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IBM Integration Bus and WebSphere Message Broker Performance Reports

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This contains information on the IBM Integration Bus (IIB) V10 and V9 and WebSphere Message Broker (WMB) V8 performance reports for each of the platforms on which it runs.


The performance reports listed below outline the current level of performance that is available with IBM Integration Bus V10, V9 and WebSphere Message Broker V8. The reports contain:

  • Information about the gains in performance as a result of migrating to each version.
  • The throughput results are from a suite of common tests which are run and which characterize much of the function with IIB and WMB

Visit the IBM Integration Community for detailed information on performance in IIB V10 and V9.

The WMB reports are shipped as SupportPacs.
    The individual reports for V8 are:
The WMB SupportPacs can also be downloaded from the WebSphere Message Broker Performance SupportPacs Table

Visit the WebSphere Message Broker SupportPac website. This site contains a wide variety of information and utilities related to IBM Integration Bus and WebSphere Message Broker.

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Business Integration IBM Integration Bus 10.0, 9.0 All Editions

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WMB MB WebSphere Message Broker IBM Integration Bus IIB IBMIB MQ Integrator WBIMB WBI-MB MQSI WMQI

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Modified date: 22 February 2016