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IBM provides a unique lifecycle policy for the IBM Support for Apache Geronimo offering. IBM will support the currently available, stable releases.


In order to provide you with planning assistance, IBM will list the current stable version of Apache Geronimo, plus the previous stable version.

IBM Support for Apache Geronimo is offered under the following conditions:

  • Fixes are delivered as source code patches
    • Fixes developed by IBM will be submitted to the Apache Geronimo community for inclusion into future releases of Apache Geronimo subject to the usual practices of the community

    • In the event a complied version of the fix is required before the next release of Apache Geronimo is available, the support contract holder is responsible for generating the patched Geronimo build
  • Support is limited to stable declared releases of Apache Geronimo
    • Releases in development, including milestone releases, alpha/beta releases, and releases deemed by the community to be unstable are not eligible for support

The Apache Geronimo development community follows a 'V.R.M' version numbering scheme, where 'V' is a major version, 'R' is a release and 'M' is maintence level.
  • IBM Support for Apache Geronimo is offered for the highest 'V.R' stable declared release of Apache Geronimo
  • Support for 'V.R - 1' releases will be available for a minimum of 12 months after a new Geronimo stable V.R release is declared

  • Fixes will be developed against the latest 'M' level available for a supported release

  • Fixes developed against the current 'V.R' supported release may be evaluated for backporting to the 'V.R - 1' release upon request, subject to the usual practices of the Apache Geronimo community

Component Support Policy

Apache Geronimo is comprised of many different open source packages obtained from different communities. Most of these components are included solely in support of the Geronimo run-time and are not intended to be directly consumed or accessed by applications hosted on Apache Geronimo. IBM Support for Apache Geronimo does not entitle the support contract holder to support for Apache Geronimo components used outside the context of the Apache Geronimo run-time.

For technical support, go to IBM Support for Apache Geronimo Support page.

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