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XL C/C++ for Linux on z Systems 1.2

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IBM XL C/C++ for Linux on z Systems 1.2 has been made generally available.

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The Change history section provides an overview on what is new in this release with a description of any new functions or enhancements when applicable.

The How critical is this fix section provides information related to the impact of this release to allow you to assess how your environment may be affected.

The Prerequisites section provides important information to review prior to the installation of this release.

The Download package section provides the direct link to obtain the download package for installation in your environment.

The Installation instructions section provides the installation instructions necessary to apply this release into your environment.

The Known side effects section contains a link to the known problems (open defects) identified at the time of this release.

Supporting Documentation
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Click to review the detailed system requirements information for a complete list of hardware requirements, supported operating systems, prerequisites and optional supported software, with component-level details and operating system restrictions.

IBM Knowledge Center provides an entry point to product documentation. You can view, browse, and search online information related to the product.

You can also visit the XL C++ for Linux on z Systems library to review additional documentation.

Click to review a list of technotes describing technical issues, changes to the existing behavior, as well as documentation corrections for this product.

Click to review a complete list of the defects (APARs) resolved in this release including a list of resolved defects for the entire version family.

XL C/C++ Developer forums and blog.


Prerequisites include:

Operating system:

    IBM z Systems servers that support the following:
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM System z 6.3 (RHEL 6.3)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM System z 7.0 (RHEL 7.0)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM System z 7.1 (RHEL 7.1)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM System z 7.2 (RHEL 7.2)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z 11 Service Pack 3 (SLES 11 SP3)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z 12 (SLES 12)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z 12 Service Pack 1 (SLES 12 SP1)


  • The compiler, its libraries, and its generated object programs run on IBM z Systems, models z13, zBC12, zEC12, z114, z196, z10™ BC, or z10 EC with the required software and disk space.

Required hard disk space:

  • 310 MB

Installation Instructions

For installation on all supported operating systems:

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Download options
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Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express clients are required to sign in to download the software package.

If you are entitled for XL C/C++ for Linux on z Systems and need to download your software from Passport Advantage, perform the following steps:

  1. Logon to Passport Advantage.
  2. Select Software Downloads and Media Access.
  3. Select the Download Finder.
  4. Select Find by description or part number.
  5. Select the Product Description and All radio buttons and enter XL C/C++ for Linux on z Systems in the description field.
  6. Select Continue.
  7. Expand the eAssemblies and you will see your entitled software.

Part Number: BA19TML

How critical is this fix?

Impact Assessment
Impact Description

This is a General Availability (GA) release.


Regression: An error in the Maintenance Delivery Vehicle (MDV) that produces incorrect or unexpected behavior causing a supported feature to stop functioning as designed.
This includes:

  • Coding errors that cause a regression
  • Documentation or packaging problems that cause a regression
  • Errors reported in a new function delivered in a MDV that cause a regression

Incomplete: An error in the MDV has not regressed, but does not work as designed.
This includes:

  • Fixed APARs which did not solve the original problem but did not break anything new
  • APARs reporting documentation errors, such as readme errors, that cause problems applying an MDV but do not lead to a regression

  • Regression and incomplete APARs are considered fix-in-error or MDV-in-error
  • Definitions above apply only to valid APARs that result in product fixes (APARs returned as working-as-designed are not assessed for being fix-in-error)
  • Issues in major releases due to new functionality do not apply in this definition

There are no known regressions to report.

Problems solved

Defects resolved

Click the Fix List link in the table of contents above to review a list of the problems solved in this release.

Known side effects

Review the following list of known issues and open defects:

There are no known issues report.

Open defects

Review the following list of open defects for XL C/C++ for Linux on z Systems on the IBM Support Portal.

Review technote 1461170: Open APARs for IBM products available on the Web for information on how to configure your MyNotifications subscription account and subscribe to the APARs you are interested in following.

Change history

What's new

For information about the new features and enhancements, review the Announcement Letter.

Technical support

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IBM XL Compiler Support

  • To open a PMR against the XL C/C++ for Linux on z Systems product, use the IBM Service Request Tool.
  • Visit the IBM Support Portal to review FAQs, lists of known problems, fixes, and a wealth of important support information.
  • To request and track product feature enhancements, visit the IBM RFE Community.
  • Interact with other compiler users on the C++ Cafe forums and blog.

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Helpful Hints For Obtaining Technical Assistance:

Before you contact IBM XL Compiler Support, gather the background information that you need to describe the problem. When you describe a problem to an IBM software support specialist, be as specific as possible and include all relevant background information. To save time, know the answers to these questions:

  • What compiler version and fix pack level were you using when the problem occurred? This can be found by compiling with the -qversion=verbose compiler option.
  • Can a source test case be provided to IBM? Can the issue be reduced to a small test case?
  • Do you have logs, traces, or messages that are related to the problem?
  • Can you reproduce the problem? If so, what steps and compiler options do you use to reproduce it?
  • Is there a workaround for the problem? If so, be prepared to describe the workaround.

If you have helpful information to diagnose or identify the problem on your system, you can upload this data by following the instructions to exchange information with IBM Technical Support.

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