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This document features the most requested documents as well as those identified as valuable in helping answer your questions related to WebSphere MQ. The list will be updated periodically to reflect new trends and issues.


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This document contains links to WebSphere MQ technical support documents and information. It is intended to help you to be proactive in the support and administration of your software. This document includes:

In the Spotlight

  1. Announcement: IBM MQ V8.0 for Multiplatforms and z/OS
    IBM MQ for Multiplatforms and IBM MQ for z/OS V8.0 offer a universal messaging solution. MQ V8 delivers the messaging you need, where you need it, from enterprise messaging for secure core business applications to mobile messaging to extend your business to the Internet of things and mobile devices.
  2. IBM Knowledge Center is now Generally Available!
    IBM Knowledge Center at www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/ brings together over 800 individual Information Centers into a single application. Through July 2014, IBM will be redirecting Information Center pages that you might have bookmarked directly to the corresponding pages in Knowledge Center.
  3. IBM SupportTV offers bite-sized videos for your IBM WebSphere & CICS software products!
    Have a few minutes? Check out and subscribe to the IBM SupportTV channel on YouTube, where you can find short, bite-sized videos that are focused on teaching you a specific task for a bunch of your favorite IBM WebSphere & CICS software products!
  4. Recent Security Bulletins affecting IBM WebSphere MQ and MQTT
  5. Security Bulletin: IBM WebSphere MQ is affected by a vulnerability in the IBM JRE (CVE-2013-5780)
    A security vulnerability exists in the IBM Java™ Runtime Environment component of WebSphere MQ, a patch for this is available in IBM JRE 6.0 (SR15 FP1).
    Security Bulletin: IBM WebSphere MQ - Potential denial of service when using the TCP listener (CVE-2014-0911)
    A denial of service vulnerability exists and could affect customers using the TCP listener (inetd) on UNIX® and IBM i platforms. This vulnerability does not affect customers using the MQ listener.
    Security Bulletin: IBM WebSphere MQ is affected by a vulnerability in the IBM JRE (CVE-2013-5780)
    A security vulnerability exists in the IBM Java Runtime Environment component of WebSphere MQ, a patch for this is available in IBM JRE 5.0 (SR16 FP4).
  6. Read First: Collect and analyze WebSphere MQ MustGather data
    This index links to directions for collecting and analyzing data (often called "MustGather" data) for a wide variety of WebSphere MQ issues.
  7. Common WebSphere MQ messages and most likely causes
    You want to understand the reason for the most common WebSphere MQ error messages.


  1. System Requirements for WebSphere MQ
    This list identifies the releases of WebSphere MQ from which you can select specific detailed system requirements.
  2. WebSphere MQ resource adapter v8.0 statement of support
    This document contains the statement of support for the WebSphere MQ resource adapter provided with WebSphere MQ v8.0.
  3. Recommended Fixes for WebSphere MQ
    This page provides links to the latest available maintenance for the WebSphere MQ and MQSeries products.
  4. WebSphere MQ planned maintenance release dates
    The purpose of this Web page is to publish the planned maintenance availability dates for the WebSphere MQ family of products.
  5. WebSphere MQ - SupportPacs
    New and updated SupportPacs include:
  6. MQC8: WebSphere MQ V8 Clients (New)
    This SupportPac contains all the IBM WebSphere MQ V8 client components.
    MS0T: IBM WebSphere MQ Explorer (Updated)
    This SupportPac provides IBM WebSphere MQ Explorer as a standalone application.
    MS81: WebSphere MQ Internet Pass-Thru (Updated)
    WebSphere MQ Internet Pass-Thru is a WebSphere MQ base product extension that can be used to implement messaging solutions between remote sites across the internet.
    MD0C: WebSphere MQ - Keeping Channels Up and Running (Updated)
    This SupportPac provides recommendations to improve the availability of WebSphere MQ Channels.
  7. Wondering how to get started with IBM Support?
    Find basic support information on the main tab of the updated Electronic Support page. It provides the information you need to successfully use IBM support.
  8. IBM Software Support Lifecycle
    Find detailed information about the available IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policies to help you realize the full value of your IBM software products.


  1. MQDev Community
    See the new content on the MQdev Community for MQ V8. The new look and new content is to serve the growing community of developers working with the WebSphere MQ family of messaging products.
  2. Follow the WebSphere and CICS support blog
    The WebSphere and CICS support blog provides technical information for many of the WebSphere and CICS products. Check the blog for topics that affect you. You can follow the blog using your developerWorks id, or through the RSS feed. See the blog posts for WebSphere MQ.
  3. IBM SupportTV on YouTube
    WebSphere MQ educational videos on YouTube.
  4. Technical Exchange webcasts
    Join us as technical experts share their knowledge and then answer your questions. Visit this site often to see upcoming topics and to replay previous webcasts.
  5. IBM Education Assistant modules for WebSphere products
    IBM Education Assistant (IEA) is a collection of multimedia educational modules that help you better understand IBM software products and use them more effectively to meet your business requirements.
  6. IBM Software Redbooks
    Hundreds of IBM Redbooks publications are available for downloading.
  7. developerWorks
    An IBM resource for developers and IT professionals.

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