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This list features the most requested documents as well as those identified as valuable in helping answer your questions related to IBM Informix products. The list will be updated periodically to reflect new trends and issues.


List of featured documents for IBM® Informix products:

  1. Recommended Fixes for Informix Server Products

    This document provides a list of recommended fixes for Informix Server products.

  2. Analyzing data for Onbar problems

    This document will help you analyze and resolve onbar problems.

  3. UPDATE STATISTICS runs slowly

    UPDATE STATISTICS LOW can take longer to run than UPDATE STATISTICS MEDIUM DISTRIBUTIONS ONLY, even though it produces much less detailed statistics. Find out why.

  4. IBM Informix Collecting Data documents

    Collecting Data documents aid in problem determination, and save time resolving problems by explaining what information needs to be gathered prior to contacting Technical Support. Collecting this information before calling IBM® support helps familiarize you with the troubleshooting process and saves you time.

  5. Connections to IDS hang

    Connections to Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) hang or take a long time to connect. Other users who are already connected do not see a performance problem. Once a user is connected there is no performance problem.

  6. Informix Dynamic Server Storage Optimization

    This document will help you navigate through the available information and resources related to the Informix storage optimization feature.

  7. How to Remove Shared Memory Segments

    This document will help you remove shared memory segments.

  8. Informix Fix Pack download Information

    IBM Informix® products can be downloaded, with approved entitlement, through one of two sources:

    * Fix Central
    * Passport Advantage (PPA)

    This document guides you to where you can download Informix Fix Packs and products.

  9. Informix IDS Fix Lists and Informix Tools Fix Lists

    IBM® Informix® provides periodic fixes for various products. The documents referenced are complete listings of fixes for those products.

  10. Frequently Asked Questions for Informix Products

    This document contains frequently asked questions and their answers regarding Informix family products.

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Information Management Informix C-ISAM
Information Management Informix DataBlade Modules
Information Management Informix Servers
Information Management Informix Extended Parallel Server
Information Management Informix OnLine
Information Management Informix Standard Engine
Information Management Informix Tools

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