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How to manually configure Notes as an Internet Email client

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This document serves as a basic guide in setting up the Notes client as an Internet email client so that the Notes client can send and receive email from a Non-Domino servers


This document describes the steps necessary to automatically set up a Lotus Notes client as an Internet e-mail client, during Setup and after installation of the product.

In order for this functionality to work, you must first have an internet connection, and an existing mail account on the POP3 server configured to retrieve your mail before following the steps below. In addition, you must have the following:

1. Launch the Notes client from the shortcut on the Desktop or in the program menu.

2. When prompted with the Welcome screen, select Next.

3. On the "User Information" screen, uncheck the option "I want to connect to a Domino server".

4. Then enter your name in the "Your name" field and select Next.

5. If you are using Notes Basic, Uncheck the option for "Setup instant messaging" and select Next. For Standard Clients, this screen does not appear.

6. Under Additional Services, choose to configure Internet mail servers (POP or IMAP, SMTP). Also choose your connection type (LAN or Modem). Select Next.

On the "Set Up Internet Mail" screen, select the protocol used to retrieve mail from your server (either POP or IMAP) and specify the URL or IP Address for your Incoming mail server. Select Next.

7. On the next screen, enter the account name and password for your incoming mail server. If SSL is required for log on, select "Log on using SSL". Select Next once this screen is complete.

8. On the next screen, enter the name of your outgoing SMTP server. Select Next.

9. On the next screen, enter the e-mail address associated with the account that you're configuring, and the domain. For example, After clicking OK, you should receive a prompt that Notes setup is complete.

10. When you see this dialog, select OK.
At this point, Notes is set up, and you are able to send and receive Internet email from your ISP.

To send and receive mail, click on the "inbox" icon in the lower right corner of your screen. From the pop-up list, click "Send & Receive Mail". This will launch the Replicator page, which will show the status of the connection as well as the sending and receiving of email in the bar near the bottom of the screen.

Leave Mail On Server or Delete Mail From Server

For POP3 Accounts, you have the option to Leave your mail on the ISP server, or after replication completes, and your mail is pulled into Lotus Notes, you may opt to delete the mail from the ISP server.

To configure this setting, complete the following steps:
  1. Open your local Contacts (or names.nsf).
  2. Click on the "Advanced" link
  3. Once the second tab opens, click on the "Accounts" view
  4. Open the "Incoming Internet Mail" document.
  5. Next, go to the "Protocol Configuration" tab.
  6. Choose "Yes" to leave your mail from the POP3 server. Choose "No" if to remove the mail from the POP3 server once it's replicates to Lotus Notes.
  7. Click "Save and Close".

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