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IBM Spectrum Protect™ Client 7.1.8 Downloads and READMEs

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IBM Spectrum Protect™ V7.1 fix pack 8 (7.1.8) client download maintenance packages and READMEs

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Tip: Beginning with Version 7.1.3, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is now IBM Spectrum Protect™. Some applications such as the software fulfillment systems and IBM License Metric Tool use the new product name. However, the software and its product documentation continue to use the Tivoli Storage Manager product name. To learn more about the rebranding transition, see

Download maintenance fix pack packages and READMEs for the IBM Spectrum Protect V7.1 Fix Pack 8 (7.1.8) clients, including both English and non-English clients where supported.

Note: Following vulnerabilities have been identified in Version 7.1.8 IBM Spectrum Protect Backup-Archive Client:

IBM Spectrum Protect Backup-Archive Client
First Fixing VRMF Level Platform Bulletin Title/Link
7.1.8 all Platforms Security Bulletin: IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager) Unix Clients are vulnerable to unauthorized access to files by non-privileged users (CVE-2017-1301)
7.1.8 all Platforms Security Bulletin: Offline dictionary attack vulnerability in IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager) (CVE-2016-8937)
7.1.8 Windows x64 Security Bulletin: IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager) Windows Client password exposure (CVE-2016-8939)
7.1.8 Linux x86
Windows x64
Security Bulletin: vCenter password disclosure via application tracing in IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager) Client and IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager) for Virtual Environments: Data Protection for VMware

List of APARs fixed in this fix pack and their descriptions:

Latest client and server downloads:

Overview - Tivoli Storage Manager Supported Operating Systems:

Overview - IBM Spectrum Protect Supported Operating Systems: 

Note: Starting with V7.1.8, due to technical reasons, two RHEL packages are being delivered for the Linux on System z client -- one general package, and one special package for RHEL 5 support. Use the latter package only for the RHEL5 operating system.

Note: the READMEs can be viewed and downloaded first, independent of the package, by following the package FTP link below.


Downloading any files indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed in the Program License Agreement.

Installation Instructions

Please see the README files that accompany the download packages by following the package link below.

Fix packs are cumulative, full-replacement packages. They can be installed without the need to first install prior versions or the base release.

Download package

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
AIX 64-bit client 29.09.2017 US English 363844153 FTP
HP-UX Itanium (IA64) client 29.09.2017 US English 392372271 FTP
Linux x86_64 client 29.09.2017 US English 228894720 FTP
Linux x86_64 Ubuntu client 29.09.2017 US English 175472640 FTP
Linux System z client 29.09.2017 US English 143779840 FTP
Linux System z client for RHEL5 29.09.2017 US English 127740 FTP
Linux Power LE 29.09.2017 US English 113797120 FTP
Linux Power LE Ubuntu client 29.09.2017 US English 113530880 FTP
Linux Power (PPC) client 29.09.2017 US English 124979200 FTP
Macintosh client 29.09.2017 US English 156000727 FTP
Solaris SPARC client 29.09.2017 US English 208474166 FTP
Solaris x86/x86_64 29.09.2017 US English 211575353 FTP
Windows x32 client 29.09.2017 US English 206497152 FTP
Windows x64 client 29.09.2017 US English 266576691 FTP
AIX autodeploy files 29.09.2017 US English 955165824 FTP
HP-UX autodeploy files 29.09.2017 US English 791605220 FTP
Linux autodeploy files 29.09.2017 US English 248629408 FTP
Macintosh autodeploy files 29.09.2017 US English 173069873 FTP
Solaris autodeploy files 29.09.2017 US English 880512277 FTP
Windows autodeploy files 29.09.2017 US English 358207171 FTP

Problems (APARS) fixed
IT22205, IT22021, IT21994, IT21873, IT21768, IT21667, IT21657, IT21473, IT21284, IT21123, IT21059, IT21052, IT21045, IT20822, IT20713, IT20650, IT20619, IT20613, IT20457, IT20449, IT20423, IT20414, IT20379, IT20348, IT20346, IT20293, IT20236, IT20228, IT20114, IT20103, IT20088, IT20070, IT20059, IT20029, IT20015, IT19979, IT19972, IT19964, IT19949, IT19942, IT19845, IT19644, IT19625, IT19623, IT19605, IT19571, IT19537, IT19497, IT19458, IT19453, IT19355, IT19267, IT19242, IT19239, IT19189, IT19117, IT19116, IT19062, IT18856, IT18841, IT18833, IT18678, IT18676, IT18560, IT18558, IT18134, IT18097, IT18080, IT17724, IT17723, IT17683, IT17379, IT17338, IT17117, IT16979, IT16917, IT16030

Document information

More support for: IBM Spectrum Protect

Software version: 7.1.8

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, iOS

Reference #: 4043984

Modified date: 02 October 2017

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