 Hung threads noticed with Sybase JConnect JDBC Driver
Java Message Service (JMS) PM35555 A persistent IOException accessing the store file does not cause the messaging engine to stop
PM37079 HTTP channel returns empty response to proxy when server sends chunked data under some senarios.
PM38448 When the HTTP channel is marshalling the response and there is bad data it will send a malformed response back to the client
PM43639 EJB 3.0 MDB fails to rollback a message when a RuntimeException occurs
JSP PM40654 Custom property provided by PM10362 if applied on z/OS WebSphere Application Server can cause a problem serving a JSP.
Object Request Broker (ORB) PM37976 Abend 0C4 pic 11 occurred in BBOOWRK+07E8 when the server was terminated.
Plug-in PM37373 Plug-in does not mark server back up after receiving a 503 response from the appserver
PM38369 Plugin merge tool is not generating valid plugin-cfg.xml
PM38866 Plugin does not retrieve client cert data from Apache HTTP server correctly
PM43770 Plugin does not check backup cloneid's when using partition table
PMI/Performance Tools PM41287 Runtime performance advisor causing a NullPointerException
PM43581 Slow memory leak occurs when using PMI request metrics configured in "debug" mode
Programming Model Extensions (PME) PM33522 java.lang.NullPointerException when sending SMTP mail using WebSphere Commerce
PM35661 com/ibm/ws/runtime/component/JavaCompContextMgrImpl.ecmdMap caused CompoundClassLoader leak
Runtime (zSeries®) PM26672 Request are routed to the wrong servant when the cookie name is changed from JSESSIONID at the application level.
PM38306 NullPointerException in and possible hang:
Scheduler PM38501 Daylight savings time causes missed scheduler task
Security PM33787 CSIv2 "SSL Required" and "Client Certificate Authentication Required" not effective for local client on z/OS
PM34191 Node Synchronization fails due to TokenExpiredException
PM36556 SSL configuration might be deleted during removing a node.
PM36700 Serialized form of WSCredential object is expired, even though the field value was refreshed.
PM37947 Subject may not be constructed properly when login is done by hashtable login.
PM41620 Configuring TAM fails with TAM not being able to create or add the admin user to a group
PM43079 CSIv2 server session entries may not be removed upon session removal.
Servlet Engine/Web Container PM36748 404 exceptions while creating and deleting a file.
PM39908 The addGlobalListener API is not available with V6.1 Feature Packs
PM44112 ServletOutputStream print method gets into infinite loop if the response buffer is set to a zero value
System Management/Repository PM35851 RenameNode command with security enabled causes the server not to start due to missing from node level
PM36615 setVerbose operation of JVM Mbean does not turn on verbose GC.
PM37029 Genterated start_<serverName>.bat using StartServer "-script" parameter fails to start the server.
PM38283 Updates needed to add node or remove node from administrative console
PM38547 EJB 2.x CMP connection factories created after deployment causing IllegalResourceIn2PCTransactionException
PM41131 Can not access the MBean attributes when logged in
PM41133 ProcessOpException might be thrown when terminating a process
PM43805 isVerbose() method can not query SR(s)
PM44650 $AdminApp list not working correctly for cluster scope.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PM37820 Webservice-calls result in NullPointerException after PM19534
PM38181 WSWS3163E error: is still received after applying PM27844
PM40861 It will take a very long time to stop a server on HP-UX when the DNS server is not available.
Web Services Security PM38679 JAX-RPC WS-Security error message issued when no SOAP header in message is not usable
PM38681 JAX-RPC SignatureGenerator emits SAML 2.0 ValueType for a SAML 1.1 token in the SecurityTokenReference/KeyIdentifier element
PM47470 Certificates have expired in WS-Security samples keystores

Fix Pack 39(
Fix release date: 18 Jul 2011
Last modified: 12 Jul 2011
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 39

100% CPU Usage PM14310 LogIncompatibleException during the recovery log service startup process.
PM29586 CSCP0007E ActivityPendingException
PM30207 Activity service throws ActivityPendingException after receiving SAXParseException while processing a web service response.
PM30271 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in DistributedActivityContext
PM30478 Provide expanded explanation of WTRN0122W message
PM34232 The file specified by exclusions of file synchronization service is deleted/removed when nodeagent starts after PM19349
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PM19644 Performance issue
PM30703 Administrative console users and groups filter reflects incorrect filtered total
PM31282 Admin ConfigService does not give good diagnostic output with a malformed configuration object name.
Default Messaging Component PM31665 Sensitive information logged by SIB exception when dumping SibRaConnectionInfo object
PM32130 ClassNotFoundException when starting JMSMessageListener service in WebSphere Application Server EmbeddedExpress V6.1
PM32792 Service Integration Bus messaging engine fails to acquire its data store lock due to SQLException "ORA-30006: Resource busy"
PM33312 OutOfMemory during startup of default messaging provider messaging engine
Dynamic Cache PM29178 Cache lookup fails after NameAlreadyBoundException occurs
PM31557 Hung thread and NullPointerExceptions on ESIProcessor.listen
EJB Container PM31649 ejbRemove() may be called before start method of an EJB has completed and throw an IllegalArgumentException:
EJBDeploy (WSAD) PM35158 needs to be set error while EJBDeploying using the administrative console
PM37995 Update EJBDeploy to address several issues
Federated Repositories PM21689 WMM to VMM migration does not migrate realm stanza
PM22019 File adapter should ignore certificate login request
PM22482 Application GroupMemberShip will be deleted if group members does not exist rather than throwing
PM26370 Incorrect values of external IDs in Domino LDAP
PM27062 VMM unable to read properties of type boolean
PM29822 Nested groups are not displayed
PM29846 VMM rolls back global transaction if VMM operation fails.
PM31401 Unable to return groupMembership control for a user on 2nd call when caches are enabled.
PM33076 VMM throws NoSuchAttributeException while searching
PM33488 NullPointerException thrown on trying to update multi valued attributes in Property Extension repository
PM34097 Exception message for invalid user name not propogated from VMM to Application Server
PM35508 VMM throws NPE in getMembersByMember() when dynamic member attribute does not have anything in LDAP entry.
PM35509 VMM not able to list dynamic group members.
PM35725 Wrong exception thrown for incorrect password
General PM07974 JMS application fails to reconnect after Service Integration Bus messaging engine failover
PM18002 NullPointerException in EclipsePolicy assuming non-null codesource
PM18545 Constructor BigDecimal(java.math.BigDecimal) not present in class
PM30801 Deleting WS-Notification service causes CWSJN1001E messages
PM31067 SIBus CWSIP0002E exception is reported on cluster startup
PM32369 WASService is unable to read the pid when Microsoft Windows service is started
PM32856 Adjunct region terminates with abend SCC3 RSN=040e0002. JVM reports java/lang/OutOfMemoryError during pthread_create
PM32957 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:com/ibm/icu/math/BigDecimal
PM35809 Average CPU time in 120.x records is not computed correctly
PM36822 PM09564 fix is incomplete for V6.1
High Availability (HA) PM29179 HAManager bulletin board post is dropped during a rebuild of ODCTree
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Install PM31522 generated incorrectly when directory paths contain spaces
PM32436 Update Installer for i5os cannot be downloaded from V7 Centralized Installation Manager
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PM25209 Microsoft SQL Server return codes 6005, 6001, 6006 should be mapped to a StaleConnectionException.
PM26796 Java.lang.NullPointerException is coming on
PM31502 SCHD0130W: failed to verify the scheduler tables because of an error occurs with Oracle OCI JDBC driver after PM13659
PM33493 StaleConnectionException not available in builds in the Assembly Toolkit
Java Management Extensions (JMX) or JMX Client API PM32551 Anonymous* subdirectories left in wstemp directory on z/OS
PM32642 Calling AdminClientFactory.createAdminClient() within Application Server results in java 2 security violation in V6.1
Java Message Service (JMS) PM26779 Maximum headers default value is not consistent
PM29501 NullPointerException is printed in systemerr.log when a request is received without version ID
PM31553 Java.nio.BufferOverflowException exception might cause Application Server to get in an unstable state
Java SDK PM25223 Failed to include a JSF page within the servlet.
PM29192 Faces-config.xml file is being loaded twice.
JSP PM32704 The JSP is getting compiled with 1.5 SDK instead of 1.2, even after specifying the jdkSourceLevel="15"
Object Request Broker (ORB) PM31163 Java_com_ibm_ws_management_util_PlatformHelperImpl_getCPUTimesN abend0C4 on 64-bit mode
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) PM33469 BBORBLOG job to handle logger return and reason codes 8/847
PM37340 0c4=BBORSLOG is trying to use r13 as a base reg in amode 64,
Plug-in PM29438 The HTTP Server plugin does not retry a marked down appserver under some circumstances.
PM30968 Parition table is not checked for affinity under certain conditions
PM31754 Plugin crashes with ESI enabled when invalid headers are received
PM32939 Failed to get a socket, Operating system err=3452 causing application performance issues through plugin
PM33330 QueryString conversion problem when job CCSID is not 37
PM35264 serverIOTimeout set to a non zero value causes the esiInvalidator to timeout in the plug-in.
PMI/Performance Tools PM34156 Tivoli Performance Viewer shows wrong value for web container ActiveCount.
PM34413 Slow memory leak occurs when using PMI request metrics configured in "debug" mode
Programming Model Extensions (PME) PM32618 Deadlock in com/ibm/ws/asynchbeans/services/wlm/EnclaveManager
Proxy Server PM31568 Create FFDC log and return 400 error code when content type mismatch.
Runtime (zSeries®) PM25806 System.out.checkError() always returns false
Security PM24472 Exporting signer certificate via administrative console fails with CWPKI0663E
PM25277 Cipher settings not posted in was.env from com_ibm_DAEMON_claimSecurityCipherSuiteList
PM27092 validateLDAPConnection wsadmin command fails with NullPointerException in local mode
PM28205 During heavy load CORBA.NO_PERMISSION error occurs on session state
PM30025 Custom credential or kerberos token might be lost when a subject is refreshed
PM30762 Token expired message when server id is used for asyncbean
PM31904 WebSphere security monitor is not notfying if the chained certificate is expired
PM32636 SECJ4060W messeages filling up logs.
PM33545 JVM problem due to DynamicSSLCacheMissComparator
PM36025 Custom properties of the "SSL Configurations" disappear.
Servlet Engine/Web Container PM29199 SESN0008E exception when security integration of session is enabled.
PM30543 Duplicate HTTP channel buffers cause high CPU
PM34028 When using contenttypecompatibility=true all file types and extensions are not reverting to default content setting
PM36341 Webcontainer returns 200 response for a requst with If-Modified-Since header which is newer than date of target file
Sessions and Session Management PM16861 Deadlocked threads with session tracing active
PM27191 Manual creation of sessions table with a different user causes issues with database persistence
System Management/Repository PM23567 Application fails to map or deploy, when the Application Server is created using a cluster template.
PM26423 An empty classloader object is not created for a war that was defined in the deployment.xml file of the enhanced ear.
PM29405 A J2EE application failed to deploy with a bad bindings file, the temp directory created during deployment was not cleaned up
PM30276 NodeSyncUtility leaves wstemp/anonymous* folders
PM30383 Generated script start_server.bat cannot be run from drive other than the drive where <profile_home>/bin is located.
PM30431 Command assist provides wrong null value for adminapp.install with "- MapInitParamForServlet" option
PM31699 CCL leaks and OutOfMemory exceptiong caused by NotificationServiceDispatcher or LocalNotificationServiceDispatcher thread leak
PM35849 The ADMA0073W message wording is incorrect
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PM30634 A JAX-RPC redirect request is sent to remote server directly when a proxy is configured.
PM31195 Allow a JAX-RPC one-way service to send back a 202 http status code.
PM31633 A JAX-RPC application cannot process a SOAP attachment whose content-id header is missing a part name.
PM31757 WSWS0020 / WSWS0052 may occur during JAX-RPC client deployment
PM32695 SOAP header added by JAX-RPC handler is not sent with attachment
PM34290 ElementFormDefault AttributeFormDefault attributes are not set in the WSDL when using APIs.
Workload Management (WLM) PM33598 WLM SIBus ME startup and shutdown performance enhancement
PM37545 WLM legacy compressor toggle
Fix Pack 37(
Fix release date: 4 Apr 2011
Last modified: 31 Mar 2011
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 37

100% CPU Usage PM22090 Compensation service fails with PropertyGroupUnknownException
PM23497 Activity incorrectly propagated on web service request
PM24502 Hang in ASessWebInvocationCollaborator in preInvoke status leads to possible HTTP request timeout and EC3 abend
PM24684 Log application deployment.xml URL in trace.log.
PM25461 Global transaction commit failed: java.lang.IllegalStateException: No transaction associated with this thread
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PK88606 Administrator role members on the administrative console can modify the primary admin id.
PM23201 The console code does not allow the generic server cluster member weight value to be set to zero
PM23596 Environment variables with a cluster scope will not affect server
PM24306 Relax the restriction on some special characters in a J2EEResourceProperty config object name value.
PM24920 Diagnostic trace service "enable log" check box display is incorrect
PM25744 The "new" button does not appear on some transport chain administrative console pages when the page is first loaded.
PM25755 Unable to enable response compression for ODRcluster via administrative console
PM26970 When configuring the HTTPS transport for proxy, the generic server cluster GUI page does not display the changes.
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PM23039 Using ant.tasks.JspC to compile JSPs may result in an exception
PM24501 ServerStatus ant api caused java class is not found
PM24579 Creating a new shared library resulting in some garbage characters in the classpath value of library.xml file.
PM26816 The is incorrectly using the StringTokenizer constructors
Data Replication Services PM29893 DRS instances fail to initialize during a ripple start of the cluster.
Default Messaging Component PK91232 . characters are incorrectly converted to : characters when creating an inter-bus link
PM21857 WebSphere Application Server throws workspace errors
PM21935 SIB Message Driven Beans stop processing messages due to a deadlock between threads when a full set of MDBs are active
PM23655 WebSphere Service Integration Bus messaging engine fails to start after a network connection is lost and re-established
PM25272 Messages successfully consumed from an service integration bus destination are not removed from the SIB001 database table.
PM26876 OutOfMemory errors in WebSphere Application Server V6.1.
Dynamic Cache PM28293 Unable to obtain custom servlet cache instance
EJB Container PM27840 Persistence manager relies on value equality (.hashcode() and .equals()) of local entity wrappers.
Enterprise Edition (EE) PM22729 Memory Leak with XMLStreamReader may lead to OutOfMemoryError
Federated Repositories PM16941 User with hexchar in DN cannot be deleted, InvalidNameException
PM19315 VMM fails to update property "ibm-jobTitle"
PM21321 VMM performance issue - redundant calls to LDAP
PM22375 Unparsable date exception for Tivoli Directory Server
PM23316 When the login id contains a single quote, login may fail with the VMM exception
PM25785 javax.Naming.SizeLimitExceededException occurs when disabling the search cache in wimconfig
PM27121 Certificate authentication fails with NullPointerException
PM28984 NullPointerException while reading empty Datetime values
PM29063 Data loss during LA migration from WMM to VMM
PM29582 SchemaViolation exception is thrown
General PM15945 WKSP0006E with during stress testing
PM20165 SIB MQLINK receiver channel causes message CSQX503E CSQXRCTL negotiation failed for channel
PM20224 Messages stop flowing after a Service Integration Bus link is deleted and then recreated.
PM20476 A message of UTLS0005W outputs systemout.log in the system when server starts.
PM20978 Java.lang.NoClassDefFoundException during servant region shutdown
PM21539 Modify eventbucket.jacl to work with a cluster environment
PM22200 Improve logging in startserver.log in the case where OS imposes max filesize limit preventing allocation of native_stdout.log
PM22690 Considerable delays observed while processing messages on WebSphere v6.1.x service integration bus destination
PM22937 When WebSphere Application Server is started via Microsoft Windows service and Windows is shutdown, it may not wait for WebSphere to stop
PM22959 BBODMN WebSphere daemon has abend 018a/rc ff080111 from routine BBODRGS
PM23837 Messages sent to a SIB alias which points to a WebSphere MQ Server bus member queue can be lost after a connection drops
PM23875 Java.lang.NullPointerException at java.util.hashtable.get(
PM24498 WasService timed out getting pid from file, service status is stopped.
PM27213 While starting an application, runtime generating a java.lang.ClassCastException.
PM27235 SIP message queue size is growing.
PM27244 No warning message when node synchronization reaches its max retry iteration limit.
PM27417 CWSCT0334E: Failed to deserialize replication.
PM28508 Service integration bus intra-messaging engine connection retry logic may stall if an exception occurs at a critical point
PM29118 SECJ0055E message does not distinguish between bad userid / password and not having access to appl class
PM33377 Class loads file due to zip file caching.
PM30324 RMF reports from v6.1 contain inflated queue delay
High Availability (HA) PM27262 OutOfMemory error caused by
PM27892 Server fails to start with CWRLS0030W due to out of memory condition in another process in cell
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Install PM20002 Scheduler sample JCL BBOCRTTS is vague on some assumptions
PM25896 .pf files in the java/lib/cmm or java64/lib/cmm cannot be accessed via a call that does not supply the absolute path
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PM19870 J2CA202E during peer recovery operation
PM19904 Database connection to an Oracle database that is accessing a stored procedure will hang when connection.close is called
PM30857 Update embedded connect JDBC driver internal properties
Java Message Service (JMS) PM14498 The access log for the HTTP channel will not recognize history files
PM21645 HTTP channel does not honor the chunked transfer-encoding if there is only one chunk
PM22584 WebSphere service integration bus: wsvr0605w warnings written tojvm log when attempts are made to access message store.
PM24525 Update WebSphere MQ messaging provider to fix pack
PM24564 Web Services socket timeout for JAX-RPC/JAX-WS Web Services clients might not be honored.
PM27224 The HTTP Channel can return an incorrect charset when parsing it from the content-type header
Java SDK PM24390 Warning messages from JavaServer Faces component fill systemout.log
JSP PM19500 OutOfMemory occurs due to leak of
PM22919 JSP compilation error does not pass error back to the application
PM23092 More than two tags with the same name and different value in if/else block fails.
PM23597 JSP compilation error when using duplicate script variables with nested scope.
PM24787 Nested JSP tags do not retain parent attribute
PM29098 JSP useThreadTagPool tests failing due to java2 security
Object Request Broker (ORB) PM24445 RMF QUEUED WAIT measurements are inconsistent for IIOP, MDB and internal work requests.
PM29466 Intermittent SOC4 in 64-bit WebSphere Application Server for z/OS control region
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) PK97195 Usage of weak references is causing multiple invocations on the classloaders to get resources.
PM22325 Performance improvement in resolving message resource bundle
Plug-in PM22107 Some values are not updated when using cell wide generation
PM22848 The connectTimeout is ignored for some instances of the z/OS plugin.
PM24073 IHS collocated with the deployment manager does not support plugin propagation via IHS admin service or node agent
PM26466 IIS plug-in causes heap corruption and crash when armEnabled="true"
PMI/Performance Tools PM20181 NullPointerException when using perfservlet with version=5
PM28863 Configurable initial state for activation specification
Programming Model Extensions (PME) PM25457 Leak in and a way to unregister this class when application is stopped
Proxy Server PM28977 When defining proxy server pmi-config.xml contains duplicate probe id for both HAManager and proxy module
Runtime (zSeries®) PM23423 Running causes recursive stack trace, StackOverflowError, CORBA::INTERNAL with error code C9C25808
Scheduler PM23846 Unable to cancel scheduler tasks due to the TASKINFO field being empty
Security PM20781 Authentication fails for users with error "Not in a valid group"in HP-UX environment when group is very large
PM21010 WSSubject.getRootLoginException() returns null instead of an exception even if wrong username or password is entered.
PM22218 Received close_notify during handshake from wsadmin
PM23475 CSIv2 inbound transport and outbound transport field helps are wrong.
PM23482 Server slowdown caused by many threads stuck waiting for SOAP response
PM24003 Ping method gets CORBA.NO_PERMISSION on nodeagent when authentication is set as required
PM24308 CSIv2 outbound transport pulldown lists only SSL repertoires.
PM24313 A client code does not resend an ORB request upon receiving SESSION_DOES_NOT_EXIST error.
PM24466 When attempting to retrieve a signer certificate from a remote SSL port, error CWPKI0661E may occur.
PM24499 No proper exception messages passed over to the application client while connected to WebSphere Application Server securely.
PM24668 Unable to purge a user in the authcache.
PM26317 Concurrent logons sometimes cause incorrect AuthCache data
PM28082 Codebase of utility classes is not constructed properly.
PM30969 Change default value of security custom property back to false.
Service Data Objects (SDO) PM24066 OCCException resulting from multi-table update with the JDBC mediator
Servlet Engine/Web Container PM01373 Servlet init method is not called in the second request when UnavailableException occurs in init method in the first request.
PM30750 A JSP which is loaded as part of a forward or include request will not be tracked as part of the jspClassLoaderLimit
System Management/Repository PM18437 Mapping shared library during application update will only add new mappings but not remove original mappings
PM22862 Filetransfer servlet does not handle " SRVE0080E: Invalid content length" condition well.
PM24560 NullPointerException in command framework when deployment manager starts up in a multi-cell environment
PM28356 Deadlock in org.eclipse.osgi.internal.baseadaptor.DefaultClassLoader
PM29702 The application JSP options are incorrect on the administrative console
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PM19534 An OutOfMemoryError error occurs due to excessive SOAPElement objects while using Spring.
PM19608 Javax.xml.soap.MessageFactory.newinstance() might return wrong object
PM22088 A JAX-RPC web service invoked via WebSphere Process Server fails with error message WSWS3277E.
PM22160 The JAX-RPC runtime might not send a request to the target URL given with javax.xml.rpc.Call.setTargetEndpointAddress()
PM22533 There is no way to specify a timeout in SSLUtils.buildSSLSocket which can result in a hang.
PM23625 java.lang.NullPointerException may occur when invoking a JAX-WS webservice
PM24172 Redirected url for ?wsdl request may include backslash characters.
PM25270 The JAX-RPC Java2WSDL tool may produce a WSDL file with incorrect ArrayOf elements.
PM25697 A "WSWS3031E: Error: Serialization cannot occur for ..." error may occur for a JAX-RPC client.
PM26342 Lock contention may occur with a JAX-RPC application when the BaseSerializerFactory uses Class.forName.
PM26530 A JAX-RPC web service from V5.1 may fail when deployed in later versions due to xsd:datetime and xsd:date
PM26773 A JAX-WS or JAX-RPC Web Service that has a CONTENT-TYPE of "application/dime" may fail with a WSWS4115E error.
PM26784 Lock contention may occur with a JAX-RPC application when the BeanSerializerFactory uses FilePermissionCollection.
PM27844 WSWS3163E: Error: The Web Services engine could not find a target service to invoke! Targetservice is xxxxxx
PM28195 The fault details do not contain the root cause for JAX-RPC applications.
PM29816 Web Services requests fail with a java 2 security exception after PM20957
Web Services Security PM12971 JAX-RPC WS-Security STR-Rransform processing is incorrect
PM24289 Excessive object locking in the JAX-RPC runtime during heavy load may cause a performance degradation or hang
PM29584 WSEC0121E error may occur when an EncodingType attribute is included on the wsse:Nonce element (JAX-RPC)
Workload Management (WLM) PK75813 Workload managment OutOfMemory in proxy server
PM16868 Workload management OutOfMemory on proxy server
PM27960 Workload manager messaging engine scaling/performance fixes

Fix Pack 35 (
Fix release date: 17 Dec 2010
Last modified: 17 Dec 2010
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 35

100% CPU Usage PM14484 WSIF loads incorrect version of WSDL4J
PM15644 NullPointerException when compensation service(cs) is disabled. BBOO0220E: CSCP0007E:
PM16378 Long server name breaks object adapter name-length size restriction
PM18033 FFDC incorrectly shows global transaction timed out after 0 seconds
PM18203 Incorrect resource binding resulted in NameNotFoundException for lookup request
PM20036 FFDC exception occurred during server startup
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PM14251
PM15408 Changing JVM log settings causes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
PM15866 Javascript error on task management notification panel.
PM17956 Application function is not working in Solaris, getting ClassNotFoundException
PM20254 Cannot modify trusted proxy settings for an ODR static cluster.
PM20844 Changing the temp folder used when installing resource adapters causes error in the file transfer.
PM21039 Console user monitor unable to read the data source helper class.
PM21368 Cannot edit either of the two name space binding with the same name at different scopes
PM21870 Task management tasks cannot correctly be sorted by date.
PM22243 Conflicts have been found when trying to save workspace changes to master repository when two users modify different files
PM22519 Error with display of object names
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PM18415 Ws_ant command wasServerStatus loads a jvm argument that causes CWPKI0033E
PM18736 Sensitive information from wsadmin commands appear in trace
PM22940 Wsadmin scripting memory leak on workspace creation
Classloader PM13589 Customer experience deadlocks during server startup in classloader
Data Replication Services PM11279 DRS does not have code to send renounces on the other channel
PM16027 DRS threads come from the default thread pool, instead of from a named thread pool specific to DRS.
PM18363 Incorrect partition table is being built due to NullPointerException in the drs java.util.LinkedList.remove code
Default Messaging Component PM14633 WebSphere Application Server Service Integration Bus messaging engine throws CWSIS1500E errors after database failover
PM21290 WebSphere Application Server v6.1.x webservices gateway stops working after reloading a WSDL in the administrative console.
Dynamic Cache PM15824 Exceptions occur under stress when command caching is enabled
PM16358 ClassCastException in CacheProcessor
PM17521 Contentions in cache after servant restarted causing slow down in performance
PM18266 The PreInvalidationListner is not invoked on the remote SR, causing invalidations to fail in other servants
PM20492 Recently added cache entries are evicted from the cache before older entries
PM21043 Potential hang when dynamic cache diskoffload is enabled
EJB Container PM16610 Improve JVM log entries to print the MessageEndpoint proxies when the limit is reached
PM18280 Wrong data source authentication alias is used during lookup
PM19029 Resource reference JNDI lookups may become very slow (several seconds) under heavy load.
Federated Repositories PM06544 LDAP multiple-valued attribute case-sensitive update failure.
PM08744 NullPointerException when calling SDOHelper methods
PM12043 Login issues with wildcards
PM12918 Dynacache 'WIMInitCache' gets offloaded to disk
PM15258 VMM config allows duplicate group members in wimconfig.xml
PM15395 NullPointerException occurs when getting groups for user
PM15600 VMM fails deleting ibm-primaryEmail from property extension while unsetting the property of an entity.
PM16108 NullPointerException may occur in the LdapHelper module
PM17998 Not able to add LA property of type AnyURI
PM18034 Updating an entry by the uniqueId and reposId may fail.
PM18594 Incorrect unique name returned during search when using federated repositories with local registry
PM19342 VMM throws a NameAlreadyBoundException, while changing the password of a user residing in Domino LDAP.
PM19665 Limit the number of search results fetched from repository
PM20517 After 8 hours threads are hung on VMM code
PM21967 Unhandled exception when search API is called with principalName= DN
General PK89576 Network Derby database wrongly created in CEI datasource
PM10283 Controller region terminates with minor code c9c21a4d
PM10302 Method names in message BBOO0325W are unprintable garbage characters.
PM11871 Large number of WTRN0078E error messages written to the WebSphere Application Server systemout.log
PM13147 Add informational message when maximum thread pool size increases
PM13205 The runtime application manager uses stale server configuration data
PM13903 Container is not ACKing response retransmissions that arrive after sending a re-invite.
PM14692 0C4 abend in node agent when a local application server is being stopped
PM14752 JMS client connecting to service integration bus intermittently throws error CWSIA0067E followed by CWSIJ0046E.
PM15133 SIP container does not recover from exceptions thrown by the application
PM15466 WebSphere Application Server service integration bus messaging engine throws JMFUninitializedAccessException
PM15739 SIP proxy tracing does not support hiding specific field headers
PM16012 Potential deadlock in portlet container WebAppInitializationCollaborator
PM16525 Native OutOfMemory after serveral application restarts
PM17170 S0C4 in methods such as ORB_Request::getACRWorkElementPtr() due to double free of BBOOORBR
PM18365 OutOfMemoryerror when running the Installation Verification Tool from WebSphere Process Server on AIX
PM18537 Can not select a JNDI name for work manager on scope cluster
PM19495 informix on Linux fails the first time
PM19535 Timing window at initialization causes CWZGB0001E error
PM19599 SIP proxy: Proxy fails to reuse TCP connection to remote SIP server.
PM20319 SIP proxy is responding to an ACK packet when it should drop it.
PM20480 Using administrator role in an administrative authorization group is not honored when starting application server
PM20623 Messaging engine threads deadlock in getOrCreateNewMPConnection causing SIB applications to block waiting for a response
PM20625 Applications using Hibernate may experience performance issues during application start
PM21207 OSGi code shows deadlock at server startup
PM21842 ProtectionMetaData creating unnecessary ExtClassLoader
PM22055 AdminTask commands failed to work from remote wsadmin client in feature pack environments.
PM22587 WebSphere controller hang
PM25174 WKSP0006E with during stress testing
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK82854 FindByPrimaryKey for a newly deleted entity object returns the deleted entity, not ObjectNotFoundException.
PM13659 Problem creating defaultEJBTimerService
PM14084 SQL state: 08S01 is not mapped to StaleConnectionException
PM14659 Adding custom property on V4 datasource that has DeclaredPropertyType = short throws IllegalArgumentException
PM15069 IllegalStateTransitionException: The transition from state failed to state stopped is not allowed
PM15723 WebSphere Connect JDBC driver V3.7.0.65 might throw SQLException IO error writing temp file: negative seek offset
Java Management Extensions (JMX) or JMX Client API PM19349 Node sync fails with NullPointerException.
Java Message Service (JMS) PM12905 Custom property for not adding the protection against a null cookie value.
PM16654 The HTTP channel will return a quoted value when the cookie value is retrieved on a particular code path.
PM19324 A NullPointerException can occur on a proxy GZipped response
PM19507 If the clear method is not called on a BNFHeader object than an unexpected error and/or FFDC can be seen on the HTTP channel
PM21227 The maxHeader setting is not working as expected.
JNDI/Naming PM17751 The CORBA.NO_RESPONSE is seen in the nodeagent and servers due to WsnOptimised, AdminAuthoriz, AppServerStatcode in deployment manager.
JSP PM22082 The <include-prelude> and <include-coda> tags in the web.xml are not handled correctly
Object Request Broker (ORB) PM21181 Abend SDC2 in Control Region during stress test.
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) PM09889 FFDC subsystem shuts down but does not report it.
Plug-in PM13817 Customer needs to modify plugin parameters Maximum size of request content via administrative console
PM15363 Unable to update global plug-in from administrative console using certain security roles which should have access
PM16855 If a server is removed from the PrimaryServer of the plugin configuration, affinity requests continue to go to the server
PM17668 Plug-in retries the request to the same server in a single server configuration
PM22254 Failover always indicated if backup server selected
PMI/Performance Tools PM09679 NullPointerException using Tivoli Performance Viewer
PM13168 Base enablement changes in XML required for JRP code in Feature Pack for EJB 3.0 so that PK90943 code is enabled
PM15200 CPUUsageSinceLastMeasurement value in Tivoli Performance Viewer is not accurately being reported on WebSphere z/OS
PM20600 ThreadPool - PercentMaxed showed only 0 or 100
Programming Model Extensions (PME) PM17412 Naming context is not properly updated after an application has been redeployed
Proxy Server PM11690 Proxy could not diable caching for some large responses
PM15951 ODC is making excessive getTree calls.
PM18629 Proxy server: Cache version of a 301 request is returned as 200
PM18683 WAS proxy does not forward client authentication header $wssc
PM23707 Add custom property to allow configuring the number of history files for proxy log
Runtime (zSeries®) PM13196 Intermittent NullPointerException when making remote RMI call:
PM19568 Abend EC3 reason=04060034 in CR region when >10mb msg
Security PK94758 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid URLPatternSpec
PM11135 Application secured by SSL in the web.xml is redirected to the incorrect SSL port specified in the virtual host alias
PM11947 Custom JAAS subject data behavioral change
PM13331 Plugin-key.kdb and plguin.key.sth are not created when a certificate called default is not in key.p12.
PM13384 Org.omg.corba.no_permission error minor code: 308 during invocation of an EJB with a stateful CSIV2 session
PM14989 NullPointerExceptions from
PM15658 Security identity on a mediation flow, the runAs does not function as expected.
PM15850 Add TAM support APAR IZ75301
PM16198 High CPU caused by DynamicSSLCacheMissComparator
PM16589 Performance improvement for LTPA2 token sign()
PM17028 Javadoc for interface does not accuratly describe which exceptions are to be thrown
PM17054 Web service call to a remote client using SSL failing with asynch operation failed RC: 76 on second connection attempt
PM17672 OutOfMemory after 10 hours of stress run in java heap
PM18125 z/OS Portal Servant regions getting hung due to Tivoli thread being non-daemon
PM18511 An extra or | in the search filter added by the security component is not accepted by LDAP and throws SECJ0270E
PM18603 ChangeMultipleKeyStorePasswords command cause keystore password mismatch
PM18634 NullPointerException from ContextManagerImpl.setFirstAuthUser when calling WSSubject.setRunAsSubject with SMF enabled
PM18644 Memory handling improvement for LTPA token data
PM19569 NullPointerException from SSLConfigManager
PM19690 SSL initialization failure when trust store password is incorrect
PM20116 Generating CSR requests with 2048 key size from administrative console.
PM20186 Single sign on may fail because AuthCache removes a cache entry which has a custom cache key
PM21243 When application security is disabled, JMX client catches ADMN0022E error after restarting a target server.
PM21536 User credential remains in the cache when the user is logged out.
PM22579 After running addNode, new nodeagent abends during startup. CWPKI0007I: SSL service failed to start successfully
Servlet Engine/Web Container PM03788 WebSphere Application Server encodes message from sendError(int, msg) method
PM16526 Throwing RuntimeException if the response is of type NoBodyResponse
Sessions and Session Management PM06426 False session crossover detection when multiple JSESSIONID cookies in request
PM07156 False session crossover detection messages when session is accessed from filters.
PM14015 Cannot get the resource file via ClassLoader.gerResourceAsStream in httpSessionListener.sessionDestroyed()
PM18198 AlwaysEncodeURL webcontainer custom property in WebSphere Application Server v6.1
PM21397 getRequestedSessionId returns null when custom property 'NoAdditionalSessionInfo' is enabled.
System Management/Repository PM11111 Cleanupnode script fails with administrative security enabled
PM13387 Application edit treats all deployment tasks as edited.
PM14271 PK74363 improves application deploy in v61 for .wsdl files but slowed deployment for Commerce applications
PM14986 Log remote soap clients host & port information.
PM15589 Due to a security sslconfig code change the renameNode command must be updated.
PM18152 Clear or disable system apps install directory for FileTransfer ear
PM18331 CommandNotFoundException: ADMF0005E:: command or command group clusterConfig is not found when creating a cluster.
PM18827 High cpu in java/util/jar/jarfile.getEntry when idle
PM19203 FileTransferClient does not properly handle a filename with a $ symbol in the file name
PM19558 A new SOAPServer instance is registered everytime an SSLConfigChange event is triggered
PM21354 Message ADMN0022E displayed for wrong standard MBean attribute
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PM12574 A JAX-RPC generated file may not compile.
PM14495 A JAX-RPC application sends a soapenc:Array to a web service hosted on a non-IBM application server, which causes a failure.
PM17876 The JAX-RPC request may be rejected with an HTTP 501 error.
PM18694 A JAX-RPC application might receive a null javax.activation.DataHandler parameter.
PM18729 If a JAX-WS or JAX-RPC application is restarted, there may be a memory leak that causes the memory footprint to increase
PM18738 JAX-RPC web service handler is not invoked.
PM18807 During JAX-WS or JAX-RPC application deployment an OutOfMemoryError may occur.
PM18902 NullPointerException may occur if a JAX-RPC web service recieves a message that does not contain a SOAP header.
PM19223 A classcastexception may occur if two different JAX-RPC web service clients are running in the same jvm.
PM19573 Fatal error occurs during JAX-RPC application deployment
PM19866 A WSWS3250E error may occur when a JAX-RPC application tries to deserialize a message with an Axis-style attachment.
PM19940 OutOfMemoryError occurs while invoking a JAX-RPC web service.
PM20594 JAX-RPC clients may slow down due to outbound one-way connections not being reset correctly
PM20957 A memory leak occurs in a long-running JAX-RPC client
PM20987 A classcastexception may occur if two different JAX-RPC web service clients are running in the same jvm.
PM21772 The JAX-RPC WSDL2Java tool generates an incorrect method signature for an element that has maxOccurs="unbounded".
PM22406 While running a JAX-RPC web service, a WSWS0020E internal error error is reported.
PM22424 A JAX-RPC Web service sends a message contain a SOAP Fault, which may not inter-operate with older versions of Microsoft .NET
PM22758 Duplicate SOAP element may appear in the message when using JAX-RPC and the Feature Pack for Web Services is installed

Fix Pack 33 (
Fix release date: 13 Sep 2010
Last modified: 13 Sep 2010
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 33

100% CPU Usage PM07250 Application Server fails to start due to problems in transaction recovery processing
PM07820 When distributing transactions using Web Services atomic transactions, deadlock may occur.
PM08291 This apar to provide a method of removing recovery log entries from the transaction service partner logs.
PM09082 In an HAEnabled cluster, one server does not ever join the HA group for the transaction log for the other cluster members
PM09568 Transaction(TX) timeout does not occur for ExtendedJTATRansaction
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PM07962 JAX-RPC panels in administrative console not accessible for users with deployer role.
PM08519 Duplicate referenceable entries possible for a Resource Environment Provider
PM09237 Memory leak in workspace resulting from administrative console activity leads to OutOfMemory on dmgr.
PM09250 Link
PM09622 Administrative console is corrupted when there are multiple entries for the same shared library
PM10817 Administrative console should allow new languages from stack products.
PM11097 Unable to logout other users in the console.
PM11778 Link
PM11807 Link
PM11858 Administrative console delete datasource operation deletes the wrong datasource element ; the selected datasource element is not removed
PM13114 When creating a new host alias for a virtual hosts port number field is not validating the value entered.
PM13238 OutOfMemory issue in distributed activity context following loop back
PM14067 Property for ActivationSpecTemplateProps does not get encoded .
PM14489 Plugin "manage keys and certificates" button does not work if a keystore location does not use config_root
PM15353 Template server with capital letters, but with same name of the original server causes issues while selecting the JDBC providers
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PM09956 Possible REUSASID=YES issues interacting with other products after running
Classloader PM05315 Allow the was application class loader to tolerate IllegalArgumentException
Default Messaging Component PM09223 ClassCastException when WebSphere v6.1 Web Services application connects to service integration bus messaging engine
PM09895 A CWSID0003E exception is recorded in the systemout.log for WebSphere Application Server
PM11814 Using a synonym for the schema name in the data store setting fails to resolve the the actual name
Dynamic Cache PK99787 Dynacache clear causes dead lock
PM00876 Disk cache size does not stay under the stated thresholds and aggressive disk cache eviction leading to performance issues
PM03636 Loop in dynacache after 404 response is cached under certain conditions.
PM07147 Dynaacache does not handle caching of nested <c:import url, var> tags
PM11340 Java.lang.NoClassdefFoundError when derserializing objects from cache replication
EJB Container PK71877 HomeDisabledException occurs after restarting an application under heavy load
PM07117 The authentication-alias portion of a resource reference binding not picked up for Feature Pack for EJB 3.0
PM11105 Deadlock occurs during deferred EJB initialization, resulting in EJB method invocation failure.
PM11713 Java.lang.OutOfMemory error following a high volume of EJB calls processed by an appserver
PM13146 BBOO0221W: NMSV0605W: A javax.naming.Reference object, Exception. AsynchBeans Service not initialized
PM13827 Generic bean class in referenced library does not work with EJB3
Federated Repositories PM03734 Virtual member manager incorrectly throws CertificateMapNotSupportedException when certificate auth fails
PM08217 VMM did not cache null-valued LDAP attributes in the cache, which may bring extra LDAP calls each time they are requested
PM10657 Hex character login issue
PM11190 Performance issues when using federated repositories with RACF registry CWWIM4506E
PM11221 Sockets remain open to LDAP server when context pooling
PM12345 When using federated repository (VMM), SQL Error: SQLCODE=-302 is seen when adding a user to a group.
PM12488 Parse exception on Sun operating system
PM13181 VMM throws date parsing exception when LDAP server of type custom is used.
PM13511 LDAP searches are not realm sensitive
PM13588 VMM plugin model needs to allow for the exception to include additional message text from the plugin.
PM14231 Members of groups not listed correct
PM14758 Adding LaProperty with type AnySimpleType to entities into schema fails.
General PK97581 Errors in the SMF120 macro in BBO.SBBOMAC(BBOOS120)
PM03204 NullPointerException preventing the messages on a service integration bus destination from being consumed
PM04639 OOM error caused by java indexing referencing classloader from threadlocal
PM05138 IllegalStateTransitionException received when starting or stopping application
PM05746 Deadlock in the service integration bus MQLinkSender
PM06436 An SIB message arriving from an WebSphere MQ link to which a mediation adds a forward routing path loops repeatedly
PM06596 CNTR0035E due to DuplicateHomenameException on restart of a startup bean if first attempt fails due to an exception.
PM06725 SIP network outage detection packets stop transmitting from proxy
PM07007 Large timestamps in SIP request cause failed requests.
PM07975 CNTR0063W message being shown for a previously removed function
PM08449 SIP proxy routes packets to the wrong appserver during appserverstartup / shutdown.
PM08774 Error when trying to associate a deployment manager profile to a web server using the IBM Web Administration for i
PM09564 Slow application deployment resulting from zip file decompression
PM09579 ADMA0091E message shown for a previously removed function datastore EJB
PM09660 CEI event lookup issue from external Application Server client
PM09699 Profile management tool (pmt) hangs if it does not have permission to read serverindex.xml in other profiles
PM09797 A WebSphere MQ link receiver may stop while the queue manager is still sending data, causing message AMQ9206 (error sending data)
PM10120 SIP container fails to send the SIP message to SIP proxy when the client - 408 request timeout
PM10454 Sensitive information in default_create.log file if using WebSphere Application Server (non-saf) managed security
PM11114 An IOException error may occur when WS-Addressing redirects the JAX-RPC web service response on the server side
PM11298 Incorrect format in date header in SIP request
PM11497 Software symptom record abend s0e0 rsn=00000028 asid1 when using IEAINITREGSTASK DIAG tool. ar regs not setup prior to being used
PM11625 Memory leak in SIP container due to exceptions thrown while sessions are invalidating
PM11627 SIP retransmission changes requestUri header during advance routing process
PM11808 SIP container not passing the ACK to the application.
PM12048 Message Exceeded allocated glue work area - nnnnn - bbgqcast in CR region log.
PM12065 ceiDbPasswordDefaulter is posting information in the log file <was_home>/logs/managedprofiles/*_create.log.
PM12356 Uncaught NullPointerException prevents further message processing by MDBs running on WebSphere Application Server
PM13128 The wsadmin createSIBMQLink command has the wrong default value of the adoptable property
PM13797 Abend s0c4-4 in bboboa+171a8c
PM14114 Wsadminlistener.log contains information that is not needed
PM14145 WebSphere MQLink channel on the service integration bus side closes , despite setting the disconnect interval to 0.
PM14403 NullPointerException on URIMatcherImpl at proxy server startup
PM15106 Portal server upgrades failing on Unix platforms AIX and Linux with ExceptionInInitializerError
PM16144 Export VMM LA private pkg in runtime jar
High Availability (HA) PM05931 Unable to configure the transport buffer size for the core group belonging to the core group bridge.
PM10894 Core group bridge service inefficiently caches subjects and can cause OutOfMemory in extreme cases.
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Install PM06955 Post installer fails with return code from the multi-product ptf installer was: 1
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PM04952 WebSphere adapters are not polling for events
PM07993 Java.lang.NullPointerException when using CTG logon module.
PM08945 If prepared statement is created but no queries are run, claenup may result in SQLexception: no active result after PK85473
PM09429 Under stress testing PMI metric reports an incorrect value after PK82153
PM09890 SQLException from DB2 universal JDBC driver not properly mapped to StaleConnectionException in some cases
PM10082 NullPointerException when using CMX
PM12463 WorkScheduler gets java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError during server shutdown
PM12735 The application encounters IllegalStateException at setManagedConnection
Java Message Service (JMS) PM06091 SSL configuration enable for connection-factory degrades performance of createQueueConnection call.
PM08583 Response delay noticed between plugin and appserver with secured communication
PM08978 Queue full(2053) returned from qmgr is thrown as a JMSException, causing the connection to the queue manager to end invalidly.
PM10591 Filestore never recovers from ObjectStoreFullException (CWSOM1042E)
PM11439 IllegalStateException seen when using JBoss as an generic messaging provider with a non XASession.
PM11632 Transaction service partner log fills up leading to after PK92871
PM11735 Using the WebSphere MQ v7 64-bit JMS provider native libraries in WebSphere Application Server fails
PM13445 Logs show SSLException: bad record MAC while decrypting message
Java SDK PM08265 JSF rendering creates double links
JSP PM06023 A problem when commons-el and java stand tag library are used inconjunction
PM07608 Java.lang.NullPointerException from JSP components.
PM10362 DBCS URL request fails with 404 error for Korean file on AIX en_us locale
PM12137 NullPointerException from JSP component org.apache.jasper.runtime.BodyContentImpl component.
PM12210 Customer is getting javax.servlet.jsp.el.ELException: no function is mapped to the name fn:split
PM12658 Java.lang.IllegalStateException occurs with debugging service enabled
Object Request Broker (ORB) PM09366 ABEND052/ABENDS052 rsncode=00000613 in client localcomm unbind (BBOOUBND) when server is ABENDed.
PM11492 ESQA subpool 239 storage growth with SSD eyecatcher caused by WebSphere z/OS allocating pause elements that are not freed.
Other PM10357 Java.lang.RuntimeException: SRV.8.2: RequestWrapper objects must extend ServletRequestWrapper or HttpServletRequestWrapper
Plug-in PM07569 If there is content in the body of a get request, the plug-in does not send the data to the WebSphere Application Server.
PM07580 Webserver crash or bad response
PM07822 Plugin-key.kdb, plugin-key.sth and plugin-cfg.xml is not propagated immediately after create web server definition.
PM10353 WebSphere plugin will retry posts when PostBufferSize is set to 0
PM12112 Change how plug-in finds another server if the affinity server was already marked down when the request arrives.
PMI/Performance Tools PM07214 TPV stops logging if user gets logged out.
Programming Model Extensions (PME) PM13578 NullPointerException when stopping an application that uses TimerManager
Proxy Server PM07711 Allow the initialization of the On Demand configuration component to be bypassed.
PM10111 Proxy service context does not provide IO exceptions for xD filters
PM10332 Prevent scheduling of duplicate ODC tree requests
PM11618 Update methods available in the On Demand configuration interfaces
PM11980 NullPointerException fired from proxy junction rewrite filter
PM13427 ODCF0002E: exception: java.lang.NullPointerException in ODC , during server start up.
Runtime (zSeries®) PM13952 With ZIOP=all tracing turned on, a ClassCastExcpetion is thrown and causes error code C9C26A21
Samples PM08861 Samples user information visible in logs
Security PK91792 User registry lookups being done repeatedly even before authentication cache timeout occurs
PK96624 JSAS1477W when client WebSphere RMI-IIOP call with CSIv2 basic auth required outbound, and z/OS basic auth required inbound
PM02636 NullPointerException caught in security debug code
PM02845 The methods getUserPrincipal() and getRemoteUser() returns full LDAP structures instead of user name
PM04278 When 64 bits is used, the previously found machine type informatis cached locally.
PM04694 SECJ0207E: Failed to load security.xml resource from cell. Value JCECCARACFKS is not a valid enumerator or KeyFileFormatKind
PM05750 TokenExpiredException is thrown for LTPA token from AsyncBean that is created before feature enablement pack install
PM06414 WebSphere Application Server performance issue with JACC enabled
PM07016 Certificate expiration monitor reports on a keystore even if the file is not present.
PM07098 User subject remains in auth cache after logout, causes java.util.NoSuchElementException on subsequent login attempts
PM08743 URL information after will be truncated in redirect after successful login.
PM10026 RemoveNode command and removeNode options in console do not remove the SSL config objects of the node in security.xml file.
PM10424 Slow memory build up in com/ibm/ws/security/util/LRUCache
PM11464 PropFilePasswordEncoder script does not properly encode custom passwords in properties files
PM13154 Java.lang.NullPointerException on startup on z/OS using localos
PM13251 Provide a more detailed message when SSL handshake error occurs when a server is acting as a client.
Servlet Engine/Web Container PM04383 Call to sendRedirect causes the response to be committed and completed.
PM06899 FileNotFoundException when the response is already committed for empty include.
PM15054 An error page is returned instead of FileNotFoundException when a JSP includes a nonexistant static file
Sessions and Session Management PK97340 Session crossover message when SSL ID tracking is enabled
PM04304 SESN0008E: SessionContext errors due to case sensitiveness in user principle.
System Management/Repository PM04846 AdminControl.stopServer command takes more time in a Network Deployment edition set up
PM05723 Z/OS using the MonitoringPolicy and stopImmediate for stopping the appserver.
PM06948 Message download not to seen in systemout.log.
PM07652 AdminTask importWasprofile command does not set hostName correctly if there is no server in a target profile.
PM08500 Removing a cluster member recycles application on other cluster member servers.
PM09133 ADMA0097I application management is being initialized without a full product installation.
PM09138 Automatic synchronization is displaying enabled message in logs even though it is not.
PM10352 Embedded shared resources are only added to one server when targeting more than one server
PM11786 ADMA024E message indicating application error can occur when the node agent is restarted during application expansion.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PK95530 WSDL DefinitionImpl objects contribute to high memory usage within a JAX-RPC application
PM05337 Wsgen is failing to resolve JAX-WS components resulting in namespace errors.
PM06833 A may occur during a JAX-RPC web service invocation.
PM07249 NullPointerException error may occur when a JAX-RPC application receives a response from a web service.
PM08816 Thread locks may be observed for the EngineConfigurationFactoryFinder class when running JAX-RPC clients
PM08957 While running a JAX-RPC application, a NotSerializableException error occurs for a CookieValueList
PM09215 A WSWS3227E error occurred while running a JAX-RPC application that was migrated from WebSphere Application Server v5.1
PM11083 A JAX-RPC application sends a SOAP message that contains an invalid prefix (example p-12341234)
PM11412 Running wsadmin to install a JAX-RPC client and override the endpoint URL may result in a WSWS0057E error.
PM12818 An unnecessary java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error may occur in the FFDC log while using a JAX-WS web service
PM12932 An attachment part in a JAX-RPC web service's outbound message is truncated.
PM13432 Duplicate SOAP element may appear in the SOAP message when using a JAX-RPC web service application
PM13574 A java.lang.ClassCastException with class java.lang.threadLocal may occur when using JAX-RPC
PM13701 A NullPointerException error may occur when using the Web Services thin client.
PM14619 A NullPointerException error occurs when processing a SOAP/JMS web service message whose URL does not have a query string.
Workload Management (WLM) PM10161 WLM NullPointer in cluster MBean

Fix Pack 31 (
Fix release date: 10 May 2010
Last modified: 8 May 2010
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 31
100% CPU Usage PK96860 Server does not come down after stop was issued. controller is waiting for unowned lock
PK98309 Invalid xid/recoveryid prevents server restart with message wtrn0000e produced
PK99345 Corba::object_not_exist minor code: c9c25758, corba::unknown minor code:c9c2579f
PM02805 Cntr0020e: exception occurs with root exception as org.omg.corba.internal
PM03224 cwrls0030w: waiting for hamanager to activate recovery processing caused by hang in cscope recovery
PM04949 Nullpointerexception when logging data to the partnerlog
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PK77010 Console should redirect to https (ssl) when secure login page isaccessed directly from http.
PK91652 A user newly granted the administrator role does not have the the same role on nodeagent until restarting the nodeagent.
PK95089 Improperly storing keyringpassword
PK95714 Configuration settings in diagnostic trace service panel lost after switching from runtime tab to configuration tab
PK97376 Potential security issues in administrative console
PK97394 Web server properties applicable to 6.0 appear in 6.1 dmgr for web server with 5.0 plugin-cfg.xml
PK97770 Filenotfoundexception on enterprise applications panel after clicking on export file button and then back button
PK98305 Arrayindexoutofbounds exceptions when propagate kdb file from global directives panel of web server defintion.
PK99666 Mixed environment with v6.1 and v6.0.2 dynacache setting in v6.1 dmgr, then 6.0.2 server will not start.
PM00335 Java.util.concurrentmodificationexception caused by concurrent thread access to a hashmap
PM00708 An abend sa03 or sdc3 may be seen during control region termination
PM03421 Perfservlet application is returning the wrong statistic for lastsamplettime for the boundedrangestatistic.
PM04532 Memory leak due to creating new sessions for admintasks in the core group bridge panels after an extended period of time.
PM04834 User with operator role able to view the security configuration of the cell.
PM05217 Verifytimestamp and verifynonce properties are not being correctly read from wssecurity config file
PM05954 Iehs war module is incompatible with other osgi apps after pk78917
PM05955 When mapping a shared library to an application there is not an option to order the available libraries by name
PM06997 The administrative console link for proxy admin service web server plug-in config does not work
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PK97079 Java.lang.Nullpointerexception is thrown when input data is a space for, admintask.tklmkeylist( interacti
PK99536 When running ws_ant command, the -lib option returns an error, and cannot be implemented
Classloader PM04429 Arrayindexoutofboundsexception occured when trying to add the application/element at the end of arraylist
Data Replication Services PM01579 Deadlock seen between hamanager and drs calling httpsessclusterobserver.
Default Messaging Component PK96706 It is not possible to create a service integration bus link to a remote bus behind a network address translation layer
PK99026 Jms client connection to WebSphere Application Server fails with a cwsic8007e objectstorefullexception
PK99582 Mediation processing thread safety issue results in illegalargumentexception.
PM07259 The service integration bus createsibdestination command does not honor all parameters set
Dynamic Cache PK97780 Edgestatistics resets to 0 during heavy load
PK99560 Cache service trying to be used before fully initialized, resulting in Nullpointerexceptions
PK99587 Cache entries referenced by wrong alias
PM02163 High number of invalidation requests can cause a deadlock in theserver.
PM06078 Application Server stack overflow caused by infinite call of com/ibm/ws/cache/cache.getfreelruentry
PM06555 Improvements to drs scalability
EJB Container PK98076 EJB container large transactions not garbage collected, can cause out of memory
PK99294 Applications that follow EJB 3.0 spec and use WebSphere startup beans, fail to start in a multiple servant region environment.
EJBDeploy (WSAD) PK92107 Access intent wspessimistic update behaviour does not request update lock
PM02535 Request for an ifix for emf code that is installed by was.prereq.EJBdeploy
Federated Repositories PK96499 Externalid mapping fails for more than 1 entity type
PK96559 Performance enhancement when getting group members from ldap
PK96785 Update entity with identifiter type property didn t work if property extension repository is also configured.
PK97345 Duplicated value for ibm-jobtitle was displayed although there was only one value.
PK97717 Javax.naming.namingexception when getting nested group on ibm directory server if there is no parent
PK98302 Vmm_jdbc_classpath has to contain on microsoft windows and on unix
PK98589 Creation of property extension tables fails on Z/OS
PK99295 Ldap primary/secondary server failover behavior does not work asexpected
PM00173 Vmm_jdbc_classpath not read on Z/OS managed node
PM00632 Unable to view members of large group when clicking on it via manage users/groups portlet.
PM00692 Thread hangs in java.util.hashmap.findnonnullkeyentry()
PM01649 Using multiple database repositories causes virtual member manager (vmm) failures
PM02245 Administrative console should do general escaping of html control characters
PM04215 Ibm-primaryemail or ibm-jobtitle stored in property extension repository can not be searched correctly
PM04297 Change user password failed with exception after pk85226
PM05772 Search() failed with exception although allowoperationifreposdown set as true.
PM05905 Wsadmin cli for was user registry realm specific attribute mapping in vmm federated repository configuration
PM08293 Login failure with mail address when realm delimiter is @.
General PK93643 Roles and attributes of EJB 3.0 application not being processed correctly
PK94946 Java.lang.classcastexception: in rational application developer in debug mode
PK95864 The SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) container fails to parse a message that arrives over TCP.
PK95962 Class pmi* and receive noclassdeffounderror or classnotfoundexception in mode restrict
PK96409 Inconsistency with known remote publication point on different messaging engines is observed in the administrative console
PK96430 Concurrentmodificationexception at at
PK96911 Arrayindexoutofboundsexception parsing an empty "supported" header field value.
PK97265 Illegalargumentexception when using WebSphere xd to throttle message-driven beans using service integration bus
PK97370 Transaction qualifiers missing on eventserver app
PK97643 Add the hung thread stack trace to the wsvr605w message.
PK98437 When starting Application Server as root with runasuser, the appserver process is not setting secondary groups.
PK98587 Sibus clients asynchronously consuming messages can deadlock with a thread stuck in asynchconsumerproxyqueueimpl.stopping()
PK98741 Portal is seeing an accesscontrolexception during the creation of a classloader when j2ee security is enabled
PK98758 Bbooschd leaks its dynamic area when it abends, ecsa eyecatcher is srbf dynamic are
PK98839 Hung thread in a sibus remote-get scenario with dynamic deletionof a destination while the messaging engines(mes) are running.
PK98999 Replacing a module using fine grained application update fails.
PK99551 Resource adapter install fails when java security is enabled.
PM00104 Threads within a messaging engine might become stuck within catmainconsumer.isstarted
PM00622 SIP container messages that cannot be processed need to be logged.
PM00892 Appdepl wstemp directories are not being cleaned up/ deleted
PM00937 Message from WebSphere Application Server to WebSphere mq fails with a cwsic3011e sequence number mismatch exception
PM01244 CwSIP0181w messages are written to the systemout.log when using sibus and WebSphere business monitor
PM01891 Using two back slashes in the display name of a SIP message causes error code 400
PM01926 SIP container uses a wrong listening point to send requests.
PM02219 Sensitive information displayed in configcei.and.wsadmincmd.log
PM03660 Error when setting record-route header field for a non-dialog request.
PM03938 Cwsij0053e causes jfapconnectionbrokenexception when serialized message size is about 2mb
PM04129 SIP container getremoteuser() method always returns the fully qualified name
PM04478 Launchclient.bat/sh script always returns 0 even though the command fails
PM04497 Wasservice has a default timeout value of 20 minutes.
PM05390 Hang in WebSphere appserver after client closes browser in the middle of a response
PM05974 Cwsic8007e exceptions occur in a bus with multiple messaging engines, when destinations are dynamically deleted and recreated
PM06400 Cve-2009-3555: tls/ssl protocol vulnerability
PM07089 Pmt doesn t prompt the uac on win 7 and vista for was 6.1 resulting in uac not being displayed.
PM07429 Web 2.0 feature pack v1.0.1 web messaging service jar update.
PM08892 SIP logging does not support hiding specific header fields
PM09580 Load on start SIPlets init methods are not called on standalone zos server 10/03/22 ptf pechange
PM04628 Gsk7cmd command line parsing error on -dn <dist name> for organization unit (o=) with a space in the name.
PM09819 Hamanager encountered panic in v7.0.0.0 and v7.0.0.1 (or higher) mixed environment
PM10256 Assert in cf_TCP_request::newconnectionreadcomplete 10/03/23 ptf pechange
High Availability (HA) PK95297 Application Server startup failure with cwrls0030w message when the hamanager global state rebuild failed due to outofmemory
PK98997 Hmgr0107e: illegalstateexception due to self-loop call where server sending message gets called again
PM00813 Hamanager encountered panic in v7.0.0.0 and v7.0.0.1 (or higher) mixed environment
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK96814 Concurentmodificationexception when destroy is called on a jmsmangedconnection
PK98171 Inconsistent behavior when was.clientinfo=all is set
Java Message Service (JMS) PK89020 Gzipped compressed responses become uncompressed when going through proxy server and sent back to client.
PK92508 Wmq v7 mdbs using bean-managed txns or setting the notsupported transaction attribute fail on Z/OS with the bindings transport
PK94355 The close() method closes the outputstream.
PK98544 Mdb with bean managed transaction and using message listener service in non-asf mode doesnot requeue backout messages.
PK98948 Ssl connection from WebSphere Application Server jms client to WebSphere mq fails with a secj0314w access denied warning
PM00131 Nullpointerexception in WebSphere Application Server generated by objectmanager when using an sib file store.
PM00961 Saxparseexception reading xml soap stream
PM06032 classcastexception when clicking on mq config property for a queue
PM10331 After applying connections to wmq fail with mqrc 2035
PM11211 When two or more set-cookie headers are present, an attribte may not be passed with the cookie to the client
Java Transaction Service (JTS) PM00054 Eis recovery after a eis failure while processing jca inbound transactions, may not be able to complete in-doubt transactions.
JSP PK70031 Jsp translation problem with auto-increment variable in in a jsp expression
PM00031 Class loader used by jsp batch compiler is not properly disposed, sometimes resulting in iwae0017e after pk72252
PM03123 The jsp engine fails to resolve tld import statements
Object Request Broker (ORB) PK93653
PM02082 Deployment manager and nodeagent may fail to start with igvdgnpptool active on Z/OS. an 0c4 is seen on the WebSphere tcb.
PM02469 Dcsv9421w errors after upgrading a node in a mixed cell to
PM04551 Abend a78 rc=10 in nodeagent or abend0c4 in app server sr when in mixed cell environment
Other PK96968 Allow redirect functionality on logout
PK98938 Lang attribute missing in console
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) PK97521 Ffdc logs are not being purged as scheduled.
PK99266 Nullpointerexception thrown when not able to open up a file output stream associated with an invalid parameter passed in.
Plug-in PK93300 Web server plug-in incorrectly handles nested esi includes when content-length is larger than available space in esi cache
PK96006 If file.serving.patterns.allow is defined, plugin generation will add that and all other dynamic patterns in plugin-cfg.xml
PK96110 Plugin uses deprecated non-pkcs11 api call instead of modern pkcs11 for crypto-card ssl accelerationÿ
PK99719 Detail log level instead of error when removespecialheaders=true
PK99869 Plugin does not try all servers when retrying a request.
PM01219 500 error returned by WebSphere plugin when webserver receives asignal
PM01722 Plugin configuration generator does not export cloneid and server weight to plugin-cfg.xml for single server configurations
PM02250 Plugin fails to write large post request with microsoft windows error 10035 when serveriotimeout>0
PM02357 Plugin gen does not honor the property
PM03232 Plugin returns response code 500 when using url rewrite for session affinity. $wsfo set premature based on jsessionid
PM03385 Plugin configuration generator might write sensitive information when tracing enabled.
PM04138 Warning message in plugin trace when the last chunk of 0 is read
PM04650 Http plug-in incorrectly marks server down when it receives keepalive timeout from WebSphere Application Server
PM05226 Maxconnections = -1 causes plugin to record false ws_server: serverhasreachedmaxconnections message
PM06468 Plugin reports maxconnectionslimit reached maxconnections=-1.
PM06469 The plug-in does not allow a tls only handshake with the Application Server.
PMI/Performance Tools PK45334 Add instrumentation to pmi for monitoring mdb-initiated local EJB calls
PK93497 Admg0003e on dmgr due to pmi-config.xmi file being nulled out.
PK93749 Tivoli performance viewer reports heapsize for the controller only and not aggregated for controller, server, and adjunct. tpv
PK98389 Pmi tried to load an os/390 module, bboosmf.dll, when running onmicrosoft windows
PK98396 Bboo0220e: tune0409e: could not get node.xml resource from config root.
PK99283 Wssessionmanagementstats .name is not available when monitoring session statistics
PM00247 Java.lang.Nullpointerexception with pmi request metrics collection enabled
PM02024 Classcastexception when pmi invokes getstats on the servant jvm is not available.
PM02292 Pmi for thread pool returns wrong values, percentmaxed always returns 100% even if no clients access and activecount as 2
Proxy Server PK95803 Odr could not correctly log the bytes sent to the client if the client side connection is broken.
PM00156 Webpshere proxy server: cache filter exceptions may cause thread deadlock in lru cache table
PM02353 Excessive treerequest/response dialog messages overload hamanager bulletin board
Scheduler PK89979 Scheduler query of a db2 database results in tablespace scans
Security PK87542 Under load testing, lrucache exception is seen along with http 500 responses.
PK91308 Java.lang.Nullpointerexception error is seen when trying to set a security custom property.
PK96400 Information of secj0314w message might not be accurate
PK96506 Org.omg.corba.no_permission: jsas0202e: credential token expired is thrown.
PK98470 Addnode fails when security is enabled in deployment manager version
PK98703 Excessive orb log files are generated when a client is accessing a remote EJB via ssl http tunneling
PK98738 Select s or s as yes in brazillian portuguese, will see cwpki0022e: ssl handshake failure error message.
PK99323 Unable to replace certificate using scripting
PK99773 The ipv6 address might be truncated resulting in
PM00028 Using local os api in solaris hangs when there are multiple threads attempting to get groups for users.
PM00155 Admincontrol checkpassword commands incorrectly invokes local osregistry instead of active user registry.
PM00341 Access to local EJB might be granted even a subject had been expired.
PM00811 Saf delegation fix using racf ur bridge
PM00960 When EJB server start up an error is seen in systemerr parser err: header mismatch.
PM01276 Asyncbeans see corba no_permission minor code 0x49424307
PM01300 Inconsistent user groups reported by the userregistry using local os in linux.
PM01343 Localos user registry on hp-ux may fail to access the user information
PM01386 Group searchbase is being ignored. browsing of ldap is affected.
PM02429 Improved caching for ltpa token signature.
PM02709 Null realm name causes login failure.
PM03101 Restore wasrequrl value after login processes other than form login
PM03161 Excessive secj0353e messages when user registry bridge is configured.
PM04837 Npe occurs during login when ltpa token and session cache is invalidated. forces duplicate login during this scenario.
PM05292 Restorewasrequrl class is not packaged.
PM08635 Improve the performance of authorization checks when using saf authorization.
Security (zSeries®) PK97400 With identity assertion, corba::transaction_rolledback occurs when 6.1 server invokes EJB in 6.0.2 server under a global tran
Servlet Engine/Web Container PK98436 Httonly attribute is not supported in a WebSphere Application Server session cookie
PK99400 Restoring behavior previous to pk70152 in smf records.
PM01682 Servlet filters are initialized more than once
PM02985 Welcome files from the extended document root are not available.
PM03333 Enable post data to be read multiple times.
PM03748 Application failed to start with java.lang.Nullpointerexception and does not write detailed error exception in
PM07656 During server shutdown, requests accepted into a server result in a 503 error.
PM09477 Provide public adgloballistener() method.
Sessions and Session Management PK90548 Session manager issue with high value of timeout
PM02068 Custom property name correction for cloneid separator
System Management/Repository PK91844 String name space binding in was via wsadmin at clusterlevel fails with following error
PK93408 Incorrect userid and/or password causes user account lockout in ldap user registry during addnode process.
PK95779 Change email runtime task behavior.
PK97675 Cluster member creation using another cluster member as a template does not carry over the template member resources.
PK98420 Console displays dynamic clusters and dmgr as Application Servers
PK99578 Secj5010e tokenexpiredexception in rmi-iiop call to remote EJB in valueunbound method.
PM00292 Updateapponcluster throws truncated message adma8009i: server on stopping the server.
PM04042 Got 403 forbidden errors while running addnode command - cmvc component: was.admin.jmx
PM04352 Promoted properties are missing when installing exported ear
PM05084 An application which is autostarted when an adjunct region is active will not start after bein 10/01/25 ptf pechange
PM06839 Sensitive information trace output when option -trace is used
PM09755 Application failing with after pk96354
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PK96716 Nullpointerexception error occurs while running a jax-rpc application.
PK97002 High load may cause synchronous lock problem in xmlutils while using jax-rpc Web Services
PK97310 Locking contention on compoundclassloader due to jax-rpc web service runtime configuration
PK97321 the absoluteimportresolver was not found due to warning messages might appear in the jvm log
PK97663 A jax-rpc web service is unable to parse a jms text message that contains double byte characters
PK97994 Nullpointerexception error occurred when a jax-rpc application received a response containing a soap fault
PK98818 The WebSphere Application Server deployment from client jmx code fails with a Nullpointerexception error.
PK98864 Namespace delaration being ignored in wsdl4j
PM00109 A web service request without a soapaction header will receive a wsws3147e: error: no soapaction header fault
PM01124 User-friendly message needed for wsws3066e saxexception
PM01369 An extra xmlns:soapenv=
PM01452 Java.lang.stringindexoutofboundsexception may occur while running the wsdl2java tool
PM01453 A jax-rpc client using dynamic invocation interface (dii) might fail with filenotfoundexception and serialization errors
PM01612 Performance degradation during jax-rpc stub creation
PM01826 Aio issue caused by webservices cleanup task scheduled to soon.
PM01915 Error wsws3080e:error: could not convert arraydeserializer$arraylistextension. occurs while running
PM02905 wsws3037e: error: serialization cannot occur for bean occurs while running a jax-rpc application
PM03728 Customer notices a performance degradation when migrating a jax-rpc dii application from v5.1
PM03820 Saxparseexception namespace prefix xsi was not declared error occurs while using a jax-rpc web service
PM04577 Nullpointerexception may occur when stopping and starting a jax-rpc Web Services application
PM05176 For jax-rpc applications installed with binary configuration option, ?wsdl requests might fail
PM05787 A cookie without attributes may be missing for jax-rpc soap requests.
PM05963 Nullpointerexception error may occur after a jax-rpc handler is deleted.
PM06800 Thread deadlock may occur on finalizer thread when a jax-rpc application is invoked after pk84543
Web Services Security PK96427 Ws-security processing problems with pkipath and pkcs#7 token types
PM05081 Ws-security runtime does not honor the verifytimestamp and verifynonce properties as written out by the console
Workload Management (WLM) PK96584 Wlm Nullpointerexception and 500 errors on proxy with non-default cookies enabled

Fix Pack 29 (
Fix release date: 18 Jan 2010
Last modified: 19 Jan 2010
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 29

100% CPU Usage PK85490 Allow property and type descriptors to be obtained from WSADIE-generated bean.
PK86020 A reporting problem with the RMF workload activity report with respect to the trans-time
PK87126 A transaction is lost when XAER_RMERR is thrown due to an exception in reconnectRM
PK88059 Application Server hangs with WTRN0040W while recovering transactions after killing normal running Application Server.
PK89517 Use of UOW_TYPE_ACTIVITYSESSION when activity service is not started in the server.
PK89828 thrown and error messages BBOO0222I and CWRLS0009E were seen unexpectedly.
PK91826 CSCP0007E WTRN0005W the XAResource for a transaction participant could not be recreated.
PK92135 WS-Addressing 2005/08/addressing is not understood by 3rd party network providers.
PK95429 IllegalArgumentException when generating a webservice with a WS-Addressing handler
PK95969 ConcurrentModificationException during long running BPEL process
PM01116 Recovery of a transaction failed when the server restarted after PK84837
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PK89108 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when enableServletCaching is set to false
PK89468 is not displayed in the shared libraries of administrative console
PK89916 RepositoryException occurs when accessing to the link of "Custom Properties" of "TCP inbound channel" in administrative console
PK93284 Application install and save takes more time in large scale environment where there are more servers.
PK93901 Virtual host under host_aliases hostName field in administrative console does not accept a dash:
PK94002 Slow load time for Application Server panel with large topology
PK95043 The cell and node names contain "application" which the console does not interpret in the correct context
PK95233 Cluster detail panel load time is very slow
PK95241 ClassNotFound exception while loading MBean proxy
PK96279 Abend SA03 / SDC3 during nodeagent termination
PK98625 JAX-RPC WS-Security token callback handler settings are not saved on z/OS after
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PK85280 The updateAppOnCluster command fails when application name contains a space
PK90405 The wsadmin tool cannot recognize Python unicode characters while creating or modifying a config object.
PK94807 Ws_ant may fail to load <classpath> for Java2WSDL task.
Classloader PK84650 URLConnection returns incorrect last modified timestamp for resources in application jar files.
PK96275 NullPointerException during class or resource loading
DB Connections/ Connection Pooling PK92714 Derby database corruption with compress during checkpoint
Default Messaging Component PK85227 A messaging engine that is using DB2 V9 for z/OS fails to start and produces a CWSIS1530E error.
PK91093 SIB_* ports do not honour the startingPort value
PK91605 Deadlock in SIBUS MDB threads when WebSphere Extended Deployment is activated
PK93697 An FFDC logged when a message driven bean marks a transaction rollback-only may contain sensitive information
PK95559 Message expiration is not honored for a message sent from WebSphere MQ to the Service Integration Bus
Dynamic Cache PK88824 Excessive concurrency in dynacache
PK89987 There are no published APIpis for setting doNotCache attribute on the fragment.
PK91245 Required attribute ignored in cachespec.xml and cacheid is not generated.
PK94585 RemoteInvalidationNotifications MBean counter is not incremented when remote invalidations are received
PK95731 Dynamic cache alias methods produce unexpected results
PK95917 InvalidationTask objects are not reset and result in a buildup of application objects in the heap.
PK98441 Adding function to allow dynacache invalidations to be sent propagated between cells and core groups
EJB Container PK87857 Allow root cause of TransactionRollbackException to be returned to an EJB client.
PK92914 Corba.inv_objref occurs when the EJB stubs can t be found in the thread's classpath.
PK92998 org.apache.openjpa.persistence.ArgumentException when accessing Java Persistence API (jpa) in Feature Pack for EJB 3.0
PK98504 SQL optimization for Enterprise JavaBeans timers.
EJBDeploy (WSAD) PK93459 No choice for "Oracle_V11G" in the "Deploy EJB option - Database type" listbox
Federated Repositories PK86487 Group searchs ignore searchbases defined in winconfig.xml
PK91698 Incorrect behavior storing and retrieving date values
PK92057 Link
PK93243 VMM search with properties that are not defined did not cause search failure.
PK93431 Property extension repository cannot be created while the server is down
PK93786 VMM may not parse LDAP timestamp attribute value correctly
PK95361 Virtual member manager plugin framework extensions
PK95940 Although there was no operational attribute in changeSummary,vmm update() api threw UpdateOperationalPropertyException.
PK96429 Updating failure for property ibm-jobTitle and ibm-primaryEmail if propertyExtension repository is configured.
PK96554 Custom complex property type defined as any_simple_type was changed to string after VMM deepclone.
PK97238 Performance issues when using federated repositories with RACF registry
General PK81647 Starting and stopping an application on z/OS may result in an inconsistent application state between the servants & adjunct
PK81985 Deadlocking caused by OSGI protocol handler handling.
PK85579 Application class path resolution fails when the working directory name is empty.
PK85674 After updating WebSphere Application Server to version, clicking prepare for deployment in the workbench fails
PK86291 Cannot retrieve a SIP session from SIPApplicationSession using getSessions("SIP") method
PK87463 Exceptions thrown very early in appserver initialization may not be properly written to the server log
PK88000 Server may run out of sockets on failed outbound connections
PK88110 Invoking getClientCommandMgr from an application on a base server results in an OutOfMemory error
PK88585 SIP calls fail with cluster not initalized
PK88962 NoClassDefFoundError warning during application update
PK89010 SIP container service methods are locking the SIP session as long as the SIP thread is running in the application.
PK89310 The class receives ClassNotFoundException
PK89434 Recently installed applications not appearing in enterprise applications list
PK89478 Wrong contact header on a resubscribe request, so the other side sends the notify via TCP instead TLS
PK90094 Error in SIP container customer cannot deploy application
PK90336 ClassCastException when using Tel URI scheme for SIP
PK90343 A deadlock may occur during servant startup when writing an ffdc due to the classloader's inspection of jar 09/08/31 ptf pechange
PK90943 AbstractMethodError is generated when an Application Server is started in profiling mode
PM91199 Unexpected servant hang/restart (during failover) on WebSphere Application Server for z/OS component.
PK91317 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during performance testing
PK91603 Abend EC3 04130004 ClasspathManager.findLocalClassImpl
PK91931 Container forwards ack for non-2xx response to the application.
PK91946 JVM hang due to deadlock [deployment manager hangs on startup due to deadlock]
PK92032 SaveFailureException message should include the full file path for the failure.
PK92033 Number of connections from the sametime gateway server to an external SIP server continues to grow until server crashes.
PK92047 Extension registry is not destroying classloader
PK92350 ClassCastException: org.eclipse.jst.j2ee.application.internal. imp.EjbModuleImpl incompatible with ...modulefile
PK92500 When using XPathUtil in conjunction with session="false" seeing "java.lang.IllegalStateException:"
PK92788 Problem is in the SIP container, sending a message with chinese letters un-encoded in the "user" part of the uri.
PK92975 The SIP container does not forward a request upstream (over udp) when it is configured with multiple transport chains
PK93081 When the enableassertions flag set on the jvm, a NullPointerException is thrown
PK93083 Invalid ChainGroupException for the SIP channel in dmgr and nodeagents on WebSphere Application Server for z/OS
PK93187 CHKW2108E: the working directory of a process definition is absent , errors thrown for a unmanaged webserver node .
PK93723 Failed to merge EJB module bindings during update
PK94001 The SIP container should send a response from the same port the request was received on.
PK94043 Large number of multiple node metadata collection message in CR BBOO0222I: processing extension point ... .managed-object-metada
PK94103 Unable to edit web server from dmgr integrated console.
PK94104 SIP container caches DNS entries forever
PK94320 ClassNotFoundException when running the Integrated Services Console, Advanced Edition
PK94327 Wrong timestamp in map after edclib utility.
PK94368 Setting character encoding in server resource has no impact when caching is enabled
PK94821 WasService does not recognize server started when running Japanese locale
PK95131 SIP proxy possible deadlock when overload controls enabled
PK95338 Unknown property TrustedProxyEnabled
PK95344 Issues with the cancel message during the tel: to SIP: call. The cancel mesage is never sent.
PK95504 WASServiceTrace.log shows sensitive information
PK95659 Service integration bus reports CWSIA0067E and CWSIK0027E (corrupt topic) at messaging engine startup.
PK95790 i5/OS - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError :
PK95849 Runtime is truncating the input values read from was.env to 2400 chars.
PK95931 The SIP container opens multiple connections to the same destination.
PK96043 Senstive information might appear in properties files
PK96150 Message delivery for JMS consumers using readahead stops intermittently.
PK96344 An FFDC with ClassCastException is generated casting to ControllableProxySubscription
PK96734 Deadlock when closing conversation when more than one consumer is created for a session.
PK96765 Senstive information might appear in properties files
PK96986 When daemon is configured to run in 64-bit mode, it abends with s978 rsn=00000004
High Availability (HA) PK89162 Core group bridge is not rebuilt when only one bridge exists in a core group
PK89593 The entire state for the subject is removed instead of just part of the state information
PK92404 In a large topology, the core group bridge may get messages out of order when stopping or starting multiple bridges.
PK94831 DCSV8030I messages logged continuously in systemout.log for more than 60 seconds.
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Install PK88241 MAXBUFSIZE should not have a limit value of 4096 (4k) as the sample for the log record in BBOERRLC/BBOERRLD of SBBOJCL
PM00635 Feature packs may not allow uninstall if multiple fix packs are installed
PM02541 Password are stored as unencrypted text in properties file.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK82722 Caching a result set object accross transaciton boundaries can result in ORA-01002 fetch out of sequence errors
PK83888 Migrated from v5.1.1.10 to v6.1.0.21,upon initial startup receives various java NullPointerExceptions in the log
PK84900 ClassCastException causes unnessary performance overhead
PK84990 WTRN0047W during transaction recovery due to a NullPointerException; this causes rollback and XAER_RMERR
PK85473 ERRORCODE=-4471 setCursorName() called when there are open resultSets on the statement
PK86376 Negative J2C connection pool size, after a J2CA connection error.
PK89135 The WebSphere Application Server version information is not displayed in the DB2 end to end monitoring display
PK89274 IMS DB resource adapter needs J2CConnectionFactory MBean
PK90045 When connection pool max connection value is changed dynamically, this value is not updated or repushed to CMX
PK92118 OutOfMemory during stress run of SCA applications with J2C security enabled
PK93000 Jca adapters that are started during server startup on WebSphereApplication Server Z/OS may not have their end points activated
PK96607 When using the WebSphere Connect JDBC driver, resultSet.getxxx operations fails with "index out of range".
Java Management Extensions (JMX) or JMX Client API PK86340 The isAppReady command returns false, when the application is mapped to webserver.
PK95137 AdminTask.createCluster fails to create the replicationDomain
Java Message Service (JMS) PK82764 Incorrect cookie processing
PK83416 Update WebSphere MQ JMS client to fix pack
PK84485 WebSphere control region storage leak in LE heap, element size x 4008 or x 6008
PK84521 Servant times out with EC3/04130007 when connection is not released by Application Server channel framework code
PK87884 Pooled connection might be leaked when createSession is called in a different transaction context to createConnection
PK88455 Compatability issues with IBM AIO libraries and Sun Solaris
PK91242 MDB listener port on z/OS connects with insufficient authority when a component managed authentication alias is used
PK91465 Deadlock in JMSConnectionHandle.markManagedConnectionAsStale
PK92871 MQException MQRC 2012 using WMQ on 64 bit JVMs
PK94588 SIB mediation on MQServer stops working after application reinstall
PK94649 InvalidChainException: chain config already exists, chain_0
Java SDK PK89776 When running a portlet which shows the supported languages in a drop down, the languages are shown twice (duplicate locales).
PK91480 H:commandlink with f:param that has a value that contains an apostrophe breaks functionality.
PK96378 Update the TLD file to reflect for attribute as optional per the JSF 1.1 spec
JNDI/Naming PK87446 NameNotFoundException for resource on a single server in a cluster
JSP PK87901 NullPointerException with JSP pre-touch at application start up
PK90190 Custom property breaks when using servlet caching.
PK95332 Large character arrays from BodyContentImpl are consuming the heap, causing OutOfMemory.
PK97121 Application layout problem due to incorrect JSP served.
Object Request Broker (ORB) PK90873 BBOO0220E: WSVR0501E: error creating component null caused by:
PK91010 BBORBLO has RC=8 and errors BBOO0088E BBOO0089E on DD:BBOLOG when using option noFormat & trying to write record > lrecl 4096
PK91571 The ORB service request timeout(RMI/IIOP) on WebSphere Application Server z/OS does not time out an outbound request to a non-z/OS object.
PK93736 Generic jvm arguments for TDUMPs are ignored
PK96113 The stop of the WebSphere daemon causes storage to be leaked in subpool 241 key 2.
PK96704 Bboo0333e product failed to register with ifausage service.
Other PK79525 After setting " property to true, unable to access administrative console.
PK87571 Session is not destroyed inside web application having JSR 168 portlets.
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) PK85438 TRAS0024I did not get printed in joblog when the error message was larger than logstream's MAXBUFSIZE
PK87562 Server appears hung and is not able to process any requests. controller region has c9c213aa minor code.
PK90579 Deadlock occurs involving wsNoTemplateContentHandlerImpl relative to localizing strings
PK92318 In the collector tool, using the JarOutName option causes a null to appear in the paths within the output jar
Plug-in PK81522 HTTP plug-in returns wrong status value to HTTP server when full response to client can not be transmitted.
PK84528 Improve the plug-in logic for requesting parition tables when GetDWLMTable property=TRUE and a session cookie is detected
PK86318 ConfigureWebserverDefinition does not correctly create webserver definition when Web Server hostname is IP address
PK90452 Session affinity fails when using URL rewrite and HTTP plug-in
PK92670 Repackage the WebSphere Application Server v7.0 plugin on IBM i
PK93135 The plug-in incorrectly logs an error message for a read failied following a 302 redirect with a "connection: close" header
PK93857 HTTP server abends with a protection exception (0C4) in the plug-in due to an overlay in heap storage
PK94230 Deployer Role does not have permissions to propagate the KeyRing
PMI/Performance Tools PK87287 New PMI API for enabling statistics
PK88451 TUNE0221W messages for TPV on administrative console
Programming Model Extensions (PME) PK68982 EJB2 query using "LEFT JOIN" syntax may result in incorrect SQL generation with syntax error
PK98313 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError in FFDC after server shutdown
Proxy Server PK86182 504 error messages are returned from the proxy server sporadically for post requests with zero request length.
PK88452 New proxy custom property
PK88465 Administrative console server type validation throws CHKW2522W message when proxy server or ODR server are installed
PK89258 ODC receives stale data in initial broadcast from newly started processes
PK89409 Proxy custom error page handler could not be enabled dynamically.
PK89935 Odc update timeout blocks other channel to initialize in the main thread, routing information could not be populated into odc
PK89991 Proxy incorrectly invokes retry filters for post requests and returns 500 errors.
PK90340 Proxy's cache variant table overflows in long run and causes an OutOfMemory error.
PK92506 TargetTreeMbean throws an MBeanException when invoking the exportTargetTree method
PK93703 Proxy server does not honor the error code set by ODR and causes a different error code to be returned to the browser
PK94366 3 cache related statistics values are not incremented correctly
PK95302 ODCF0002E: Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException during loosely configured application deployment.
PK95736 ODR/Proxy does not automatically rewrite 302 response location header for GSC routing rules.
Scheduler PK91198 Duplicate key expection occurs while acquiring lease for schedulers created at cluster scope.
Security PK86285 Missing realm attribute causes failure to register servers with with the location service.
PK86876 Out of memory problems caused by session entries not being deleted.
PK87176 Link
PK88256 Thread deadlock within TAM code.
PK88661 Incorrect CSIv2 service context is sent
PK91378 A NullPointerException occurs in the security WebAuthenticator code during runtime of the TrustAssociationInterceptor classes.
PK91414 Link
PK92237 Unable to change SSL client/server certificate aliases back to default value of (none) from administrative console
PK92544 Client certificate authentication fails with CORBA.NO_PERMISSION when attempting RMI-IIOP call to nodeagent
PK92628 Problem replicating WSSecureMap cache
PK93018 JAAS subject from TAI is missing on request to the LDAP
PK95008 User lockout with one login failure, during incorrect or one time failure, or usage of bind password.
PK96473 Redirection failure when trying to redirect to a url with a space or semi-colon
PK96640 Client authentication required error is thrown during ORB callback
Security (zSeries®) PK84247 Authentication of userid connected to a large group may receive:SECJ0347E could not get the name of the group whose uniqueid is <group_name>
PK97235 0D6 abend in ODRr server when stopping the daemon
PK97553 If customized SAF profile mapper class is used, SAF role to profile mapper is initilized using default role mapper.
Servlet Engine/Web Container PK89505 Native memory exhausted for JSR286 portlet stress
PK92140 SRVE0068E: uncaught exception... thrown from a servlet invocation prevents cleanup of previously running LTCs
Sessions and Session Management PK86131 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown if cache id contains a colon(:).
System Management/Repository PK85941 The isAppReady command shows incorrect results for an application with editions
PK86823 Application Server not automatically restarted
PK89881 Node agent incorrectly restarts appserver during a cluster stop
PK91837 Application editions are not restarted after they are updated.
PK96354 JVM custom property http.nonProxyHosts not honored when hostname is used.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PK82730 The http_request_headers property is not being honored when setting a cookie.
PK85315 WSWS3047E due to SAXException when processing a soap request for a webservice migrated from v5.1 to v6.1
PK86030 The JAX-RPC client is not handling the 301 HTTP return status
PK86465 StackOverflowError may occur in LockableHashtable.get()
PK87149 Allow configuration of the location of Web Services cached attachments
PK87799 Web Services consumer cannot retrieve multiple Set-Cookie headers on the response from Web Services producer.
PK88910 Custom binding mapping is incorrectly taking precedence over the mapping defined in the mapping file.
PK89779 Web Services client might not be able to set the connection HTTP request header
PK90236 Verbose Web Services messages are excessive in the systemout.log
PK90639 Cookie delimter changed to "," after Application Server upgrade.
PK91481 Processing child elemnts from missing SOAP header might cause NullPointerException
PK91918 Web Services may not process the HTTP request header value for the attribute "charset" as expecte
PK92022 A "root element is required" error occurs when a gateway LoggingInterceptor is being used.
PK92275 A JAX-RPC web-service with a dynacache handler returns an unexpected response.
PK92796 WSWS3259E error reading data stream mime start boundry not found
PK93016 ClassNotFoundException when "access to internal server classes" general property for the server is set to restric
PK93507 The JAX-RPC web service client may not honor the redirection of an HTTP response with status code 307
PK93531 A web service client using the API might fail with a NullPointerException.
PK94494 Intermittent slow Web Services performance when invoking JAX-RPC or JAX-WS Web Services from WebSphere Application Server
PK94866 When using SOAP/JMS as a one way interface, the Web Services engine does not propagate exceptions.
PK95016 Unnecessary web service ClassLoader.loadClass calls may degrade performance
PK95568 A WSWS3701E Error occurs while running a JAX-RPC application. Trace indicates a NullPointerException in BeanDeserializer.
PK95980 An SCA web service binding fails with a SOAPException containing the text "Failed to resolve element".
PK96999 A java.lang.StackOverflowError in LockableHashtable.get may occur when a JAX-RPC web service is invoked
Web Services Security PK85043 WSEC5403E occurs when using default bindings, but signing is not configured
PK85910 The WS-Security runtime does not skip an unrecognized SAML token when mustUnderstand= 0 in the SOAP security header
PK87133 Message context is cached on web container threads by WS-Security client
Workload Management (WLM) PK90369 WLM ClassCastException in ClusterServiceImpl
PK92213 Workload management cluster state remains partial.start after all members are started

Fix Pack 27 (
Fix release date: 21 Sep 2009
Last modified: 21 Sep 2009
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 27

Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PK80086 When enabling traces for a running Application Serv
PK82838 Web Services properties link in administrative console not displayed for user logged in with monitor role
PK83329 When trying to set ListView filters in administrative conso
PK84296 ConcurrentModificationException during concurrent deployment
PK84440 QueryNames causing slow performance when querying the nodeagent from the dmgr console
PK84940 The application target cluster list is empty when WebSphere Application Server Community Edition dynamic clusters are created
PK85434 The provide web serviced enpoint url information for SOAP/JMS and EJB bindings panel throws an error during installation.
PK85811 Security enabled with custom user registry. Look up for the groups in the administrative console resulting in ClassCastException.
PK86687 Administrative console must allow on-demand router clusters to be displayed
PK87160 Runtime file trace path is being duplicated accross nodes and overwritting original path locati
PK87379 ADMN022E access denied error occurs when displaying configuration tab of java virtual machine in administrative console.
PK87674 Some messages are not displayed in the message request panel for a known remote queue point
PK88027 Java management extension management beans registered to an adjunct region are incorrectly unregistered by the z/OS proxy
PK88126 Administrative console hangs displaying the message listener port
PK88292 JMRuntimeException for PMI panel
PK88364 NullPointerException seen in FFDC log from
PK88807 SECJ030
PK91576 Upgrading from V6.1.0.24 to V6.1.0.25 with Portal causes the Portal Server to abend during startup.
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PK82959 AdminApp.install does not properly save the file path name for sysApps applications if ${WAS_INSTALL_ROOT} is in the path
Classloader PK75434 Classloader deadlock is caused by SinglePathClassProvider use of FFDCFilter.
DB Connections/ Connection Pooling PK78513 If a preparedstatement fails with an SQLExcepti
PK82590 createTables does not create the scheduler tables because it believes the tables already exist
PK84816 EJB invoked through a scheduler is timing out based on transaction service parameter instead of setExpectedDuration
Default Messaging Component PK76800 The maximum value for the maximum message length property of a WebSphere MQ link is incorrect
PK81848 SIB messaging engine fails to start with message CWSIS0002E showing a java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
PK83856 Mediations stop processing messages after an FFDC with probeID 145 from MediationThreadPool.execute
PK83875 Firewall connection timeouts cause listener ports to stop with WMSG0036E messag
PK84660 NullPointerException from JsLocalizer.addLocalizationPoint
PK85404 Deadlock while closing multiple JMS connections from within an exception listener on exception method.
PK88897 Removing a node from a cluster results in webservice destinations being incorrectly deleted
Dynamic Cache PK85622 Problems with the SPI exposed by WebSphere dynacache for cache providers
PK86245 ESIInvalidatorServlet process appears hung.
PK91456 Dynacahe not correctly returning the list of dependencies
Edge Component PK80646 Proxy server does not accept "ULIMITED" value for http.log.maxSize custom propert
PK83659 Under certain circumstances not all of the WebSphere private HTTP headers are removed or reset by the proxy server.
PK85783 WebSphere Proxy goes to 100% cpu under load
EJB Container PK83186 OutOfMemoryError due to a memory leak when deploying an ear file that contains an EJB with a message driven bean (MDB).
PK84675 OptimisticUpdateFailureException occurring even though an update did not occur
PK84729 FFFDC log generated from TimerHandle.getTimer() call when the task id for the timer is no longer available
Federated Repositories PK83140 Different realm delimiters not working in VMM
PK83999 NamingException when updating group membership.
PK84037 DN & uniqueName of group not returned from LDAP when getting group by extid in SunOne LDAP with NSROLE
PK84346 Experiencing generic exceptions in the conso
PK84600 The wimdatagraph.xsd should be the default for configmodel during the WMM to VMM migration.
PK85226 Corresponding WebSphere Application Server apar for Tivoli Access Manager apar PK85139
PK85372 When using standalone LDAP user regist
PK91684 Custom user and local OS registeries including RACF cannot be federated into fedrated repositories.
General PK73686 addNode fails with
PK78917 Link
PK80624 Ws adapter migration wizard in administrative console for WebSphere Process Server 6.0.2 overwrites names / JNDI names of artifacts
PK80794 Environment setting decimal=comma on z/OS DB2 causes query failure
PK81287 SIP proxy must reset overload conditions in SIP container upon restart of SIP container
PK81365 Cell profile uses wrong product path for appserver node
PK81659 SIP proxy error response needs to be configurable
PK81879 WASService command does not work when using -replacelog parameter with -startArgs or -stopArgs
PK81964 Resources do not get created when BPC applications are installed by user with deployer role
PK82240 When a message-driven bean consumes from a destination in a bus using read-ahead a deadlock might be seen
PK82849 More than one PidWaiter thread for the same appserver process
PK82994 Deadlock detected when a send operation is performed against a destination that is being deleted by another thread
PK83127 Nested datatable expressions resolve incorrectly
PK83324 Profiles not linked correctly from Application Server home/bin
PK83346 Some messages sent to a destination in a transaction are lo
PK83615 RFC non-compliance in copying route headers and contact headers in dialogs
PK83641 CWSIT0039E entries are logged in the JVM logs of a server hosting a messaging engine
PK83892 Configuration files are synced to the wrong node
PK83959 Server.log shows error messa
PK83993 After attempting to delete a subscription containing indoubt messag
PK84175 Add the launchClient API to the Information Center.
PK84222 When using the url addressability portal framewo
PK84233 SIP - failover - only master listens to broadcasts
PK84376 when using Feature Pack for EJB3.0 with open JPA
PK84726 SOAPException: premature end of stream. Data is truncated. happens on Microsoft Windows using local host from wsadmin.
PK85011 No error/warning message displayed when application export fails
PK85080 Intelligent load distribution feature currently requires a reboot of server to retreive ODC information for static info.
PK85488 BufferOverflowException seen when recoverable message is expired on a ReadAhead queue
PK85523 Using jython script in wsadmin to get PMI stats for the SIB communications group under the SIB service returns none
PK85616 Application fails to send messages to a bus destination with SIMPLimitExceededException excepti
PK85650 A java.lang.IllegalStateException is thrown executing osgiConsole or osgiCfgInit when no profiles have been created.
PK85861 Can not emit event because of Java2 security issue.
PK85869 Adding asterisks to short hostname in virtual hosts results in UnknownHostException from SIP container
PK86161 Performance degradation over time for an application polling a queue with receive calls with a 1-second timeout
PK86211 Ambiguous time stamp in ADMS0207I message
PK86574 Messages on a subscription are delivered ahead of recovered messages
PK86779 SIB message locked with xid indefinitely
PK86963 When the appserver jvm terminates with -1 error code WASService does not retry starting the appserver in a base install.
PK87497 dbconfigurecr.bat cannot run
PK87600 When a servant region terminates while messages are inflig
PK87699 Profile creation fails when using a host name that contains a dash
PK88148 Incorrect application status may be seen in a clustered server environment when an application is stopped
PK88217 Messages destined for a deactivated(paused) message endpoint are not consumed after the message endpoint is activated(resumed).
PK88479 Issue with the SIP stack - interpretation of escape character % in the branch token.
PK88747 Abend 0C4 in CR preceded by reason=C9C20020
PK84170 New JAX-WS properties to allow faster access to SOAPHeader elements.
PK92847 Jdbcprovider description to be changed
High Availability (HA) PK79012 With the core group protocol and under certain timing conditio
PK83664 DCSV0002W msgs when using WebSphere Virtual Enterprise high availability dmgr functionality
PK84102 Incorrect updates of high availability manager cross core group state data under rare timing conditions after bridge rebuilds.
PK84104 DCSV8030 inconsistent defined set on a DCS datastack and ViewId not current.
PK86762 The core group bridge incorrectly selects the loopback IP address of a hostname in some cases
HTTP Transport PK82856 UDP write packet to unroutable host results in closed port
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Install PK80918 Lib directory permission bits changed from 775 to 750 causing an "access denied" error
PK84779 If the DMgr job is stopped before icsdeploy complet
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK78785 Provide datasource custom property for mapping exceptions to stale
PK79569 SQLServer exception "Shutdown is in progress. Log off." is not mapped to a StaleConnectionExceptio
PK80671 HomeDisabledException seen during fail over tests in wps server because of which transactions are not successful
PK81289 Orphaned handle list grows causing out of memory exception
PK81611 ClassCastException during XA recovery.
PK81749 Was.database trace for JDBC does not work on XA recovery path
PK82153 Pool size going to zero "0" or negative while decrementing the counter incorrectly
PK82539 Operation getStatus() of J2C Message Endpoint MBean throws a NullPointerException with tracing enabled
PK82801 Work done after transaction time out in EJB does not rollback
PK83900 NullPointerException when calling connection close
PK83902 Connection stack trace information for long-running connections cannot be obtained without enabling was.j2c tracing.
PK84142 Access intent wsPessimisticUpdate of CMP Beans does not work in V6.1.
PK86137 Link
PK86552 Getting java.lang.NullPointerException followed by "DSRA9110E: connection is closed" exceptio
Java Message Service (JMS) PK77430 It is not possible to pass some custom properti
PK79498 java.util.ConcurrentModificationException from JMSSessionHandle.deactivate
PK81686 A deadlock in JMSConnectionHandle can occur
PK83484 CWSIS0002E exception due to filestore recovery issue on server re-start
PK84441 PMI statistic MessageBackoutCount is not incremented when a non-transactional MDB is used against a listener port
PK85081 The modify command to display MDBStats in WebSphere for z/OS does not display all the information it should
PK87205 Messages can be left uncommitted on a WebSphere MQ queue
PK88213 Shutting down an Application Server with a large number of listener ports creates excessive threads
PK89650 NullPointerException will occur if activation-configuration information in the deployment descriptor is not present in an MDB
PK92941 If the filestore grows past 2gb it may become corrupt causing several varying symptoms including performance issues.
Java Transaction Service (JTS) PK84837 REGR: Corrupt transaction logs preventing server start
PK84994 WTRN0001E and WTRN0025E logged at Application Server startup cause the Application Server to fail to start with WSVR0009E.
PK86206 The transaction service rolled back active transactions on other threads.
PK86696 The administrative console displays the default maximum transaction timeout value as 0. The log shows the correct value (300).
PK87153 Rollback of compensation scope fails with NullPointerException
JSP PK80353 Webcontainer sets HTTP 500 instead of 404 with throwMissingJspException and invokeFiltersCompatibility
PK84568 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException <fmt:formatNumber>is used.
PK86095 Problem compiling tags with nested single quotes in double quoted string for the directive's value attribute.
Migration PK84165 Prevent 6.0.2 nodes from being changed when convertScriptis run in 6.1
PK84490 Migration fails in V6.1 with "java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException"
PK85503 Migration fails in WASPostUpgrade with NotFoundException for file DummyServerTrustFile.jks
Object Request Broker (ORB) PK86441 One or more control region worker threads hang on an outbound locate request. Prior DC3/ 0A120002 ABEND in BBOOSRBF
PK87560 Debug statements were displayed in the daemon log.
PK93234 Abenddc3/abendsdc3 rc=000c000b during stop processing of a WebSphere Application Server for Z/OS controller.
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) PK83521 BBORBLOG ends with CC=8
PK85757 Detailed interim fix information section in systemout and other server logs incorrectly displays interim fix and fixpack information.
PK87937 Native OutOfMemory with abend=s09
Plug-in PK68126 Plug-in failed to read "503 Service Unavailable" response headers
PK80453 IBM HTTP Server core dumping with sigsegv with moderate load
PK82141 postIIS7ConfigAction.ant script on a Unix operating system leaves unnecessary files
PK82147 Intermittent delay returning response to a client request when ServerIOTimeout is set to non-zero value
PK85105 High cpu usage after network error
PK86316 Plugin generation does not update server parameters for non-clustered servers correctly
PK86489 Http plug-in post end of headers fails
PK87684 Document WebSphere plug-in configuration steps for Domino 7 (64-bit) and Sun Java Web Server 6.1/7.0 (64 bit).
PK89014 GSKit 64-bit is not upgraded or installed on Linux 64-bit machines for PPC64 S390X and AMD64
PMI/Performance Tools PK79532 MessageDrivenBeanStatistics are not available
Proxy server PK85166 Excessive deployment manager start-up time due to ODC validity checks
PK85183 does not correctly handle ODC integer type properties.
PK88735 ODC incorrectly handles process restarts which take less than 2 minutes.
Runtime (zSeries®) PK85463 Maximum pool size for orb.thread.pool in thread work space is displayed in error.
Scheduler PK82971 Optimize scheduler SQL query to avoid database deadlocks
PK81958 REGR: Plugin is not encoding requests with embedded xml content
PK83733 Scheduled tasks are not run when the worktimeout of the work manager is set to a low value.
Security PK69913 SECJ0306E during remote EJB lookup though no problems with accessing EJBs is observed
PK79614 RMI/IIOP client gets 0x49424000 minor 300 CORBA.NO_PERMISSION where a more specific code could be returned
PK79766 Unable to use multiple group attribute:member attribute pairs delimited by a semicolon (;) for the group member id map
PK79895 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError errors due to a large hashmap in com/ibm/ws/sm/workspa ce/impl/WorkSpaceImpl
PK82324 SECJ0363E when the x500 distinguished name contains OID: and + (plus) characters
PK83061 NullPointerException in SecurityCollaborator.isCallerInRole
PK83065 Fails to create a new personal certificate by administrative console if common name includes comma.
PK84184 Dynamic mapping of alias hostname to real hostname for SPNEGO SSO
PK84188 org.omg.CORBA.NO_PERMISSION (4942430D) vmcid: 0x49424000 minor code: 30D when CSIv2 is being used with RMI / IIOP request
PK84281 Can not view a security repository using WebSphere Application Server version 6.1 administrative console
PK84587 Got CWPKI0022E SSL handshake failure while trying to setup the local outbound PMI transport to use a custom SSL configuration.
PK85120 Fixing problem where notifications are sent when certificates are not about to expire.
PK85239 First login wor
PK85888 An FFDC entry is generated during startup of objectGrid server.
PK86308 Unable to access administrative console when using a .kdb keystore with private CA certificate
PK87544 CHKW3706W: failed to validate contents of file security.xml. Exception java.lang.NullPointerException
PK89879 NullPointerException in AppContextManagerImpl.getJ2EEName during heavy load
Servlet Engine/Web Container PK80333 Cannot display a certain gif file
PK82794 Zero byte chunk was sent and chunk transfer ends successful
PK83258 Link
PK85015 404 FileNotFound error if the response is less then 4096 bytes
PK85685 The error message SRVE0255E returns to a client browser if the application is down
PK85953 If channel accepts a connection while webcontainer has stopped processing while server is stopping it causes 500 error
PK87049 Allow use of symbolic links after PK81387
PK91709 Link
PK95461 ITCAM login results in new empty login screen.
Sessions and Session Management PK80439 When HTTP session manager is configured for database persisten
PK80539 Session crossover in administrative console application
PK85415 Timing sequence ( race condition) could produce a deadlock in session manager.
System Management/Repository PK83308 Link
PK84602 High memory usage due to administrative management workspace memory leak
PK85018 Application does not get installed when running importWasProfile command after successfully exporting a car file.
PK85362 Wsadmin custom property "SupportBracesForPropParams" does not work on Network Deployment V6.1 systems with security enable
PK85447 Operations performed on applications installed with zeroEarCopy option can fail with "can not instantiate earfile"
PK85772 JSR88 distribution fails to base Application Server on z/OS
PK87051 File handle leak in EditionHelper.getApplicationEditions method
PK87294 File handle leak on ibm-edition-metadata.props temp files.
PK87693 Workspace leak (directory under wstemp) when AppManagement.stopApplication operation invoked without a workspace ID
PK88363 Runtime task notification email does not contain useful information.
PK88572 Creating datasource takes too long to validate duplicate JNDI names.
PK90049 Classpath defined as genric jvm arguments can not be retrieved correctly when launching a server process.
PK93224 Infinite classloader recursion when installing a rar
PK93766 List system applications on app management mbean does not correctly return the list of system applications
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PK77273 Add additional debug trace code to the OutboundConnectionCache algorithm
PK80722 Configure multiple HTTP transport properties using adminapp.edit script command fails
PK82117 Web Services temporary attachment file is not deleted
PK83198 WSWS034E: error: the OperationDesc for invoke was not matched to a method error occurs with a webservice on Process Server
PK84090 NullPointerException webservices engine HttpOutboundChannelConnection release method
PK84206 Webservice runtime is not using _AbsoluteImportResolver generated by WSDL2Java tool
PK84543 Memory leak in Web Services handler pool.
PK84703 NullPointerException occurs while obtaining the wsdl file for a deployed web service
PK85876 WSDL2Java may incorrectly issue a warning when validating a wsdl file that is WS-I BP 1.1 compliant
PK86120 Compiling JAX-RPC code against websphere_apis.jar may result in errors
PK88513 Application Server performance can degrade if a web service provider application processes many date/time objects concurrently.
Web Services Security PK79214 Specifying a URL for a CRL for JAX-RPC WS-Security does not work
PK83565 UsernameTokens are cached on web container threads by WS-Security client token generation
Workload Management (WLM) PK81437 WLM proxy incorrect routing due to non-unique hashcodes
PK83231 Workload management NullPointerException when invoking cluster MBean on stopped or deleted cluster member
PK72252 REGRS: Calls to ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream are slow
PK85371 Workload management no_implement when v6 client routes to previous versions of Application Servers.

Fix Pack 25 (
Fix release date: 16 June 2009
Last modified: 18 June 2009
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 25

Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PK74054 ConfigService APIs do not encode and decode resource environment providers.
PK76909 Can not access the class loader viewer with a user in operator role
PK77359 When performing test connection on an empty clust
PK77562 Cannot open the runtime systemout.log or systemerr.log within the administrative console.
PK77582 Applications incorrectly display with a status of "stopped" when WLM starts and then stops a servant region on z/OS
PK78507 NullPointerException creating JMS connection facto
PK79306 Slow response from administrative console panel : map resource references to resources screen to return the JNDI names / data sources
PK79419 V6.1 dmgr does not take into account that a v6.0.2 node does not suppport EnableProtocolSecurity
PK79875 Setting runtime messages to error (or to any thing) overwrites the existing JVM systemproperties.
PK79892 List of WebSphere variables inconsistent in administrative console
PK80166 Unable to view the alternate deployment descriptor [j2ee_module_with_alt-dd] from administrative console
PK80568 Cannot change dynamic outbound endpoint SSL configurations in administrative console.
PK81617 Adminconsole always for duplicate jndi names even when no jndi name has been changed.
PK82315 Wstemp not being cleaned up of 23 random character files.
PK84999 Configservice APIs displays sensitive information
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PK77017 Special characters are corrupted in ant output.
PK78804 WebSphere Application Server InstallApplication ant task should use {} instead of "" to enclose wsadmin command arguments
PK79678 Console command assist does not include the context root of war without details page
Application Server Toolkit (AST) PK74387 Meet-in-the-middle is not using the InitialDatabaseDefinition
Default Messaging Component PK75931 Service Integration Bus requires drop-any-table authority when using an Oracle database filestore
PK76306 Wsadmin script allows two or more bus links to be defined for one foreign bus. Only one link is allowed.
PK76800 The maximum value for the maximum message length property of a WebSphere MQ link is incorrect
PK77424 After startup of a z/OS Application Server with MDBs consuming from a destinati
PK77768 Provider endpoints property on activation specification not available with v6.0/6.1
PK77877 Service Integration Bus not caching authentication requests for topic level access checking
PK77970 Messaging engine startup fails if user manually starts a messaging engine when it is already starting
PK78897 Incorrect CWSIT0086E ("BUS NOT FOUND") error reported for bus connection failure from EJB running on bootstrap server.
PK79883 Version migration of DB2 for z/OS cannot occur while a messaging engine is running and holding a lock in the database
PK82910 Insufficient information available to diagnose applications blocked because the maximum number of messages have been locked
PK83435 Improvements to Service Integration 'bus behavior in recovery scenarios within complex topologies
Dynamic Cache PK70576 EdgeStatistics test fails on zos
Edge Component PK78446 Proxy buffers heartbeat responses from Application Servers and causes client side timeout.
PK79131 Junction rewrite filter incorrectly modifies the location header for 302 responses.
PK79928 Proxy routing information is not updated dynamically even though the proxy configuration is changed.
PK80073 NullPointerException from proxy local filter chain if clients close connection while sending first chunk of request body.
PK80744 Proxy does not retry other servers and returns 504 errors when pooled connection is dead.
PK81734 The WebSphere Proxy server only uses the URL path to generate a cache key. A query value appended to the path is ignored.
PK83064 ODR hangs when debug tracing is enabled.
Federated Repositories PK76687 Federated LDAP repository with SSL does not pick up a specific SSL alias
PK76779 Primary administrative user name fails when implementing multiple VMM custom adapters. SECJ7339E is thrown.
PK77764 Failure of ConfigEngine wp-add-property task in WebSphere Portal.
PK78091 Update failed although LDAP repository was configured as read-only.
PK78134 Security flag is incorrect after migration to VMM
PK78286 Null pointer from VMM code during server startup with security enabled with federated repository.
PK78876 When cross group repository membership is configur
PK81468 Getting a group attribute with only nsuniqueid failed with EntityNotFoundException on SunOne LDAP
PK81654 Search person accounts while sorting by a non-mandatory multi-value-attribute fails
PK82119 Wstemp not being cleaned up of anonymous1234702863157 type files
General PK67471 Unable to disable class preloading through the administrative console
PK70353 Deployment of enhanced ear file causes corruption of Application Server profile.
PK70456 A FeatureNotFoundException occurs when parsing XML which utilizes namespace prefixes.
PK73181 The class loader in the scope of a JPA query throws ClassCastException.
PK74913 The HFS, specifically the serverindex.xml file may become corrupt when an out of space condition occurs.
PK75570 Updated EMF jar is required to address the eclipse bug#:131151
PK75592 NoClassDefFoundError from archive classloader during server startup
PK76599 SIP container contacts the remote UAS directly instead of going through the SIP proxy.
PK76714 IllegalStateException was thrown when SIP returned 6xx response.
PK76724 SIP container does not respond with correct error responses on subsequent request failures.
PK76882 Save of resources documents creates extra display-name elements
PK77123 Abend1c5 rc=804 in WebSphere controller followed by abendec3 rc=160d000d when logstream is used for XA partner log
PK77366 SIP proxy deadlock on startup between the load balancer filter and the SIP container monitor.
PK77583 F/QC2UTIL1-MSG6902 MCH6902 is thrown when a WebSphere Application Server (6.1) is ended on os/400 610
PK77677 Exceptions transaction cannot be found.
PK77806 Fix for double ORB initialization with in the WebSphere classpath
PK77809 Threadpool is not creating enough threads in high load situation
PK77923 SIP container should be able to support an unsolicited SIP notify message
PK78323 Can not login to the administrative console in restricted mode.
PK78496 I5/OS:webadmin gui failed to associate one HTTP server to a federated WebSphere Application Server.
PK78626 Empty javacore through wsadmin
PK78822 Sybase scripts do not work on remote Sybase
PK79062 NullPointerException when querying tasks from TaskManagementMBean when a task is missing a reason message.
PK79275 Deployment fails to properly handle passwords in WebServices client modules
PK79323 NullPointerException occurs when configuring shared library by administrative console.
PK79384 In debug mode a java.lang.RuntimeException is thrown by the XSLT Debugger
PK79452 XAException while trying to enlist resources with the transaction manager when using WebSphere WMQ servers in a SIBus
PK79495 ADMA5003I message is displayed when JSPs have compilation errors
PK79499 An MQLink receiver channel fails to start because of a sequence number error (CWSIC3015E)
PK79566 480 temporarily unavailable" response is not sent upstream
PK79588 Application Server profiles on SLES10 may startup before networking is available.
PK79625 Abend0c4 while starting a TCP/IP listener endpoint configured with host="*"
PK79814 EventServer exists after migration
PK80331 Field injection of a JPA persistencecontext may result in an InvalidStateException under heavy load
PK80412 Application sync failures are not logged properly.
PK80423 WebSphere Application Server version 5.1 applications fail to start in version 6.0 or higher mixed cell environments.
PK80635 Failure in event/catalog database creation in WebSphere Process Server v6.2
PK80928 Applications do not start when Extended Deployment is installed but not augmented to the current profile.
PK81057 generates NullPointerException when invoked concurrently
PK81108 Web messaging service does not function with Dojo version 1.2 and above.
PK81327 Outofmemory occurs in large topology when creating resources
PK81609 NullPointerException in the startupservice
PK81897 No SIP request validation when container passes the SIP request from request's queue to Presence Server
PK81934 Application binaries were not cleaned up after uninstall
PK82118 The encoding of any document used in a transformation is ignored by the debugger
PK82401 NullPointerException in ArchiveWrapperClassLoader
PK82852 Session Initiation Protocol quoted parameter value is omitted
PK82902 NodeSync incorrectly deletes application binaries from installedApps
PK83482 Enhancement to support multiple binding types for a JAX-WS
High Availability (HA) PK75700 DCS_UNICAST_ADDRESS port conflict results in HMGR002
PK79649 DCSV1151W messages being logged
PK80125 HMGR0083E error when changing the host name
PK81109 AdminTask function listEligibleBridgeInterfaces does not work for new servers created if the configuration has not been saved.
PK81240 DCSV8030I with reason code of not all members are connected is logged continuously
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Install PK80864 Simplified Chinese missing many wsadmin messages
PK80934 /was_home/lib/ext and /was_home/lib/app directories are missing
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK74962 Always push msg 100 during DS init even if monitoring not enable
PK75422 J2CA0079E: method markInUse has detected an internal illegal state and is throwing an IllegalStateException
PK78385 WTRN0005W during transaction recovery caused by a J2CA0154E whose cause is a NullPointerException in method QueryConfigObjects
PK78806 Blocked finalizer thread causing OutOfMemory.
PK79133 JCA adapter stops polling when high availability is enabled because messaging endpoint is not activated
PK81673 SECJ306E when WebSphere RA is discarding ConfigObject during transaction recovery for flatfile. This causes J2CA0154E and WTRN0005W
Java Management Extensions (JMX) or JMX Client API PK78743 Invoking an MBean that does not have type key-property results in a NullPointerException.
Java Message Service (JMS) PK77277 Null pointer exception may occur when closing a connection utilized by the security connection interceptor.
PK77430 It is not possible to pass some custom properti
PK77447 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in XLXP parser
PK78291 Memory leak occurs caused by JMSManagedConnection objects
PK78532 Incorrect pooling used for wsadmin-created MQQueueConnectionFactory
PK79872 REGR: Default messaging provider became unresponsive for many seconds under heavy lo
PK80792 WebSphere control region abends s0c1 caused by large data coming into the WebSphere TCP channel via SSL connection
PK86005 EJB 3.0 message-driven beans can not be used with litner ports.
Java SDK PK79817 There is slow down due to syncronization used when creating session scoped managed beans.
Java Transaction Service (JTS) PK76761 Log output "recovering x transactions" does not provide enough information
PK77640 Abend 0c2/00000002 in control region on server shutdown after issuing the command servername -recovery
PK79899 Abend0c4/abends0c4 during nodeagent restart.
PK80466 Starting WebSphere app server Z/OS with -recovery option may result in abendsdc3 rc000c00
PK80553 Abenddc3 rc=06010001 right after server startup found when running portal application
PK81814 Message "Ppen for e-business" is not being printed in systemout.lo
JNDI/Naming PK76360 Server's security setting CSIv2 inbound transport set to "SSL-required" results in CORBA::UNKNOWN exceptio
JSP PK72795 A NullPointerException is thrown when compiling a JSP scriptlet with java 1.5 JDT compiler
PK75617 Option to filter IllegalArgumentException's on bad URL's
PK76583 The JavaServer Pages standard tag library(jstl) in the commented area is failing.
PK76810 Multiple requests to JSPs in different applications but with same na
PK78228 Customer is getting jsp.el.ELException: no function is mapped tothe name "fn:split"
PK82657 Webcontainer does not allow unload of JSP forwards or includes
Migration PK75326 During migrati
PK75809 V6.1 migration - expression syntax error message can be seen in migration job which is not fatal but needs to be cleaned up
PK80337 Sensitive Information might appear in Migration Trace.
PK80755 Migration from Process Server s602 to 612 and topology contains an empty unmanaged node (webserver
Object Request Broker (ORB) PK75575 not honored when SSL conneciton is being used for outbound ORB connection
PK75778 CNLC117I and CNLC157E messages are seen when MMS utility is run against WebSphere Japanese message skeletons.
PK78776 BBOOBIND AB/S0052 PRCS/00000513 BBOOCOM 940D6000/00000027
PK78811 The suppression of an A03 abend can be enabled with a new environment variab
Other PK81343 Requesting the launch of a portlet results in the actual launch of 2 portlets
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) PK80262 Update command output in for AIX operating systems
Plug-in PK71753 The deployer role in WebSphere Application Server 6.1 does not have authority to generate and propogate the HTTP plug-in.
PK78097 WebSphere plug-in does not pass empty headers to WebSphere container correctly
PK78301 When reloading or changing the plugin file the plugin does not automaticlly state it was reloaded.
PK78752 Genplugincfg script does not ignore ODR (non-appserver) clusters while generating plugin.
PK81958 REGR: Plugin is not encoding requests with embedded xml content
PK83788 Incorrect handling of partition tables by plugin.
PK87071 WebSphere Plug-in log file displays raw build level.
PMI/Performance Tools PK74124 Not all the PMI classes are found when using launchClient resulting in ClassNotFoundException for PmiRmCorrelator
PK77543 Tivoli Performance Viewer lost status after server re-start
PK79867 Incorrect message type for PMON0007W
PK80147 TPV is incorrectly displaying SIBus service metrics
Programming Model Extensions (PME) PK79197 EJBDeploy does not run after updating WebSphere Commerce to on WebSphere Application Server
Proxy server PK80184 Excessive WSDL messages are being written to the systemout.log file as application servers are starting.
PK80484 HTTP request is not maintaining partition affinity.
PK81377 ODC can miss tree change messages during startup resulting in out of synch trees.
PK82564 ODC fails to instantiate if WebSphere Virtual Enterprise libraries exist in an environment containing no augmented profiles
Scheduler PK78101 When the scheduler tries to commit a transaction that does not exist results in CWSIA0053E exception and a transaction rollback
Security PK72447 If MutualAuthCBindCheck=tr
PK73246 Non-standard HTTP methods should not be allowed.
PK73552 Problems with node synchronization after LTPA keys are generated via script.
PK76413 HTTPHeaderFilt
PK76448 SSL outbound connection information is not honored upon socket creation
PK77015 The SubjectDN and IssuerDN fields in the SECJ6220I message are incorrect and should be reversed
PK77288 Need to suppress JACC provider security exceptions that get thrown during syncNode operation .
PK77754 Unable to add a certificate to a hardware crypto card
PK77853 DPWWA0607E received basic authentication challenge for junction where filtering is being applied
PK77884 Cannot set non-IBM provider when properties are used with a non-IBM JRE
PK78005 Dynamic outbound SSL is not working if the remoteHost is in a different case
PK78043 A user is able to log in to the administrative conso
PK78114 A cache entry in authentication cache will not be removed upon form logout.
PK78243 SPNEGO authentication to V6.1 applications fails when using a upper-cased aliased host name.
PK78401 PROXY_HTTPS_ADDRESS is not displayed in security endpoint configuration in administrative console
PK78556 CNTR0020E ConcurrentModificationException SecurityCollaborator getMethodWithSignature
PK78623 FFDC attempts to write logs to FFDC directory under (WSGUEST) unauthenticated ID when connection manager RunAs is enabled
PK81219 thrown inspite of
PK81335 Even if CSIv2Outbound Basic Authentication is set to nev
PK81356 PKCS11 keystore creation fails with invalid password exception.
PK81983 WebSphere application crash resulting from ntregistry.dll
PK82109 Passwords are not truncated after 8 characters
PK83097 Implement strict server id validation of identity assertion
Servlet Engine/Web Container PK72845 REGS: interceptDeserializationException error when compression on the Web Services is enabled
PK74818 Starting application throws NullPointerException.
PK75844 Threading issue in EncodingUtils class resulting in garbled output
PK76114 Dynamic cache is not properly caching the charset in content-typeheader
PK77176 Webcontainer fails to map request proper
PK77465 Setting the disableSecurityPreInvokeOnFilters property causes SPNEGO to fail after PK42868
PK78371 The query string is not included during the dispatcher forward to a welcome file
PK78949 property when s
PK79143 When response has no body byt
PK79219 Request data is getting terminated when it exceeds 2gb
PK79550 A runtime exception can occur while starting an application when a large number of applications have already been started.
PK79894 REGR: If j_security_check is mapped to filt
PK80340 The request path elements are not set properly for a default servlet.
PK80362 Suppress $ws headers from the request to the application
Sessions and Session Management PK68691 HTTP session manager will use new flag added by plugin to determine if a request is failed over
PK75789 Distributed session does not propagate invalidation if invalidation and creation occurs in one service method
PK77100 LOB data not stored in session table in some instances when using session persistence to DB2
PK77510 ClassCastException using the data replication service (DRS)
PK78174 Database (i5/os) session persistence
System Management/Repository PK71942 CWPKI0022E in soap.client.props not honor
PK73603 Server UUID is missing from serverindex.xml file after cell profile creation.
PK76104 Deadlock detected in NotificationService.handleNotification with "java/lang/OutOfMemoryError":"failed to fork OS thread"
PK76250 Multicall through a spec MBean does not work.
PK77495 Security exposure in wsadmin
PK77931 Namespace binding that include
PK78083 ADMR0016I message shows incorrect userid in message.
PK78563 The editioned application update hangs when using wsadmin
PK78683 Application code running in a servant region cannot access an application custom MBean with security enabled
PK78875 Application Server list population in console takes a long time to display
PK79116 AddNode failed while there is a v5 node in the cell or if federating a z/OS node to a distributed deployment manager.
PK79489 Deployments will occasionaly hang and not complete due to a call of redeployApp when using AppManagement API
PK79747 The use of scripting does not supply javacore dump of the control region.
PK80941 All cluster members do not start when the cluster is started
PK82529 Application Servers in an imported profile fail to start with $AdminTask importWasprofile command.
PK83773 The AdminTask.changeHostName command incorrectly modifies the multicast endpoints in serverindex.xml
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PK73090 WebService connection pooling algorithm causes SocketTimeoutException
PK75788 Threads hanging in Web Services OutboundConnectionCache class; this causes webservices to hang or run slowly.
PK77138 NullPointerException occurs when wsu:Id is missing when using XML Digital Signature
PK77467 java.lang.StackOverflowError can occur in wsgen
PK77815 org.eclipse.emf.ecore.xmi.PackageNotFoundException: Package with uri '' not found.
PK78050 User-defined exceptions extending javax.xml.rpc.soap.soapfaultexception will not be recognized as user-defined.
PK78146 Request_timeout_property value is documented in "seconds" instead of "milliseconds"
PK78774 A classCastException occurs when a stub timeout property is a string object.
PK78840 JAX-RPC one-way operation fails if webservice request is via WebSphere Process Server.
PK79238 Xjc and wsimport report an error if a complexType contains multiple xsd:any elements.
PK79712 Webservices client code is sending an RPC/encoded message without multirefs
PK80535 A ConcurrentModificationException might occur during JAX-RPC attachment temporary file removal
PK80836 Java.lang.string[] objects may be serialized incorrectly by JAX-RPC Web Services
PK81677 A NullPointerException occurs in call.sortOutputs() while calling a JAX-RPC webservice
PK82039 WSDL2Java may lock a custom provider jar file preventing Rational Application Developer project delete
PK82952 Performance improvement to reduce unnecessary transformations
PK84015 The IBM Stax XMLStreamWriter may write out the wrong XML. This makes the engine susceptible to XML fuzzing attacks.
Web Services Security PK80596 XML digital signature specification has a security problem
Workload Management (WLM) PK75362 Workload management failure to start or stop a cluster in partial state
PK76067 WLM ConcurrentModificationException in RouterMediator
PK76741 Workload management NullPointer in generic cluster builder
PK78110 WLM duplicate notifications causes SIB message failures during failover
PK72252 REGRS: Calls to ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream are slow
PK80140 Workload management duplicate MBean initialization

Fix Pack 23 (
Fix release date: 23 Mar, 2009
Last modified: 23 Mar, 2009
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 23

Federated Repositories PK66383 Wrong behavior when creating or updating anentity with group membership specified
PK69720 Dynamic group members are not displayed
PK71355 Virtual member manager federation adapter not working if uniqueName not yet in database
PK71724 TimeLimitExceededException not correctly reported during search
PK72800 SECJ5016E errors caused by NullPointerException on
PK73159 LDAP URLs not decoded correctly
PK74487 When searching for a user in realm
PK76266 Attribute ibm-primaryEmail can not be returned from file repository when required.
PK76493 Cross repository group member can not be shown properly.
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PK68888 Manage endpoint security configuration panel hangs with large number of JVMs.
PK70021 Status of webservers and webserver details page reported a significant delay in the administrative console.
PK70088 The "pretest existing pooled connections" value is changing back to the default when another field is changed in the consol
PK71575 Encounted java script error while installing application by Microsoft Internet Explorer.
PK71631 Hitting OK or Cancel from the SOAPJMSExport->Binding adminstrative console panel returns to the wrong panel
PK71721 Webserver configuration object does not always have a name attribute
PK71907 Command assistence creating invalid AdminApp.edit --MapModulesToServers command.
PK72036 Application Server is prone to an arbitrary file retrieval vulnerability.
PK72121 Name space binding identifier does not allow certain characters during edit operation
PK72268 TUNE5006W: "The JIT is disabled on the JVM" warning is given by the Tivoli Performance Viewer advisor when JIT is enable
PK72321 Clicking ok on administrative console session management screen causes exception
PK72555 When trying to edit and update the httpd.conf file with "ServerTokens" variab
PK72876 Cannot view or modify durable subscription home on JMS connection factory using administrative console when bus set to "other"
PK73004 V6.1 dmgr installing rar file to V6.0.2 node fails
PK73169 Unable to start or stop IBM HTTP Server V6.1 from WebSphere Application Server administrative console when using cmd.exe
PK73436 Unable to specify the database implementation type
PK73813 Warning in ffdc log: internationalization service could not be started
PK73936 Administrative console does not list the workmanager resources when deploying an application from the console.
PK74083 Administrative console fails to show details of messages on destinations within a service integration bus
PK74367 Accessibility: when tabbing through deployment descriptors using Mozilla Firef
PK74710 You cannot set authentication values on non-WebSphere defined resources.
PK74830 When navigating through the enterprise application panels via the service providers li
PK75472 A war file is deployed (x.war) and an ear file is x_war.ear is created. At end of insta
PK75517 broken to page help on middleware nodes panel
PK75566 Deploying an application from console with deploy enterprise beans option selected having issue with summary page display.
PK75625 The console displays ODR and proxy clusters in the manage modules page when installing or editing an application.
PK75675 Webcontainer thread for NodeSyncStatus servlet hanging for 20-30 minutes while saving configuration from administrative console.
PK76324 The show me viewlet is no longer used and is being removed.
PK76376 Console to validate whether the proxy rule name is a duplicate of an exiting rule before it inserts it into proxy settings.
PK76879 Custom profile metadata.xml for cluster context missing resources child-document-name
PK78677 Allow login when repositories are down
PK78680 Provide configurable option to change virtual member manager LDAP dynacache distribution policy
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PK71806 WsEjbDeploy ant task may fail to compile the generated code when executed on a WebSphere Application Server running on Unix
PK72280 WsDefaultBindings exception handling does not show the source ofany exceptions that may occur during resource reference binding.
PK75462 The CreateAuthorizationGroup command does have the parameter AuthorizationGroupName
PK75545 Jython exception messages not easily consumed by user
PK76168 Wsdamin script hangs when dmgr is stopped.
PK76400 Problems using ant to deploy applications with 64 bit code
Data Replication Services PK74026 BBOO0220E: CWWDR0011E: method DRSInstanceFactory.createInstanceInControllerRegion
PK74396 SA03 abend during server stop processing after replication was enabled.
PK77234 Memory leak in DRSGroups
DB Connections/ Connection Pooling PK74635 Can not connect to the messaging engine after migrating v6101 to v62
Default Messaging Component PK71086 sibDDLGenerator outputs a message indicating that a database is not supported.
PK71344 After creating a cluster using an existing server as a templa
PK72567 A messaging engine continues to run while the database providing its message store is unavailable with unpredictable results
PK72860 NullPointerException that is thrown in the SIB RA dispatch method due to the message being null.
PK73709 Ibm products which require use of jms in the deployment manager of a cell fail with cwsit0100e errors
PK73713 Messages sent to exception destination during server shutdown incorrectly when mssages were not actually delivered to consumer
PK73990 CWSIF0271E: ClassCastException when a response is received which includes an array xsd:anyType in a web service
PK74090 Entry not removed from sib-engines.xml file when a foreign bus or MQ link is deleted.
PK74207 If stats update request is called on the messaging engine while the messaging engine is stopp
PK74286 A messaging engine that is using DB2 9 for z/OS fails to start and produces a CWSIS1530E error.
PK74673 During failover an incorrect common mode error is reported.
PK74746 Products using the default messaging provider with filestore may need to move the filestore location during migration
PK75260 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException calling getQueuePointMessageData on SIBMessagingEngine MBean
PK75265 Service integration bus client receives a CWSIT0006E or CWSIT0008E error with connection proximity set to "server"
PK75501 A consumer performing a receive with wait is not notified when a message arriv
PK75539 A service integration bus link between two buses fails if you do not specify boostrap endpoints on the SIB link definition.
PK75668 CWSIC3237E NullPointerException is generated when using an MQLINK connection between WebSphere WMQ and WebSphere App Server
PK75865 Concurrent deploys affecting messaging objects result in SIErrorException with CWSIP0006E message
PK76196 sibDDLGenerator command does not recognise 11G as a valid version for Orac
PK77244 WSWS3734W: warning: exception caught from invocation and webWebServicesFault
Dynamic Cache PK69550 ConcurrentModificationException from dynamic cahce
PK69778 Dynamic cache instance failed to initialize with NameAlreadyBoundException
PK71667 Loop in code causing high cpu and possible hang.
PK71857 Dynacache: replication type set incorrectly when using file.
PK73069 Static content invalidated at the application server gets cached at proxy server so customers see old content.
PK74539 Extraneous cache fragments generated with UTF-8 appended to the cacheid.
PK75615 Dynacache invalidation issues while sharing is set at not_shared
PK76345 Performance degradation in WebSphere Application Server dynacache.
Edge Component PK68766 Memory leaking in WebSphere Application Server proxy/ODR when trusted intermediary is configured
PK71323 The explanation for proxy informational message PROX0107W is misleading for environments not using generic server routing.
PK71680 Proxy ODC component failed to get complete routing infomation even after startup delay on z/OS
PK72060 ActiveOutboundConnectionCount statistics reports incorrect value in proxy PMI performance view
PK73210 Incorrect date header value is returned from the proxy when the request is served from the cache.
PK73382 The startup delay set as a custom property with a value of 120 seconds is not synchronized with other proxy settings
PK74334 The statistic ResponseTimeTTLB value is not correct in PMI view. Only small response s response time get collected.
PK74829 Proxy server is unable to do a graceful shutdown of the http traffic
PK76323 Proxy junction rewrite filter screens responses even though no rewrite rule is defined.
PK77298 Proxy forwards incorrect server port information to the backend server if the front-end load balancer port mapping is used.
EJB Container PK71205 NameNotFoundException occured after upgrading to the Feature Pack for EJB 3.0
PK72831 SECJ0053E: authorization failed where multiple roles are being applied to the same method.
PK76079 value of * (all applications)
PK76467 Memory leak due to HandleList objects not being removed for entity beans
PK78404 Allow non-JavaEE 5 clients to invoke methods on EJB 3.0 version enterprise java beans
EJBDeploy (WSAD) PK70272 EJBDeploy: RMIC errors occuring when EJBDeploy fails to include the correct jar files
PK78908 Support of IDS 11 with V6.1
General PK68477 Validation errors CHKW1611W and CHKW1615E are reporting an error on a valid configuration
PK68488 No error message when custom CEI selector classes not found
PK68798 Replication is not working when an application is sending SIP messages.
PK69423 CWSID0034E exception thrown on ME startup. Caused by NullPointerException
PK69454 AnnotationException error with ADMA5006E message during an application deployment
PK69743 Restart of EJB with multiple servants WSVR0046E: unable to bind org.omg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackage.AlreadyBound
PK69844 ValidationException on common base event that carries 1970-01-01t00:00:00.000z as date.
PK69898 Error: RepositoryLock class cannot be found while starting the server.
PK70011 Precompile JSP when deploying using JMX fails with ADMA0062E in V6.1
PK70384 ClassCastException when deploying war file with Feature Pack for EJB 3.0 installed.
PK70601 Space padded schemaName returned by ResultSetMetaData causes CEI server intialization failure(CEI component)
PK70824 The request.isUserInRole("ROLE_NAME") returns false on servlet error pag
PK70854 The maximum failed deliveries setting is not being enforced when using a WebSphere MQ server on z/OS as a bus member
PK70886 Update customization dialogue instructions to indicate region constraints can limit region size of customization scripts
PK70986 does not allow predefined z/OS DB2 database
PK71132 Unable to change the permission settings for files of an installed application
PK71216 Application binaries pushed to webserver configuration when it is not necessary.
PK71763 NullPointerException when enabling debugRouting in a proxy server.
PK71856 Under lo
PK71981 Plugin-cfg.xml does not reflect custom on-demand router session cookie name
PK71985 Application save does not create parent entries
PK72028 Manage installed application for WebSphere Application Server shows blank in IBM web administration gui
PK72130 Handle converged application failover with affinity based cookies.
PK72157 Profile creation on Linux with service creation enabl
PK72204 Memory leak when a non record-routing proxy invalidates the session on reception of a 200 OK response on an invite request.
PK72252 REGRS: Calls to ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream are slow
PK72275 SIP does not work in a clustered environment with IPV6.
PK72376 The ApplicationManager stopApplication and startApplication MBean operations do not print audit messages.
PK72461 Client application using readahead is not informed of a connection to the messaging engine being closed
PK72500 SIP channel throws java.nio.BufferOverflowException when trying to send SIP message with large bodies
PK72512 SIP fails to parse an empty quoted string.
PK72535 NullPointerException during application update when application files have double byte characters
PK72919 Content-type cannot be parsed correctly by the web container
PK73027 Disable SIP port usage if no SIP application installed
PK73506 Permissions are only defined properly for the shared libraries of the first classloader
PK73681 WTRN0109W error: exception encountered when activating transaction JMS MBean
PK73754 ResetDestination command issued on corrupt destination fails with exception InvalidOperation
PK73889 The runtime task notifications are not sent out for new tasks
PK74292 The XA recovery alarm is delayed causing the control region to delay in initialization
PK74518 URLs containing a current context "." fail with 404 erro
PK74534 WBIPostMigration success but with exception of EventServer
PK74615 SIP container fails to parse a warning header field when it appears as a single header field row separated by commas.
PK74660 SIP container discards a response message that contains malformed "not mandatory" header fields
PK74708 After failed send to first network eleme
PK74800 Failure to create a cluster with two cluster members that have the same name but different short names in two different nodes
PK74869 A host name containing a trailing . prevents a profile creation
PK74905 Algorithm for distribution of messages to consumers with selectors unevenly distributes messages
PK75047 Incorrect message selection with multiple publish/subscribe consumers using JMS selectors after PK40516
PK75049 When ffdc reports containing CWSIS0501E exceptions are generat
PK75156 Japanese telnet session with JA_JP and Sift-JIS corrupts error message when running
PK75162 SIP switches the URL scheme from "SIP" to "SIPs"
PK75497 SIP container starts application before proxy is fully initiated.
PK75571 Improvements to service integration bus behavior in recovery scenarios within complex topologies
PK75659 SIP proxy startup message sent incorrectly to SIP container
PK75667 IBM i: derby.log file access permission error
PK75696 Processing of enumeration in schemas omits values containing white space
PK75733 Java.lang.NullPointerException from ELEvaluator
PK75990 Corrupted IIOP messages are dropped and connection fail
PK75995 NoClassDefFoundError appears when versionInfo script is run
PK76022 CEI support for embedded SQL server driver for 2005
PK76087 Javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException occurs when running an XSLT transform in JVM debug mode
PK76142 java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException from ServletContext.getMimeType().
PK76488 Configcei.ant failed when install path is in NLS characters
PK76924 Memory leak at the proxy when the proxy is idling
PK77029 SIP error 480 when running SIP container under moderate load.
PK77243 Java.lang.IllegalStateException: no active transaction
PK77314 HTTP Server for z/OS performance degradation when using the plug-in with SSL
PK77354 Delay in message delivery due to termination of alarm thread.
PK77443 -1 and 0 both have the same effect for both timeouts
PK77753 A mediation containing an XSLT transform cannot be debugged in WebSphere Integration Developer v6.2.
PK78381 The event database is not gettting created for DB2 on z/OS
PK79656 RFC 3263 skipping NAPTR and SRV lookup when locating a server
PK79887 SIP request loops back into the server
High Availability (HA) PK71453 Error in high availability manager which results in cluster members unconditionally dropping half the messages they receive.
PK72779 CoreGroup members are removed after one has been stopped.
PK73946 Fixes relative to support of transparent bridge failover and occurrences of HMGR02
PK76334 Core group bridge does not shut down its corestack during server stop.
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Install PK73326 SAXException occurs as a result of transformHistoryXmls()
PK74019 Default APPL profile name after customization is CB3
PK74687 Customization creates some files with owner as the userid instead of environment owner
PK77290 Error when user backs out PTF to a level older than the cold start level.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK69110 The servant abends caused by hung threads in JDBC driver.
PK70930 SQL statements causing old cursor name values to be executed.
PK71821 getConnection results in SQLException indicating connection does not exi
PK72605 Messaging engine using RAC as msg store fail to start after failover
PK72743 J2CA0079E followed by: PARK_OR_REASSOCIATE_FAILED_W_J2CA0083
PK73716 Applications may process inbound JCA work before server startup is complete
PK75239 Map Oracle error ORA-17447 to a StaleConnectionException
PK75717 Add custom properties to control connection sharing
PK76160 Null padded into data using Data Direct driver.
Java Management Extensions (JMX) or JMX Client API PK51638 JMX queries to server hang when server could not be contacted via pidwaiter
PK69066 SECJ030
PK70893 Partial update process to application changes JSP time stamp
PK71090 Performance monitor infrastructure (pmi) jmx mbeans for Z/OS proxy_server are not registered in the control region
PK71256 Administrative console fails with SRVE0068E exception.
PK71698 The reloadEnabled option was incorrectly enabled by default
PK72219 The message listener service setting recovery.retry.interval is not being honored in the controller region.
PK77518 No description for the command step UpdateNameBindings of the imprtWasprofile command
Java Message Service (JMS) PK69053 NullPointerException is thrown during Application Server start up.
PK70331 JDK 5.0 behavior change in simpleDateFormat.parse() causes non-GMT HTTP dates to be sent.
PK70882 Hung thread warning message may appear when threads are not really hung
PK70904 WebSphere MQ queues created using the administrative console have a default queue manager port of 0 instead of null.
PK71307 IllegalStateException thrown to external messaging provider when ConnectionConsumer closed while processing messages.
PK71746 Channels to WMQ not closed after MQ config update.
PK71914 Any generic JMS provider custom property that is set that has the word password will be encoded
PK72037 The dynamic creation of listener ports is unable to cope with spaces in the directory structure.
PK72389 Certain properties of a MQ topic connection factory for the WebSphere MQ messaging provider are not honored
PK73138 MalformedInputException occurs when mq_install_root contains DBCS characters.
PK73987 WebSphere MQ topic connection factory cannot be bound into JNDI on z/OS if the broker queue manager property is left blank
PK74450 Messages are not rolled back for failing message-driven beans in non-ASF mode using bean-managed transactions
PK74485 Increase the maximum http transport channel custom property limitNumHeaders from 500 to 3000
PK74661 Incorrect generation of ClassNotFoundException FFDCs from MDBListenerManagerImpl.initializeMQJMSConnectionPooling
PK74945 A UnsatisfiedLinkError error is thrown on startup when using WebSphere MQ on either a Solaris or HPUX 32-bit JVM
PK76863 XLXP parser causes memory leak with large requests
Java Transaction Service (JTS) PK71103 Dynamically setting the total transaction lifetime timeout during runtime does not take effect immediately.
PK74032 PK48476 introduced infastructure required to support flow of heuristics soap messages PK74032 provides the functional support
PK74257 Cee0374c condition=cee3202s s0c2 rsn code 2 load module bboboa
PK76019 Compensation scope recovery testing failing with various symptoms
JNDI/Naming PK74850 Corbaname URL containing character "." and "#" does not bind into the namespace correctly and causes the lookup to fail
JSP PK69220 Slow application startup
PK71207 LinkageError if JSP container attempts to call the classloader's defined class method.
PK72039 JspBatchCompiler skips compiling JSPs in directory after compile error
PK73104 JSP compilation issue with a single quote in <input> tag.
PK73495 500 exceptions while accessing a JSP with tag functions within tag functions
PK73789 JSP container can not handle a carriage return leading to an exception
PK74176 Compiled class files for JSPs are stored in servant specific temp directories instead of common servant temp directory.
PK76503 Race condition in JSP runtime compilation leading to blank pages
PK81387 Possible application source file exposure.
Migration PK71632 LoginException when trying to call a webservice
PK72492 CCSID="0" created during migration from V6.0.2 to V6.
PK73141 Migration code is creating a server as generic_server instead of application_server and the template does not include sib-service.xml
PK76728 WebSphere Process Server migration failes with a java.lang.NoSuchMethodException while running the migration wizard.
PK76856 RAR adapter missing after migration from symlinked z/OS Network Deployment environment
Object Request Broker (ORB) PK68783 Controller gets BBOO0327I IIOP request timeout for internal server work when work is queued to a dead servant.
PK71664 If using GIOP 1.1 and if EJB throws an excepti
PK73924 64bit j2ee application client generates cee370
Other PK70063 NameAlreadyBoundException thrown in the console
PK73848 Uncaught exception in dmgr logs
PK74966 WebSphere Application Server administrative console user sessions can be accessed in specific scenarios
PK77505 Cross site scripting vulnerability in adminstrative console
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) PK73470 In loggi
PK74263 Collector tool runs slow on Linux
PK75151 When changing the collecter tool default location the process logs and historical files are not captured in the collector jar
PK76816 RAS collector removes subdirectories that can contain crucial data
PK77189 Introduction of security-headers in systemerr causing tooling issues.
Plug-in PK68126 Plug-in failed to read "503 service unavailable" response headers
PK71423 ESI cache processor in the http plugin does not reuse TCP connections.
PK71492 REGR: Plugin adds new flag in request when request fails over
PK71867 Application Server http plugin regeneration has problems when the host name has double hyphens ( -- ) and inserts a space.
PK72097 Plugin does not set mark down when the ServerIOTimeout expired with no buffering.
PK72384 V6.1 console should not display the ServerIOTimeOut within the plugin properties screen for a V6.0 node.
PK73173 Server marked down on read failure with transfer-encoding specified
PK73752 A 404 response code occurs after increasing the number of http headers
PK74228 WebSphere Application Server plugin file creation location and http path to plugin do not match
PK75852 Plug-in needs additional logic in determining when to resend a post request following a read error.
PK78451 Web server plug-in for WebSphere Application Server now supports trusted proxies as front end to web servers.
PK78456 Web server plug-in now supports hardware security modules ( SSL accelerators and keystore management).
PMI/Performance Tools PK67454 Various 0
PK72989 The information in the Information Center to guide a developer in using a java management MBean is inadequate
PK73683 PMI is looking for AsynchBeansService to be started and available in the Control Region.
PK74744 SIB information in administrative console differs from Information Center documentation.
PK75020 Unable to invoke the methods on PmiRmJmxService MBean from within Application Server
PK76061 PMI metrics for SIB are not saved from configuration tab
Programming Model Extensions (PME) PK68767 Default mapping of DB2 V9.1 XML column to java.lang.string field results in "invalid type mapping exist for attribute" error
PK73068 Timer object is not cancelled and removed from the TimerManager's set of time
PK76060 ClassCastException in object pool preventing restart of application
Proxy server PK72163 ODC mishandles parsing of SSL-OFFLOAD/ONLOAD property
PK73303 On demand router fails to start when configured in a separate coregroup from the Application Servers
PK73785 ODC should be substuting WebSphere variable for a virtual host alias defined using a variable port number
PK74332 Excessive listener notification during transaction
PK74626 NullPointerException during proxy server startup in clustered configuration.
PK75259 On demand configuration does not tolerate non-URL values in WSDL URI definitions.
PK75456 The first request to an application that uses the remote request dispatcher functionality returns a 500 error code.
PK77209 ODCListener transaction time not reported.
Samples PK76720 Cross site scripting security vulnerabilities exist in the WebSphere sample applications
Security PK64713 EJB sessioncontext.getcallerprincipal().getname() returns useridappended with spaces to fill up to 8 characters
PK67921 Autogeneration of ltpa keys does not synchronize ltpa keys with nodes when synchronization is disabled.
PK69542 Email notification sent for SSL certificate expiration is garbaged.
PK69654 Unable to configure "from" address for certificate expiration emai
PK70943 A request for authentication of a user id that is longer than 8 characte
PK71126 Need to limit the redirection possible with the ibm_security_logout servlet
PK72337 Dynamic SSLConfig is not loaded correctly causing SSLHandshakeException
PK72757 SRVE0216E: post body contains less bytes than specified by content-length.
PK73112 NullPointerException may happen when SPNEGO canonical host support (
PK73520 Corba.no_permission is thrown during orb callback
PK73745 WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment throws java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
PK73801 ADMN1202W: inefficient MBean query executed WebSphere type=ssladmin. Displaying ssl configurations taking a long time
PK73915 NullPointerException when using AdminTask.createSSLConfig via wsadmin script after PK64037
PK74297 Implement a method to extract expiration date from TokenExpirationException.
PK75058 A subject which was constructed via TAI does not get cached correctly.
PK75163 Wsloginfailedexception seen when
PK75679 TokenExpiredException running Feature Pack for Web Services v6.1
PK75919 LTPA token timeout may not occur promptly
PK76497 JACC applicationss taking several hours to deploy
PK76989 TokenExpiredException executing a long running process in WebSphere Process Server with Feature Pack for Web Services
PK77390 Configuration errors of security.xml are displayed in administrative console.
PK79381 AuthCache entires are not removed correctly upon login with new password.
Security (zSeries®) PK72451 No ich408i messages issued for EJBrole check failures for admin users when
Servlet Engine/Web Container PK72845 REGS: interceptDeserializationException error when compression on the Web Services is enabled
PK73213 NullPointerException when accessing a static resource in a zip file
PK76117 If a servlet does not handle an unavailable exception from a dispatched request the servlet will be made unavailable.
PK76656 prevents securityPreInvoke from being called properly.
Sessions and Session Management PK68691 HTTP session manager will use new flag added by plugin to determine if a request is failed over
PK69723 Occasional NullPointerException while accessing getSession.
PK71265 Reduce access to the database during invalidation if using multi-schema rows
System Management/Repository PK81286 ADMA0094E Unable to deploy application
PK50921 The Java 2 Connector (J2C) connection factory information for an embedded J2C resource adapter is not applied correctly
PK62541 ADMA8019E message seen while trying to map resources during application deployment
PK66047 SyncResult.class file is missing in file
PK67259 ServletException ws.console.probdetermination/customAddLayout.jsp enabling tracing for proxy server
PK67315 If Application Servers are joined to a clust
PK68020 NullPointerException installing app -MapRunAsRolesToUsers
PK69059 Context root is reset to "/" when -contextroot is not set in the AdminApp.update() command
PK71351 Provide warning message for StackOverflow
PK71393 AdminApp.getDeployStatus() shows incorrect result on expansion failure.
PK71434 Unable to install Mule JCA adapter file through administrative console.
PK71533 Default properties are missing from the MQTop
PK71800 Need to be able to allow file transfer client to use basic authentication
PK72900 JMS ports do not rebind after TCP/IP was recycled.
PK73009 SECJ0306E error seen in logs when node agent is shutdo
PK73158 addNode with -includeapps fails with an OpenFailureException while encountering a WebSphere Extended Deployment application with editions
PK73307 ADMA0092E: an unexpected exception occurred stating to check the first failure data capture tool (ffdc) for more information.
PK73417 Make the task that cleans out configuration repository temp space less likely to delete files in use
PK73526 Logging configuration settings defined in properties file do not take effect.
PK74080 restoreConfig gives unexpected exception for systemapps application
PK74363 Long deployment time of an application with many .wsdl files
PK74472 Was_install_root shared by appserver and dmgr in a cell config
PK74639 NullPointerException in systemout during file repository update
PK74779 AdminApp.update is unable to update an application using the network path
PK75378 NullPointerException caused by failure to get MBean which leads to stopDeployment failure
PK75441 File transfer failure causes cell sync failure
PK76459 User is logged out of the console when deleting an empty cluster after PK70126
PK76950 Avoid extraneous stack trace when z/OS MBean proxy not a notification handler
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PK62949 ConcurrentModificationException when using web services attachments
PK63688 WS-Security LTPA binary security tokens are missing the Base64Binary encoding type attribute
PK66483 Webservices may not interoperate with older versions of Microsoft .net
PK68260 Client JAX-RPC handler's handleFault() being invoked in a one-way operation.
PK69086 Running SoapEarEnabler.bat(sh) fails with the java class is not found:
PK69577 MetaDataLoader reads incorrect server.xml. results in error: loadWebContainerPorts could not find any http or https ports.
PK70639 NullPointerException from the httpSender class
PK70806 WSDL2Java generates java classnames with random numerics in their generated names after PK55092
PK70888 The JMS timeout was increased by 5 minutes when a write timeout was added to Web Services
PK71347 JAXB binding xsi:nil with attributes not binding attributes. seems to be issue with component
PK71392 Synchronization lock contention causes webservices slow performance on webservices calls.
PK71687 Optimize enableInProcessConnections in Web Services
PK71718 Java2WSDL can generate an incorrect WSDL output file
PK71878 WSWS0045E message should not be logged to trace if EJB has only JMS router module but not http router module
PK72050 WSWS3710E error when requests come in for Web Services with charset ISO-8859-1.
PK72233 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException might occur during Web Services application startup.
PK72264 MessageContext.setProperty(Stub.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPER
PK72786 WSDL2Java does not generate code for bean in some scenarios.
PK72886 Incorrect WSDL generated for 2 dimensional array types
PK73852 An XSD file is not being found during an application startup (ear) This is being reported in ffdc tracing
PK76788 Numerous failed webservices connections lead to growth in outbound channel objects & OutOfMemoryError
Web Services Security PK66676 Nonce and timestamp expiration values are not enforced as specified
PK69014 Predefined keystore is not listed on administrative console
PK75548 ClassCaseException in JAX-RPC
PK75992 JAX-RPC WS-Security runtime might incorrectly validate a UsernameToken after PK41002
Workload Management (WLM) PK72063 WLM proxy session affinity and selection loop fixes
PK73950 Workload management NullPointerException in IIOPRoutingHelper
PK74018 Workload management callback failures result in high CPU
PK74511 WLM data propagation timing delay affects SIB

Fix Pack 21 (
Fix release date: 01 Dec 2008
Last modified: 09 Jul 2009
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 21

Component APAR Description
Federated Repositories PK65354 Virtual member manager (vmm) user accounts for IBM directory server fail when Microsoft Active Directory is configured first.
PK69670 Repository contains an attribute that is not part of schema, WIM exception which is caused by a NullPointerException.
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PK63543 Improve messages for nodeagent failures due to corrupt serverindex.xml file.
PK65939 Help incorrect for server specific short name in administrative console.
PK66027 Disabled propagate button in administrative console for non-IBM HTTP Server web servers.
PK67192 Created key stores via administrative console reported inconsistent at server level topology, which cause failure to read the .jks file.
PK67774 Map security roles to users(groups) fails to escape embedded double quotes in LDAP DN.
PK68303 Administrative console does not show more than one page of remote queue points for a service integration bus queue.
PK68331 Blank lines added to httpd.conf when changing webserver global directives in Application Server administrative console.
PK68608 Forced to specify polling interval and then change is not saved.
PK69095 Webserver configuration file or logs cannot be administered on Network Deployment or Extended Deployment with high available dmgr.
PK69237 When using process server, HTTP 500 is displayed when creating a new J2C connection factory.
PK69289 Many PLPR0016W warning messages are written when upgrading from WebSphere Process Werver 6023 to 6024.
PK69294 CWXRS0013W: plug-in null ignored message during WebSphere Portal V6.1 start.
PK70769 Z/OS mbean operation with param treated like an attribute getter.
PK70802 The administrative console should not allow configuration changes to applications installed as zeroBinaryCopy.
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PK67183 Wsadmin ignores yes and no options in non-English locales.
PK68561 Wsadmin prompts for security credential on exit, with RMI.
PK70652 Installing application using AdminApp.installInteractive does not work when Extended Deployment Application Edition is used.
PK72753 New property to not log user argument to wsadmin trace.
Classloader PK68016 URLConnection.getInputStream for the wsjar returns null rather than throwing a FileNotFoundException.
Data Replication Services PK68555 Failover not working in a cluster environment.
DB Connections/ Connection Pooling PK63459 Unable to map "exception generated during deferred local transaction" to StaleConnectionException.
Default Messaging Component PK27133 SIBUS MQLink gets port out of range failure for ports > 32767.
PK60857 Unable to obtain JMS connection after messaging engine restarts after unexpected termination.
PK65259 Remote queue points are not cleaned up when they contain messages at the time of deletion.
PK65439 Messages built up for transmission over an inter-bus link or on a remote queue point.
PK66797 CWSIP0001E messages may occur repeatedly in the JVM logs of an Application Server that hosts a messaging engine.
PK67067 NullPointerException ffdc with probeid 1:403: from
PK67950 exception when locked message is deleted or moved.
PK67998 When multiple consumers are actively consuming from a destination, some consumers may not receive messages.
PK68367 Messages may remain in locked state after database transaction logs become full. A messaging engine restart is required.
PK68616 An SIErrorException ffdc is written by the SIB messaging engine causing a number of network connections to the engine to break.
PK68785 When messaging engine is terminated with kill -9, some endpoints in WebSphere Process Server did not resume consumption of messages for MDBs.
PK69011 Deadlock can occur when a when a client throws an ffdc.
PK69047 Improvements to service integration bus behavior in recovery scenarios within complex topologies.
PK69180 A message may remain in locked state without a transaction ID after rollbacks occur before and after messaging engine failover.
PK69943 Message code CWSIP0671E incorrectly displayed when multiple indoubt transactions affect a single destination.
PK70064 NullPointerException using Best Effort or Express NonPersistent messages with a remote mediation point.
PK70472 Wsadmin modifySIBForeignBus throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when no topic space mappings have been defined.
PK70809 CWSIP0002E errors in the log and messages build up on the destination.
PK70910 When creating and deleting a large number of service integration bus destinations a build up in memory usage may be observed.
Edge Component PK64199 Move requestMapping code to a filter thread.
PK68773 Proxy server uses incorrect line separator in its log files on some Unix-like platforms.
PK68952 504 error response gets transformed into 200 response by intermediate Network Deployment node.
PK69689 Session affinity via the partition ID is not working.
PK70580 Unnecessary ffdc log generated when http1.0 requests received.
EJB Container PK68185 Two deadlocked threads when more than 1 enterprise bean has initialized.
PK69093 Hang in application calls to stateful session javajbeans when activation and passivation occur concurrently.
PK69197 RemoteException returned to client on enterprise javabean call if setRollbackOnly called by subordinate bean in same.
EJBDeploy (WSAD) PK68219 DB2UDBOS390_NEWFN_V8_1 vendor option is missing in the administrative console EJBDeploy drop down box.
PK68779 DOS line delimeter in ANTrun scripts for Unix.
General PK62407 Extra panel "map security roles to tivoli access manager users and groups" if trying to define WebSphere Extended Deployment work class.
PK63322 SIP message is blocked inside SIP container queue.
PK64453 Java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
PK64775 WebSphere Application Server runs OutOfMemory in native heap.
PK66216 Webcontainer stops before SIP container.
PK66959 Augmentation of extended deployment to a profile does not update profileregistry.xml.
PK67178 All derived sessions should be removed during invalidation.
PK67233 IBM_JVM_DISABLE_CLEANUP_HANDLER value was changed incorrectly from true to 1.
PK67889 NullPointerException when processing a terminated SIP request.
PK68038 Porting of v5.1 apars PK06778 and PQ99695 to v6.1.
PK68103 Event_db2zos_jdbc_provider error with DB/2 for z/OS when Application Server is not on z/OS.
PK68177 Ensure GSC member cloneids in one cell match ODR cloneID in second cell.
PK68234 Exception occurs while installing an application with an Extended Deployment edition to a running server.
PK68523 WsEJBException loses the message of causing exceptions.
PK68985 UDP channel stops processing inbound data.
PK69013 The SIP container changes URI scheme and a transport when an invite request is proxied to UAC.
PK69306 Change Install Verification Utility to suppress warnings from components that are not errors.
PK69619 The application classloader calls getResource with an error string instead of a classname.
PK69686 Failing to connect to connection factory due to message-destination-link not being updated correctly.
PK69752 does not work proper for CEI config.
PK70318 Feature Pack for Web 2.0 fixpack web message service update.
PK70372 The scripts for creating the CEI database and tables should not contain IBM Confidential Copyright statements.
PK70391 Ceiuser password cannot terminate with comma ,.
PK70406 The update installer fails with WebSphere Application Server 6.1 because it thinks servers are active, when they are not.
PK70430 IBM i:update for WPA/WPM support on webadmin GUI.
PK70522 <x:foreach/x:out not working properly and displays a blank page.
PK70556 SIP container sends outbound request to client bypassing SIP proxy.
PK70653 XSLT transformation in debug mode fails on an empty input xml document with message [fatal error] premature end of file.
PK71194 ABEND18A/ABENDS18A Reason Code FF080111 starting the daemon.
PK71541 Performing a JNDI lookup on a datasource fails with a NameNotFoundException.
PK72336 NullPointerException from channel frame work after PK63328.
PK74014 Failed to install GSKit with missing GSK7BAS_64.msi.
High Availability (HA) PK69881 DCSV0002W: ... an unexpected internal programming state has occurred.
PK71067 DCS data stack protocol mismatch problem.
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Install PK68654 SAVLICPGM is not supported with WebSphere Application Server V6.1.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK65633 If an application interrupts waiting threads J2C max connections could be exceeded.
PK65810 Error "the connection cache of this cache name already exists" when application is recycled.
PK67211 Application start-up fails due to Application Server failure to bind activationspec.
PK69099 J2CA0058E: the ConnectionManager was unable to associate connection, current UOW does not match the UOW.
PK71342 J2C objects are not serializing correctly causing J2CA0020E error.
PK72410 Migration_failure creating tables for WPRCSDB.
Java Management Extensions (JMX) or JMX Client API PK54231 Incompatibility between version 5 and version 6 with JMX defined objects.
PK69040 Z/OS V6.1 - ibm.webSphere.internalClassAccessMode is not being set properly.
PK70786 Poor randomization for
Java Message Service (JMS) PK64761 On a topicConnection.close(), a close attempt on a session handle failed with a NullPointerException.
PK65785 WebSphere proxy sees errors, including http 504 responses, when caching is enabled.
PK68989 Java.lang.StackOverflowError in the XLXP DocumentEntityScanner class.
PK69296 Improve performance for the Extended Deployment ODR by predefining the new header $WSODRINFO.
PK70746 TIBCO properties are not passed through when set on the generic JMS provider.
PK71075 Signficant heap usage by WSXMLReader.parseEvents() objects.
PK71345 An out of memory condition might occur when WS-transactions is used with Web Services applications.
PK71476 Changes made to a WMQ installation while an Application Server is stopped can prevent applications from using messaging after startup.
Java SDK PK66660 JSF generated drop down selects result in duplicate tags causing html validation failure.
PK69142 Memory leak in com.sun.faces.el.impl.BeanInfoManager.
Java Transaction Service (JTS) PK68658 WSTX deferred registration does not work between v6.0.2, v6.1 and v6.1 feature pack for Web Services.
PK68757 Transaction recovery using HA may not recover transactions if the cluster name and/or daemon group name are/is 8 characters long.
PK70493 When activity session timeout occurs, expect to see a ActivitySessionResetException which does not occur.
PK70562 Compensators being called to compensate after successful recovery on subsequent server restarts.
PK70632 Global transaction rolls back unexpectedly due to: org.omg.CORBA.INTERNAL: vmcid: 0xc9c21000 minor code: A4B.
PK70718 ActivitySessionResetException and wrong result from compensation service.
JNDI/Naming PK67604 Performance issue when making java: namespace indirect JNDI lookups.
PK68293 Wrong nodeagent name in nameBinding.xml.
PK70131 Do_bind_new_corba_context() causes memory leak in ORB's Servant Cache if an exception occurs.
JSP PK65013 Application Server uses pagecontext variable implicitly by default.
PK68493 Problem with custom tags in WebSphere Application Server V6.1.
PK68590 Unable to locate tag library during JSP transilation.
PK69319 Compilation errors when using JSP fragments.
PK69410 NullPointerException in JSPExtensionServletWrapper.translateJsp.
Migration PK67516 Migrating from WebSphere Application Server V6.0.2 to V6.1 server will not start - error "WC_defaulthost" could not be resolved.
PK69914 Migration fails in version 6.1 with ClassCastException when version 4.0 datasource is defined.
PK70364 Migration from v5.1 to v6.1 failed to complete due to java ioException.
Object Request Broker (ORB) PK69971 Intermittently a servant will stop servicing requests on a recycle with control_region_dreg_on_no_srs=1 set.
PK71050 GIOP endian format error when the application server interacts with a little-endian client orb.
Other PK59908 First time console login fails after the administrative console session timesout.
PK65023 User preferences could not be shared by two high availability deployment managers.
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) PK64932 Fix the logging records to have to have a classname or methodname.
PK68577 Remove incorrect reference of AidInventory from collector command help.
PK69924 Servant processes and the controller process can overwrite the one single ffdc exception log.
PK70422 Resource bundles for internal components might not resolve when logging from a thread different from registered thread.
PK70955 RSA headers missing from systemerr and native logs.
PK72269 Rollover of log files are occuring slightly over the defined max limit.
Plug-in PK65519 Application Server V6.1 administrative console should support entry of [ ] bracketsaround IPV6 addresses.
PK66271 Configurator role cannot generate plugin in administrative console - buttons grayed out.
PK67423 Plugin failing to reconnect and mark server back up following a server coming back up after being down.
PK68037 Plug-in may generate duplicate headers.
PK69288 IP address incorrectly handled by the plug-in after being acquired from the TCP/IP storage pool with a getaddrinfo call.
PMI/Performance Tools PK63886 Perfservlet code writes sensitive information in both systemout.log and ffdc files.
PK64217 MissingResourceException in ffdc logs can not find resource for bundle
PK65733 Incorrect PerfServlet output returned.
PK66839 Soap error when starting Tivoli Performance Viewer logging.
PK67980 Help link in the administrative console does not open in a new window.
PK68313 Java.lang.exception: unable to find the node(s) specified when PerfServlet is accessed concurrently.
Programming Model Extensions (PME) PK65325 NullPointerException in in WebSphere Application Server.
Proxy server PK67210 ARFM0998W warnings erroneously appear in WebSphere Extended Deployment logs.
PK70273 ODC does not handle NLS/UTF-8 characters correctly.
PK70799 Disable z/OS ODC proxy in base when Extended Deployment is running.
Runtime (zSeries®) PK68853 replaces protocol_iiop_local_timeout in WebSphere Application Server V6.1.
PK70395 Corba marshal exception when using GIOP 1.0.
PK71704 Feature Pack for Web 2.0 web messaging service for z/OS required fix.
Security PK62140 V6.1 migration does not provide any tooling to migrate the security configuration from previous versions.
PK62518 User gets unauthenticated returned instead of the guest id in v6.1 when calling an unprotected enterprise bean.
PK63182 SSL setting "security level" should limit the ciphers being used but does not.
PK64013 Provide way to turn off TAI authentication when unprotected URI is accessed and "use available..." is set to true.
PK65932 File descriptors are not closed properly on AIX with an /etc/groups file that exceeds 4096 bytes.
PK66433 Unrecoverablekeyexception: given final block not properly paddedafter installing
PK67909 Can login to administrative console by the user locked by operating system.
PK68318 Inconsistent character encoding for spnegoNotSupportedPage, NTLMTokenReceivedPage.
PK69019 CRL processing is not being done for some Entrust internal certificates.
PK69843 ClassCastException in custom authorization token implementation of AuthenticationToken and SingleSignOnToken.
PK70298 Unable to authenticate double byte charcaters used in user password due to recent changes basic authentication mechanism.
PK70508 Retrieving user groups from LDAP returns duplicate groups.
PK70698 Cannot obtain identity of ittprincipalname when userid dn > 128 chars: NegativeArraySizeException corba.no_permission 0x4942430c.
PK70813 ClassCastException occurs when servlet running on v6.1.0.17 makes a call to EJB running on
PK71549 LTPA key generation leads to SECJ0305I.
Servlet Engine/Web Container PK65408 SRVE0190E: file not found: from a JSP which uses pageContext.include to include a file which does not exist.
PK67698 NullPointerException in the webcontainer code.
PK67895 NullPointerException on getRequestDispatcher() call when leadingslash is omitted on the path.
PK68169 BBOO0221W: ObjectPoolService is unavailable.
PK69491 While handling errors (http 404) with filters, response.sendError is not called properly.
PK70152 Static content like .html, .gifs, .js now appear in Tivoli Performance Viewer, but the stats are showing as zero.
PK70378 Z/OS specific security code is executed on a non-Z/OS system when is set true.
System Management/Repository PK43663 Insufficient messaging provided when the install of a WebSphere Application Server for z/OS application fails.
PK62256 New application build level should be identified during application update.
PK62748 Cluster-scoped resources removed when first member is created from a template.
PK65143 Earexpander utility does not provide error messege as to why failure occurs.
PK65526 Facilitate overriding MDB bindings in ear with bindings from the custom bindings file.
PK67711 Deployment logic skips "applications" directory inside ear file during deployment sync process.
PK67741 ProcessEmbeddedConfig flag that will help deploying a enhanced earfile.
PK67835 Disk space check for profile creation reports free disk space incorrectly for certain file systems on linux x86_64 architecture.
PK68199 Cannot modify agent ports in administrative console.
PK68220 Applications under the installedApps are removed while updating the enhancedEAR file.
PK69174 RenameNode command fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException.
PK69325 Exception being thrown by getDmgrAdminClient when deployment manager is down was being discarded. This fix propagates it up.
PK69435 Setting a string in generic java argument property via integrated solution console fails to start the server.
PK69679 Allow the timeout value of updateClusterTask to be configurable.
PK70126 When a cluster with no member is deleted, its references in the application s deployment.xml are not removed.
PK70206 The environment entry for the description tag in the web.xml is always null after deploying v2.4 war file.
PK70230 Single file update operation does not update source application.ear inside application folder under config folder.
PK70393 When a cell profile is created the has an incorrect value in the console.
PK70413 Permissions defined in "runtime filterMask" in filter policy do not cause deployment failure as expected.
PK70604 If a blank line is added to the ibm-partialapp-delete.props the resource will not be deleted.
PK70997 Problem to add customregistry customproperty with password encoded.
PK71332 On z/OS, mbean method listSystemApplications on the application management lists incorrect system applications.
PK71675 Rename node command throws "undefined variable: app_install_root.
PK71794 AddNode failure with includeApps opption, abrupt cleanup of tmp file during importing configuration archive after PK32077.
PK72347 Chinese characters image failed to add to the deployed Commerce application using Commerce web-based gui.
PK73242 Duplicate xmi:id in web server templates cause invalid attribute error after WebSphere Process Server migration.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PK42226 Improve performance of wsdl2java generated code during the creation of the SoapBindingStub.
PK63655 Unexpected element exception while parsing a SOAPElement.
PK64102 Webservices client runtime does not re-send cookies that were sent to it in prior responses from the server.
PK65652 Parser pooling in Web Services is unbounded and could result in large memory usage and java.lang.OutOfMemory errors.
PK67941 Active directory LDAP returns invalid xml character reference to null in the SOAP fault string, causing SOAP exception.
PK68505 Webservice servlet fails to start due to the error SRVE0201E "servlet webservices_classname is not a servlet class.
PK68645 Cannot call containsProperty() on a guarded property without getting an IllegalArgumentException.
PK69953 WSWS3029W schema is not a valid exception while generating a JAX-WS service using wsimport.
PK70085 Schemagen does not create right import for extended classes.
PK70281 Apache soap is not working properly with wildcards in http.nonproxyhosts.
Web Services Security PK67644 Web Services security is requiring that x509 binary security token elements in a SOAP message include the id attribute.
Workload Management (WLM) PK66937 Workload management client side retry limit reached when server side restarted.
PK68042 WLM proxy fails to honor mutilple attributes.
PK68411 Workload management stack overflow in httpsession scenario.

Fix Pack 19 (
Fix release date: 15 Sep 2008
Last modified: 15 Sep 2008
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 19

Component APAR Description
Federated Repositories PK63962 If using federated repository with a file registry and multiple LDAPs, SECJ0369E can occur if file registry has no valid user.
PK64359 Problem with virtual member manager scripts for DB2 on z/OS.
PK64763 In wimconfig.xml, there is no mapping defined for the property:ibmPrimaryEmail.
PK65994 Login to realm is not realm aware so that also users from LDAP which does not belong to realm are found.
PK66514 Empty search result when searching an LDAP user via LA property.
PK66602 If the extid mapping is not migrated users are unable to see their customized settings.
PK66908 VMM database creation scripts are failing against z/OS DB2 because of commit during autocommit connection.
PK67601 NullPointerException in VMM DbAdapter if DbAdapter defines more attributes than VMM schema.
PK67726 Externalid returned by LDAP adapter is changed in property extension adapter.
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PK60834 Problem with the administrative console framework after applying a fix pack.
PK61870 Application Server V6.1 z/OS: add a check box for parallel start on the administrative console.
PK62416 Changing the value of web_install_root does not change the web server installation location.
PK62444 Special characters in username cause command assistance window to not work.
PK63073 Unable to communicate with a remote unmanaged Microsoft Windows-based IBM HTTP server from an iSeries-based administrative console.
PK63575 Firefox truncates servlet <init-param> values in multiple lines.
PK64570 Correct the maximum number of historical log files which can be specified in JVM logs.
PK64853 Allow customers to revert scope selection style to drop down box.
PK66868 Administrative console does not display custom property.
PK67340 Cannot create a resource with same JNDI name in different servers under the same node, administrative console gives error.
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PK59622 AdminTask misinterprets parameter.
Application Server Toolkit (AST) PK65729 System properties parameter for RMIC usage not taken into account with target runtime JDK same as the one of Rational Application Developer.
Classloader PK66497 Container is not extracting persistence.xml URL path correctly.
DB Connections/ Connection Pooling PK60000 Map DB2 error SQL30108N to staleconnectionexception.
Default Messaging Component PK35226 Change the database locking model to improve failover times.
PK52012 NullPointerException thrown when a connection attempt for a messaging engine to a messaging engine on another bus is refused.
PK55950 When an internal interface is used in a certain pattern it causes deadlocks and other errors.
PK58629 Messages locked and not delivered using a remote connection.
PK59856 Build up of CATSyncAsynchReader objects when the default messaging provider is used with the Feature Pack for Web 2.0.
PK60008 Deadlock in
PK60247 SibDDLGenerator command mistakingly includes the arguments that were passed to the command.
PK60700 Message listener does not try to reconnect when its messaging engine restarts.
PK61176 Problems after a rollback occurs within an xa_prepare call in the service integration bus.
PK62569 SIBPublicationPoint MBean missing depth attribute.
PK62580 Incorrect listing of wibwsgatewayvalidator_60 causes error: CHKW3635E during installation validation.
PK63099 Exception destination is incorrectly cached if two different messaging engines are running in the same JVM.
PK63551 If transaction is used to get message from remote messaging engine rolls back, attempts to get messages fail with CWSIP0001E.
PK63589 CWSIK0015E for missing psimp.proxy.queue on engine with bus link.
PK65014 JMS applications are slow to close connections.
PK65467 Custom property sib.processor.BlockedRetryTimeout not working as expected when there are many messages for the same consumer.
PK66053 Publish/subscribe consumers located on the same server may receive the same instance of a JMS message.
PK66164 Messages not delivered to some consumers when there are multiple messaging engines in a bus.
PK67926 Messages not consumed when system is under load.
Dynamic Cache PK63819 No invalidation event fired in cache replication environment.
PK65550 Memory leak in dynamic cache when using push_pull mode.
PK67942 Infinite recursion in
Edge Component PK60287 Java proxy server does not issue warning message when hostname of trusted intermediary cannot be resolved.
EJB Container PK62950 Jar files specified in<jar-file> tag in persistence.xml fail to be located.
PK63562 NameNotFoundException using java.lang.String type in a resource reference to a cell persistent binding.
PK65102 Multiple memory leaks in the enterprise javabeans container.
PK66747 NameNotFoundException for java:comp/UserTransaction in Feature Pack for EJB 3.0.
PK67528 Exception caused when a container-managed relationship is invoked which involves container-managed persistence inheritance.
EJBDeploy (WSAD) PK59387 EJBDeploy leaves behind temp directories within the deployed application directory.
Enterprise Edition (EE) PK65756 Plugin-cfg generation cannot handle multiple distinct on-demand router configurations for generation.
PK66760 EditionHelper exception is logged in the systemout.logs.
General PK55774 Increase default expiration of certificates in Customization Dialogue and zPMT.
PK58901 The restoreConfig -help command does not list "-nostop" option.
PK60334 Eventpurge should have "clusterName" parameter.
PK60576 HTTP responses fail to be written when network quality of service set IPV6 enabled system EDC8109I protocol not available.
PK61241 TransferFailedException when using a symbolic link for directories.
PK61796 Network deployment guided create custom with ADT role gets partial success.
PK61902 While running wsadmin command to list authGroups for user IDs, a java.lang.NullPointerException occurs.
PK62111 SipServlet.isInital() should return true when not subsequent.
PK62715 ZPMT tool generates BBOCCFS job with sysout=h instead of sysout=*.
PK62896 The security setting for CEI can not be reserved.
PK63038 SCA, BPC and CEI bus configuration problem with transport chains handling.
PK63129 SIPcontainer failed to find the related SIPsession when application tries to access the SIPsession.
PK63162 Missing library file for internet information services.
PK63165 from updi_home/bin reports issues with files.
PK63215 IWAE0022E changed to specify application.xml as the problematic descriptor, it should point to file with the issue.
PK63255 SIP status code ok instead of accepted.
PK63352 Backport of eclipse modeling framework ( EMF ) bug fix 211943.
PK63368 Portlet inline information is unavailable to non-default locales.
PK63574 CreateLoadStrategy install-root\rsadapter.rar could not be found" informational message in the systemout.log file .
PK63626 JE22 application that reads the client certificate information failing with WebSphere Application Server v6.1.
PK63724 CEI purge event doesn t work for a given gid.
PK63821 Getting "java.lang.ClassCastException:javax.naming.Reference" error when starting an application.
PK63835 GSKit install script ran twice on HP ia64, which caused IBM HTTP Server V6.1 fixpack to give a partial success.
PK64000 Was.sip.SIPcontainer should send 400 bad request when initial dialog request does not contain contact.
PK64078 SipSession should be linked to SipApplicationSession when "ibmappid" appears in route header.
PK64208 Incorrect return code using after base.
PK64271 The init() method is not being triggered after application startup.
PK64542 Allowing configurable bootstrap replication throttling.
PK64593 Portlet deployment throws NullPointerException when a web application contains a custom non-JSR portlet.xml.
PK64721 Startup beans in an enterprise javabeans 3.0 module results in a NullPointerException.
PK64891 Step 10 "ensure all unprotected 2.x methods have the correct level of protection" is missing from administrative console.
PK65166 WebSphere Application Server EMF packages are registered with an EMF package registry.
PK65315 SIP container generates a 408 response that does not contain an "ibm-client-address.
PK65377 Class not found exception for resource adapter class in a looseconfig setup.
PK65472 WSProfile API locks the profile in profileregistry.xml and does not release for next action of WSProfile API against profile.
PK65514 Failure of Iscdeploy script does not fail install.
PK65516 Maximum SAS should never be "0".
PK65569 Common Event Infrastructure is not an option under service integration in the administrative console.
PK65692 Portlets fail in WebSphere Portal v6.1 when does not contain web-app_2.2.dtd.
PK65895 A profile is created successfully when locale is Turkish but when listProfiles is done the newly created profile does now show.
PK65998 NumberFormat.format(java.math.BigDecimal) method is missing in
PK66120 JSF portlets cannot be cached.
PK66141 NullPointerException running application client under Rational Application Developer V7.
PK66264 Render parameters not decoded when inserted by portlet aggregation tab library.
PK66343 SIP container is removing the header if it is in bad format.
PK66440 Stack does not remove ibm-destination header in loopback messages.
PK66443 Error logging using SIPfactory createUri method with wrong URI.
PK66580 BBOO0045E with reason=C9C20CE1 and BBOO0042E function BPX1AIO cancel failed messages can occur when TCP/IP went down.
PK66657 The generateDeploymentEnv command failed with wsadmin for SQL server.
PK66871 Increase visibility of some EMF methods/classes.
PK66881 Sample job to define SMP/E DDDEFs: BBODDDEF shoud have SMPJHOME "jar command exited with status=127" in SMP/E apply GIM39302E.
PK67043 ZeroEarCopy applications are restarted after every update.
PK67075 Performance degradation results from unnecessary calls to XmlUtility.isValidXML in eventFormatter.toCanonicalXmlString().
PK67101 I5/os: support the SIP ports.
PK67112 CEI related administrative tasks fail.
PK67205 XSD data validation can throw a NumberFormatException. See eclipse bugzilla 208322.
PK67260 Empty render parameter causes NullPointerException in the portal aggregation page.
PK67381 Keepalive is not working after change in default cluster.
PK67415 SECJ0314W: current java 2 security policy reported a potential violation of java 2 security permission.
PK67450 J2eeDeployedObject.deploymentDescriptor connects to
PK67503 Failure to publish after replacing BPEL.
PK67582 Migration not properly completed due to sequence of events.
PK67765 Notation validation error on enumeration with prefix.
PK67809 Classnotfound in
PK67842 Extended deployment can not install a sar file using the administrative console.
PK67857 Console throws a Nullpointerexception when it runs on the same node as WebSphere Portal.
PK67861 Ibm i: servers may fail to start due to invalid JVM arguments after switching between the classic JVM and IBM J9 JVM.
PK67937 I5/os UnsatifiedLinkError
PK69207 WebSphere Application Server v6.1 for z/OS controller region is marked non-reusable.
PK69771 System hangs during application start up.
High Availability (HA) PK63088 DCSV8050I messages repeated in systemout.log after network instability.
PK63272 Core group member erroneously rejected from DCS view.
PK64003 High availability manager support for transparent bridge failover.
PK64841 Core group communication can fail across core group bridges under certain timing conditions.
PK66766 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on Application Server startup of Application Server running WebSphere Extended Deployment.
HTTP Transport PK66585 Loop in UDP channel when TCP/IP was brought down. repeated EDC5122I input/output error. (errno2=0x74687308) in the log.
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Install PK61721 The postinstaller did not handle error situations properly.
PK67056 Generated instructions need to be updated with information about passphrases.
PK67442 The script reports a java.lang.OutOfMemoryError after updating.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK61993 EJB container does not pass stale connection exception to application but it is in the logging.
PK64501 With J2C tracing enabled NullPointerException can lead to connections not being freed and waiter count not decremented.
PK65191 J2CA0081E due to NullPointerException during destroy of connection during shutdown of the Application Server.
PK66322 Pretest connection logic should not work when purge policy is entire pool, but should when it is failed connection only.
PK66938 A NamingException is being thrown from a javax.naming.context.
PK67197 Getting an error DSRA8201W after moving to, or
Java Management Extensions (JMX) or JMX Client API PK57657 Availability of file transfer application on a different port in V6.1.
PK57660 Java.lang.ClassCastException for SAXParserFactoryImpl during cluster start.
PK58936 Symbol @ not allowed in datasource name in wsadmin during datasource creation, but is allowed in the administrative console.
PK61954 Incorrect behavior with autoRestart= true.
Java Message Service (JMS) PK60037 CHFW0807E messages are produced when issuing the $AdminConfig validate command.
PK60337 WMSG1603E during start-up of an Application Server and possibly followed by a NullPointerException.
PK61364 WebSphere Application Server administrative console does not allow wildcards when configuring queue connection factories.
PK62789 Communication failures when using a combination of orb, sib, andwebservice client traffic in a standalone client jvm.
PK63484 Comma not honored as a delimiter between cookies.
PK63745 The cache-control header value of an http response message is incorrectly formatted when a set-cookie header is present.
PK64110 Sib messaging engine shutdown can hang if remote file store is unavailable.
PK64134 Http_access.log file would be opened without append option.
PK64779 Bboj0100/bboj0101 do not produce message text during server startup for mdb listeners.
PK65012 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException from the xlxp XMLStreamWriterImpl class.
PK65675 Classnotfoundexception seen on WebSphere Application Server v6.1 for Z/OS when using WebSphere mq v7 as a messaging provider.
PK66204 A invalid stream header is seen when using a messaging engine filestore.
PK66237 Protocol_http_large_data_inbound setting is not taking effect in some cases.
PK66558 Java.lang.classcastexception generated while processing an mq message which has been rolled back onto th 08/06/16 ptf peremove.
PK67614 Initial io request hangs if both reads and writes are asynchronous on an aio socket.
PK67618 Added support for J2SE 5.0 64 bit.
PK67947 Update WebSphere MQ JMS client shipped with WebSphere Application Server v6.1 to fix pack
PK67973 Corba::no_memory C9C2E328 bbocdbbm.cpp Java_com_ibm_ws_buffermgmt_impl_ZOSWsByteBufferPoolManagerImpl_allocateDirectByteBuffer.
Java SDK PK61438 Error message "coversion error occurred." is not translated to German.
PK62820 IBM JSF FacesConfigParser loads external DTD even when faces-config validation is disabled.

Java Transaction Service (JTS) PK48476 WS-AT: unexpected "SOAPAction: committed" was returned after XAER_RMFAIL.
PK60575 WS-Addressing SPI to override wsa:ReplyTo is not working correctly.
PK66133 Following a successful server shutdown, compensation handlers are not being driven in recovery when the server restarts.
PK66509 WebSphere app server control region abend=sdc3, rsn=000c0006, compon=WebSphere Z/OS, issuer=bbormcdp,errno=c9c2186c.
PK68426 Transaction recovery using the ha framework does not seem to recover transactions from a failed server.
PK70180 Compensator not called on recovery.
JNDI/Naming PK64746 in WebSphere Application Server returns a return code of 0 even if there is an error condition.
JSP PK56156 Null value rendered instead of empty string when using <jsp:getProperty>.
PK61357 JSPG0049E:/testjsp.jsp failed to compile.
PK62934 Issues with the use of the <jsp:attribute> standard action tag within a custom tag.
PK63483 JSPs using <tsx:repeat> tag to iterate through a database query fail to break out of a loop when using implicit indexing.
PK65936 OutOfMemory leak - BeanInfoManager instance is not being removed from the hashmap.
PK66299 The request and response objects for generated tag file should be HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse.
PK66652 Use available authentication" even for an unprotected resource is not working.
PK66728 Having a UnaryOperator ("not") in the BinaryOperatorExpression is causing errors at runtime.
PK68395 The SMAP file for the .tag is incorrect as it references the .jsp that calls it instead of the .tag itself.
Migration PK63050 When running the 'convertScriptCompatibility' tool with -nodename specified, a MIGRr0407E message can be seen.
PK63766 On migrating to higher service level, BBOWMG3D fails with message: BBOO0021E assertion failed.
PK65238 NullPointer exception while reading security.xml from backup directory.
PK70204 NullPointerException occurred while copying key files during WASPreUpgrade.
Object Request Broker (ORB) PK63610 Hang occurs in daemon when attempting an rmi-iiop call from one Application Server to another running on the same Z/OS system.
PK65335 Throw meaningful exception for CR abends with GIOP msg of 8mb.
PK65397 Application Server servant hangs on startup.
PK66900 When registering stack products with ifausage, see message bboo0333e then bboo0220e: wsvr0501e.
PK67114 Asynchbeans work before server initialization not classified as specified in WLM daemon / default transactionclass serviceclass.
PK68436 Unable to change HLQ for a TDUMP generated with javacore modify command.
PK68689 BBOO0327I and BBOO0303I show no text or garbled text after an ec3 timeout.
Other PK64803 The administrative console users are not shown as active when logged on and with security enabled.
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) PK62663 would corrupt DBCS terminal output on Linux operating system.
PK62997 Collector should collect nodeportdef.props and profile.version files.
PK64265 Modify RAS to clean up commons logging loggingFactory classloaders when applications are stopped.
PK64992 Deadlock when rolling over log files.
PK66673 With java 2 security on, certain RAS logging functions do not work.
PK66795 Incorrect size-based log rollover when an external tool alters the file size.
Plug-in PK63499 Plugin is marking servers down when a read from the client fails which is causing excessive errors to the user.
PK64492 Plugin crashes HTTP server when waiting on Application Server response.
PK64550 Plugin propagation for managed web server/appserver node with collocated deployment manager needs to call a node sync.
PK65763 ESIInvalidationMonitor=true => program check/APR error in plugin.
PK67046 Custom node name not permitted for unmanaged nodes created by configureWebserverDefinition.jacl script.
PMI/Performance Tools PK58929 Update to TivoliPerfEngine API.
PK59630 GetStatsString returns NullPointerException for Service Integration Bus messaging engine stats.
PK61326 Java.lang.Exception: Invalid Tag name: occurs using version=5 parameter to involke perfServlet in version 6.1.
PK61901 Performance monitoring infrastructure service integration bus counters are not available.
PK62196 PMI warning messages fill systemout logs.
PK64184 Under JVM in Performance Monitoring Infrastructure Garbage collection, Monitor, object can not be selected.
PK65145 Possible problem in memory leak detection algorithm.
PK69608 Server age reported incorrectly by PMI.
PK69610 Error creating component null.
Programming Model Extensions (PME) PK62782 Java.lang.NullPointerException when attempting to access a valueOut of a J2EE workarea.
Proxy server PK62935 On demand configuration on deployment manager needs to validate virtual host groups in the ODC tree.
PK63644 ODC plugin-cfg generator produces incorrect routes when generic application rule is set to default.
PK63804 Local ODC nested transactions are not broadcast to remote ODC processes.
PK63971 On demand configuration intermittently routes requests to stopped servers.
Scheduler PK61934 DB2 SQL error: SQLCODE: -429.
PK65094 Commonj work manager workTimeout is not taking effect so expected workRejectedException does not occur.
PK67880 Possible transaction commit error if using JMS with the scheduler.
Security PK57665 LTPAToken2 not renewing after time out causes login failure.
PK59105 Application Server fails to authenticate a user using a X509 certificate and issues message SECJ0353E.
PK60039 SSL test connection fails.
PK60699 Certificates are still replaced even after unchecking "automatically replace expiring self-signed certificates.
PK60947 SECJ0129E occurs during login, after saving admin authorization groups in the console.
PK61057 Allow "null" ciphers to be selected for an SSL configuration.
PK61071 User registry API - getUsers() takes a long time or hangs during Microsoft Windows local OS registry search.
PK61768 Keystore name replaced with hostname when "remotely managed" checkbox is enabled during keystore creation in administrative console.
PK62227 Remove AuthCache.insert calls when AuthCache is disabled to reduce LTPA costs for better performance.
PK62305 RMI/IIOP client gets 0x49424000 minor 300 corba.no_permission but InvalidPassword 49424302/ InvalidUserid 49424301 can be used.
PK62338 Ability to enable identity assertion when basic authentication is disabled and certificate auth is enabled with local comm.
PK62468 Missing LDAP entries (groupmemberidmap) in the security.xml can cause java.lang.NullPointerException during server startup.
PK62784 property not being used by security when set to local.
PK63121 Administrative console login page is forwarded to wrong URL after the login conflict message when enabling global security.
PK63169 value is intercepted as ipaddress instead of the actual hostname.
PK63246 Request for exchange of SSL signer prompt only accepts upper-case letter of NLS language or English y for yes.
PK63274 Performance regression when security attribute propagation enabled.
PK63446 Server token refreshes with multiple wsinstnace environments.
PK63554 Orb client sends an empty identity token when a credential is non-fowardable.
PK63684 Tai spnego/ntlm error responses lack contenttype: text/html.
PK64009 Change the default AuthCacheMaxSize to 25000.
PK64037 Newly created SSL configuration is not used for connection.
PK64524 WebSphere Application Server v6.1 mixed case username passed in from TAI should be stored in LDAP.
PK64717 Security attribute propagation does not occur when certificate authentication is set as supported on z/OS CSIv2Inbound.
PK64955 Dynamic outbound endpoint SSL mapping incorrectly maps SOAP connection causing SSLHandshakeException.
PK65302 Changing sec_master password causes jacc environment to fail to initialize at deployment manager startup.
PK65338 An error is returned upon deleting keystore using a script.
PK66804 SSL trust file location is not expanded properly when security.xml is migrated from v5.1 or v6.0.2 to v6.1.
PK68161 After applying fixpack the node agent fails to start when global security is enabled. After pk61419.
PK70558 Access control exception on using Microsft Vista.
Security (zSeries®) PK64292 ABEND in PC routine BBOSSMET.
Servlet Engine/Web Container PK62004 Smf web container interval records (subtype 8) are empty with pmi not enabled.
PK62387 Improve performance when there are a large number of virtual host context mappings on an application server.
PK62445 Integrated solutions console navigation tree caused an illegalStateException when a war file is deployed.
PK63328 Response is chunked even though response size is less than response buffer size.
PK63920 SRVE0058E seen when trying to stop a portlet application.
PK64097 ResponseWrapper is not getting invoked.
PK64290 Session loss when using only URLRewriting.
PK64302 Potential security exposure with FileServing feature enabled.
PK64421 Messages SRVE0180I/SRVE0181I with stack traces should not appear in the z/OS syslog.
PK64697 Decrease in throughput over time when PMI is activated. No decrease when PMI is disabled.
PK64930 Warning message, "the threadpool configured under the webcontainer is not being used.
PK65158 Failed to load webapp.
PK65384 Application Server returns a http 304 response (not modified) on a get request, with no headers in the client request.
PK66012 When attempting to force a destroy operation on servers, there is a 60 second waiting period before destroying a servlet.
PK66137 Global session listeners are not invoked.
PK67022 Mapping clash message is in form of exception stack with WebSphere Application Server v6.1.
PK67451 503 servlet temporarily unavailable.
System Management/Repository PK45093 Adminclient#invoke does not work for for objects created with a space in the name string.
PK55037 After applying feature packs, unable to deploy or remove applications via JMX.
PK55899 There is no mechanism in WebSphere Application Server to handle a disk full scenario when doing a sync node.
PK56519 Unable to use the stopProcess from the NodeAgent API to stop the Application Server.
PK57209 JMX connection properties not intialized properly.
PK57241 WASX8022E and WASX8021E when connecting from downlevel version of application server to higher level version of application server deployment manager.
PK59108 Securing file transfer for V6.1.
PK59898 There is a behaviour change in the way servers are started in V5.1 compared to V6.1.
PK59945 Wsadmin does not report that some files are not accessible due to file permission problems.
PK60109 AdminApp update command takes a long time to update a .war file in console application.
PK61584 Profile creation fails on AIX PPC32 in Turkish.
PK61941 Wsadmin may leave some previously encrypted properties unencrypted.
PK62734 UpdateAppOnCluster takes 13 minutes to start each and every cluster member.
PK63089 UpdateAppOnCluster does not throw error for invalid applications.
PK63199 When deployment manager runs out of memory, all Application Servers are shut down and restarted.
PK63212 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown during importWasprofile.
PK64255 MBeanDescriptorManager leaks app CL via session MBean.
PK64759 Migrating from v6.0 to v6.1 with a shared library creates duplicate shared library entry in deployment.xml.
PK64903 Unable to set the war classloader policy to single at enterpris eapplication -> application_name -> classloader.
PK65221 When the clustermember is stopping and it hangs, you may want it to finish the stop and not auto restart the clustermember.
PK65253 I5/os: nodeagent fails to start up if using -federateLater false on manageprofiles command.
PK65275 ConfigService discard command by a user with operator role fails with WASX7120E authentication error.
PK65301 Incorrect app expansion message is shown by updateCluster.
PK65528 Excessive cache clearing due to configArchiveTask.
PK66432 Fail to expand binariesURL of applications in dmgr node.
PK66439 Empty created during profile creation.
PK66919 prints error messages at cf17 level.
PK69471 When profile path contains an embedded blank the MBean identifier returned has an invalid object name after PK54440.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PK57550 JCERACFKS not available as a keystore choice for request consumer binding for Web Services.
PK57936 The SAAJ method addTextNode() returns XML encoded strings for characters with a higher int value of 127.
PK61223 WSWS3218E: "error: null serializer factory" requires more detailed trace data to determine the root cause of the problem.
PK63161 WSWS3554E: error: group {}array is referenced but not defined.
PK63196 Java_com_ibm_ws_buffermgmt_mgmt_impl_ZOSWsByteBufferPoolManagerImpl_allocateDirectByteBuffer corba::no_memory C9C2E328.
PK63290 SimpleSerializer serializes BigDecimal with scientific notation with JDK 1.5.
PK63593 WSWS3281E error occurs when processing soap request or response messages with multiple out parameters specified in the WSDL.
PK63682 Improve the user action for message WSEC5524W.
PK64245 UnsatisfiedLinkError: bborjras (not found in java.library.path) when attempting to run Web Services thin client on z/OS.
PK65194 Ignore case on UTF-8 string in BufferedWriter.
PK65548 Soap:env:fault element is being qualified by the namespace defined by the faultcode element.
PK65776 Web Services applications may not emit required elements in a soap message.
PK65900 WSDL2Java does not generate helper class with code required by the Web Services engine to determine the application version.
PK66838 Using WSDL2Java to generate a Web Services client from a WSDLl file returns a "duplicate local variable _return) error.
PK67977 Nullpointerexception in webservices client code when running xd compute grid command.
Web Services Security PK56523 Not able to configure "mustUnderstand=0" in the wsse:Security header sent by the Web Services client.
PK61258 Web Services security is not honoring CRLs in cert store collections.
PK62760 Remove the inclusiveNamespaces prefixlist attribute from the soap header.
PK65937 Web Services security does not allow a mechanism for applications using authentications to not use the registry.
PK68210 In stress test, some servers did not start completely and were in hung state.
Workload Management (WLM) PK68386 Workload management slow memory leak.

Fix Pack 17 (
Fix release date: 03 June 2008
Last modified: 03 June 2008
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 17

Component APAR Description
Federated Repositories PK57286 Realm awareness during search is not working correctly.
PK61367 VMM in Application Server makes significantly more LDAP calls compared to WMM in WebSphere Portal 6.0.1.
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PK45598 Service Integration Bus CF/QCF/TCF disallows hyphens in provider endpoint hostname.
PK55954 A user with the monitor role can reach the "Class Loader Viewer" by typing in the direct URL to the CLV.
PK57377 DMGR administrative console shows wrong PID number and nodename in the JMSServer runtime tab.
PK57734 CCSID value "0" in resources.xml is not valid and should not be permitted by the administrative console.
PK58333 Use connection pooling" checkbox enablement does not display across an apply/save action at the Integrated Solutions Console.
PK58912 WebSphere Developer Server fails to start RasDiag resulting in RASD0007W messages.
PK58978 Status for non-IBM HTTP Server web servers not reported correctly from WebSphere Application Server administrative console.
PK59166 Hostname host alias to allow periods and wildcards (.) and (*).
PK59694 SIB to include duplicate JNDI name checking at scopes other than the current one GenericAction.checkForDuplicateJNDIName().
PK59808 The destination JNDI name dropdown is broken in the administrative console when using Firefox.
PK59859 Web server start request from administrative console fails with ServerNotAvailable exception in the trace.
PK59961 Administrative console reports the incorrect web server status when firewall is in place.
PK60556 New deployments are not reflected in the console.
PK60634 Invalid character allowed in the cluster short name field.
PK60802 Os400, ISC, stop IBM HTTP Server web server returns erroneous message.
PK61044 Extra dots on labels in the administrative console labels in Italian.
PK61398 Problem encountered while attempting to change the daemon port number using the administrative console.
PK61487 Administrative console shows wrong value for async response timeout.
PK61676 SignerCertKeyLocator can not be configured for default bindings.
PK61750 Usability problem when attempting to exporting signers.
PK61887 $debug in iscdeploy script causes problems for WebSphere Process Server.
PK62233 IEHS war module shipped with ISCLite in Application Server v6.1 is incompatible when integrated with ITFIM.
PK62446 Add control for HA manager, for V6.0.2 servers in a V6.1 mixed cell.
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PK52557 <was_home>/appserver/java/lib/security/ not picked up by wsadmin ant task.
PK59203 Relative path fails in single file AdminApp.update().
PK62288 Wsant: antlauncher fails when path to project contains spaces.
PK62625 StopServer ws_ant task fails on os400 when the server is in secure mode.
Application Server Toolkit (AST) PK55319 BatchExtension not found when running EJBDeploy.
Classloader PK64379 Applications that rely on unencoded spaces in URLs returned from classloader.getResource are broken after PK57900.
DB Connections/ Connection Pooling PK63114 Java linkage errors thrown during load of generated class for query with large number of logical operators.
PK66013 Avoid applying derby fixes to resolve fabric issues.
Default Messaging Component PK42706 Application Server for Z/OS message listener port does not notice when mq is shutdown.
PK47134 file settings are ignored.
PK51529 Encoded key store and trust store passwords are not decoded by default messaging.
PK53368 JMS client fails to receive messages after messaging engine failback.
PK54812 It is impossible to reset destination after it has become corrupt because the state of destination is still active .
PK57207 Unexpectedly high memory usage by a messaging engine with large publish/subscribe messages and low throughput.
PK57432 Messaging engine entered an infinite loop condition when an inter-bus link starts, reallocateMsgs in java stack.
PK57736 Messaging engine not committing messages over bus link. Messages stack up on local destination.
PK57739 SIMPLimitedExceededException occurs even though the number of messages are below the HighMessageThreshold.
PK58188 Reliable persistent messages are not transmitted correctly over an inter-bus link.
PK58429 Java.lang.exception when perfServlet invoked with version=5 option.
PK58594 When InboundBasicMessaging is disabled then XA recovery fails due to a CWSIT0010E message.
PK58608 An outbound SOAP JMS message from the webservices gateway is sent as a JmsBytesMessage.
PK58698 Delay of up to 60 seconds observed attempting to connect to a messaging engine when primary endpoint unavailable.
PK58940 Resource adapter does not detect messages on the queue after messaging engine datastore is stopped and re-started.
PK59051 HA manager attempts to activate a ME, which fails immediatly if the DB is unavailable.
PK59276 ME does not roll back a transaction when presented a XA_RBOTHER.
PK59872 An application which is creating an deleting a large number of subscriptions may see unexpectedly high memory usage.
PK59962 A deadlock can occur when closing a JMS connection from within a JMS exception handler.
PK60113 Soap JMS gateway proxy Web Services do not support one-way operations.
PK61078 NullPointerException from AIProtocolItemStream.setCurrentTransaction.
PK61903 Lock contention during publisher close() call.
PK61958 NullPointerException while creating FFDC.
PK62534 Messaging engine fails if it cannot connect to its file store files and subsequently it does not attempt to reconnect.
PK62807 OutOfMemory error if destinations are repeatedly deleted and recreated.
Dynamic Cache PK52852 Occasional failure to load cachespec.xml during startup.
PK58295 Invalidation does not work using command cache with cache instance other than "baseCache".
PK59026 Excessive DRS replication traffic for push and not_shared sharing policy cache instances.
PK59991 Different cache-instances are using the same cache-id to propagate cache updates across cluster members.
PK62456 WebSphere Application Server dynacache incorrectly returns a cached soap fault for a web service request which should not fail.
PK62850 Dynacache deadlock at
Edge Component PK51935 WebSphere Extended Deployment, ESI invalidator requests could not pass through the Edge Server caching proxy.
PK57373 504 timout response is returned when post requests are forwared on a stale pool connection.
PK58811 Proxy returns 404 error when routing information is not populated on the proxy server.
PK59662 Proxy server on zos return error page when multiple threads work on single service context.
EJB Container PK59118 Servant SEC3 ABEND RC 000C0001 CORBA.BAD_PARAM ByteArray is not serializable vmcid: OMG minor code: 6 BBOO0021E assertion fail.
PK59717 ClassCastException occurs during recompile and hot deploy. Server must be restarted to bring newly compiled code online.
PK60953 CNTR5020E/CNTR0149E or WSVR0501E/NullPointerException due to execution of Feature Pack for EJB 3.0 code on pre-EJB 3.0 modules.
EJBDeploy (WSAD) PK53975 Code generated by EJBdeploy sqlj=true for CMP beans incorrect.
General PK40641 SSL channel configured without a repertoire is using the default repertoire instead of the provided configuration.
PK49918 Storage leak when using sib functionality (service integration bus).
PK50736 Double byte spaces changed to single byte spaces by WebSphere Application Server MarshallStringUtils.
PK51521 Missing version information for prereq.commons-logging component.
PK55242 Application archive classloader does not have awareness of runtime classes.
PK56543 Module classpath resolution changes case of entries.
PK56881 Feature Pack for Web 2.0 web messaging enablement fix.
PK57072 Memory leak in ELEvaluator.
PK57923 ABEND0C4 in websphereGetStream at offset 1158 after issuing stop command to the HTTP Server.
PK57958 Profile creation fails in the call to manage profiles when the connection fails to complete in the time allotted.
PK58078 WMSG0056W message in WebSphere Application Server for z/OS is inconsistent with documention MDB listener port max session > session pool size.
PK58479 FileNotFoundException with the message "too many open files".
PK58740 NullPointerException in ZIOPChannelBridge.filterInbound when client invokes EJB - followed by C9C20D95, C9C21007 & BBOO0045E.
PK58812 Ack message in SIP server missing.
PK58939 Error deploying war if web.xml has: <extension>svg</extension> <mime-type>image/svg+xml</mime-type>.
PK58975 StreamCorruptedException occurs when migrating to 64 bit and the transaction XA partner log is stored in a logstream.
PK59262 Memory leak in SIP container - SipApplicationSession is not cleaned up by garbage collection.
PK59303 Allow multiple UDP channel chains to be started in an ODR.
PK59306 Server fails to report status to stopServer command.
PK59380 SIP proxy possibly detects overload when a SIP container is quiesced and after a SIP network outtage.
PK59402 PMI SIP container SIPApplicationSession counter displays negative values.
PK59409 100 char limit for passing LE envars for IBM HTTP Server for z/OS.
PK59689 Exception occurs when a received message contain an expires: header with a negative value.
PK59895 Seting the time info attribute for timer object causes exception.
PK59935 Wsadmin command run on a stopped server takes 30 minutes to return. $admincontrol stopServer.
PK60176 Open ear files only in read-mode for portlet deployment.
PK60296 I5/OS: CEI configEventServiceDB2iSeriesDB DB2 command fails for J9.
PK60687 Daemon ends with S878-10 abend due to storage shortage caused by flood of BBODENF control blocks in SP249.
PK60954 Wasservice does not restart the Application Server after the process is down.
PK61074 LIOP response > 10 meg causes servant region abend sec3 rsn04060034.
PK61236 Remove CEI configuration panel.
PK61306 We are observing 5 second pauses in BoundedBuffer.waitGet_ due to what appears to be lost notifies on two workloads.
PK61528 DeploymentDescriptorLoadException during JMX application installation in an environment with SDO model classes.
PK61666 WebSphere Application Server for z/OS is unable to recover with XA resources after XA transaction logs are moved to a logstream.
PK61801 Sessions getting created on all anonymous page views. This is causing performance problems.
PK61898 Launchclient (in Microsoft Windows environment only) does not recognize multiple options for the -jvm option parameter.
PK62061 /tmp/bbodczfs_*.err and /tmp/bbodczfs_*.out files created in BBODCZFS and BBOMCZFS were not copied back into the job output.
PK62062 StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when reading application.xml that contains multibyte characters.
PK62065 Inconsistent mount technique in JCL jobs: BBODCZFS and BBOMCZFS.
PK62076 When starting daemon, an ABEND 0C4 in BBODASRG occurred due to an invalid RIBVLEN as RIBPTR/RIBEPTR moved past the RIB area.
PK62199 Wasservice created "service" can not stop Application Server when operating system shutdown in Redhat.
PK62379 Performance problem in CEI code when adding a new cluster member in v6.1.
PK62405 HTTP Admin not associating web servers with Application Servers correctly.
PK62486 I5/OS: fix export of JAVA_HOME.
PK62519 IOException showing the error "zip file closed.
PK62620 I5/OS: support for new file for ibm j2se version 5.0 64-bit jvm (J9 64bit).
PK62916 SIP proxy routing rule using the custom property CustomRuleN does not inform SIP containers of its presence.
PK63946 Jt400 directory in WAS_EXT_DIRS.
PK64510 I5/OS: WebSphere Application Server V6.1 fix pack apply failures.
PK64582 Performance regression in EventFormatter.toCanonicalXMLString().
High Availability (HA) PK59522 Slow performance in large environment with multiple core groups.
PK60424 HMGR0120E logged with a reason code of ConcurrentModification exception.
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Install PK52650 Postinstaller will print out the STEPLIB environment variable in applyPTF.out if there are post install actions to be run.
PK56605 VersionInfo does not show maintenance package is installed if that package was failed to install beforehand.
PK63062 Applyptf fails at when trying to do post install actionpk50681.1.xml:40 failed to copy /usr/lpp/zweb..resources-cei.xsl.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK51829 Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError caused by J2C orphaned handle list growth which occurs during runtime.
PK56545 NullPointerException with ReadAhead hint access intent and empty child tables.
PK57759 J2CA0079E with illegalStateException is output to systemout.log when dynamic tracing is enabled.
PK58097 Java.lang.nullPointerException might be thrown from Application Server J2C code.
PK58197 SQLException occurs when getHoldability() method is called on a JDBC 2.0-compliant JDBC driver.
PK58756 Create API to do direct Oracle calls when using array as argument to make oracle calls.
PK58866 Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError might be thrown after you configured Derby JDBC provider with WebSphere Application Server v6 r.
PK59609 Leak of physical database connections caused by NullPointerException.
PK59750 Need access to WSInteractionSpecImpl._dafs method.
PK60319 Connections with DB2 not cleaned occasionally by the reaper thread.
PK61662 OS400_xxx_JDBC_DRIVER_PATH envvars not set at cell level.
PK61663 Variable read from wrong scope.
PK61944 Datasource lookup taking hundreds of mili-seconds.
PK62166 Issue warning message when isolation=rr and no updatewithrr met.
PK62861 Add Oracle 11g Certification.
PK65395 Allow customer to disable read only part of PK54589.
Java Management Extensions (JMX) or JMX Client API PK39659 Non listing of type version 4 datasources and out of scope problems.
Java Message Service (JMS) PK57931 CWSJR1138E exception produced when putting a CEI transaction to the bus.
PK57957 Leak of SSLChannel instances in a map owned by the SSLl channel factory.
PK58511 Java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError using bindings mode on 64-bit Unix already loaded in another classloader.
PK58816 Listener port does not wait for MAX.RECOVERY.RETRIES times RECOVERY.RETRY.INTERVAL after MQJMS2008, RC 2085.
PK59199 S0C4 ABENDs in the control region from bbooxcrt.cpp in function XMEM_ExecutionThread::setupRequest(acrwObj*).
PK59605 Unexpected number of physical connections to WebSphere MQ when using JMS within a servlet.
PK59711 SSL read failure at the end of the handshake.
PK60218 Serialization of HTTP channel messages fails to handle multiple instances of headers correctly.
PK60402 NameNotFoundException on a JMS resource.
PK60494 An FFDC is thrown for objectManager.DuplicateKeyException.
PK60909 Message-driven bean (mdb) listener ports fails to restart following an exception.
PK62826 Cookie expiration date parsing should convert a past date as past date as max-age of zero instead of negative one.
PK64529 Core dump on AIX 5.3 in the libibmaio library, typically in the aio_getioev2 java method and the getEvent() native method.
PK64826 Libibmaio shows either a GPF or a tight loop in the removeEvent native method.
Java SDK PK57997 JSF client side state saving and com.sun.faces.compress_state = false causes a nullPointerException.
PK59081 WebSphere Application Server's JavaServer Faces implementation generates radio buttons that are not accessible.
Java Transaction Service (JTS) PK56074 Restart of WebSphere Application Server results in messages WTRN0103E: BBOO0220E WSVR0501E: issues with the recovery log .
PK57765 Transaction times out and rolls back incorrectly when an EJB task is fired by scheduler service.
PK57996 Performance enhancements for Web Services business activities.
PK58217 WTRN0063E occurs with last participant support enabled when single-phase resource is used in a synchronization.
PK58425 NullPointerException is thrown by servlet forwarding after transaction timeout.
PK58730 Java.lang.illegalStateException with ActivitySessions in a BeanMethod LTC.
PK59086 CScope recovery can fail if server previously shutdown while compensators are retrying.
PK60032 CompletedParentCScope ClassCastException during bascope recovery.
PK60575 Ws-addressing SPI to override wsa_replyto is not working correctly.
PK60894 Problem with the coordination conversation using WS-AT talking to .net web service.
PK60915 S0c4 abend in getoriginalrommethod.
PK62339 Response to a wtor inquiry is ignored when running the Application Server on Z/OS and in 64 bit mode.
JNDI/Naming PK58326 NMSV0804W warning generated by introduction of new extended deployment server types which do not have a bootstrap port.
JSP PK57724 When trackDependencies="true" JSP dependencies are not checked for updates during the first request after a server restart.
PK57873 The <tsx:repeat> tag is not properly converting string values for start and end.
PK60256 Large number of unique expressions in JSP code can lead to OutOfMemory due to ExpressionEvaluatorImpl holding big cache.
PK60565 JSP compile error "cannot resolve symbol symbol : variable _jspx_push_body_count_c_foreach_1 " is thrown.
PK60570 The <jsp:usebean> tag doesn t support generics for its "type" attribute.
PK62809 JSP exception caused by the parent being set to null.
PK63250 JSP appends a line when there is a space at the end of previous line after
Migration PK55641 V6.0 profile containing multiple nodes for accomodating a webserver definition will fail to migrate to v6.1.
PK58098 MIGR0286E NotFoundException on rar file - WASPostUpgrade step inmigration if was_install_root / user_install_root has symlinks.
PK58468 Migration wizard proceeded to WASPostUpgrade step when missing .jks file referenced in security.xml.
PK58662 BBOWMG3D PREUPGRD 2048, java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError, WASPreUpgrade failed, ICH408I for tmp/osgi_instance_location/.
PK59144 Informix datasource properties incorrectly marked required.
PK59308 During post migration: notFoundException.
PK59959 Deployment manager name changed to existing nodeagent name during profile creation causes invalid migration.
PK60499 Additional migration disablement to improve performance of WebSphere Application Server Feature Packs.
PK60752 Continue migration when encountering a malformed resource and provide more robust diagnostics in case of an error.
PK60965 Migration fails with [
PK61379 The was.env permissions terminate the Application Server migration when DMGR and APP node are in the same LPAR.
PK61755 Issues in preupgrade when remotely migrating from Application Server v5.1(built on WBI product) to v6.1 using the supplements CD.
PK61763 Unable to start nodeagent after migrating node from version 6.0.2 to 6.1.
PK62113 Migration fails with NoSuchMethodException on SibDestinationsConfig.arePrimaryKeysEqual.
PK62783 For JCERACFKS ssl.client.props after migration has incorrect, keyStore & trustStoreFileBased=true.
Object Request Broker (ORB) PK59761 IIOP tunneling stops working. Incoming HTTP tunneling requests forwarded to internal redirector and times out.
PK61473 Use object key from locate-forward IOR on subsequent locate requests.
PK61976 No BBOO0168W or BBOO0169W message when a RMI client session is broken. protocol_bboc_log_return_exception=1, response_failure=1.
PK64508 Daemon abends with C9C2E402 no memory in ORB.
Other PK59160 Usability problem with icons in the portlet title bar. Icons current contrast and size hinder users with visual problems.
PK59883 Console & workspace use different workspace locations, affects Extended Deployment's high availability deployment manager.
PK60779 Performance: excessive cache clearing due to ISC install tasks.
PK61041 Stack overflow javascript message if session has timed out with portlet refresh in console.
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) PK58972 Customer s public boolean isloggable(logrecord lr) method is notinvoked.
PK60066 file not exported in v6.1.
PK62221 When starting server, end user gets WSVR0703W error message.
PK62336 Trailing space in causes last trace spec in the trace specification property to be ignored.
PK62930 Collector.bat does not work on Microsoft Windows Server 2003: was, debug and os directories will be missing.
Plug-in PK57511 GSKit will not load on HP IA64.
PK57549 Performance degradation occurs when the plugin-cfg.xml file reloads.
PK57661 A "generic" java.lang.NullPointerException message is recorded during a failed regeneration of the http plug-in.
PK59158 Plugin can cause process cores depending on the state of GSKit.
PK59164 MOD_REWRITE not working with WebSphere Application Server v6.1.
PK60995 WebsphereGetStream socket timeout running Apache HTTP server on z/OS.
PK61162 The plugin does not verify the ResponseChunkSize value supplied in the plugin-cfg.xml.
PMI/Performance Tools PK58876 TpvLogFormat attribute is added to UserPreferences which enables to change log format using wsadmin command.
PK59046 NullPointerException in perfServlet with version=5.
Programming Model Extensions (PME) PK58700 AST: support for Oracle V8 added.
PK58731 EJBdeploy should generate unqualified SQL in EJB deployment code via preference option and not rely on nullid schema.
PK60588 RAD 7.0 query engine remove blob as reserved word.
PK62911 Remove RS isolation level in 8.1 deployed code select method.
Proxy server PK59223 Provide interoperability between WebSphere Application Server V6.0 on-demand configuration and WebSphere Application Server V6.1.
PK60250 Removal of an application does not completely remove from on-demand configuration or wstemp.
PK61026 SSL onload/offload values not handled correctly.
PK61547 On demand configuration generates excessive warning output when message acknowledgements are lost.
PK61553 Error 404 response code when routing to null URI.
PK61859 Cross-cell communication fails when the two cells are at different level
PK62689 On-demand router returns HTTP 1.1 404 when the URI is "\.
Runtime (zSeries®) PK57471 Bboo0328i no request found for inbound giop response
PK59637 Modify command f <server>,display,trace,java,all returns no output to the operator when trace level is *=warning.
Scheduler PK58261 IllegalArgumentException while starting a scheduler instance using an Oracle data source.
PK60329 NullPointerException causing a SCHD0124E error.
Security PK40386 J2CA0044E - expired credential doing principal mapping for J2C.
PK45247 Custom cache key set from JAAS login modules is ineffective when local OS - SAF is being used as the user registry.
PK53155 Security cache is not cleared when a user fails authentication.
PK55792 NullPointerException When attempting to access the security administration panels after migrating from V6.0 to V6.1.
PK57539 A call from a secured servlet client to an unsecured EJB on a remote server fails with corba.no_permission exception.
PK57812 Node federation to a existing cell with security disabled just before federation fails.
PK58917 IPv4-compatible IPv6 address for LDAP user registry is not handled properly.
PK58927 Synchronized blocks in WSAccessManager.isGrantedAnyRole resulting in high CPU.
PK58938 Wsadmin command updates incorrect attributes due to duplicate resource ids in security.xml.
PK59201 Java.lang.NullPointerException when configuring webservices security.
PK60069 Personal certificate replace does not delete the old certificate.
PK60154 Oldest keys in keystore not deleted when importing keys.
PK60157 Session ID not included in the WASReqURL cookie for URL-rewriting.
PK60528 Protocol is altered after form login.
PK60706 IllegalStateException using NullDynamicPolicy.
PK60768 Cannot access administrative console on new cell created by zpmt when both dmgr and appserver nodes created with security enabled SECJ0007E.
PK60846 Unable to list certificates connected to the control region keyring in keystores of type JCECCARACFKS.
PK61419 Provide an option for getUserSecurityName() to filter output with userIdMap for LDAP user registry only.
PK61615 SPNEGO TAI custom filter fails using HTTPHeaderFilter for basicAuth headers. It accepts processing !=basic.
PK61863 An OTS transaction to CICS will fail in the Application Server control region with a comm_failure.
PK62427 SECJ0352E: could not get the users matching the pattern when using DNQUALIFIER as an attribute.
Security PK65358 Secure RMI connections to a server using non-default port 2809 will fail with comm_failure.
Security (zSeries®) PK52985 LE HEAP in controller region is filled with uppercased EBCDIC host names.
Service Data Objects (SDO) PK60523 JDBC mediator join of tables can return a non-existent entry.
Servlet Engine/Web Container PK55965 Webcontainer SMF data generated against WebSphere Application Server v6 reports substantially less activity than v5.1.
PK57679 Request failed to route to original servlet of the form if encoded in UTF-8.
PK57843 The jsp:include tag does not throw an exception when the file it tries to include does not exist.
PK58806 Suppress servlet exceptions.
PK58907 Suppress the html output of recursive error messages.
PK61140 Two servlets mapping of same URL-pattern to different servlet is causing issues.
Sessions and Session Management PK56991 Unnecessery index/DDL creation during application server startup.
PK59391 Minimizing volume of logs when non-serializable errors are detected at runtime when PMI is enabled.
System Management/Repository PK52537 NullPointerException thrown for private AdminTask commands.
PK53372 Runtime tasks cannot be reloaded from persistence storage.
PK53462 JMX client hangs during isAppReady.
PK54141 Missing <serverEntries> for feature product template in serverindex.xml.
PK54446 Application update allows "relative path to module" to have a slash "/.
PK55121 NullPointerException during shutdown of DMGR servant region.
PK56643 Running cleanupNode with security enabled doesn't work on a Unix operating system.
PK56887 Wsadmin is not able to add a cmpConnectionFactory in the EJBBindings of ibm-EJB-jar-bnd.xmi for CMP 1.1 in EJB 2.0 module.
PK57121 Unable to configure name space binding at cluster level via wsadmin with WASX7017E message returned.
PK57399 Shared library mapping is lost on wsadmin update of application with option "-update.ignore.old.
PK58735 AppManagement problem on zos.
PK58742 Console "command assistance" not properly displaying when installing war file immediately after installation of an ear.
PK59130 Failed to bind message destination reference to administered object.
PK59291 Activation specification binding is added to ibm-ejb-jar-bnd.xmiwhen -usedefaultbindings parameter is specified in wsadmin.
PK59310 IsAppReady shows incorrect result after update operation.
PK59947 When updating or replacing a single module on an application, you receive a java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException SRVE0068E.
PK60989 Full update of application using JMX with processEmbededConfig set as true causes ServerIndex.xml corruption.
PK65577 Application uninstallation task is not cleaning up the files properly after the application uninstalled successfully.
Web Services (for example: SOAP or UDDI or WSGW or WSIF) PK56305 Accomodate products which don t have a default encoding of UTF-8.
PK56332 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException might be thrown on a Web Services client when an empty array is returned.
PK56365 Session context information is being stored in thread local storage.
PK57261 Web service client handlers not invoked in a EJB 2.0 MDB.
PK57699 Web Services engine is not handling elements within an xml schema complex type properly when creating java objects.
PK58667 Prevent nullPointerException so WSEJBWrapper.postInvoke() can complete.
PK59474 SSL proxy connect tunneling does not use correct target host and port.
PK59838 Web Services response does not use namespace explicitly specified for output message.
PK59931 Java2WSDL generates WSDL file with incorrect namespace declaration.
PK60257 Getting WSWS3574E: error: WSDL2Java......while creating dynamic web project with WSDL from third party.
PK60321 WSDL2java generates java source code that does not compile if EJB binding is specified in WSDL file.
PK60544 property on the Web Services client isn t honored.
PK61142 Invoking password-protected outbound service using a JAX-RPC handler to set userid/password throws IllegalArgumentException.
PK63203 Web Services LogFactory is not being imported properly.
Web Services Security PK61315 Attribute in SOAP security header may cause security exposure in Web Services applications.
Workload Management (WLM) PK58245 WLM transaction correctly mark servers unavailable with rejected transaction.
PK60608 Workload management incorrect weight updates.
PK61042 Workload management memory usage problems or OutOfMemory with many service integration bus destinations.
PK61498 Workload management fails to honor transactional affinity.
PK61636 Workload management mixed cell v5/v6 environment fails to receive cluster data updates.
PK62477 WLM synchronization and timing issues cause loss of or incorrect endpoint data to be propagated.
PK62871 WLM mixed cell interoperability server weights not updated correctly.

Fix Pack 15 (
Fix release date: 10 March 2008
Last modified: 10 March 2008
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 15

Component APAR Description
Federated Repositories PK54385 VMM refuses to create a realm if it contains a base entry that is already explicitly listed in another realm.
PK55835 When createIdMgrLDAPRepository command fails, the isSuccessful method returns true, even though the command has failed.
PK58861 Properties created in the database or property extension repository cannot be removed.
Administrative Console (all non-scripting) PK52701 The number of "SoapConnectorThreadPool" threads exceed the value of
PK52893 Not able to start an application which is deployed on ODR node from administrative console.
PK53282 Classpath and native library path are not displayed in console for generic JMS provider definition.
PK54233 Web server "WebSphere variables" on the console cannot be selected if the list of the scopes is fifty or greater.
PK54321 Invalid value for IPv6 address when creating a web server virtual host.
PK55263 Java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while modifying web services client binding settings.
PK55650 Virtual host under host_aliases hostname field in administrative console does not accept an asterisk *.
PK55700 Returning to wrong page after creating authentication entry.
PK55890 Prevent deploying an application to unmanaged dynamic clusters.
PK56265 A user defined proxy server or on demand router template is not available when creating a new proxy server or on demand router.
PK56644 Web server definition administrative console panels did not consider user roles when security is enabled.
PK56689 Defining a WebSphere MQ server with security turned on gives a warning with a yes link that does not work.
PK57692 JDBC panels in the administrative console do not return to WebSphere process server panels.
PK57844 Unable to delete WebSphere Application Server variables using the administrative console.
PK59122 Unable to delete WebSphere Application Server variables using the administrative console.
PK59375 ClosedConnectionException during application install in the administrative console.
Administrative Scripting Tools (for example: wsadmin or ANT) PK45726 Security exposure in wsadmin.
PK60028 The wsadmin ant task fails in a J9 JVM under certain circumstances.
Application Server Toolkit PK39400 The examples of the wrd-config command given in the rapid deploy documentation are incorrect and do not work.
PK59440 Application deployment failures when using serviceDeploy on an OS/400® or i5/OS® platform.
Classloader PK55253 The application properties are not loading properly into the application in WebSphere Application Server V6.1.
PK57900 Problem on Linux® by installing an application that has a space in the name.
Data Replication Services PK54293 Session memory-to-memory replication failing in client/server configuration.
DB Connections/ Connection Pooling PK55444 Using to drop a view from Derby database does not always remove the view.
Default Messaging Component PK35116 Specifying a SIB filestore directory path in UNC format causes the filestore to be created in the wrong place.
PK50765 There is no message issued by MQ client link in the logs when there is a bad disconnect.
PK53304 Improve clash-resolution for interbus links.
PK53356 Deadlock in a messaging engine after closing a JMS connection.
PK53360 Local MessageStore throwing an incorrect XAER_RMERR exception.
PK53748 NullPointerException is thrown from AnycastInputHandler when sending a request.
PK53879 If a mediation with LPS enabled the exception WTRN0063E is thrown.
PK54352 The alarm manager is flooded with bogus subscription reset alarms.
PK54548 Indoubt SIB transaction can not be rolledback manually.
PK54585 SIBUS retries remote connection even after an MDB is stopped.
PK54659 NullPointerException reported when SCA tries to create a message for an SCA asynchronous call.
PK54662 Disabling InboundBasicMessaging stops MDBs using internal interface connecting.
PK54706 SIBUS is failing to inform the channel framework to close the socket connection for the clients when they disconnect.
PK54767 In a Japanese locale, it is not possible to create a messaging engine in a cluster using a file store.
PK54810 Web service gateway invocation returns SIBWSUnloggedException: DataMediatorException: CWSIF0297E: Incorrect SOAP root attribute.
PK55043 Memory leaking in SuspendableXAResource running persistent messages.
PK55056 Increasing number of rows in a messaging engine's SIBXACTS table eventually causing a DSRA8650W error during startup.
PK56052 Suppress repeating CWSIV0769W messages when a remote messaging engine is unavailable.
PK56862 An application server might fail when a large number of consumers are actively consuming on a JMS topic.
PK56890 CWSIT0034E with reason CWSIT0064E during startup of a messaging engine.
PK57130 If a cluster and one of its servers are bus members, removing cluster from the bus stops messaging engine on the server.
PK57389 NullPointerException being issued by a messaging engine.
PK57534 A CWSIC1019E error may be seen if a consumer is stopped and started repeatedly.
PK57558 InvocationTargetException attempting to connect to a service integration bus, caused by NullPointerException.
PK57675 Entries for transactions involving default messaging provider, that have rolled back, are incorrectly left in the message store.
PK57716 Duplicate messages are delivered from WMQ on z/OS® to SIB.
PK58076 Possible deadlock of messaging engine threads when client connections fail and FFDCs are produced.
Dynamic Cache PK47988 Dynamic caching does not work correctly when a JSP uses the "c:import" tag with the "var" attribute from the JSTL.
PK50681 XSL transformation of resources-pme502.xml not able to strip property diskCacheSizeInGB after migrating to version 6.1.
PK56107 The dynacache dependency-id element in the cachespec.xml is getting created incorrectly.
PK57841 Dynacache deadlock on wakeUp() and getNumberCacheEntries() methods.
PK58534 No caching on servlet include when context root is defined as "/.
Edge Component PK51378 WebSphere edge caching proxy sends wrong formatted client certificates to Application Servers in private headers.
PK53120 The maximum log size setting is not honored by the proxy server (Java™ proxy server) on WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment 6.0.2.
PK55879 Proxy load balancer filter FFDCs code does not report the location of a NullPointerException.
EJB Container PK51366 Ensure correct classloader is on the thread before transaction (TX) 'beforecompletion' processing for each bean enlisted in TX.
PK52559 NullPointerException caused by a reference in an EJB JAR to a non-existent resource with accompanying CNTR0035E.
PK53266 ObjectNotFoundException occurs when using CMP 2.x Inheritance with "Deferred Create".
EJBDeploy (WSAD) PK51249 Deploying EJBs fails with SECJ0306E error.
PK54717 EJB® deploy fails when run via wsadmin due to the missing $user_install_root system property.
General PK36948 XML parse of application metadata incorrectly located fragments.
PK45030 Portlet URLs must not be cached.
PK46426 When enabled class loader viewer with V6.1.0.7 using STD32 JVM, WebSphere Application Server fails to start.
PK47789 Out of memory problem in thread pool.
PK48871 Revision on field help for server generic short name.
PK51168 I5/OS - WebSphere Application Server 6.1 UPDWASHOST script not doing a complete hostname change.
PK52504 Incorrect resolution of manifest defined classpath from module JARs.
PK53128 Message text for IWAE0022E should be clearer.
PK53170 A local CEI database collection is created on i5/OS for the remote database scenario.
PK53171 Modify file extension of CEI generated DB2® files on z/OS to .ddl.
PK53203 Subscribers are not able to get messages because they appear to be locked.
PK53435 SMF 120 records cause user completion code=4094 reason code=2C & CEE3703I IN HPCB CONTROL BLOCK, THE Eye Catcher IS DAMAGED.
PK53451 Application servers would not start after all servers were terminated and rapidly restarted.
PK53626 Java.lang.NullPointerException in SIP components while PMI is disabled.
PK53717 SIP route missing on cancel.
PK53807 Java.util.ConcurrentModificationException caused by SIP container.
PK53881 Service enhancement APR for wsadmin listener process in WebSphere Application Server V6.
PK53882 NullPointerException during JSP compilation.
PK53886 On failover an application should be notified on sessionDidActivated before notified on any timer expiration.
PK53944 Existing JMS resources in the target profile are invalid after migration.
PK54086 Can not find resource in a mixed cell (6.0 and 6.1 nodes) environment with CEI.
PK54106 EventServer fails to start after migration.
PK54306 The removeEventServiceDerbyDB command does not remove the database.
PK54414 Slow application deployment caused by removal of temporary deployment directory.
PK54427 SIP timer task objects are not purged until the timer is invoked.
PK54602 SIP fixes for to support Telco Carrier Grade.
PK54754 HttpSessionFacade is incompatible with javax.servlet.sip.SipSession.
PK54758 The org.eclipse.osgi_3.2.1.R32x_v20060919.jar need to be added in client code after upgrading to
PK54772 The configEventServiceDB2Db command overrides existing DB2 configuration parameters.
PK54773 CEI changes for migration with security enabled.
PK54818 The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) container consumes 100% CPU when proxying a message.
PK55101 Not switching to TCP when message exceeds MTU.
PK55119 The name of the portlet and portlet application managed beans are not unique identifiers as expected.
PK55314 Messages are bypassed by proxy, when it is initializing.
PK55324 0C4 error in jni_GetStringChars when called from Java_com_ibm_ejs_ras_CB390TraceEventListener_writeTrace.
PK55394 A NullPointerException occurs when comparing two Subject instances when either instance has a null access ID value.
PK55409 NullPointerException logged in FFDC for CeiNodeMetadataCollector.
PK55439 ConcurrentModificationException while starting an application that contains an EJB.
PK55508 There are scripting files containing an "IBM Confidential OCO Source Material" statement.
PK55517 EventServerMdb is not migrated to V6.1 dmgr from V6.0.
PK55584 Update of checkbox enable event datastore is not working.
PK55625 Postmigration fails getting CEI resource.
PK55638 Manageprofiles may fail due to a missing JAR file.
PK55689 Change to accept with wsadmin.
PK55916 Incorrect behavior in SIP error logging/messages.
PK56129 Invalid "tranactionservice" properties added to 5.1.x server.xml after migrating to 6.1.x with a 5.1.x mixed cell.
PK56134 NameNotFoundException: First component in name EventBus not found.
PK56135 Old version of CEI applications are not removed from administrative console.
PK56255 Qualified name type loses namespace value, and incorrectly handles blank prefix values.
PK56368 Exception occurred when using CEI emitter.
PK56450 The cr_stpr script is not used anymore must be removed.
PK56555 Unable to create WebSphere Application Server 6.1 profile if hostname's top level domain contained a digit.
PK56560 unknown protocol: generated.
PK56586 Validation messages may be missing apostrophe characters especially in languages such as French and Italian.
PK56620 CEI should be creating type 2 datasources for EVENT and EVENTCAT databases.
PK56653 Enable application update from Rational Application Developer to EJB 3.0 Feature Pack.
PK57001 DOMException: invalid_character_err:an invalid or illegal XML character is specified when displaying perfservlet in V5 format.
PK57027 Minor fixes to improve portlet usage.
PK57030 AccessException in firing CBE after migrating from V6.0 to V6.1.
PK57061 Webcontainer inprocess enablement (localhttp) does not auto-set the content-length in the request message correctly.
PK57090 Java 2 Security issue when running end-to-end flow on a network deployment.
PK57091 Inadequate trace for module deployment FileNotFoundException.
PK57093 Backport of Eclipse Modelling Framework (EMF) bug fixes for WebSphere Process Server Feature Pack.
PK57219 CBEBrowser cannot get event after migrating dmgr and a node.
PK57301 DbInformixDir must not be required when configureing CEI datastore with createDB false.
PK57414 WebSphere Application Server has corrupted administrative console messages (Korean & Spanish).
PK57488 Domino plug-in on i5/OS fails with MSGCPF9898 and MSGMCH3601messages, after applying V6.1.0.11 Fix Pack.
PK57670 Some WebSphere Application Server profile path error messages are incorrect.
PK57686 NullPointerException occurs when deserializing nested Common Base Event (CBE).
PK57693 The "Guided Activity" string is in English in the server cluster panel.
PK57747 If a CEI authentication alias is already created, the CEI bus's connector role is not updated when calling the administrative task setEventServiceJmsAuthAlias.
PK57811 WSVR0002I not being seen in logs even after there were errors during startup.
PK58010 When protocol_iiop_daemon_port is greater than 32678, IIOP requests routed through that Daemon might fail.
PK58041 NullPointerException during application server startup when a ProcessExecution object has an unset "umask" value.
PK58089 Applications that fail to start because a filter threw a transient unchecked exception cannot be restarted.
PK58313 Common Event Infrastructure alias not found after standalone server promotion to cluster.
PK58318 EventDistributionException when converting a server to a cluster.
PK58401 I5/OS: application server fails to start when system wide environment variable points to JDK 1.4 and JMS is set to classic.
PK58644 I5/OS: application server fails to start if created with cell templates using IBM Technology for JDK 5 (J9).
PK58676 The On Demand Router (ODR) is returning HTTP 1.1 404 responses which are logged in the file "local.log.
PK58715 SIP delay in application server.
PK59803 Incorrect java_home in variables.xml of default node in cell profile.
PK60336 Enhance CEI event routing to support filtering based on new event format introduced in WESB/WPS V6.1 and WMQWF 3.6.
PK60613 Certify the Microsoft® SQL Server JDBC Driver, version 1.2 with WebSphere Application Server V6.1.0.15.
High Availability (HA) PK53757 WSVR0501E: Error creating component, failed to find CoreStack when running the SameTime Gateway for an external SIP connection.
HTTP Transport PK53941 Java 2 security exception can occur with Java 2 security on, and the UPD channel is attempting to receive data.
PK54131 Sending an outbound UDP packet with an address as being un-resolvable causes pre-mature shutdown on UDP channel instance.
PK56729 Control region abends with abend code EC3 and reason code 04230003.
IBM HTTP Server Fix List Detail list of APARs for IBM HTTP Server.
Install PK57907 Jobs BBODCZFS and BBOMCZFS fail when the file system data set name has a "$" character in it.
Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) PK46978 Support Oracle connection pooling through WebSphere Application Server resource adapter for Oracle.
PK48854 T4CRBind fails when global security is enabled.
PK52057 Fix credentials required for the thread during transaction recovery.
PK52087 Slow connection leak as identified by more connections in use than is defined in pool.
PK52220 Connections are not purged from the connection pool after the unused timeout hits if the servant is idle.
PK53126 OutOfMemory during a long running stress test.
PK53385 Connection retry interval is improperly read by the pool manager, causing default value to be used.
PK53611 Multiple Derby datasource JNDI names present after migration.
PK54250 XA recovery credentials is null during resource recovery.
PK54589 JPA cannot set isolation level on JTA datasource.
PK54755 The 'webSphereDefaultIsolationLevel' custom property is not picked up when using the WebSphere embedded ConnectJDBC Provider.
PK55438 When running an adapter that tries to deliver several events simultaneously, an unavailable exception occurs.
PK55794 Provides the ability to modify the default connection time in use in the JCA connection leak logic trace.
PK56082 Need fix for version 3.7 of Data Direct JDBC driver so 64 bit return set does not have embedded null values.
PK58818 ADMF0002E: required parameter value is not found for command configureResourceProperties, when trying to create datasource.
PK59038 Complex SQL queries failing when using MS SQL server in after applying PK50607/PK56082.
Java Management Extensions (JMX) or JMX Client API PK43608 SECJ0305I, ADMN0022E exceptions in dmgr and node agent during dmgr shutdown.
PK48713 JSSL0130E error on the nodeagent when an application server is configured to use the RMI administration connector.
PK49002 ImportServer command fails with "ADMG0253E" error message.
PK55334 AdminClient creation fails to prompt for security credential.
Java Message Service (JMS) PK49376 Duplicate reporting of connection information causes inaccurate totals for connection pool in a trace.
PK49757 Sib-engines.xml file gets deleted during porting of a bus.
PK50192 ConcurrentModificationException is thrown in JMSManagedConnection toString method.
PK53058 Potential timing window in object manager.
PK53193 When the 'Content-Length: 0' and a 'Transfer-Encoding: chunked' headers are both present, HTTP 1.1 persistence is automatically disabled.
PK53312 When the server is under heavy load, SSL handshakes may fail with java.lang.IllegalArgumentException.
PK54610 After a message is backed-out to an MQ queue for an exception and transaction roll-back in MDB, the message is not re-delivered.
PK55530 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown from HttpBaseMessageImpl.getCookieValue on name="value.
PK55902 Wsadmin validation fails with NoClassDefFoundError messages.
PK56149 NullPointerException is seen when application containing MDB is validated during startup.
PK56269 An external namespace lookup is performed each time a generic JMX destination is looked up in the JNDI namespace.
PK56308 SIConnectionDroppedException is seen in FFDC logs when creating a connection after a messaging engine is recycled on another server.
PK56385 ConcurrentModificationException occurs while creating a JMS connection with the default messaging provider.
PK56552 Creating many destinations with the same properties using createSIBDestination commands is inefficient.
PK56588 WSSC1007E message causes socket leak.
PK56789 Generic JMS provider does not work on z/OS, failing with ClassCastException.
PK57053 NullPointerException in CFEndPointImpl.getVhost() api.
PK57059 CFEndPoint selection is done incorrectly in a case-sensitive manner.
PK57597 SSL handshakes for outbound connections from WebSphere Application Server for z/OS may fail when completed asynchronously.
PK58845 Update bundle exports for MQ client support.
PK58974 Update WebSphere MQ JMS client shipped with WebSphere Application Server V6.1 to WebSphere MQ Fix Pack V6.0.2.2.
Java SDK PK48744 Duplicate component" errors are received when using JSF.
PK53231 JSF input components inside the column header facet of the hx:dataTableEx work on load but do not work on submit.
PK55451 When style (position:absolute) option is set as selectManyCheckbox box of a JSP tag, JSF is not displayed normally.
Java Transaction Service (JTS) PK44547 Ws-addressing SOAP headers sent on SOAP messages are not preserved by the WSA addressing processing.
PK49885 Administrative console label names and wsadmin attribute names for transaction services do not match and cause confusion.
PK52712 Java exception not printed out when C9C21955 CORBA::UNKNOWN error occurs - serviceability.
PK53640 Application startup takes too long or may run out of memory when application has large file sets.
PK54164 Business activity compensation is triggered twice when servant shuts down or crashes.
PK54611 WebSphere Application Server Web Services business activity may not be compensated.
PK54878 TRANSACTION_ROLLEDBACK exceptions is created on a client as the result of a previous exception hiding the original exception.
PK56823 Suffix for messages: BBOT0019, BBOT0020, BBOT0021, and BBOT0022 should read W instead of I.
PK57142 No response when sending SOAP/JMS with ws-security enabled on a WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus server.
PK57636 NullPointerException under high load on multi-processor.
PK57773 Disable_transaction_timeout_grace_period property in WebSphere z/OS gives additional 7-8 minutes, not 4 minutes as documented.
JSP PK53233 JSP translation code is looking at the inner most expression and ignoring the outer expression.
PK53703 While evaluating expressions in a JSP file there may be a need to coerce the expression while translating the JSP.
PK55810 New webcontainer custom property to set jdkSourceLevel through the administrative console.
Migration PK52451 WASPostUpgrade throws NullPointerException in processContents method when migrating certain web server configurations.
PK53705 NullPointerException due to invalid J2C connection definition, upgrade RC=2048 BBOWMG3B.
PK54967 WebSphere Application Server migration changes to support WebSphere Process Server.
PK55067 Zero length file issue while migrating.
PK56173 Node Agent fails to start with ABEND=SDC3 U0000 reason=000C0009 after migrating to 6.1.
PK56650 Service integration bus queues fail after migration is complete.
PK60785 With V6.1 migration, the default appInstallDirectory path might not be substituted appropriately for each node.
Object Request Broker (ORB) PK53927 Error messages in SystemOut and FFDC logs may cause confusion when an error reported in nodeagent is benign.
PK55070 Timestamps for BBOO0327I timeout message are in GMT instead of local time, even though ras_time_local=1.
PD tools (for example: Log Analyzer) PK48321 FFDC contains logs from multiple servants in a control region but the individual entries do not match to a specific server.
PK50489 Intermittent ABEND0C4 can occur in glue code when tracing is active.
PK50967 TRAS0016E: an unexpected exception while trying to archive log file.
PK53809 When the "enable log" checkbox is disabled, logging and tracing data is erroneously stored in the in-memory buffer.
PK54209 Enhanced custom logging functionality for using SystemOut stream.
PK54221 System stream events should only write to WebSphere Application Server handlers.
Plug-in PK48785 Sensitive information might appear in clear text in http_plugin.log file.
PK52031 Plug-in returns a raw return code instead of a defined return code.
PK52540 After "apachectl graceful" command, httpd process continues, and "http_plugin.log" file descriptor continues increasing.
PK55221 Plug-in generation does not set the correct value for the custom property GetDWLMTable.
PK57529 A gracefull restart of the IBM HTTP server causes a crash on HP-UX/PA-RISC 11IV2.
PMI/Performance Tools PK52807 With global security enabled, performance servlet does not work in V6.0 and V6.1 without modification.
PK53664 PMI cannot be disabled when using XDMS .6.2 on WebSphere Application Server V6.1.
PK56845 PMRM0022E: PmiReqMetricsImpl is null.
PK57057 Duplicate PMI module registration possible.
Programming Model Extensions (PME) PK46698 OBPL0005E and ADMN0005E occur upon restart of application using mbeans.
PK52896 IllegalArgumentException "request buffer size must be greater than zero.
PK53658 Memory leak occurred when running in a clustered environment with session bean failover and internationalization mix.
PK53679 AST: EJBSQL code generation fails with newer levels of tooling, the generated code contains invalid parenthesis.
PK54053 EJB deploy WQRY0092E error on attribute/column named default.
PK54252 WQRY1020E logged due to a dynamic query that causes a syntax error on the database server.
PK54421 NullPointerException occurred when invoking a Web Services method.
PK57497 When Java 2 Security is enabled, EJB mediator calls getGraph and applyChanges may fail with SecurityException.
Proxy server PK53315 Invalid requests are routed by Java proxy server.
PK57334 Applications using metadata from binaries cannot be loaded by the ODC component.
PK57464 On demand configuration component enters an endless loop when rerouting event messages, resulting in out of memory.
PK59879 ODC.BBEnabled flag for disabling ODC was removed in previous WebSphere Application Server network deployment release.
Runtime (zSeries®) PK55248 WTRN0080W in the remote server when remote server is recycled in between transactions.
Samples PK55597 The font size on the samples gallery is too small for some languages.
PK55626 English strings are seen in the samples gallery when Brazilian Portuguese is requested.
Scheduler PK56631 Duplicate key error occurs when creating a task for scheduler.
Security PK44848 Server crashes on security code "" .
PK47668 Not able to extract value from compound relative distinguished name (RDN).
PK48659 Certificate monitor is not properly removing the expired certificate from the keystore.
PK50047 Wrong key stores and certificates page.
PK50152 Dyanamic outbound SSL configuration for hostname do not work.
PK50383 CWSPN0011E: an invalid SPNEGO token has been encountered while authenticating a HttpServletRequest.
PK51257 Enable honoring user or group filter for full DN search in getGroups and getUsers methods.
PK51619 Cipher suites missing from panel when creating new repertoire.
PK51795 SSL configuration differs in network deployment.
PK51966 Issues with LTPAKeys being generated multiple times confusing the dmgr and nodes.
PK52400 WebSphere Application Server will not accept principle strings with the prefix of "user"(lower case).
PK52709 Potential security exposure in PropFilePasswordEncoder utility.
PK52968 The token WebSphere Application Server received from Webseal did not contain the propagated cachekey attributes from front end server.
PK53199 The $(SerialNumber) specified in LDAP filter is wrongly expanded as a WebSphere Application Server variable.
PK53272 A workspace leak is created in the SSL component due to not properly discarding the workspace.
PK53637 Intermittent LDAP connection failure over SSL on Solaris.
PK53741 DeleteOldKeys="true" missing for LTAPSecret in security.xml in WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment 6.1.
PK53840 SSL alias configuration in the manage repositories panel is not remembered after saving the configuration.
PK54055 Plugin-key.kdb and plugin-key.sth are not created during creation of a new Webserver.
PK54092 CertificateMapperException when map mode CERTIFICATE_FILTER cfg.
PK54565 At the level applications can invoke a login module in a non-standard fashion.
PK54856 When doing a ripple restart there is a window of opportunity for the LTPA token to expire due to the length of time required.
PK54940 Slow memory leak in authcache object. the cache object is not cleaned often enough.
PK54982 Unable to enable application security using local OS and a non-English user. SECJ7333E error is received.
PK55103 SECJ0314W Java 2 Security issues with datacache bucket.
PK55391 Server startup fails to connect to LDAP when specifying a different SSL configuration to use b